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FReeper Gun Club Monthly (Article - The Curse of Communism and the Definition of a Peaceful Gun)
FReeper Display of Arms and Bearers | 7/1/2016 | self - Red Fox

Posted on 07/01/2016 1:40:24 PM PDT by

Established December 2015, FReeper Display of Arms and Bearers is a monthly online protest against government mismanagement, tyranny and violence. Visit your local shooting range once a month and upload pictures and videos of your defense training here to deter predators and disarm pacifists. Organize with other FReepers to prep for SHTF. Please see participation guidelines below.

The curse of communism:

"A demon. A demon! We will turn you into a demon too."

Communism is identity theft. It functions by stripping one of their identity and stamping out their individuality. The communist robs you of the willpower to perceive and decide for yourself. Subservience is imposed by corrupt authority figures through subtle yet relentless, stress inducing control tactics such as confusing or erratic behavior, mismanagement, contradictory statements, false accusation or projection, misdirection, dismissiveness, intimidation, threats of violence or undeserved punishment, unjust treatment, refusing to listen, interrupting, preventing the victim from speaking, etc. The programmer mercilessly stresses the subject into submission by tying them up inside in a thousand emotional knots and producing internal conflicts like a glitch or fixation.

These persistent, unwavering violations rip the soul into pieces eventually conditioning the victim to doubt or hate them self, to doubt their own judgement and to force them into letting the controller make decisions for them. They are eventually worn down and turned inside out until they surrender and become completely brainwashed.

"Break the body. Break the spirit. Break the heart." - Buchenwald Concentration Camp

Some of the effects on the subject are fatigue, resignation, an emptiness of being and an inverted condition which causes them to habitually look outward for approval and fulfillment. You're not yourself anymore, which means anybody or anything can trigger you, act through you and make you act against your best interests. Having lost your own life to another you will in turn live through someone else using the same methods. Once you yield to conformity you will never again act independently becoming permanently subjected to dominating tyrants, programed to be motivated externally to the impatience and anger of others, passing that learned behavior forward to the next generation and to the next and to the next.

The communist is a shark, an apex predator. The offspring they produce, liberals, are little baby sharks. Together, they have a perfect empowering relationship preying on the rest of normally functioning society. Going further, the liberal promotes excessive use of medications, drug abuse, alcohol abuse and sex abuse (including homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism and abortion) as an excuse for coping with the stress that the communist induces. Those who have been successfully conditioned smother their conscience and drown their inner conflict with loud music, overstimulating movies, immersive games, overeating and reckless partying. The trauma of being violated and the thrilling shock of violating taboos produces even more dysfunction. The left urges society to dysfunction boldly. The results of their tampering are a multitude of mental illnesses ranging from a need for approval to self doubt, codependency, love/hate relationships, suggestibility, psychological vulnerability, identity crisis, depersonalization, dissociative disorder, self delusion, self rejection, self harm, despair and suicide.

There's more than one way to commit murder. The exquisite living death under the curse of communism is the perfect way to emotionally subjugate others and manipulate outcomes on a massive social scale. Those who've been trained to fear and doubt, those who are motivated externally need an increasingly controlling government to compensate for the self governance that they've been robbed of, as these victims have been programmed to be loyal to their emotional impulses and to those who violated them. Imagine an entire country populated by beaten, emotionally engineered people forever reacting under the suggestion and domination of others, functioning only out of frustration.

"I'll be a ghost. You'll be a ghost. The whole world crawling with ghosts."

Your independence is the greatest threat to a controlling, parasitic government. Skills like health independence, travel independence, educational independence, financial independence and defense independence are condemned as social crimes in our mentally ill, codependent culture. Self suporters, homeschoolers, capitalists and gun owners are the new scapegoats propagandized by the administration the way the Nazis did to the Jews in World War 2. With the support of mass media they are being targeted for punishment as society's sacrificial lamb to pay for the crime of individual success. The ability to know when enough is enough, the strength to say, "no, me, mine," comes from a strongly developed sense of selfhood no liberal could ever assert because they've been emotionally dominated their whole life and educated to doubt themselves.

The gun test reveals the weak. The liberal gun fear monger believes no one should ever own a gun because everybody is as mentally ill as they are. It's easier to fixate on an external object and blame that rather than confront one's true reflection. They say it is the gun that is a threat, but in actuality it is their own uncontrollable, conflicting inner urges that they're afraid of. A gun is power, and it is individual power that liberals have been taught to fear by communists because they believe no one, like themselves, has developed a mastery of their own compulsions. To put it simply, they are afraid of what they might do if they had a gun. They've been trained to not trust themselves with any power and they subconsciously project their dysfunction on everybody else never trusting anybody with the ability to defend themselves. Gun control is a battle between liberally emotional, self doubting appeasers and emotionally conservative, self confident defenders.

The Definition of the Peaceful Gun:

"What man's mind can create his character can control." - Thomas Edison

The civilian weapon in a domestic environment is a defensive weapon. It is not the same as a military weapon in a war zone, an outlaw weapon in a criminal situation or a vigilante weapon being used to deal out justice without authorization. The liberal has nothing to fear from a defensive weapon because a lawful citizen has no malevolent intent. A defensive weapon does not make the first move. It does not come out unless someone is threatened. An arms bearer must have the presence of mind to respond instantly and proportionately to disable an aggressor the moment they're attacking. A lawful citizen does not perform an execution.

Any gun that is fired to stop violence is a peaceful gun. Any weapon that is used to defend life, liberty or property is a weapon of peace. Inner peace is the basis of self defense. Self defense is a foundation of independence. Independence is the capacity to stand alone without relying on others to come to your rescue. It is emotional maturity, and therefore freedom is for the mature. Self defense or keeping the peace can only function correctly from the basis of inner peace after having confronted one's own personal ugliness and resolving all emotional conflicts. You can not negotiate peace effectively on the outside if there's a war going on inside. Almost no one accepts this responsibility wholeheartedly with out becoming aware of pain through incredible suffering. And no one can be force fed the truth successfully before they're ready and it should not be tried as the results are as destructive as communism.

Self preservation is a natural right. Nature equips birds with beaks, cats with claws and dogs with fangs to capture food and defend themselves with. To compensate for the lack of fur, feathers, fangs, beaks and claws, nature has equipped man with the intellect to develop tools to clothe, feed and defend himself with. Power and permission to survive has been granted to all by nature through design. Natural law does not come from the legislation of man. Man can only validate or violate nature. Democratic governments can violate nature just as horrifically as any corporation because governments tend to out grow the size of businesses. Nature births you free and equipped to survive. Nature is not a system of man. Nature and it's creator are higher powers man consults with to gauge what is right and define what is real. Independent defenders do not need a leader to follow. They follow natural law.

How does one follow natural law without a guide? And how can we function in a system that has no exterior controls? Look at your hand. See how your nails are all positioned on the back of each finger tip following a similar pattern. How did they each know to come out at the same place? Look again. See how the joints of your fingers are attached end to end. How did they all end up in a linear segment pattern without instruction from you? Look once more. Open and close your fist. See how every finger draws inwardly following the same pattern of motion. How do they individually know to move in the same direction? Now look at my hand. How is it all my fingers look and bend the same way yours do? How do our hands function the same way independently without consulting one another? No committee was required to get our fingers to move in the same direction because nature programmed our DNA to follow the same patterns. Synchronicity is one way of describing it.

Just as human DNA has followed the same universal patterns around the planet for thousands of years, so are conscience and common sense universal. Intuition, instinct, inspiration, insight, conscience and common sense can not be taught. They come from a genetic, inner knowing. They have been programmed into your genetic makeup by nature, not by any man, which makes these abilities sacred. I don't need a teacher to tell me one plus two makes three. I can see for myself how many that is. I don't need a pastor to preach to me what Jesus would do. I'm going to do the right thing in my own time simply because I don't like stress and I can see for myself what the consequences are. I don't need a politician to lecture me about the importance of national security. I can see for myself that a world without borders is a world at war. Although it would be nice to have an admirable mentor to reaffirm what I know in my heart is right without tampering with me, in all cases these authority figures are the ones who put out that inner light, replacing it with themselves and demanding I contort myself to fit their strange culture. No matter how good intentioned, the result is the opposite of an independent individual.

The answer to reversing the course of communism in our country is to overload the system with an unmanageable, ungovernable, noncompliant public. Not lawlessness, anarchy or an anti-government movement, but a population which will dismiss fascistic control attempts and default to inner law. Be calm. Be patient. Inner peace. But how?? Temptation, depression, indecisiveness, fear, anger, anxiety and panic attacks are like computer viruses that are trying to hack your psyche. You've got to develop objectivity skills to fortify your scenes from invasive attacks the way antivirus software protects your computer from getting infected. Objectivity is your safe space. It's your firewall from being emotionally remote controlled by programmers. The peripheral vision and awareness walkthrough in my about page is a simple and effective tactic to take back control of your wits. Experiment with it and see if it makes a difference in how you feel and operate. It's a easy starting point for you to reassert yourself and begin to untie those emotional knots inside you one at a time and restore yourself to factory condition. [Disclaimer - Objectivity does not work for people who still want to flirt with stress.]

Making America great again is a job we can not afford to trust to one man. Every individual must stop looking outward for guidance and refocus their attention on their own intuition and follow their own common sense. Once becoming functional again by being guided from within we will each look up and see that all of us are moving in the same direction as a society. Truly letting go of attachment to people, places and things produces a remarkable sensation of independence and freedom. The only thing to hold fast to is your allegiance to what you intuitively know is right. Motivated to cope with emotional stress through calm, patient endurance you can begin to unlock the doors programmers try to trap you behind. Those who defend themselves physically with knives and guns also defend themselves emotionally by keeping an objective distance from hostile influences.

Don't reject or suppress emotion. Don't overindulge in emotion either. Appreciate it with some reservation when it comes like a sip of wine. Keep in mind that too much will cause you to lose control. You are not allowed to be miserable. You are not allowed to make others miserable. Nobody is allowed to make you miserable. If you must wallow, do it quickly. Lick your wounds. Take a long hot bath and get a full nights sleep. Tomorrow you can accomplish anything. Do you have feels? That's fine. Can you see yourself having a feel?

TOPICS: FReeper Editorial
KEYWORDS: banglist; brainwash; communism; gun; selfdefense

- This is not a jokes board. For the love of God, for the sake of self defense rights, this is not the time or place to joke about guns. Please disarm gun haters by contributing to this monthly thread with all seriousness, safety and sobriety. Do not post photos of yourself making faces or wearing costumes. Don't horseplay with guns.

- Do not publish personal information such as last names, email addresses, phone numbers, license plates, home addresses, etc. Use private email to arrange meetings with other members. Posting first name and general location is acceptable.

- Do not use targets that could be perceived by viewers as a threat to a living person or group.

- One month recent photo only. Please try to date stamp for the record. - Selfies are good. Larger group photos are better and send a stronger message.

- Guns are for defense only. Civilians do not take law into their own hands. A deadly weapon may only be used to prevent the loss of life, liberty or property or for the purposes of target practice or hunting.


Stopping a bad guy does not necessarily mean they have to be shot dead. It may be only necessary to put them into submission. Although disarming a bad guy by shooting them in the shoulder with a 12 gauge slug could literally take their whole arm off, they still could survive to face interrogation and justice.

9mm muzzle flashes

15 round magazine

1 posted on 07/01/2016 1:40:25 PM PDT by
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To: WorkerbeeCitizen; Reddy; EternalHope


2 posted on 07/01/2016 1:44:30 PM PDT by (I won't go underground.
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I'll try to remember to take a pic of son and I when we're at our gun range this weekend.
3 posted on 07/01/2016 1:52:16 PM PDT by PROCON (Americans First or Terrorists First - Choose in November)
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*fortify your senses from invasive attacks
4 posted on 07/01/2016 2:05:34 PM PDT by (I won't go underground.
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*It's an easy starting point
5 posted on 07/01/2016 2:09:07 PM PDT by (I won't go underground.
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a Peaceful Gun,,,

6 posted on 07/02/2016 5:55:40 PM PDT by Big Red Badger (UNSCANABLE in an IDIOCRACY!)
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To: Big Red Badger

Ancient concept.

7 posted on 07/02/2016 6:40:06 PM PDT by (I won't go underground.
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Looks like my black powder Remington!
Stainless .44 caliber Uberti, 8 in barrel.
Sweet shooting!

8 posted on 07/02/2016 7:13:44 PM PDT by Big Red Badger (UNSCANABLE in an IDIOCRACY!)
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