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4 posted on 10/20/2013 5:24:05 AM PDT by Alas Babylon!
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To: All; bray

“The Sunday Morning Bray”, by Bray!

But Christ is faithful as a son over God’s house. And we are his house, if we hold on to our courage and the hope of which we boast. Heb 3:6

It is time to change the Party symbol from the elephant to a Chicken. After spending the last forty years on the sidelines of DC it has developed some terrible habits which have caused it to become old and boring. We finally find a couple of members willing to stand and fight only to find the most vicious attacks coming from the back. Rather than jumping on board and attacking the obvious faults of Obamacare we have the Repubs trying to make sure we have no leadership other than the ones who have failed for decades. The Republican Party is so used to managing the losses they have no concept of how to win.

The managers who run the Party believe the formula is to copy the methods the Dems use and that will lead them to success. It has no chance of working since the formula is fairly simple for Dems. Have your union volunteers knock thousands of doors and make thousands of phone calls and then use these and every other group to Get Out The Vote. The final piece to the puzzle is to own the city precincts and manufacture as many votes as you need to defeat the Repub. There is nothing in this formula the Repubs can replicate, so why follow their formula.

There is no way the GOP can find half of the volunteers required to follow the formula, so why do they continue to follow this losing proposition? They had a single year bump in volunteers when the Tea Party exploded, but the GOP has successfully gotten rid of most of those hayseeds and are back to the formula. Now they have half the volunteers trying to knock the same amount of doors the Dems knock with their paid union armies and every alphabet Marxist group who religiously believe in turning America into another Cuba. So they have unlimited volunteer resources going against a very small number of GOP volunteers who are insulted by the Party leadership for being “too” extreme. When is the last time a Marxist group has been labeled anything other than progressive? There is a way to win these elections, but it will require firing every campaign manager in the Party.

The primary problem with managers is they are paid no matter if their candidate wins or loses. So it is far easier for a campaign manager to manage the loss than it is to move outside the groupthink and try to win. There is no way a manager will do this since would be the end of their career if they were to try and then lose. If you stay with the formula and lose then after the election is over they can say they did everything they could and point to all those useless numbers and prepare for the next campaign and manage that loss properly.

This is how we end up with massively useless candidates in statewide races. People who don’t want to rock that managed election as they manage their losses. There are exceptions to the rule and you have to look no farther than the Tea Party year candidates. They not only thought outside the box, but they had massive numbers of volunteers to knock all of those useless doors and make the phone calls to caller ID messages. This is inefficient and only works in areas which are heavily populated to one side or the other. In areas you need to overcome the liberal advantages you need to think outside of the box and maximize the effectiveness of each volunteer. This is done by focusing on Getting Out The Vote.

As opposed to what the Pundiots preach about people paying politicians back for acting outside the DC orthodoxy, there is no punishment for these actions. Not only is there no punishment, there is no movement in the polls from commercials of debates except by the challenger and only marginally. You have to make a major statement positively to force people to actually change their vote so the most effective tactic is making sure all of your people vote period. Unless you have over ninety percent of your people voting you have no business complaining about losing elections.

The Repubs major problem is they are so milk toast by design they give their voters and especially their most passionate voters any reason whatsoever to vote. The most important thing a candidate can do is to make sure every one of his people get to the polls and vote. Attacking Ted Cruz may get you props from PravdABDNC, but it only turns off the very people you want working for you which eliminates the most valuable people on your side. In the most extreme cases they may primary you out of office.

The real key to any election is having your volunteers spending their time where they have the best chance of success. That is talking to the Party members and the precious Independents. Any time spent with Dems is time wasted since they will not be voting for you in any case. Why would you have your volunteers talking to people who have zero chance of voting for you when you could be talking to people who have a 50-50 chance? This is just mismanaged time and in a short election season is what loses campaigns over and over again.

What the Repubs do not get and the Dems do, if you fire up your fringe you fire up the ones who do the work. The middle will simply vote for whom they normally vote for and it is the candidate’s job to get them to the polls or in the Dems case have the poll workers manufacture the votes. If you have enough of them you can swing the race as long as the Repubs only collect their expected votes. If they use newer and better techniques the Dems are not capable they can overcome the fraud factor. In the end the old guard Repubs are not only irritating the Tea Party fringe, they are costing us elections. They are forcing the most likely to volunteer to stay home and wish for a third Party. The McCains of the Party are eliminating other candidates in swing states to have a tougher time colleting voters and forcing him to cover less area with fewer people and not getting the vote out.

Ted Cruz not only did not hurt the precious Party he energized the base which is critical to winning the elections. He gave those in the ten percent who do all the work to have someone speaking for them and their disgust in Obamacare. He gave words to ideas and showed what leadership looked like for a brief second in a world gone Marxist. That was quickly squashed by the Old Bulls and their infighting as well as the campaign managers explaining their vote matrix and how to manage the defeat. In the end it is very possible that the way they look at the vote is upside down and Ted Cruz nearly started an avalanche of votes for the Repubs and a taking over of the Sinate through a stampede of volunteers ready to knock the right doors. In politics nothing else matters except GOTV.

Pray America is Waking Up

Note: The above opinion is not necessarily my own, but FReeper Bray’s. If you wish to discuss this, please ping Bray.

5 posted on 10/20/2013 5:24:41 AM PDT by Alas Babylon!
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