Since Jan 1, 2012

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Allen Mitchum is a thriller author whose debut novel is the shocking political thriller 28 PAGES involving a Saudi conspiracy against the United States. His second novel, TROPHY TARGET, is the first novel in the new Lethal Solutions thriller series featuring Fadi Khaldun, a former Saudi assassin turned hired gun determined to make amends for his malicious past. THE REPRISAL is the first short story in the Lethal Solutions series and is permanently free at Amazon, B&N, iBooks and Smashwords

tro·phy ['trō-fē] tar·get [ˈtär-gət] - A uniquely high value individual captured and used by an enemy as leverage for political, military or other strategic purposes

Deep in the jungle of French Guiana, a once anonymous soldier of the French Foreign Legion mysteriously disappears. Days later, word reaches his younger brother, Prince Erik Rohde, second in line to the Danish throne. Doubting the government's capabilities and questioning the Prime Minister's sincerity, Erik turns to the world's top mercenary, Fadi Khaldun, to rescue his brother.

Fadi Khaldun is a former assassin of the Saudi government determined to make amends for his malicious past. In his new role as a hired gun, Fadi executes perilous, high stakes assignments around the world for clients, whether avenging the deaths of loved ones in Iraq, destroying terrorist organizations in Africa or eradicating organized crime rings in China. Now he embarks on his most dangerous job yet to rescue the crown prince of Denmark. From the jungles of South America to the mountains of South East Asia, Fadi meticulously hunts the prince's kidnappers while enemies at the highest level of government conspire against him.

TROPHY TARGET is available at in print and kindle format.

The Reprisal chronicles a revenge mission of the world's deadliest mercenary Fadi Khaldun. A former assassin of the Saudi government determined to make amends for his malicious past, Fadi sets out to destroy an Iraqi kidnapping ring that brutally killed his client's son. His relentless and lethal pursuit of the killers through the streets of Baghdad and rural Iraq leads him head on into a startling international criminal conspiracy.

THE REPRISAL is available for free at Amazon, B&N, iBooks and Smashwords.

Heather Grahl, a young Washington, D.C. lawyer, receives a call one morning bearing devastating news: police in the Bahamas discovered her sister’s decapitated body. With no apparent suspects or motive, the authorities offer little help in solving the crime.

Determined to find her sister’s killers, Heather sacrifices her career and risks her life pursuing the murderers. Through her investigation, she uncovers evidence linking the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the U.S. to the gruesome killing and learns of a shocking Saudi conspiracy against the United States that her sister died trying to expose. Together with a mysterious ally, Heather races to reveal the deadly Saudi conspiracy before she shares her sister’s fate.

28 PAGES is a counter-jihad novel inspired by true events and available at, B&N, and Smashwords (iBooks coming soon).