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The 100% Tax
WWFT ^ | 8/7/2011 | ChristoForTruth

Posted on 08/07/2011 7:22:35 AM PDT by christofortruth

When we usually speak of taxes we tend to personalize it. For all the hyper-morality we tend to wax fancy about on the macro level, taxes are the one thing we always seem to have to do a little philosophic double-take on. Messing with your money is messing with your own self, your own identity. Really, it is.

Income tax, of course, effects most of us--but seemingly, unfortunately, never enough of us. Property tax is in the news every time the liberal sadists here throw a school levy up for vote. Usually we're all connected in some way to the guilt-fest, child-pimping commonly associated with that fiasco. Sales tax in my state, Oregon, which has no such thing, is a bad idea constantly bandied about by tax jihadists. And, as we all know by now, there are more subtle, more hidden taxes creepily and misleadingly dubbed: regulations, fees, surcharges...or my favorite, the aforementioned levy, which is nothing more than a tax you'll never see a return on

We probably are also well aware of the tax fiasco of the early 20th century when folks were being taxed on their income gains by a mere 70%. Or, was it 80%? It certainly wasn't no damned 90%! (Yes, yes it was)

And 100% tax rate? Well, that's just crazy talk.

Crazy talk, that is, unless you're Chuck Schumer. And since Ellis (Bush's nickname for the New York Numb-skull) is a bonafide tax wahhabist, I guess anything he spouts out still qualifies as crazy talk. But in reality, even a blatant, outspoken proponent of socialism, such as, say, this guy, who will not only tax you to death, he'll tax you for dying, knows that taxing income at a 100 percent clip really won't solve anything.

Enter the usual asshats. (Stage left and right and center and from above and the galley and the audience and the television backstage and on the Deus ex Machina-style swinging rope chair)

Alright, I don't have time here to pick on everyone. So I'll just pick on you. The "conservative".

The typical conservative (read: not libertarian, not Ron Paul follower) has a semi-addictive personality disorder when it comes to the idea of lower taxes and less government. Of course, the whole military/industrial complex thing is a bit of a stark, lumpy goiter on the otherwise comely face of this reputation, but for the most part, conservatives like--have always at least argued for--this concept of small, leaner, more efficient government.

The conservative, unless I'm being too generous in the application of intelligence here, understands what a tax really is. And no sugar coating or transliterate (across party lines) nomenclature needs be applied: Taxation is the forcible removal of your stuff from you. Under threat of confiscation, fines, imprisonment, etc. Pretty much, it's state-sponsored terror. Sure, maybe it's something you're willing to pay today, but what if you don't tomorrow, for whatever reason? No choice. Pay or get rung up.

Alright, so, it's pretty much our duty to pay. Right...

When the minister of propaganda, that bumbling baron of baloney, says "Paying taxes is patriotic", well, heck, that's not directed at liberals, they already believe that! That is a terror technique constructed to make you, the lowly, self-serving, individualistic hater of mankind feel like a, well, lowly, self-serving, individualistic hater of mankind.

You may even realize that. You may think to yourself "Hey, Mr. BigF**kingDeal Vice-President-type-dude, that's not right!" And, you of course, would be correct. He's not right. You are generous. You do care about people. You care about liberty. And Justice. And all that stuff. Right?

No. No, you really don't.

You love taxes.

You love taxes so much you, yes YOU, are willing to tax a commodity to the tune of 100%. You'd even tax it more if you could (and in reality, you do). Because, let's face it, all that gibberish about liberty really is for you and only for you. After all, taxes, as we said before, are a very personal matter--unless you're a liberal. If you happen to be a liberal you only worry about the taxation other people must pay. You want them to pay more. You want them to be punished. You require it. By mandate. And you grow government around you to carry out this task. If you're liberal.

"But...I'm NOT a liberal!"

Maybe in most cases you are not a liberal. But in the particular instance I'm talking about here, my conservative friend, you support a 100% tax. Yes. You do. You support a 100% tax imposed on not only profits from the capital sales, but also on the capital itself of one particular commodity. But your agreeance to this 100% tax doesn't even stop there. No, your vitriol toward this particular commodity towers over the titanic hatred young, poor, hatemongering leftist on University campuses harbor toward the richety rich. You want taxes on everything in play here. The distribution process, stocking, handling, manufacture, generation, advertisement, research and development of this commodity must be taxed. At 100%. And...AND...not only do you want all that, you want the salesmen of these commodities, the buyers of them, the producers, the distributors and yes, even the land used, vehicles utilized, places carrying out this business seized and sold to others on a state-run black market. All this at gunpoint, if necessary (it always is, no exceptions) by publicly funded thuggery squads of doom.

Marijuana is taxed 100%. The confiscation, destruction and incarceration involved in the drug war amounts to more than a 100% tax. Way more.

Don't ever tell me you're for lower taxes. Ever. Because you're not. Neither are you for liberty. Not completely, no, you aren't. Or Justice. Or anything of the kind. You're only interested in YOUR liberty and justice for what you find "acceptable". You are no better than Ellis and his 100% tax scheme for what HE finds unacceptable. Maybe you should reconsider whether you really are in favor of the teachings of Thomas Jefferson who said:

...our rulers can have authority over such natural rights only as we have submitted to them. The rights of conscience we never submitted, we could not submit. We are answerable for them to our God. The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others.
Or this, also by our pal T.J.:
If the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.
Or this from my homie across the pond, C.S. Lewis:
Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.

Or even this, from some weirdo in a big hat:

A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded.
And while I can't say I like 100% of everything these guys ever said (heck, I can't even say that about my personal hero: Yosemite Sam), I'll tell you this: They were real conservatives. What does that make you?

Well, jeez, you're the crazy nut who likes 100% tax rates. That's who you are.

Some conservative thoughts from conservative masters of thought on this subject: HERE at National Review.

Enjoy. Think. Be free.

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1 posted on 08/07/2011 7:22:39 AM PDT by christofortruth
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To: christofortruth

From Economics Professor Walter Williams of George Mason University :

This year, Congress will spend $3.7 trillion dollars. That turns out to be about $10 billion per day. Can we prey upon the rich to cough up the money? According to IRS statistics, roughly 2 percent of U.S. households have an income of $250,000 and above. By the way, $250,000 per year hardly qualifies one as being rich. It’s not even yacht and Learjet money. All told, households earning $250,000 and above account for 25 percent, or $1.97 trillion, of the nearly $8 trillion of total household income. If Congress imposed a 100 percent tax, taking all earnings above $250,000 per year, it would yield the princely sum of $1.4 trillion. That would keep the government running for 141 days, but there’s a problem because there are 224 more days left in the year.

How about corporate profits to fill the gap? Fortune 500 companies earn nearly $400 billion in profits. Since leftists think profits are little less than theft and greed, Congress might confiscate these ill-gotten gains so that they can be returned to their rightful owners. Taking corporate profits would keep the government running for another 40 days, but that along with confiscating all income above $250,000 would only get us to the end of June. Congress must search elsewhere.

According to Forbes 400, America has 400 billionaires with a combined net worth of $1.3 trillion. Congress could confiscate their stocks and bonds, and force them to sell their businesses, yachts, airplanes, mansions and jewelry. The problem is that after fleecing the rich of their income and net worth, and the Fortune 500 corporations of their profits, it would only get us to mid-August. The fact of the matter is there are not enough rich people to come anywhere close to satisfying Congress’ voracious spending appetite. They’re going to have to go after the non-rich.

2 posted on 08/07/2011 7:28:52 AM PDT by SeekAndFind (u)
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To: christofortruth

100% tax = communism. Even the Kings of old knew not to lean on the serfs too hard, at least the benevolent ones anyways.

3 posted on 08/07/2011 7:32:28 AM PDT by factoryrat (We are the producers, the creators. Grow it, mine it, build it.)
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To: christofortruth

Economics is intertwined with life and death. History shows that a free economy brings wealth and life (examples, America before 1930, Hong Kong). A government-commandeered economy brings poverty and death (ALL socialist countries throughout history).

4 posted on 08/07/2011 7:37:18 AM PDT by PapaNew
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To: christofortruth

All of that for a WOD conclusion?

Talk about bait and switch!

5 posted on 08/07/2011 7:37:29 AM PDT by freedumb2003 (Herman Cain 2012)
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To: christofortruth
Marijuana is taxed 100%. The confiscation, destruction and incarceration involved in the drug war amounts to more than a 100% tax. Way more.

Oh, great. Here we go. Legalize pot and allllllll our problems will magically disappear.

Give me pot or give me.....uhhhhhhh.....what was I sayin'?......whatever....I'll get back to that......I got the munchies.

6 posted on 08/07/2011 7:37:42 AM PDT by Texas Eagle (If it wasn't for double-standards, Liberals would have no standards at all -- Texas Eagle)
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To: factoryrat

Read the whole article. It has nothing to do with tax, per se.

7 posted on 08/07/2011 7:38:38 AM PDT by freedumb2003 (Herman Cain 2012)
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To: SeekAndFind
Every Republican candidate should commit these few short paragraphs to memory.

But then, so should we. And we should not be afraid to speak these truths to our friends, family and colleagues.

8 posted on 08/07/2011 7:41:12 AM PDT by Texas Eagle (If it wasn't for double-standards, Liberals would have no standards at all -- Texas Eagle)
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To: SeekAndFind

We went to war against the most formidable empire on earth 235 years ago, and WON, TWICE, (1812) over the same crap that our own elected officials are trying to push off on us today. The Constitution is the law of the land that the federal government must abide by, not just guidelines that they can pick and choose at their bidding. Come on people, we handed England their a$$ back to them over taxation that was nothing compared to what we have to endure today. We need need to put these politicians in their place, and remind then exactly who they are working for.

9 posted on 08/07/2011 7:51:27 AM PDT by factoryrat (We are the producers, the creators. Grow it, mine it, build it.)
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To: christofortruth

Tax rates of 90% should apply to all members of Congress making over $250,000 per year....ditto for Cabinet Secretaries.

10 posted on 08/07/2011 8:48:12 AM PDT by The Great RJ ("The problem with socialism is that pretty soon you run out of other people's money" M. Thatcher)
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To: christofortruth
I would love some help on tracking this down. It would make a compelling case for a BBA.

I have heard that if the Government maintains its current tax schedule on all taxable income up to $75K/year, and then taxes anything over $75K at 100%, it will yield incremental tax revenue of:
a. $17 billion
b. $35 billion
c. $550 billion

This, of course, assumes people will continue to work at their normal levels and not cut back (HAHAHAHAHA)

Does anyone know of a referencable source that could provide the correct numbers. Something from the IRS or CBo would be best.

Thanks in advance!

11 posted on 08/07/2011 8:49:56 AM PDT by Andy from Chapel Hill
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To: christofortruth

That was 100% BS.

I bet it taxed his brain 100% to make the argument. Too bad.

12 posted on 08/07/2011 10:27:40 AM PDT by chesley (Eat what you want, and die like a man.)
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To: Andy from Chapel Hill
It would make a compelling case for a BBA.

The BBA is a trap.

The liberals will not stop spending, and will just keep ratcheting tax rates up until all money flows through the IRS. They've got no problem if the volume of money falls, as long as they get all of it.

The point of socialist taxation is not just re-distribution, but the eventually funneling of all money through the government.

The Republicans weren't willing to defend the debt limit. With a BBA on the other side, they won't be willing to defend in the fight against higher taxes.

What would be useful is having an amendment that limited total debt and limited tax rates.

The BBA gives the same problem as the current debt limit - cut spending or raise revenues. And the Republicans are currently willing to describe going from $8T in future new debt to merely $7T as a win.

We need a new set of Republicans in office. Without that, any change in the laws are just a delaying tactic, so the current Republicans can explain why they can't do the right thing here and now.

13 posted on 08/07/2011 12:00:05 PM PDT by slowhandluke (It's hard to be cynical enough in this age.)
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To: chesley

Thanks Chesley, I’ll be sure to contemplate this response when gathering criticism for my video rebuttal. Just got the Youtube intro up for my weekly blog there, should be interesting to use your tag line there in my response: Eat what you want. Die like a man.

14 posted on 08/07/2011 6:11:42 PM PDT by christofortruth
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To: christofortruth


The tagline is the title of a book. I didn’t write it, and I don’t even own a copy, but I thought the idea deserved some spreading around :)

15 posted on 08/08/2011 7:39:35 AM PDT by chesley (Eat what you want, and die like a man.)
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