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"Dreams From My Father A Story of Race and Inheritance" Is the 1995 first version different?

Hey GOP: Cheer Up, Chin Up!

(Video)How to play w/ yr dog when you're at work (a.k.a. "When Engineers have dogs")

*NERD THREAD WARNING*: Robot Wars - Java Style (Awesome new Java based game type)

28 Fundamental Principles of the Founding Fathers

A Failed Former President (Carter)

A MUST READ - Just Another Day with Gun Control

A Sarbox for Housing - How to restrict lending to the poor for years to come

A Skeptical Layman's Guide to Anthropogenic Global Warming

All in a Good Cause (Global Warming)

Benefits of Illegal Immigration

Betrayal of the Military

Bill Clinton's legacy: Today's terrifying world of terror

Blame me for job losses (a businessman explains why businesses don't want to hire today)

Blogs: All the noise that fits. Opinions on weblogs no substitute for fact-finding of reporters.

Cable Modem & DSL Tuning Tips, Tricks & Software For FR Users.

Carving up 10 anti-war arguments at holiday gatherings

Civil Rights: Dems Controlled Everything But Would Not Pass Civil Rights: The History The Timeline

Climate Change Part 6 - Why the Insistence That the World's in Trouble

Climategate: One Must Ignore 200 Years of Observations to Believe in AGW

CLINTON're gonna LOVE this!!!

Clinton Vietnam Trip Stirs Debate Among U.S. Vets

CNN Wastes No Time (Look at this Bush Photo)

Concealed Carry Permits Fire up Debate Over Workplace Shootings

Daddy, What Is a Right Winger?

Debunking gashouse gang: Alan Keyes lets air out of global warming theory

Dem Beliefs (What The Democrats Believe)

Denmark: A Case Study in Social Democracy

Desperately Seeking Randy Johnson's Exploding Bird Mpeg !

Explaining Liberal Thinking In A Single Column

Fall from Grace:Arming America and the Bellesiles Scandal

Fewer excited gun-buyers in Colo & Conn {Propaganda lie contradicted by figures in article}

Fifth Edition of the Lexicon of FreeRepublic * * A helpful FR dictionary for newcomers * *

Five Minutes To Freedom!

Flashwave... Fly the friendly skies (humor)

Fly in the Coffee (Mon. morining humor)

Gala 'dishonors' liberals

Get your Windows Wallpaper INSIDE....

Global Warming: the Climate of Fear (Alexander Cockburn)

Good carb, bad carb? Experts debate labels

Good Samaritan gets flags back from protesters

Gwen Ifill's VP Debate Bias

Hiding ObamaCare Pain From Voters

Hiding ObamaCare Pain From Voters

Hollywood Furious with Deck of Weasels

How Bill Clinton Compromised America's National Security

How the Left Undermined America's Security Before 9/11 (by David Horowitz)

How to find secret Easter eggs--in your computer programs

How to go to M.I.T. for free

HTML Bootcamp (Cyber patriot training)

Hypocritical holiday

Illegal Worker Hiring Sites Promote Racketeering

Interesting little detail

John Coleman (Weather Channel Founder): COMMENTS ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING [Greatest Scam in History]

Karl Rove nails the anti-victory neurosis of the Left

Katrinia Timeline with links

Labor's Lost Jobs (The Payroll Survey Misleads)


Letter to the Editor about EPA

MacOnomics 101

Mark Steyn: Others can do the caring

Microsoft Haikus

Microsoft to pitch Windows 7 via home parties

Mr Wonderful and The Bay of Pigs

Navy Log Offered Free to Sea Service Members, Veterans

New John KERRY Internet Video just released by Vietnam Veterans for the Truth

New TV Commercial Should Cause Many Liberal Heads To Explode

Not All Veterans Are Kerry's 'Brothers'

Now Who's Calling Whom 'Unpatriotic'?(Editorial)

Palin fires back in Troopergate, releases memos showing insubordination

Palin Hits Obama; Obama Cries Foul

Permissiveness' troubling turn

Post-Election Depression: aka Liberal Lunacy (Good Read)

Presidential Election Maps 1940 - 2000

Profile In Incompetence, A 10-part Series On The Worst President in American History

Regime Moves to Control Internet

Related Publications in the LAT/WP vs Free Republic Settlement Agreement



Sarah Palin, domestic (media) abuse survivor

Scams, Scalawags, and an all-too-gullible Public...famous frauds sold to America

Selling something? No, no and no!

Seven Myths About the Vietnam War

Shouldn't we repeal the gun laws ... if it'll save a single child?

Simulating a Sailor: Remember It's not just a job

Skeptics and Deniers of Global Warming. Its not a settled science. Debate continues. 10 part series

So Much Clutter, So Little Room: Examining the Roots of Hoarding


Starting up a webpage?? (software vanity)

Technical Self-Employment Is A Fat Paycheck Waiting to Be Pocketed

That Kyoto Is A Fraud

The "Retro-Sexual" Male Code - We Are Men That "Deal With It"...

The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities

THE BILL OF RIGHTSAmendments 1-10 of the Constitution

The Clinton Administration And The Extradition Of bin-Laden - The True Story

The complete Cliffs Notes of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" is available for free online

The Cooling World (Blast From The Past Archived Newsweek Article Warning About "Global Cooling")

The Great Thanksgiving Hoax

The Hypocritical History of Joe "Baretta" Biden on Gun Ownership Rights

The Last Battle of the Vietnam War - (Lt. Rich Webster, on Kerry's defeat!)

The Left Exposed (Thanks Oneolcop - You found a GEM - MUST Listen!!!)

The Left's Crooked Umpires

The problem of single (mostly female) voters. How to deal with it on election day?

The Psychology Underlying "Liberalism"

The Rock (100k images x 6)

The Role of Congress in the Recession of 2008

The Top Ten Unfounded Health Scares of 2006

The Ultimate IQ Test

There Is NO Man-Made Global Warming

Timeline shows Bush, McCain warning Dems of financial and housing crisis; meltdown..(Video)

Top 10 reasons to blame Democrats for soaring gasoline prices

Ugly condescension of many liberals revealed at last

Urban Legends About the Iraq War

WaPo Reveals: 'Obama Town Hall Questioners Were Campaign Backers'

Welcome to the "Hard Times Saloon!"


What Good Can a Handgun Do Against an Army.....?


Why I Became a Conservative: A British liberal discovers England's greatest philosopher.

Why Johnny's Teacher Can't Add

Why the yearning for Clinton era?

Xampp: Programming for the masses, C, MySQL & HTML together!

You Suck at Photoshop

[Vanity] Need some online techie help. Getting website listed on Google help

‘Today’: Cramer-Stewart War Rages On