Since Aug 12, 2000

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I am a member of the Republican Liberty Caucus and I will always be committed to the libertarian principles that made this country the envy of this world.
I escaped the totalitarian system of Castro's Cuba thanks to my parents. This is why I am committed to limited government and the U.S. Constitution. When I became a U.S. citizens I took an oath which was to protect and defend the constitution of The United States and I shall never waiver from that oath. I believe in strong property rights as I witnessed what happened to property that my parents had owned in Cuba and lost it all.

Now a days, you see these environmentalists in trying to restrict property rights of individuals and have more government regulation imposed on its owners. In this situation it is happening gradually. The end result will be the same as to what happened to my parents under Castro's totalitarian system. You hear and read about it what has been happening to people in South Florida near the Evereglades and that is why there is the existence of the Sawgrass Rebellion. Most if not all the people who are being deprived of their property at the 8.5 square mile area near the Everglades are people who came over to this country just like I did and also witnessed their parent's property being confiscated. That is what the environmentalists are trying and are doing. We must demand property rights to our elected officials and if they do not comply then vote them out of office or mount petitions for recall just like the California example. No wonder people have no trust in their governments and elected representatives. We must say enough is enough and not have any fear in doing so. The elected officials are supposed to be our servants or hired hands. I am for FREE MARKET ENVIRONMENTALISM. This concept states that through free market solutions we can solve just about all environmental concerns within a Constitutional framework. It is the private property owner who knows how to conserve his property and not the government with its coercive powers mandated by NGOs and other groups which were not elected.