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Since Jan 26, 2010

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I’m a 24 year old that is Texas born, Texas bred and when I die I will be Texas dead! I was born in Houston where my Dad had moved to from Ohio in the early 80’s like many others seeking job opportunities in Texas. My Dad is a white guy who’s father is mostly German and mother is English and Irish. My mother was in Houston attending Houston Baptist University. Though she has green eyes and brown hair, she is from the border and her father is a doctor who is a Mexican-American and her mother is half Mexican. My grandmother’s mother’s father had an interesting story. That side of the family is mortal enemies of Pancho Villa because he helped start the Mexican Revolution that took out the President. My great great grandfather’s last name was Uribe, he was a simple carpenter before he became friends with the President. Though the family wasn’t ever completely certain where his fortune came from, it can’t be a coincidence that his success was multiplied after he joined this new inner circle of friends that had introduced him to the President. Though the President wasn’t in power for long, the family to this day enjoy the fruits of Uribe’s success. Right now they have a trucking company and a grocery chain in the family. The reason my grandmother and great grandmother were not big beneficiaries of the fortune, is because like I said my grandmother is half Mexican. A wealthy white man with the last name of Watson picked up my great grandmother and brought her to Texas. It is because of him that my grandfather was able to go to medical school, though my grandfather paid every dime back, even with interest!

We ended up moving out of Houston before I was 2 and my parents started a small furniture company in Austin with help from my grandfather though the loan was paid back, even with interest! I grew up in West Austin which is home to great neighborhoods in rolling hills amidst huge Oak trees. The irony is that even though I grew up in a neighborhood with an average housing value of over 300K and .5% population of black people, I was bused to a school in the middle of town right by the interstate! No regrets though, I met a lot of great people on that side of town. Not only people keeping Austin weird from the Central part of town, but I also had a chance to interact with people from all types of demographics. I probably met some people that weren’t the best influence, but the good times sure did roll. Well, at least until I got kicked out of my mom’s house and had to live in Killeen for the last two years of high school.

I’m a delivery driver that dropped out of college a few years ago. Unfortunately I didn’t know how good I had it and took the scholarship from the Bank of Mom and Dad for granted when I got out of high school and had a little bit too much fun. Fortunately I have the opportunity to go back to school, though it has been and will be tough to regain my parents full trust again. Then again, I probably should have never had it in the first place after the wild years I had in High School.

Nevertheless, when I do go back I am confident that I will be prepared and ready to take on a full load of classwork. I sure won’t take it for granted like the first time I went to school. This time I will fully understand the value of money and the need to work hard. Hell, I’m going to be working my ass off for the next couple years anyway. Why not do that at school?