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To: Alas Babylon!
Morning AB, All. As always, thank you AB for doing this thread so reliably and keeping the peace with gentle thread policing. Thank you Bray for weekly written wisdom, Thank you Rodguy for fishing tales and political perspectives from all angles, Thank all yon contributors for excellent commentary to flesh it all out.

  In addition there are quite a few other frequent contributors that deserve pats on the back. I can’t list them all but pay attention and send me notice if they deserve special honorable mention.   Below are the words from my daily political diary. It is quite long so scroll on by if not interested. But do stay around and add your commentary and point of view to the thread.

    Tuesday 6/18/19


  On this past Sunday there was a national impeach Trump day. All over the country hoards of Trump haters congregated to have the president impeached.

  Highest turnout was ten people somewhere in California. Two or three turned out deeper south.

  They pay people to do this.

  For twenty bucks, plenty of folks will stand and shout about whatever they are told.

  Now on Tuesday, 6/18/19, at the Amway center in Orlando, Florida there will be a big Trump rally as he announces his plans to run in 2020.

  Not that we didn’t already know this but thousands, many thousands, are expected to show up.

  And these people have to pay with no financial aid from Soros.

  Ears and eyes open.


  I am not sure just what the set up is in Hong Kong. With a little research I understand that 22 years ago Britain handed over Hong Kong to China. Unlike China, Hong Kong was allowed to grow and flourish . Perhaps because of its location and its relationship to much of the world, Hong Kong has evolved into a major metropolis. I did not know it is still under the control of China.

  But China now wants to take more control over Hong Kong, it would seem. China wants to be able to bring criminals back to China if they somehow escaped to Hong Kong. The citizens of Hong Kong don’t like this idea at all. There have been protests in the street for some 15 days as of this writing.

  China has never been known for its freedom and liberty. Hong Kong evidently does not like being aligned with China.


July 1 is the 22nd anniversary of the handover from Britain to China. In recent years, this date has been used by democracy activists to protest and communicate their desire for genuine self-government. This year, July 1 could turn into a genuine test of the concept of one country, two systems.

If Xi exercises disciplined restraint and allows Hong Kong to evolve, we will be in a vastly different world – and may be able to talk about a long-term evolution from dictatorship toward freedom for China.

If, on the other hand, he moves to crush dissent and to impose totalitarian controls on Hong Kong, we will be in a much more serious challenge to freedom across the planet.

This is a critically consequential moment that matters to all of us – not just to the more than seven million citizens of Hong Kong. Now, we must wait and see what Xi decides.



  That helicopter that crashed on the roof of that skyscraper in New York is going to be a bear to take down. Scuttlebutt is that it will have to be dismantled on the roof and taken down the elevator piece by piece.

  The mind is boggled.


  I am a bit heart-broken that one of my heroes is being revealed as being a real asshole.

  I speak of the Rev. Martin Luther King. Who, it is said, enjoyed all sorts of sexual misdeeds, once laughing on as a rape was taking place right in front of him.

  Bill Cosby.

Martin Luther King

John F. Kennedy

  Above just a few of those I once admired and enjoyed.

  Until the truth of their hedonism was revealed to us.I will never believe in a “hero” again.

    Wednesday 6/19/19



  As of this writing the Democrats begin their campaign of maligning the man. Beginning with the personable, honest winner…Bernie Sanders.


  Independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders lit into President Donald Trump in advance of Trump’s Florida campaign kickoff rally, calling him a “racist” who won’t tell his supporters how he “tried to throw 32 million people off of healthcare.”

  On Tuesday’s edition of MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, host Andrea Mitchell asked Sanders for his reaction to the possibility that Trump might live-tweet the Democratic debates.

  “Well, I’m surprised that he has the time to tweet, I thought he would be watching, you know, some Fox TV program,” Sanders quipped, before really going in on Trump.

  “Look, he can tweet all that he wants to tweet, but let me just say this,” Sanders said. “You have a president who, despite what one of his supporters mentioned a moment ago, is in fact a pathological liar, he is a racist, he is a sexist, he is a homophobe, and he is a religious bigot.”

  Turning to Trump’s kickoff rally, Sanders called Trump a “phony,” and said “I suspect that tonight in his speech, he will not tell them that he tried to throw a 32 million people off of healthcare, that his last budget called for a trillion and a half dollar cut over 10 years to Medicaid, massive cuts to Medicare, billions in cut to social security.”


  Isn’t he a sweetheart? Calling the president we elected a pathological liar. Based on what Bernie? A racist?

  The Democrats are going to freak out over that show the night of this writing. Because while Biden gets about 150 people at his campaign stops….and Hillary never got anybody with her and Bill’s talking tour….and none of them grab much attention….THIS EVENT BY TRUMP WILL DRIVE THEM NUTS.

  As much as anything, the Democrats will hang themselves with their utter classless behavior for the rage that the man on the stage will win while they will be made to look stupid.

  I never thought I’d say this, but right now Nancy Pelosi looks like the smartest one in the room.

  We’ll be watching and reporting.




    Thursday 6/20/19


  Why yes I did listen to President Trump’s campaign speech and like all the pundits before it, I rate it a solid A+.

  First, the Amway convention center (is Amway still around?) holds an estimated 25K. It sold out and the outside area was filled with people. All across the country local bars and eateries had Trump parties and the opposition party called the guy names but no one could stop the impetus.

  My favorite Trump sound byte involved Hillary’s erased 3K+ emails while Trump said, with great humor and sarcasm, that were he to erase just one email he would go to the electric chair.

  THIS is what makes Trump different from other Republican presidents. George Dubya let them carry on about Hurricane Katrina when he did a stellar job of overseeing. And the Iraqi war…..the Democrats voted for the thing but after it was won and Saddam was dead they screeched and blamed Bush for the irregular results of the conflict.

   Trump gives it right back to them and folks, if Trump wasn’t using his bully pulpit to keep pointing out the ways of the far left opposition and how they tried to take down the president we duly elected no one would know.

  Dubya and the rest of those Bushes turned out to be awful people….George Dubya is just too stupid beyond what I ever knew.

  At any rate, the Dems have to be taking gas. Ole Bernie Sanders got out in front of the world before the speech and called Trump a racist, liar, sexist, queer-hater….well every name he could think of.

  Such a classy crew they are.

  But they had to watch Trump supporters, deplorables from Walmart and they had to know that the time is upon. Those who violated the wishes of the people and the words of the constitution shall pay the price.

  Great speech, great reception, great crowd.


It’s time for ….NOT Politics by Pat

  The purple petunia…

  The lawn care crew showed up to mow the happily growing grass and I gazed out the window. He’s my regular guy and does a great job. He merrily rode that stand-up lawn mower and with his truck, wagon and hauling bar his setup greatly resembled a train. I smiled. The smell of recently cut grass made my nose smile. If such a thing is possible.

  As I gazed out the window, without the lawn crew knowing I was watching, I notice a purple petunia growing directly in the middle of the lawn. My brows furrowed. How the hell would a petunia end up pretty and happy in the middle of the lawn and, I add, about to be ruthlessly mowed over?

  Well I thought the guy on the stand-up mower would just run over the thing because how on earth could he avoid cutting the grass yet save the petunia? Further, I didn’t especially want the petunia growing in the middle of my lawn because…well petunias are not supposed to be growing in the middle of lawns.

  But the guy on the lawn mower saw the petunia and he stepped off the mower and I watched him walk over and finger the petunia to, I dunno, figure out what the hell it is doing there. He then went back but didn’t get on the lawn mower. He went over to his train thing and got a tool. I smiled as he went over to the petunia and carefully, using a garden trowel, pulled it out from the ground. He then carried the petunia, roots and all, over to a garden meant for such as petunias. He dug a small hole and now the pretty petunia, that wanted to live in the grass I must suppose, is growing sweet and pretty in a garden meant for such as petunias.

  The whole time the guy didn’t know I was watching him.

  Insert smile here.



  I do not especially like Hannah, this season’s bachelorette. She cries every five minutes over nothing and boring, damn that show is boring. But I can watch it without having to pay much attention and I kind of enjoy reality shows.

  And that contender for Hannah’s heart, Luke P. is his name, is so boring and for almost two hours Hannah and Luke P. play ring around the rosy.

  But finally Hannah, after many tears and sobs, manages to ask Luke P. the one critical question that should be answered in every possible future relationship.


  There you go people. I sat right up when those two finally started to communicate on a level needed by two people about to fall in love.

  It’s a question that must be asked but, alas, I don’t think Luke P. even answered.




  Here’s the most classless guy on the planet. Don’t look right, don’t look left. He’s an awful human being.

  So now he’s on Twitter, vowing he’s got some “getting even” to do.

  Here’s a guy who murdered two people in cold blood, got off scot free and STILL went to jail for getting involved in some robbery.

  Now he’s out of jail he’s got to get even.

  God, if you’ve got a spare bolt of lightening sitting around, could you maybe send it toward OJ Simpson’s head?

  I’d love to see that guy breathing no more.

    Friday 6/21/19


  Here’s my thought. John McCain is no longer with us so we don’t have to enter into a war, stay there forever, never, ever leave. Giving John McCain forever funds from munitions makers. Not that John McCain was anybody’s hero.

  But I digress.

  Iran’s been doing this shitty kind of thing over the past couple of weeks and these people are like children. The very, very brave, America-loving President Obama gave Iran billions of dollars to shut up and calm the Iranians. Scuttlebutt is that another hero and very brave man, John Kerry, has been going over to Iran and talking with the Mullahs. On his own, the wonderful John Kerry, who awarded himself a purple heart and served in Vietnam. With no authorization from the administration in charge.

  Kerry and McCain. Two American heroes.

  Oh, let’s not forget Obama, giving our enemy our taxpayer dollars, all with his Iranian buddy Valerie Jarrett.

  Notice Iran is blowing holes in ships and this time they shot down a drone. They want to provoke America into a war, have our soldiers go over, fight the war to help the people. But they don’t really want to hurt America bad. Face it rest of the world, you kill an American with your aggressive behavior and terror and power shall rain down upon you.



  US military drone has been shot down by an Iranian surface-to-air missile while in international airspace over the Strait of Hormuz, US officials say.

  Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) said it shot down the drone over Iranian airspace, near Kuhmobarak in the southern province of Hormozgan.

  IRGC commander Maj-Gen Hossein Salami said the incident sent "a clear message to America", state media said.

  It comes at a time of escalating tension between the US and Iran.



  I haven’t paid much attention to the hearings on reparations except for scattered sound bytes. I do know there were a couple of black guys all complaining about how the payment of reparations for slavery would be a way of putting them back into slavery.

  And, of course, there’s Al Sharpton, who owes millions in income taxes. He promises everyone money for slavery.

  They were never slaves and I never owned a slave.

  But when it comes to the re-distribution of wealth there’s a technique to it.


  This Week’s Editorial –CAPTIALISM AND MY APPLES 

  I love apples. I have loved apples since a child when I made home-made apple pies from the apples under our apple tree on our world famous farm. I also canned apples to eat over the harsh winter months.

  I especially love apples today.

  Because I don’t know what they did to apples in the current technology, but once upon a time apples turned brown and visually unappealing very quickly. Now the apples come already peeled and will stay bright and crisp for many days.

  Further, I am one person. When I gathered apples under that apple tree (and fought off the yellow jackets mightily) I prepared them for a family of five. Now I am one person and like that I can purchase a small takeaway package with one apple inside. Or I can get a package of maybe three apples, cut into wedges, available to eat over the week.

  These apples are exquisite examples of capitalism.

  “Say what?” you ask.

  That one apple I sometimes buy, wedged and packed into a plastic container to protect and keep fresh, probably cost about five bucks from tree to grocery store.

  That’s a lot of money for one apple.

  But how much would it have been in my day of the yellow jackets and the apple tree? No one had yet developed the technology or agriculture to grow apples that held their color and freshness over many days. For once I took those apples out from under that tree, with about a dozen yellow jacket stings, I had to cook them quick.

  Add the cost of packaging, cutting into wedges, shipping to the store….one apple costs about five bucks a pound.

  Understand I don’t pay five bucks for that small packet of apples. I pay maybe two bucks. The package of maybe half an apple will be part of maybe my next two meals.

  My father would have reeled over at the notion of half an apple costing two bucks. We got bushels of apples, along with many fine yellow jackets, for virtually nothing.

  I’d never eat those apples today.

  Capitalism, someone who saw the need for individually packaged apples that didn’t rot the second of purchase, that was clean and crisp….capitalism took an apple out from under that tree and made it into a pleasant, fuss-free snack.

  It is worth five bucks a pound for apples because hey, I only want one, not a bushel, and for sure no yellow jackets.

  Some entrepreneur, probably corporation, noted a need for apples that don’t require big baskets to store the apples on a sweaty day. There was a need for apples that didn’t turn brown to soft to rotten within hours.

  Yes I enjoyed those apples from my youth and believe that I can suffer bee stings with little pain and anxiety. I could not use those individually packaged apples to make a pie. I’d need a five pound bag of apples for that.

  But I don’t want to make apple pies at this point in my life. I’ll buy an apple pie should I need one. Although, as an aside, you will never buy an apple pie as good as the ones I used to make.

  Some capitalist somewhere allowed me to have apples in the most perfect of conditions.

  With no yellow jackets anywhere.

  Saturday 6/22/19


  President Trump shuts down intended assault on Iranian munitions but changes mind right before planned attack.

  All the pundits speak about Trump’s planned action for Iran’s attack of a very sophisticated American drone in international waters.

  Trump himself tweeted today that he was told by the military that intended attacks on Iranian assets would cause 150 deaths of Iranian military and civilians. Trump, wisely and not that anyone will give him credit, decided that 150 people dying was not on par with the destruction of an inanimate piece of equipment. 

  Of course he’s right. Had Trump went ahead with the revenge attack there would be thousands of leaks to the NY Times by some traitors that Trump was warned but went ahead anyway.

  Not hearing much to admire his decision.

  One more sort of odd thing, some guy named Keene…I know not who he is, is out and about saying that Iran is very angry at their military guy who shot down that drone.

  President Trump softly mentioned that he knew the attack on the drone was a not planned and the Iranians were very mad at the guy who launched the missile.

  It’s a sort of strange story and there’s way more to it than we know is my guess.



  I don’t much recall her name except she claims to be a world-renown advice columnist.

  Says Trump joined her in a fitting room to try on lingerie than felt her up and put it in.

  This happens all the time, males going into female fitting rooms and raping the women.

  They’ll not give it up, those with TDS.

  Just now this witch is coming out with this story?

  Trying to throw the scuttlebutt out there….see where it goes.

  The more they keep ridiculously attacking Trump the more they will lose.



   photo laughofweek6.22_zps543xsdbi.jpg

6 posted on 06/23/2019 4:35:00 AM PDT by Fishtalk
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To: Fishtalk

Ha! I grow my own apples. I have several varieties that can *maybe* produce apples if it gets cold enough in the Winter.

Did you know many fruit trees need what is called “chilling hours” to produce fruit? X number of chilling hours per variety. So I can only grow apples bred in New Zealand or Israel like Gala, Granny Smith, and Kiwi. They all have low chilling hours.

Anyway, thanks to Global Warming, we had a very cold Winter in Alabama. Enough chilling hours for most of my apple trees, which are now covered with apples!

Now I have to spray for worms, fruit flies, and fungi.

I figure those apples cost me at least $10 per pound given all the care I’ve tried over the past twenty years growing them.

7 posted on 06/23/2019 4:49:35 AM PDT by Alas Babylon! (The media is after us. Trump's just in the way.)
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To: Fishtalk
Great stuff Fish. Its been quite a week for AOC and Mullah omar,its a quest for who can say the dumbest stuff and than have the drivebys cover for them while they not so quietly destroy slo Joe.
12 posted on 06/23/2019 5:19:43 AM PDT by rodguy911 (Maga: USA supports Trump. Home of the Free because of the brave.)
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To: Fishtalk;page=551

Those of us who participated in FR's live thread for the Trump rally in Orlando were present for one of the greatest salutes to his presidency ever. Over 20k showed up in Orlando with thousands outside and over 150 k requests for ticketsm. Meanwhile, slo joe gets 85 for his rallies.We are so luch to have him. Here are a few of the images posted by Freeprers,as good as it gets:

15 posted on 06/23/2019 5:31:41 AM PDT by rodguy911 (Maga: USA supports Trump. Home of the Free because of the brave.)
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To: Fishtalk

THIS is what makes Trump different from other Republican presidents. George Dubya let them carry on about Hurricane Katrina when he did a stellar job of overseeing. And the Iraqi war…..the Democrats voted for the thing but after it was won and Saddam was dead they screeched and blamed Bush for the irregular results of the conflict.

So true, and perky Dana PeRino, and the Architect stood by and allowed this to happen branding Bush with the Bush Lied People Died mantra.

The Donald on the other hand brands his opposition and then doubles down on it when challenged on “ civility “

Go Donald MAGA

38 posted on 06/23/2019 6:29:22 AM PDT by patriotspride
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To: Fishtalk


Ok. How about reparations to all the ancestors of those who died fighting so slaves would be free ?

While you Dems are at it payments should be proportional to the actual populations involved...

I think there were more soldiers than slaves.....

92 posted on 06/23/2019 8:22:35 AM PDT by patriotspride
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