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A Dying Wish
KOLN ^ | 3-17-08 | David Jespersen

Posted on 03/22/2008 10:01:06 PM PDT by Orlando

A little girl fights for her life, and her last wish is to see her father. But that wish may not come true.

"They didn't expect her to still be here. She's fighting, day by day, minute by minute," said Vonda Yaeger, mother.

10/11 has followed the story of 10-year-old Jayci Yaeger as she battled brain tumors. Now doctors say she is about to lose that fight. Her last wish is to spend what time she has left with her father, but he is in a federal prison for drug charges.

Less than six months ago, Jayci was energetic, fun and upbeat. Now she's just a shadow of what she used to be -- lying in a hospital bed.

Jayci has brain tumors and doctors say she's dying.

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KEYWORDS: compassion; family; father; god; love; mercy
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To: Mad_Tom_Rackham
Sad story. But the law is the law, no release from prison for her criminal father.

It is a sad situation, it would be nice to allow them to be together.

The problem I see is that once it's allowed there would be thousands of hard luck stories and requests and that would create a whole new bureaucracy just to check out the truthfulness and merit of the stories.

21 posted on 03/23/2008 12:29:24 AM PDT by RJL
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To: maine-iac7
Men's Rights Activist

Posts: 3494

Re: little girl's dying wish is to see her father
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2008, 01:05:42 PM »

I got this in an email, talking about this story:

For those of you who have not already done so, please contact some or all of the following people and ask that they help this dying girl to see her father. I contacted the Make a Wish Foundation which is working on making this young girls wish come true. Then I sent this to the Governors of Nebraska and South Dakota:


A young soldier in Iraq emailed me about 10-year-old Jayci Yaeger’s wish to see her incarcerated father before she dies from brain tumors. He's in a federal prison in South Dakota and earlier requests to prison officials for Jayci to see her father have been denied.

Please intervene and help this small girl see her father. Help her.


Harry Crouch, President
National Coalition of Free Men

This was posted in response to the story about the young girl:

Posted by: Do Something! Location: USA on Mar 20, 2008 at 10:25 AM

If you want to do something about this case, contact the following people. I've already made calls and explained my feelings on this (yes, I feel tough on crime, but we should still be human. As long as the guy does not have a history of violence, what's the harm in letting him see his dying daughter?) and the politicians have been receptive.

I also called Gov. Mike Rounds. The more calls the better. Linda Asher / public relations - Yankton FPC Phone: 605-665-3262 Fax: 605-668-1113 E-mail address: yan/ You could also contact the federal SD congressional delegates: Senator Tim Johnson........ (800) 537-0025 Senator John Thune..... Sioux Falls: (605) 334-9596 Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth......... (866) 371-8747 or the Yankton (18th) district state delegates: Jean Hunhoff (senate -R) Business: 605-668-8312 Garry Moore (house - D) Business: 605-665-3294 Charlii Gilson (house - R) Business 605-260-1600

As you can see...It's effecting our soldier(s) too.

22 posted on 03/23/2008 12:34:34 AM PDT by Orlando
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To: lilylangtree

Good idea, but it would hurt them more...
A hug, holding, being there in person would be better...

23 posted on 03/23/2008 12:39:47 AM PDT by Orlando
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To: EternalVigilance

“Mercy triumphs over justice.”


24 posted on 03/23/2008 12:44:31 AM PDT by garylmoore (Faith is the assurance of things unseen.)
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To: peggybac
agree...It would be nice and good if some of the radio talk Sean Hannity, Rush, and the Savage Nation would shine some light onto this situation. Take a break from Obama and Hillary for a moment, and show some love...

Might help alot methink ?

25 posted on 03/23/2008 12:44:40 AM PDT by Orlando
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To: maine-iac7
To be with his dying daughter.
Dude should announce he is an Extreme Islamic with Religious rights

Our overly PC country/world has killed common decency and humanity.
This story however seems vaguely familiar to one in the past.

26 posted on 03/23/2008 1:05:27 AM PDT by Global2010 (Love Everybody but trust no one.)
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To: Crim

"Dont recall the source...but the law is indeed an ass..."

Charles Dickens, from Oliver Twist

“If the law supposes that,” said Mr. Bumble,… “the law is a ass—a idiot. If that’s the eye of the law, the law is a bachelor; and the worst I wish the law is that his eye may be opened by experience—by experience.”

The little girl needs to have her daddy with her. Somebody needs to soften their heart and relax the rules for a short time.

27 posted on 03/23/2008 2:43:58 AM PDT by Mila
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To: PleaseNoMore
In previous stories the father has said he will double the time he has left. He also says he is not asking to be released, but to be with his daughter as she dies. To allow him this doesn’t bend or break any of the feds rules. The warden has sole discretion in this matter. The father is due to be moved to a halfway house soon.

I was leaning sympathetically already before I read that. Now I see no question. Let the child be comforted by her father.

28 posted on 03/23/2008 2:51:41 AM PDT by TigersEye (This is the age of the death of reason.)
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To: webboy45
I agree, why punish this little angel?
29 posted on 03/23/2008 5:09:55 AM PDT by mimaw
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To: maine-iac7

Doesn’t meet the criteria? What the hell would if not this?

30 posted on 03/23/2008 5:11:52 AM PDT by mimaw
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To: BykrBayb

She should be allowed to have her father 24-7.

31 posted on 03/23/2008 5:13:40 AM PDT by mimaw
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The well being of a dying child deserves it own new bureaucracy. God knows we have enough money to waste on everything else. I’m sure there are enough charitable organizations that would be willing to donate for such a cause.

32 posted on 03/23/2008 5:17:18 AM PDT by mimaw
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To: Orlando
This is the law of unintended consequences. To many people think only of themselves when the break the law.

Where was this father's concern for his little girl when he broke the law?

Compassion is a wonderful thing and it is true that this little girl is completely innocent and deserves to have her loved ones around her. Unfortunately, her father was more concerned with his drugs than he was with her welfare.

How many of the people calling for "compassion" here have rejected the calls for compassion for all of the anchor babies who have been born here by illegal aliens? Do we show compassion for them by overlooking the non-violent transgressions of the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who will be caught in the trap should they be forced to return across the border?

Our children are forced to pay the price for our selfish neglect everyday. It is not their fault, they did not ask for it, but is happens. How many children in America are growing up without their fathers right now because they are in prison for some crime? Maybe we should just open up the prison gates and let them all go back home to their children.

It's a sucky deal, but it is what we as a society have chosen to institute.

"Compassion" is what has turned our prisons into revolving door health spas for criminals. Three hots and a cot plus all the exercise equipment a criminal could possibly desire and cable television to boot.

Sorry, but as much as I feel sorry for this little innocent, compassion has no business in our justice system. Perhaps if there was a little less compassion and more long stretches without parole we could get some control of our criminal class.

Flame away if it makes you feel better.
33 posted on 03/23/2008 5:51:35 AM PDT by Sudetenland (I (heart) "Big Oil!")
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To: Mad_Tom_Rackham

For God’s Sake. Let him see his daughter. Give the man a little compassion. Just maybe this act of mercy will turn his life around. I lost my son to cancer when he was two years old. We were there when he died. This man needs to be there. They can take him back when she dies.

34 posted on 03/23/2008 6:40:34 AM PDT by waxer1
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To: Bobalu
Drug charges huh...

So, we should get to choose which laws we obey?

35 posted on 03/23/2008 6:54:20 AM PDT by JimRed ("Hey, hey, Teddy K., how many girls did you drown today?" TERM LIMITS, NOW!)
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To: waxer1

I agree with you 100%...
This story needs more attention.

36 posted on 03/23/2008 7:30:19 AM PDT by Orlando
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To: Sudetenland; All
This infromation is almost 3 years old...Its much higher today...

In 2005....

WASHINGTON (AP) - A record 7 million people—or one in every 32 American adults—were behind bars, on probation or on parole by the end of last year, according to the Justice Department. Of those, 2.2 million were in prison or jail, an increase of 2.7 percent over the previous year, according to a report released Wednesday. ... _article=1

You ask..were are the fathers?
Alot of them are in jail for numberous reasons...
alot of them for non violent crimes...
for example...Some say over 400,000(+/-) are in jail for family court Child Support debts

I hope that answers your question?

This case on Easter is about compassion and mercy, and a love of a young baby child who is dying, and praying and wishing for her daddy. She needs him

37 posted on 03/23/2008 7:52:26 AM PDT by Orlando
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To: Orlando

I send this story to Drudge Report.
I hope he reports it ?

38 posted on 03/23/2008 8:03:04 AM PDT by Orlando
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To: webboy45
"I think it would be ok to work out a deal where he goes free till the girl dies, then returns to jail."

The problem with making exceptions to the law like this, is that it sets a precedent, and others doing time will want the same exception when one of their loved ones is dying. So what do we do? Do we let the murderer out on the street while his mother is dying? Convicts like to file lawsuits, and chances are once this prison made the exception for this one guy, there'd be a class-action suit filed to provide the same opportunity for other inmates. And we all know how liberal judges are. Before you know it, this would become one of those "rights" that convicts come to expect. Having spent over 23 years in NY's state prison system, one of the rules that guided me was: You don't do for one, what you can't do for all.

NY State prisoners are already allowed escorted hospital death-bed visits and funeral visits. Perhaps this little girl's father could get one of those. But letting him out is a no-no. And, I don't know how legal it would be anyway. Whenever a convict is taken outside the facility by officers, a copy of his/her commitment papers are required. Afterall, they are wards of the state for the time of their sentence. If anything happened to an inmate while out on the street, or if he/she committed another crime while they're supposed to be spending time with their dying family member, who's going to be held responsible? More lawsuits I'm afraid.

I realize the little girl wants her father home, and that's all well and good, but obviously, the father wasn't all that concerned about his family since he chose to break the law, and thus put his freedom in jeopardy. If that sounds harsh or cruel, spend a week working behind the walls of a prison. It'll wake you up fast.

39 posted on 03/23/2008 8:48:55 AM PDT by mass55th
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To: Sudetenland

See my response at 39. Can I share your flame-retardant garb?

40 posted on 03/23/2008 8:52:22 AM PDT by mass55th
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