Since Dec 24, 1999

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Transplanted Texan. Originally from Upstate NY. I've offered family and friends asylum down here now that they have Hitlery and Chuckie as senators.

Retired AF Security Police. Attained Grade of E-7 (MSgt). Presently a commissioned Peace Officer on a state police department. NRA member. Avid pistol shooter (Avid does not imply good), beginning reloader. Homebrewer. This is a good deal, cause all the ingedients are food items, therefore tax-free. End result is better and less expensive than off the shelf, and, it's a more satisfying brew when you know you're giving the government a screw.

Gotta make sure in know which I'm doing when, brewing or reloading. Don't need to be making hollowpoint beer or Guinness extra stout .40 cal.

I've lurked at Free Republic since around 96. Started posting under 5madman in 98, and changed to 5madman2 when I upgraded from WEB TV.

I am a Mason, which has been a great experience, which ought to inflame some of the tinfoilers :)