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Well send in soon..

Link only, this painting is a masterpiece, a modern day masterpiece by a commercial artist, I’d like to see what else he did:

I think the style in the kitchen looks to be??? Okay, a member here was kind enough to tell me what style it seems to be.

Thanks to one poster who yes, seemed to know, apparently you do see similar painting per "Pennsylvannia Dutch Barn Paintings"... perhaps near Lebanon, Pa.


Speaking of, we hear words like "Euro-Snob", "Euro-" this or that....

In Lyon France, they had their "Jeep Day" on April 12th, 2015 and ... yes, jeeps and even dressing in uniforms was done. I can't say much else about this.

Lots of pictures, flags and other can be found about this event.

We Americans of course, are really suffering from the leadership, mainly Democratic Leadership but there is plenty of blame to go around, let's hope we can get back to what makes our country great. Sometimes we have negative impressions per Europeans, some of it is valid surely but maybe they also suffer from Governments and Politicians running awry as well and this does not reflect on the common man. So God Bless Us All!