Allen In Texas Hill Country
Since Jan 22, 1998

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Computer programmer. Married since '63. Two daughters, seven grandchildren, one which we adopted. Love my family and dogs. Closet animal rights activist. Loath and despise the worst president this country has ever seen. Thats what drove me to FR a couple of years ago. The wife and I are trying to get our grandson into the entertainment business. We spent 2 months last year on the set of Spielbergs latest movie AI. Very exciting. Our boy was doing stand-in and body double work for Haley Joel Osment. I use to teach flying for the University of California Santa Barbara. The company closed the plant, which was on the airport in Santa Barbara, so we had to move to Orange County in 85. Love Free Republic. Adamantly pro choice. Believe God has a place in our schools and other public institutions even tho I dont believe. And finally I can define life to anyone that has the time to listen. Did I say that I loath and despise the Clintons? If you have any doubt, dont!

All the above is old history, late 90s and following years. As I posted on 4/13/06 we are in the process of moving to Kerrville, Texas.

And as of 7/19/06 we are in our Kerrville home.

Its been over a year since BO got elected. If I had a chance I would like to apologize to the Clintons for thinking they were the worst prez this country has ever seen. They dont come close to the The Creep. BO is evil to the core!!!