Since Aug 30, 2005

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I'm to the Right of Rush, and more Conservative than Jack Benny.

I live in the non-socialist part of the state and don't suffer fools lightly.

Its not in my job classification to be nice to Pro-Queer agenda, Pro-abortion, bunny-hugging, anti-gun, liberal pukes.

I love the State of Michigan, but loathe Jenny Grandstand and the unions that voted her dumb@ss into office.
I have no use for Liberaltarians, they claim to be conservative, but the vast majority of them would vote for Karl Marx if offered a big sack of dope to smoke with their queer boyfriend.
If I offend any Demoncraps that happen to read this....Go back to the DUck room..its just down the hall, to the left>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>