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Clinton Foundation Donor Violated US Iran Sanctions (as usual, clueless Obama knows nothing) ^ | 7/10/15 | w/ Jackie Kucinich

Posted on 07/11/2015 5:07:29 AM PDT by Liz

EDITED EXCERPT An Iranian businessman accused by the US government of violating sanctions on Tehran donated money to the Clinton Foundation, The Daily Beast has confirmed.

Vahid Alaghband’s Balli Aviation Ltd, a London-based subsidiary of his commodities trading firm tried to sell 747's to Iran, despite a US federal ban. The company pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal information. The hefty sum imposed was “a direct consequence of the level of deception used to mislead investigators," Thomas Madigan, a top DOJ official, said at the time. Balli Aviation agreed to pay a $2 million criminal fine, serve five years corporate probation, and pay an additional $15 million in civil fines. The settlement was the largest civil penalty ever imposed by the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security.

Alaghband is just one of an array of questionable actors who’ve surfaced as donors to the Clinton Foundation. The donations to the Clinton Foundation include foreign governments with human rights violations like Qatar, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and China as well as FIFA, soccer’s corrupt governing body – have complicated Hillary Clinton’s campaign and raised questions WRT these entities were trying to curry favor with then-Secy Hillary's State Dept.

Donor Alaghband stands out, because if an agreement is concluded – as is widely expected – Alaghband could stand to benefit. Hillary Clinton will be put in the awkward position of either defending the act of the Obama administration in which she once served or criticizing the culmination of a US-Iran rapprochement effort, which her State Department began.

One of the two counts against Balli Aviation was that it “conspired to export three Boeing 747 aircraft from the US to Iran,” without obtaining export licenses from the US government. The company then used its Armenian airline subsidiary to buy the 747s with financing obtained from Mahan Air, Iran’s largest private airline, considered by the US State Department to be controlled by former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.

In 2011, the US Treasury Department sanctioned the airline for “providing financial, material and technological support to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods Force (IRGC-QF),” or the expeditionary arm of the Islamic Republic's praetorian military division, now heavily active in both Syria and Iraq. Treasury accused the Qods Force of “secretly ferrying operatives, weapons and funds” on Mahan flights.

On the Clinton Foundation website, Alaghband’s company is listed as a $10,001-$25,000 donor. Moreover, on the website for Balli Real Estate, a UK-based property investment and development subsidiary, his personal bio describes him as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. This affiliation, along with his donation, came as a surprise to Alaghband. “I am not a member of the Clinton Global Initiative,” he told The Daily Beast from London. “I attended a few meetings. The last meeting was 10 years ago. I don’t recall having ever made a contribution.” Asked why he was listed as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative on his own corporate website, he said: “I haven’t seen this website recently. If attending a few meetings makes you a member, I don’t know.”

A source familiar with the Clinton Foundation told The Daily Beast that “Vahid Alaghband was never a member of CGI in a personal capacity.” However, the source added, “In 2007, Balli Group paid a onetime Clinton Global Initiative membership fee; they designated him as their delegate to the meeting.”

Alaghband did recall giving money to the influential DC-based think tank---the Brookings Institution by way of Brookings’ former Middle East policy shop----the Saban Center---been named for its major benefactor, the Israeli billionaire Haim Saban. (Staunchly pro-Israel, Saban is an avowed supporter of Democrats and a huge donor to Hillary Clinton. Bill CLinton also fronts for Saban's Univision network---a Spanish language outlet that criticizes Republicans and touts Hillary for president to latinos).

“When we took the donation nobody knew there were any problems with Alaghband,” David Nassar, the Vice President of Communications for Brookings, told The Daily Beast. Nassar also specified that the donation came from Balli Group bank accounts, not from Alaghband’s personal accounts. (Full disclosure: Daily Beast executive editor Noah Shachtman previously did work as a non-resident fellow in Brookings’ foreign policy division.)

A former Brookings staffer told The Daily Beast said that, on the contrary, Alaghband’s problems with the U.S. government were known to the think tank at the time and that the money helped finance the work of Suzanne Maloney, a former State Department policy advisor and Republican advocate of U.S.-Iranian rapprochement.

Nassar told The Daily Beast that the suggestion that Alaghband’s donation was intended to bolster Maloney’s pro-rapprochement research was false. “The money was general funding for the Persian Gulf Initiative and not directed at any particular issue or any particular scholar,” he said. Nevertheless, the Persian Gulf Initiative was a program run by the Saban Center and Maloney worked on it. Maloney is married to Ray Takeyh, an Iran scholar who served in the Obama White House in 2009 and who, during that period, was one of the lead advocates of engagement with 2008, Maloney and Takeyh jointly published a 34-page white paper with the Saban Center titled, “Pathway to Coexistence: A New U.S. Policy toward Iran.” In many ways, the paper essentially forecasted what Obama administration’s approach to dealing with Iran, from the largely hands-off approach to Iran’s bloody 2009 Green Revolution to the present-day compromises on its nuclear program.

Alaghband’s legal troubles did not appear to affect his relationship with Brookings....In February 2009, he spoke at the US-Islamic World Forum in Doha, bankrolled by the Qatari government (a huge donor to the Clinton Library in Arkansas). That forum was organized by the Saban Center on behalf of that government.

Vahid Alaghband’s, The Balli Group PLC, had once been the world’s second-largest steel trader but it declared bankruptcy in 2013. A major reason for its folding? U.S. sanctions on Iran.

TOPICS: Foreign Affairs; Government; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: 747; 747s; alaghband; aviation; balli; balliaviation; brookings; cgi; clinton; clintonfoundation; iran; irandeal; irgc; maloney; raytakeyh; saban; sabancenter; suzannemaloney; takeyh; vahidalaghband
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1 posted on 07/11/2015 5:07:29 AM PDT by Liz
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To: Liz

Where is the Clinton Foundation’s criminal charges? Is it a charity to commit TREASON? Someone needs to seize the entire Foundation until ËVERYTHING”is sorted out in court.

2 posted on 07/11/2015 5:40:10 AM PDT by DrDude (Does anyone have a set of balls anymore?)
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To: Liz


Not really.

3 posted on 07/11/2015 5:40:48 AM PDT by Tupelo (I feel more like Phillip Nolan every day.)
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To: DrDude
WND has reported, analyst Charles Ortel’s six-month investigation indicates the Clintons have diverted tens millions of dollars donated for charitable purposes to the personal enrichment of themselves and their close associates.

He says PWC accountants neglected to exercise due diligence in fulfilling its professional responsibilities in conducting even the most basic inquiries required of an honest audit.

Ortel says nobody inquired whether the Clinton Foundation applied for and received duly issued IRS tax-exempt determinations for its various sub-entities and activities, including fighting HIV/AIDS globally under the auspices of the Clinton Health Access Initiative Inc., also known as CHAI.

SOURCE Read more at ...

THIS IS MAIL FRAUD Raising money for a specific cause that was diverted elsewhere is considered mail fraud.

If the FBI, DOJ and IRS won't shape up to nab the conniving Clintons---there's always the US Postal Inspector....many crooks have been locked for using similar scams.


4 posted on 07/11/2015 5:48:51 AM PDT by Liz
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To: All
At first glance, the Clinton’s astounding honoraria and humongous Foundation donations seem to provide the bulk of the couple’s income.

Bill's honoraria increased dramatically---earning some $50 million during Hillary's four-year term as secretary of State....including an Irish scholarship fund, a Korean conglomerate, and, a Nigerian newspaper company......each of whom paid Clinton more than half a million dollars for a single speech.

The Wash/Post reports Hillary earned $11.7 million for 51 speeches since Jan 2014.....she pocketed an astonishing $625,000 for two speeches in one day!

I firmly believe the Clinton Foundation's gigantic donor list, and their astonishing blizzard of speaking honoraria, are a smoke screen for their secret wealth----and the way they make billions sub rosa---intertwining their vaunted "charity" work and public office.

The calculated Clintons have sought to branch out into other business activities......though little is known about the exact nature and financial worth of Bill and Hillary’s non-speech business interests.

Recent reports indicate the Clintons were party to multi-billion dollar Mideast arms deals....Kazakhstan uranium mines....and Haitian gold mines...oil deals....telecom businesses, financial powerhouses like Teneo, Goldman Sachs.....etc etc etc.

THE CON ARTIST CLINTONS GRABBED EVERYTHNG THAT WASNT NAILED DOWN---Lucrative business interests were cunningly intertwined w/ the Foundation's "do-good" activities....enabled by Hillary's catbird seat at the State Dept.

At last count the Clintons apparently raised $2billion from their foundation activities and their political campaigns.....

.....does not include monies flowing in from the various lucrative business ventures, interest accrued, safe deposit boxes, real estate assets, passive income on which they pay no taxes, income from Chelsea's hubby's hedge fund, monies invested in Goldman Sachs, interest in financial powerhouse Teneo..... etc etc etc.......

They are worth a bundle.....accumulated in record time.

5 posted on 07/11/2015 5:52:00 AM PDT by Liz
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To: Liz

“Staunchly pro-Israel, Saban is an avowed supporter of Democrats ...”

Well, he’s giving to the wrong side

6 posted on 07/11/2015 5:52:34 AM PDT by nuconvert ( Khomeini promised change too // Hail, Chairman O)
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To: All
Hillary fanatic Haim Saban's non-profit..."The Saban Center".....subsidized a 34-page white paper titled, “Pathway to Coexistence: A New U.S. Policy toward Iran.”

NO CONCIDENCE The paper essentially forecasted Obama’s approach to dealing with Iran: (1) the largely hands-off approach to Iran’s bloody 2009 Green Revolution, and, (2) the present-day compromises on its nuclear program.

7 posted on 07/11/2015 5:55:54 AM PDT by Liz
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To: nuconvert
FYI---The ties between the Clintons and Spanish TV television network---UNIVISION---run deep. Univision's newscasts gleefully bash Republicans and praise Hillary’s newly-minted position on immigration. Network Owner Haim Saban’s unabashed support for Hillarys election effort segued into a partnership between Univision and the Clinton Family Foundation.

Offended by his remarks, Univision just dumped Trump's Miss USA competition---to be aired Sunday PM on Reelz cable.


NY POST EXCERPT---Univision recently trotted out Bill Clinton to talk to advertisers----as private equity owners of the debt-laden company sweat. Univision’s owners are hoping to launch the IPO in just weeks. Getting early commitments on ad spending from Madison Avenue would certainly make an IPO road show before potential investors that much easier....they hope to raise around $1 billion at a valuation of $20 billion, according to Reuters. (Univision has $9 billion in long-term debt.) Mexican program provider Televisa also has an 8 percent stake.Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank — the lead underwriters — are getting ready to gin up some sizzle for a not very sexy business: free-to-air .


THE BIG BURRITO---HILLARY/BILL CLINTON MEDIA CONNECTION---Latino-TV Univision owner, Haim Saban described his formula to influence American politics: make donations to political parties, establish think tanks, and control media outlets. (WIKI)

WIKI--Saban became involved in politics in the mid-1990s when he felt that support for Israel was slipping in the United States.[5]

Saban has been a generous and consistent donor to the United States Democratic Party according to his mandatory Federal Election Commission filings.

Mother Jones, in an analysis of the major donors to the campaigns of 1998 election cycle, ranked Saban 155th among individual donors.[23] Amy Paris noted that Saban's Clinton-era "generosity did not go unrewarded. During the Clinton administration, the entertainment executive served on the President's Export Council, advising the White House on trade issues."[23]

The New York Times reported that Haim and his wife "slept in the White House several times during President Clinton's two terms." Saban remains close friends with the former President. Clinton described Saban as a "very good friend and supporter."[5]

Saban contributed between $5 million to $10 million to the William J. Clinton Foundation.[24]

During the 2000 presidential election, Saban increased his rank to 5th among individual donors with a combined contribution of $1,250,500.[23] Matthew Yglesias wrote that "Saban was the largest overall contributor to the Democratic National Committee during the 2001–2002 cycle." [25] Saban's donations during that 2001–2002 period exceeded $10 million, the largest donation the DNC has received from a single source up to that time.

In September 2004, Hillary Clinton described Saban as a very good friend, supporter and adviser: "I am grateful for his commitment to Israel, to a just and lasting peace in the Middle East and to my foundation's work, particularly on reconciliation issues."[5] In May 2007, Haim publicly declared his support for Clinton in 2008 presidential election.[20]

In June 2007, Saban and Steven Spielberg co-hosted a Hillary Clinton fundraiser at the house of Peter Chernin, the President of News Corporation.[26] According to the Los Angeles Times,[26] the fundraiser brought in over $850,000.

In March 2008, Saban was among a group of major Jewish donors to sign a letter to Democratic Party house leader Nancy Pelosi warning her to "keep out of the Democratic presidential primaries."[27] The donors, who "were strong supporters of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential campaign", "were incensed by a March 16 interview in which Pelosi said that party 'superdelegates' should heed the will of the majority in selecting a candidate."[27] The letter to Pelosi stated the donors "have been strong supporters of the DCCC" and implied, according to The Jewish Telegraphic Agency,[27] that Pelosi could lose their financial support in important upcoming congressional elections.

On May 19, 2008, it was reported that Haim Saban had "offered $1 million to the Young Democrats of America during a phone conversation in which he also pressed for the organization's two uncommitted superdelegates to endorse the New York Democrat."[28]

Saban, a long-time supporter and donor of many pro-Jewish and Israel causes, has stated his main goal in multiple interviews: "I'm a one-issue guy, and my issue is Israel."[38]

Haim Saban touts himself as a worldwide pioneer and leader in the entertainment industry. He is the Chairman and CEO of Saban Capital Group, Inc.


8 posted on 07/11/2015 6:01:35 AM PDT by Liz
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To: Liz

What dirt do the Clinton’s have on Obama to keep getting away with this? She has to know something. OR at least have the illusion of having something on Obama.

9 posted on 07/11/2015 6:09:35 AM PDT by Organic Panic
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To: Organic Panic
My theory is----Obama gets a cut of everything the Clintons
pocket. He puts on a convincing act---like he "knows nothing."

It's impossible to believe Obama didn't know about this.

as strategic US uranium deposits were being
sol doff in a lucrative deal --- into Russian hands.

It's next to impossible to believe:

<><>Obama was oblivious to the Clintons jerking around US foreign policy.

<><> Obama knew nothing of Hillary and Sid Blumenthal's emails WRT Iran
(the man he banned from US govt employment).

<><> Obama knew nothing about the Clintons' Foundation/slush fund buck-raking activities.

WONDER OF WONDERS Obama never noticed Bill Clinton trotting around the globe .... un-appointed and unasked. Clinton using "charity" to worm his way into the confidences of foreign leaders....but only those leaders who happened to have untapped reserves of gold, uranium, oil, and other valuable commodities.

WE, THE PEOPLE, NOTICED Hand-picked by Obama to run State, Hillary ran it like a shadow govt....w/ her husband taking notes WRT buck-raking opportunities available from Hillary's actions OR inaction.

Obama never noticed that Secy Hillary never e-v-e-r uttered a discouraging word the Clinton Foundation sucked up hundred of millions of foreign dollars from shady characters.

The avaricious Clintons devised hundreds of obscure programs to collect billions.....bragging about do-goodism, how the money was supposedly dispersed to "assist" endless charitable projects.

No question----Obama's protecting the Clintons---b/c they're his meal ticket. The Clintons deposit Obama's cut into his two (cough) "foundations." All of them are living happily ever after--getting rich on other people's misfortunes.

10 posted on 07/11/2015 6:23:30 AM PDT by Liz
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To: Liz

Ray Takeyh and Suzanne Maloney: Appeasement advocacy at its best

On July 7, the Council on Foreign relation’s top Iran expert Ray Takeyh testified before the “House Committee on Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations” and appeared as an advocate of the Iranian green movement.

Just a few days before the hearing, Takeyh and his wife, Suzanne Maloney of Brookings institute had published a new article and lamented Ahmadinajad’s demise in Tehran as “a loss to America” because he was willing to compromise with US.

In fact, the illusion of reaching a deal with Ahmadinejad, nourished and publicized by Takeyh and Maloney, was the main reason for Obama’s refrain from supporting the green movement in 2009 and instead, he tried to engage the Iranian Holocaust denier President. At that time, millions were confronting the regime in the streets and the green movement was at its apogee.

In 2008 the “Brookings Institute” and the “Council on Foreign relations” asked Takehy and Maloney to author the third chapter of the book “Restoring the Balance. The chapter was titled “Pathway to Coexistence: A New U.S. Policy toward Iran”. They concluded that the US should abandon pressuring Iran and instead seek friendship and coexistence with the regime because “the Iranian regime is firmly entrenched in power for the foreseeable future.” The U.S. has no valid leverage against Iran and the sanctions are ineffective.

11 posted on 07/11/2015 6:27:20 AM PDT by nuconvert ( Khomeini promised change too // Hail, Chairman O)
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To: All
OBAMA HAS TWO CLINTONESQUE FOUNDATIONS (two that we know of)---w/ visions of million dollar honoraria, consultancies, and foundation donations dancing in his fool head.

FORGET US NTL SECURITY---IRAN CONTROL BILLIONS OF DOLLARS---OBAMA's AIMING TO GET A CHUNK OF IT Measure Obama's blathering against the back-drop of his two foundation (two that we know of---as the Obamas get ready for the big Foundation payday....ala the Clintons.

GAG-A-RAMA Obama recently bragged that, “today, once again, the US is the most respected country on earth.”

<><> So it doesn’t matter Putin continues his invasion of Ukraine....

<><> Or that China knows it can continue grabbing key sea areas, building vast artificial islands on which to plant its flag (and weapons).

<><> Or that Bashar al-Assad is back to using chemical weapons, because Obama won't enforce his own “red line.”

<><> or that Iran is already breaking the “interim” US nuclear deal by building enriched-uranium stockpiles far larger than it promised.

<><> Iraq? In the same breath, Obama talks of how “we were able to end two wars."


Obama learned from the Clintons how to get a big payday for his two foundations: look on w/ approval even if countries invade and depopulate.....and never e-v-e-r utter a discouraging word e-v-e-r.

Maybe even shake hands w/ foreign tyrants to get mining permits and million dollar honorariums as Clinton did in Kazakhstan.


How well Obama learned at the knee of Hillary when she was Obama's Secy of State. At that time the "State Dept Mission Statement" mentioned that it would "create a more secure, democratic, and prosperous world for the benefit of the American people and the international community."

(Well, profitable for the Clinton Foundation, anyway.)

Now it looks like that "prosperous world" is gonna happen, thanks to Obama's two foundations (/snix).


12 posted on 07/11/2015 6:28:23 AM PDT by Liz
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To: Liz

Any time soon I expect to see Pincus Green and Marc Rich to turn up too.

13 posted on 07/11/2015 6:29:51 AM PDT by Mouton (The insurrection laws perpetuate what we have for a government now.)
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To: All

Kenya-resident, Malik Obama in Muslim dress, holds up
photo of his half brother Obama in Muslim dress, taken
during an earlier visit.


BACKSTORY---The Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF) is run by Malik (in Kenya)---to honor Malik and Obama's late dad. It was fast-tracked by Lois Lerner for IRS tax-exempt status.

The BHOF is based at a Virginia UPS store, according to its website. The organization’s IRS filings list another Virginia address that is actually a drug rehab center where the foundation does not appear ever to have been based.

As first reported by The Daily Caller, the foundation was speedily approved for IRS exemption by Lois Lerner, the self-same IRS senior official at the center of the targeting of conservative organizations that have waited over two years to receive tax exempt status. The IRS thoughtfully gave the Obama Foundation retroactive fund-raising status.......which it stupidly never applied for.

To get tax-exempt status, the foundation cooked-up a mission statement: “to provide people everywhere with resources to uplift their welfare and living standards in memory of dad---Barack H. Obama: in the region of his birth, Kenya, and beyond.” Its guiding principle is “the inherent belief that no one can truly enjoy the riches he has reaped if his neighbor suffers....."We seek to elevate the human condition so that everyone can live in dignity and truly enjoy having one another as neighbors.”

(waiting for hysterical laughter to die down)

Despite raising more than $250,000, the alleged charity doesn’t seem to have done much. Its website claims the organization has built a madrassa and was building an imam’s house as well as some “proposed latrines,” but there is no other evidence that the nonprofit was working to “mitigate social-shortcomings in areas of education and literacy, health and well-being, poverty, and lack of community infrastructure in such basic needs such as water, electricity, shelter and sustenance,” as the site says.

Alton Ray Baysden, a former Dept of State employee, allegedly a registered Republican, who helped start the Barack H Obama foundation, declined to comment before seeing copies of a reporter’s passport and govt ID, along with a description of the article’s “motivation” and “slant.”

Repeated reporters' phone calls went to the organization’s voicemail and were not returned.

more below


SALIVATING FOR THE BIG FOUNDATION PAYDAY ALA THE CLINTONS Obama isn't even out of office yet---and already has two get-rich-quick foundations (two that we know of).

(1) "The Obama Foundation" announced the location of its library in revving up the soon-to-be ex-president's money machine.

(2) Malik's foundation named after dear old dad. ==================================================


The FBI should: (1) Check-out Obama's two "foundations" (two that we know of). (2) Check-out Valerie's wire transfers, cell phone records, and hard drives. (3) Check-out Obama's offshore accounts. And for good measure, (4) check-out the cunning Clintons' get-rich-quick foundation formula.


COUPLE MORE CLUES: look for deposits in numbered accounts in offshore banks? Obama's federal outlays (that we know of).:

<><> $2 billion funding to Malik's organization---the Muslim Brotherhood,

<><> $50 million to Malik/Barack's tax-exempt foundation in the form of a grant to Kenya.

<><> While the Muslim Brotherhood was in charge in Egypt, Obama (and Hillary) showered them w/ praise.....and billions of US dollars in aid, arms, tanks and planes.

<><> Obama gave $90 million US tax dollars to wealthy oil-rich African countries.

<><> the billions missing from Obamacre?

14 posted on 07/11/2015 6:31:31 AM PDT by Liz
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To: nuconvert


15 posted on 07/11/2015 6:33:05 AM PDT by Liz
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To: sickoflibs; GOPJ; PGalt; ken5050; justiceseeker93; stephenjohnbanker; Jane Long; Diogenesis; ...


16 posted on 07/11/2015 6:34:33 AM PDT by Liz
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To: Liz

Ray Takeyh is & always has been an Iranian regime apologist

17 posted on 07/11/2015 6:49:32 AM PDT by nuconvert ( Khomeini promised change too // Hail, Chairman O)
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To: Liz

IRS, AG, SEC, etc... will not take any action. Why would a Postal inspector get involved. The country has been taken over in a silent coup. Muscle comes in next week with the Jade Helm actions. Obama puts illegals all over the country in luxury accomadations. Refuses to say where they were located. Gold missing from Ft. knox. Obama is running everything into the ground with a scorched earth policy. Learned in from the Clintons. Clintons take it all back with her election and subsequent payoffs to Obama.

18 posted on 07/11/2015 7:18:16 AM PDT by DrDude (Does anyone have a set of balls anymore?)
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To: DrDude

L/E govt agencies are compelled to act on a complaint.

When they are inundated w/ complaints....they will have to act.

19 posted on 07/11/2015 7:26:37 AM PDT by Liz
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To: Liz

Past time to Inundate, and keep on until we receive results!

20 posted on 07/11/2015 8:17:44 AM PDT by Mollypitcher1 (I have not yet begun to fight....John Paul Jones)
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