Since Sep 25, 2006

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There are basically three views concerning America: First, there is the America Is Always Wrong mindset (think: the hard left). Then there is the perspective of the "realists," who believe that America is just one country among many, its mission circumscribed by its limited place in the world, compounded by the problem of others' natural resentment toward a great power (in both the military and economic senses of that term).

There is nothing inherently evil about this second group. Many Republicans (e.g. James Baker, who was of considerable help to George Bush in Florida in 2000; and the very articulate syndicated columnist, George Will) fall into the realist camp.

I just don't agree with their fundamental assumptions.

Some of us still believe that America has a special place in the world, that it is truly "the one indispensable country," as some have labeled it. That doctrine--most prominent nowadays among neoconservatives--is known as "American exceptionalism." Hence my monicker.

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