Since Feb 9, 2012

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Mom of 3. Married 20 years to a Military man, who has served 23 years, soon to be 24. I am not as smart or educated as many people who post here, but I am extremely Conservative. I love Rush, but I love Jesus more. I really dislike our current CIC. My husband and I both served under Slick Willy, and I believe Obama has been worse for our Military. DADT must be repealed by our next President! What a living nightmare for our Country and Military.

And another thing, George W was not the greatest President ever, but he gave the US Military everything he had, and improved our lives countless ways.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were fought by our Military, and our Military did the best they could. They fought hard and sacrificed so much, and we always have to remember that. If you diss our Military and George W, don’t forget that countless Americans Service Members and their Families LIVED these wars for 10 years. Our whole focus was moving from Post to Post, going through deployment after deployment, praying every night that our loved ones would return safely to us. Turning off the wars were not an option, especially when you saw the neighborhood children losing their fathers.