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To: Nowhere Man

I agree whole heartily.

Although I would point out the problems with deportation aside from cost is there is no place on earth roomy enough for them and most importantly no place to drive future liberals.

It is possible that that which makes a man Liberal or conservative is a product of their family & genetic code. But it is also possible for a great many people it is something else less controllable. In that case simply shipping out the current lot will only leave us with a future lot of “miss fits” on both sides of the wall.

An ideal situation would be to maintain a trade of people, so that their future conservatives can come live with us in freedom and our future liberals can go live with them in slavery.(might be difficult to convince future liberals to go to their destitute and enslaved states, we will just have to find away).

32 posted on 04/13/2012 11:45:58 PM PDT by Monorprise
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To: Monorprise; mek1959

IF you have a lot of time, check my paper.

If you don’t, read this instead:

Then check this blog post, which explains why information is relevant.

Conservatism is what happens when an intelligent animal with a K-selected psychology (reproductive strategy) can vocalize and espouse the urges he is imbued with.

Liberalism is what an intelligent animal will espouse, if they have an r-type psychology (reproductive strategy) inherent to their nature.

Both are genetic, and they are present in every other species in nature. These two reproductive strategies, drawn from the well characterized field of population biology, are what lay beneath our ideological predispositions. K-strategists embrace free competition, support abstinence until monogamy, and support high-investment, two-parent child-rearing. r-strategists are driven to perform avoidance of competition, promiscuity instead of monogamy, sexualization of the young, and low-investment single-parent child-rearing.

The problem we have now, is that America is so productive, we can funnel free resources to the r-type psychologies in our populations. Given free resources, these r-type psychologies do what r-type psychologies are designed to do. They multiply using promiscuity, selfishness, single parenting, and avoidance of competition. They then demand more resources, so they may continue as they are programmed to do. In a way, our greatness has produced so much in the way of free resources, that we have placed a massive r-selection stress on our population, favoring the growth of Liberalism. The national debt, particularly, is just an artificial construct supporting the continued growth of the r-type, Liberal favoring sub-population within our nation.

As I point out in the paper, this effect continues in nature, until there are no longer enough resources to support the r-type population’s exponential growth. In our case, this will be the moment China ceases to buy our debt (or sudden global cooling suddenly makes everything more expensive). At that point, the free money spigot closes, snapping resource shortages upon our population. Even worse, we will have debt payments, further draining resources, and heightening the resultant K-selection pressures. This period will not be fun. It will be like the Depression, with people coming to your back door to beg for a piece of bread. It will favor those who compete and work, and work well with others (by respecting their fellow citizens, and rewarding success). It will favor the K-type psychology.

When the free resources are suddenly no longer available, those r-types who are only fit to suckle at the governmental teat will either leave for a more socialist environ, be imprisoned for crime, or be otherwise neutered in effect (too busy trying to survive to rabble rouse and protest for oppression). The r-type allele will wane, and Conservatism will rise just as the K-type psychology rises in a population where one must compete to survive.

If you see this in nature, it is exactly the same. Conservatism never dies, because free resources cannot be made available to everyone, in limitless quantities, forever and ever. It just can’t happen. Revolution will not be necessary, given the economic cliff we are approaching.

33 posted on 04/14/2012 2:26:32 AM PDT by AnonymousConservative (Why did Liberals evolve within our species?
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