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Sen. Paul Issues Letter to Majority Leader Reid Regarding Consideration of Immigration Bill
US Senate ^ | Rand Paul

Posted on 04/22/2013 8:28:18 AM PDT by JohnPDuncan

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

United States Senate

Washington, DC 20510

Dear Majority Leader Reid,

As our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to those affected by the tragedy in Boston, I urge you to incorporate the following national security concerns into the comprehensive immigration reform debate. Before Congress moves forward, some important national security questions must be addressed.

I believe that any real comprehensive immigration reform must implement strong national security protections. The facts emerging in the Boston Marathon bombing have exposed a weakness in our current system. If we don't use this debate as an opportunity to fix flaws in our current system, flaws made even more evident last week, then we will not be doing our jobs.

We should not proceed until we understand the specific failures of our immigration system. Why did the current system allow two individuals to immigrate to the United States from the Chechen Republic in Russia, an area known as a hotbed of Islamic extremism, who then committed acts of terrorism? Were there any safeguards? Could this have been prevented? Does the immigration reform before us address this?

There should be hearings in the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee that study the national security aspects of this situation, making sure that our current immigration system gives individuals from high-risk areas of the world heightened scrutiny.

In the wake of 9/11, there was a comprehensive reform of our intelligence gathering system, yet our improved intelligence gathering system did not adequately detect these extremists. We need to understand possible intelligence failures and craft solutions.

Media reports indicate that the deceased bombing suspect was interviewed by the FBI two years ago at the request of a foreign government. We need to know the details of this interview. We need to know if this interview might have given investigators any reason to conclude that this individual might be dangerous or at least worthy of further inquiry. If so, was there an intelligence failure? At the very least, it should be examined.

Media reports indicate that both the bombing suspects were legal permanent residents and one is reported to be a naturalized citizen. We need to make sure that we have safeguards against this type of situation happening again.

In 2002, Congress set up the National Security Registration System (NSEERS), yet it was suspended in 2011 by Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano. That system had problems, yet was still based on the practical idea that extra screening is necessary from nations that have a higher population of extremists. Congress might need a similar system updated for current circumstances to be rolled into comprehensive immigration reform.

I would like the US-VISIT/OBIM program studied to see if it actually works, or at least study the process by which we collect and analyze biometric data on immigrants.

Our refugee programs have proven to be a problem. On, January 29, 2013, two Iraqi citizens living in Bowling Green, in my home state of Kentucky, were sentenced to long prison terms for participating in terrorism and providing material support to terrorists while living in the United States. How did this happen? Does the current immigration reform address how this might have happened? We may need more scrutiny when accepting refugees from high-risk nations.

I want to make sure that any new bill addresses the visa entry and exit programs, in addition to refugee programs that have proven problematic in Bowling Green and possibly, if media reports are correct, in Boston.

Finally, do we need to take a hard look at student visas? Should we suspend student visas, or at least those from high-risk areas, pending an investigation into the national security implications of this program?

I respectfully request that the Senate consider the following two conditions as part of the comprehensive immigration reform debate:One, the Senate needs a thorough examination of the facts in Massachusetts to see if legislation is necessary to prevent a similar situation in the future. Two, national security protections must be rolled into comprehensive immigration reform to make sure the federal government does everything it can to prevent immigrants with malicious intent from using our immigration system to gain entry into the United States in order to commit future acts of terror.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.


Rand Paul, M.D.

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1 posted on 04/22/2013 8:28:18 AM PDT by JohnPDuncan
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To: All
Immigration reform is the gateway to terrorism. "Undocumented" is code for "ethnic solidarity" (Boston bombers w/ a latino accent).US politicans aiding and abetting ethnic solidarity should be investigated----determine who is giving them their marching orders----for collusion and conspiracy with foreign agents to undermine US ntl security and endanger Americans.

The word is out: "undocumented" terrorists, come on down---invade the US, and bring bombs. It's open season to conduct dirty deeds....and US politicans are helping us."



BLOOD-CURDLING "LA RAZA STUDIES"--- ACTUALLY TAUGHT IN ARIZONA SCHOOLS FOR TEN YEARS : These shocking quotes are taken directly from A LA Raza textbook "Occupied America" (pg. 167): “Supporters would execute all white males over age 16,” (also known as the Plan of San Diego). LA Raza school textbook chapter from “Occupied America,” by Rodolfo Acuña, includes a speech given by university professor Jose Angel Gutierrez: “We have got to eliminate the gringo, and if worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him,” (pg. 323).

La Raza books also talk about the need for the govt of Mexico to re-take seven states in SW United States. so that the Southwest USA would become a Chicano nation.

YOU ARE PAYING FOR THIS In 2005 alone, $7.9 million in taxpayer funding was given to "La Raza charter schools" via the US Dept of Education grants. These charter schools stress Latino culture, the Spanish language, the re-conquest of the American Southwest, the establishment of the mythical Atzlan on US soil, and even Aztec math.

La Raza is using taxpayer funds to organize the murdering of Americans; the federally-funded La Raza organization operates 100 charter schools across America.

ARIZONA SCHOOL BOARD NUT CASE--- Adelita Grijalva is the woman on the Arizona school board pimping La Raza ethnic solidarity indoctrination programs in Tuscon schools. Adelita is all up in arms about Raza Studies getting tossed via the AZ state legislature's action...she is the daughter of Raul Grijalva (D-AZ-7) who was just narrowly re-elected to our US Congress.

Cong Raul Grijalva (and friend) is one of Mexico’s most productive and loyal representatives in our Congress....aiding--abetting and funding La Raza studies.

2 posted on 04/22/2013 8:33:56 AM PDT by Liz
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To: All
AS SICKOFLIBS INSIGHTFULLY POSTED: Even if Americans were to accept politicians' preposterous premise of zero national security threats by giving "the undocumented" all the benefits of US citizenship, we MUST keep in mind that sap-happy Obama immigration policies conferred on the viscious Boston bombers the very same benefits.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the 26-year-old Chechen terrorist killed Friday morning in a wild shootout with Boston police, was a legal US resident. He could have been sent back to his homeland after a 2009 domestic violence conviction. BUT thanks to Obama’s sucking up to ethnic solidarity terrorism, the prez sap-happily decreed that "deportations" are limited only to foreigners who committed “serious crimes”----Obama allowed the bomber to stay and do his dirty work.

The second bro/bomberDzhokhar Tsarnaev--now in a Boston hospital---was granted "asylum" in 2002. NOTE THAT Foreigners who come here claiming "asylum" suck off American taxpayers bigtime---they are able to collect generous monthly checks from SS without having put a dime into it.

3 posted on 04/22/2013 8:37:23 AM PDT by Liz
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To: Liz

This is good research Liz, thanks. Can you email it to Rand’s office?

4 posted on 04/22/2013 8:46:31 AM PDT by JohnPDuncan
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To: Liz
"Foreigners who come here claiming "asylum" suck off American taxpayers bigtime---they are able to collect generous monthly checks from SS without having put a dime into it."

That reminds me. I was wondering how these two Muzzie Bros. were funding their lives and munition purchases. Any ideas?

5 posted on 04/22/2013 9:24:15 AM PDT by Paladin2
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To: Paladin2
They did not seem to be "needy"----attired in fashionable clothing---had time and money to purchase components and make bombs. Traveled to Russia---(and elsewhere?) All without any visible means of support---like jobs.

There's a zillion ways the Chechneyan bombers were being financed by unsuspecting Bostonians.... and other Americans. I'm sure they know the ropes.....probaly bought fake ID's to establish multiple identites.

Claiming "asylum from Russian persecution" gets tham a wealth of tax-paid freebies---no questions asked----a policy dating back to WW 11.

There's housing subsidies, instant welfare, UI, EITC, SSI, education payments, free medical care.....and so on.

6 posted on 04/22/2013 10:00:52 AM PDT by Liz
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To: Liz

The possible issues you raise would be good to investigate and publish, especially as part of the proposed “comprehensive” immigration reform.

7 posted on 04/22/2013 10:10:07 AM PDT by Paladin2
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To: JohnPDuncan

At the same time we are letting Muslim scum like this into the US on phony asylum grounds, we are barring entry of Copts, Assyrian Christians, and other legimitate refugees from thje terrors of Islamic persecution.


How mamy PETRODOLLARS are filtered into their campaigns on return for these favors?

I CONGRATULATE Senator Rand for FINALLY saying the word ISLAMIC.

8 posted on 04/22/2013 10:14:16 AM PDT by ZULU
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The fog of illegal immigration...

9 posted on 04/22/2013 10:16:11 AM PDT by Gene Eric (The Palin Doctrine.)
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Good point I missed that. He did mention it.

I’ve been saying to people keep the faith with him.

10 posted on 04/22/2013 10:18:06 AM PDT by JohnPDuncan
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As for Visa overstays and ‘how impossible it is’ for the government to know it...NONSENSE.

Give me a paper file and a calendar and I could do it by myself. Visa expiration date comes up...Alien hasn’t notified me....his face and data go up on the internet with a $100 reward.

Game over.

The Library does a better job of tracking down my overdue book when I moved! LOL

11 posted on 04/22/2013 1:34:20 PM PDT by AuntB (Illegal immigration is simply more "share the wealth" socialism and a CRIME not a race!)
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To: AuntB

The Library does a better job of tracking down my overdue book when I moved! LOL


12 posted on 04/22/2013 1:37:31 PM PDT by ZULU ((See:
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To: Jim Robinson

Pinging Jim.

Rand’s trying to slow this down and buy us some time.

All is not lost!

13 posted on 04/22/2013 2:14:06 PM PDT by JohnPDuncan
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To: JohnPDuncan

Have you checked the number of American citizens who are unemployed? The real number is in the neighborhood of 25%! And have you checked the number of American citizens forced to live on the government dole? It’s over 40%! We do not need more immigrants!! And it’s costing us hundreds of billions to feed and care for the ones already here!! Give it a rest!! ENFORCE THE LAW!! IMPEACH THE MARXIST POS IF HE REFUSES!!

14 posted on 04/22/2013 2:46:26 PM PDT by Jim Robinson (Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God!!)
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To: Jim Robinson

Re: unemployment rate..

Check for an excellent website which shows you the truth rather than the government lies.

Inflation is a lot higher than they admit too Jim.

15 posted on 04/22/2013 2:49:12 PM PDT by JohnPDuncan
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To: JohnPDuncan

It’s peanuts to where the Marxist bastard is taking us with his Fed printing press. Hyper inflation just over the horizon!

We don’t need more immigrants! We need to declare a moratorium on immigration and on government spending to try to stave off national collapse! And, yes, great empires and superpowers do collapse. And it happens practically overnight once it starts. Ask the USSR. Ask the British Empire. Ask France, Germany, Spain, Greece. World depression and war to follow.

Senator, do your sworn duty to uphold the constitution and secure the nation!! Do your frickin JOB instead of pandering for votes!! Pandering politicians SUCK!!

16 posted on 04/22/2013 3:01:45 PM PDT by Jim Robinson (Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God!!)
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