Since Dec 20, 1998

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Let's see....I'm a mother of four and a wife of one. I live in New Hampshire where I'm starting my eighteenth year of homeschooling. My oldest son is a graduate of Grove City College in PA (Thank you, Walter Williams for making me aware of this school on Rush's show!). My second son is a graduate of Worcester Polytech (WPI) in Worcester, MA. I have another son at Gordon College in MA and I'm counting down until I'm done homeschooling my daughter in a few years. I got turned on to politics by Rush many years ago and he is our civics teacher! I believe I found Free Republic via the Drudge Report back in the days when he linked to this site. Ah...the good old days! I've learned a lot here on FR and always come here for the latest news and the best commentary.

And no, I still haven't found a good screenname.