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LGBT—ism versus Christianity ^ | July 27, 2018 | David Carlin

Posted on 07/27/2018 11:20:49 AM PDT by NKP_Vet

In the old days you had to be rather literate if you wished to be an anti-Christian. That is, you had to read a few books. You had to be able to follow an argument. Two centuries ago you would read Voltaire or Tom Paine. And in the late 1800s you’d read Herbert Spencer or Thomas Henry Huxley. And in the first half of the 20th century you would read Freud or Bertrand Russell or John Dewey. (Dewey never explicitly attacked Christianity. He simply took it for granted that we are already living in a post-Christian world.)

Since then, however, most people don’t have much of an appetite for reading theoretical attacks on Christianity, the anti-Christianity population of the United States was never more than a relatively small thing. This is not to say that the majority of people who claimed to be Christians were enthusiastic in their Christianity. No, many were indifferent. But being indifferent is one thing. Being opposed is something else.

When about three-fifths of the 20thcentury had passed, anti-Christianity in the United States suddenly expanded tremendously, especially among the younger generation. America went through a great cultural revolution in the 1960s, and perhaps the most important subdivision of that revolution was the so-called sexual revolution.

All of a sudden, almost overnight it seemed, rules of sexual morality that had been virtually unquestioned for centuries were tossed out the window. Premarital sex was okay, casual sex was okay, unmarried cohabitation was okay, out-of-wedlock motherhood was okay, abortion was okay, divorce for whimsical reasons was okay, and soon homosexuality was okay too.

I don’t mean that these things had not happened before. They had been happening from time immemorial. But when they happened prior to the revolution almost everybody said, “These things are not right.” Even the people who did these things agreed. They said, “What I’m doing is naughty, but I rather like doing it, so I’ll do it anyway.” The rules were violated, but they weren’t rejected.

In the sexual revolution, the rules were rejected. Young people said, “My parents think this is wrong, but they are mistaken. It is not wrong at all. Just the opposite. When I violate Christian rules of sexual morality, I am giving proof that I am brave and free and enlightened.”

These now-rejected rules of Christian sexual morality were not simply incidental or ornamental features of Christianity. No, they lay near the very heart of the religion. Therefore, whoever rejected Christian sexual morality also rejected Christianity itself.

And so, thanks to the sexual revolution, you could join the crusade again Christianity without having to read any books. All you had to do was go to bed with your girlfriend or boyfriend, avoid having a guilty conscience about this, and then congratulate yourself for having risen above ancient prejudices. Any idiot could do this. Anti-Christianity, which had never been more than a minority persuasion, was suddenly a majority persuasion.

Of course, many nominal Christians denied what I have just asserted, that an embrace of the morality (or immorality if you prefer) of sexual freedom entails a rejection of Christianity. To this day liberal Protestantism continues to deny it. It winks at a wide variety of sexual sins; it condones abortion; it ordains openly gay or lesbian ministers.

And while it does all this, it asserts that Jesus (that amiable Palestinian rabbi from the first century CE) would approve. This is of course absurd. Liberal Protestantism is pursuing a course of self-destruction, a course of institutional suicide.

If the sexual revolution has been the most effective weapon against Christianity, the homosexualist movement (nowadays usually called the LGBT movement) has been the most important weapon in the sexual revolution. At first glance this seems awfully strange, since not many people wish to be free to engage in homosexual or bisexual activity, and fewer still wish to alter their gender. So why has the LGBT movement been effective – and it has been very effective – in persuading Christians that Christianity has been wrong for centuries in condemning homosexual sodomy?

For two reasons. First, the LGBT movement has for many years now been absolutely brilliant at the art of propaganda. It has dominated the three “command posts” (if I may call them that) of American popular culture – the news media, the entertainment industry, and our best colleges and universities. For decades it has used these institutions to spread the word that “gay is good” and that homosexuals are “born that way” and that if you’re of a different opinion you’re a hater. More recently, and very suddenly, it has persuaded much of the nation that there is no necessary connection between one’s biological sex (male or female) and one’s gender identity (male, female, and God only knows what else).

Second, it has utilized a great Christian moral principle, namely love of neighbor, to destroy Christianity. True Christians will abstain from causing pain to their homosexual or transgender neighbors. But you cause grievous pain to the feelings of these neighbors whenever you affirm that humans come in two sexes, male and female, and whenever you adhere to the ancient Christian teaching on sodomy. For a Christian to approve, for instance, of St. Paul’s words against homosexuality found in the opening chapter of his Letter to the Romans, is tantamount to telling gays and lesbians that they are worthless human beings.

“But I’m telling you no such thing,” replies the Christian.

“You are a fake Christian,” answers the LGBT propagandist. “For you are doing precisely that.”

It used to be that homosexuality was “the love that dare not speak its name.” Today the Christian view of homosexuality is the censure that dare not utter itself.

And so liberal Protestant churches celebrate what used to be a great sin, while liberal Catholics, many of them priests and bishops, maintain a discreet silence, never openly approving of sodomy, but never openly disapproving either.

That way madness lies.

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The sodomization of America and kicking God to the curb.
1 posted on 07/27/2018 11:20:49 AM PDT by NKP_Vet
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To: NKP_Vet

Today you just combine them, creating a false Christianity in which worldly values replace the old morality. Because God has changed, you know. The new one is all about accepting you as you are.

3 posted on 07/27/2018 11:33:53 AM PDT by Telepathic Intruder
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To: NKP_Vet

I thought that a certain group decided they didn’t want the “L” used any longer because of male to female xgenders or something. Guess it should be *gbtpqxyz now? I get so confused. But, I do know which restroom to use.

4 posted on 07/27/2018 11:36:39 AM PDT by rktman (Enlisted in the Navy in '67 to protect folks rights to strip my rights. WTH?)
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To: NKP_Vet

JUDGES have made this movement successful.

5 posted on 07/27/2018 11:36:55 AM PDT by Phillyred
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To: ealgeone

Your snide remark was unnecessary. The Catholic Church stays in the news because it’s the biggest Christian Church and has the most clergy, but the vast majority of priests are not sexual deviates, like the vast majority of Protestants pastors aren’t sexual deviates.

6 posted on 07/27/2018 11:43:20 AM PDT by NKP_Vet ("Man without God descends into madness")
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To: NKP_Vet
This one is about immigration, but it checks out for sexual degeneracy, too.
7 posted on 07/27/2018 11:44:57 AM PDT by cdcdawg
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To: NKP_Vet

Are you sure??

8 posted on 07/27/2018 11:45:03 AM PDT by ealgeone
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To: NKP_Vet


9 posted on 07/27/2018 12:07:11 PM PDT by Albion Wilde ("I'd rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace than risk peace in pursuit of politics." --DJT)
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To: NKP_Vet

I think the John Jay report’s findings point to less homosexuals becoming priests as old homosexuals died and weren’t replaced by other homosexuals. Now they don’t have to hide in a celibate priesthood, they can join some other outfit in the open, become a bishop or leader and be celebrated if they marry someone. I think that explains why the instances of reported abuse went down, not because of any discipline.


10 posted on 07/27/2018 12:24:04 PM PDT by Ransomed
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To: NKP_Vet

What changed.....was penicillin. Things that used to be a death sentence no longer were. Young people got used to this and it was a shock when AIDS came around. It was the “what? I could die from having sex???”. Yet this had been the norm through history.

When it comes to homosexuality, I don’t point to the Bible and “sin” - I point to CDC statistics. A gay man is about 40x more likely to get HIV than somebody in the general heterosexual population. 40x!! Why is that? ...just do the math.

11 posted on 07/27/2018 12:28:24 PM PDT by fuzzylogic (welfare state = sharing of poor moral choices among everybody)
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To: NKP_Vet

So Jesus was a Palestinian? Where in the Bible does it refer to Him as that? He is called a Nazarene I believe but never an Palestinian which was a name the Romans came up with for the territory in that region probably for the Philistines.

12 posted on 07/27/2018 1:02:38 PM PDT by mc5cents (Pray for a new Pope)
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To: fuzzylogic

That is why Aids was first called GRIDS, Gay Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

13 posted on 07/27/2018 1:06:01 PM PDT by mc5cents (Pray for a new Pope)
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To: NKP_Vet

We’re just watching the human race devolving back to the common animal level.

14 posted on 07/27/2018 1:39:25 PM PDT by Retvet (Retvet)
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To: NKP_Vet

Evilism vs. all mankind..

15 posted on 07/27/2018 4:03:09 PM PDT by mulligan (EeThe)
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To: NKP_Vet

Start by rejecting the often-hidden starting premise within their relentlessly, aggressively, fallacious propaganda:

There is no such thing as a functional, natural form of human sexuality between two members of the same sex. It is homoeroticism: the inherently dysfunctional, narcississtic fetishization of another human being.

16 posted on 07/27/2018 6:26:44 PM PDT by YogicCowboy ("I am not entirely on anyone's side, because no one is entirely on mine." - J. R. R. Tolkien)
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To: NKP_Vet
The sodomization of America and kicking God to the curb.

I get the sense God is being "kicked to the curb" more from the fact that so many are so worried about the sins of others, they forget their own and neglect to carry the Good News because they are so focused on the sins of others....God said the world would sink into being a sewer before Jesus returns to set things right and IMO, it is a huge waste to try to stop it - especially at the cost of carrying the Good News - falls right into satan's game plan ...

17 posted on 07/28/2018 3:07:48 AM PDT by trebb (Too many "Conservatives" who think their opinions outweigh reality these days...)
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To: trebb

You want a sermon?

The sodomization of America and kicking God to the curb is killing the souls for all those that engage in this filthy perversion. For the sake of your eternal souls get right with the Lord and walk the straight and narrow path or you will sure burn in the pits of hell. God will not be mocked. Brothers and sisters let’s remember the words of St. Peter Damian.

He warns the Church of the dangers of the vice of sodomy.

In no uncertain terms he teaches that the sodomite has neither happiness when he lives nor hope when he dies because he is obliged to suffer the torment of eternal condemnation for practicing this sin against nature.

“Indeed, this scourge destroys the foundations of the faith, weakens the forces of hope, dissolves the bonds of charity, annihilates all justice, undermines fortitude, eliminates hope, and dulls the edge of prudence.

“And what else shall I say? For it [the sin of sodomy] expels all the forces of virtue from the temple of the human heart, and, as if pulling the door from its hinges, allows the entrance of every barbarity of vice ….

“In effect, the one whom …. this most atrocious beast has swallowed down its bloody throat is prevented, by the weight of its chains, from practicing any good work, and is precipitated into the abysses of his uttermost iniquity.

“Thus, as soon as someone has fallen into this abyss of extreme perdition, he is exiled from the heavenly motherland, separated from the Body of Christ, censured by the authority of the whole Church, condemned by the judgment of all the Holy Fathers, despised by men on earth and rebuked by the society of heavenly citizens. He creates for himself an earth of iron and a sky of bronze.

“On the one hand, laden with the weight of his crime, he is unable to rise; on the other hand, he is no longer able to conceal his evil in the refuge of ignorance. He cannot be happy while he lives nor have hope when he dies, because here and now he is obliged to suffer the ignominy of men’s derision and, later, the torment of eternal condemnation.”

St. Peter Damian, Liber gomorrhianus, cols. 175-177,
apud Atila S. Guimaraes,
Vatican II, Homosexuality and Pedophilia, TIA, 2004, p. 297

18 posted on 07/28/2018 6:38:16 AM PDT by NKP_Vet ("Man without God descends into madness")
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To: NKP_Vet

Homosexuals are using Christianity to claim that’s the only reason they are not accepted, so they attack Christianity as the boogie-man.

Of course, they fail to understand that sodomy is just sick and we don’t like it, Christian or not.

19 posted on 07/28/2018 6:47:53 AM PDT by CodeToad
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To: NKP_Vet
I'm curious - does that go for the ones who ended up that way from being severely abused as children? Did the Church (that is responsible for your "sermon") act that strongly against its own priests?

God will judge all of us w/o the holier than thou crowd airing their pet peeves...who seem to forget that per Jesus, if we even think a sinful thought, we have just as well committed it....and breaking the least of the Commandments (guess what - they all held equal weight in God's eyes) is the same breaking the worst of them...and then have no problem convincing themselves they have the purity needed to judge/condemn others...

BTW - you made my point - all that "You're gonna die and burn in Hell" w/o a single reference to the Good News of the Gospels in the New Covenant....unless "...separated from the Body of Christ..."is supposed to serve.

Offer Christ to those who haven't accepted Him and explain the incredible gift of the Cross and you might play a part in saving these souls you spit upon....remember what happened to Jonah when he decided that those of Nineveh were too evil to be saved and tried to get as far from there as possible....God didn't care what Jonah thought, He wanted His message to be taken there.

20 posted on 07/29/2018 2:55:24 AM PDT by trebb (Too many "Conservatives" who think their opinions outweigh reality these days...)
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