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To: silverleaf

Shame on me? That was 15 years ago, but the experience counts. Have you taken it? I hope your son doesn’t turn into a murdering drone. Ever stop to think of the long-term damage it could be doing. He is basically taking a controlled dose of meth every single day... all because you won’t give him an outlet to release his energy. Shame on you.

35 posted on 01/23/2013 6:51:33 AM PST by wolfman23601
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To: wolfman23601

tell you what speed-man,

You go adopt or foster yourself a child born brain damaged from a drug or alcohol adicted mother (ADHD is part of the result) - or an autistic kid - or a bipolar kid

Plenty of them in the foster child data base, just check it

Then you find a way you can help him to “release his energy” and succeed in school (even homeschool, which I do) participate in group activities that build healthy peer relationships and his own sense of self esteem - all while “releasing his energy” - no medication, of course.

My ADHD kid used to “release his energy” by spinning, rolling around the classroom, darting or wandering away from the group, punching other kids and chasing them with sticks, breaking his pencils in half, darting away from group activities and his one-on-one teacher aide, jumping off our furniture, swing sets, stair railings etc, completing 1 question on his tests in 30 minutes and then dropping to the floor to roll- somersaulting down the aisle at church etc etc etc -


Man life was one big energy release. And man was he sad. No one could stand to be around him because he couldn’t DO anything with them.

Hey guess what, now he can read! Do math, take art lessons, attend Boy Scout meetings and listen to his patrol leader’s directions, be on a basketball team .... and he has friends! He gets invited to birthday parties!

If that is long term, damage, we will live with it

When you walk the walk with your own ADHD kid, we’ll talk the talk

42 posted on 01/23/2013 7:58:20 AM PST by silverleaf (Age Takes a Toll: Please Have Exact Change)
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To: wolfman23601
Wolfman I have pretty good knowledge of ADD ADHD. For true ADD/ADHD Ritalin is a Godsend. It works and it is not harmful to the kid because it balances the kids chemistry.

However I know a lot more about what is not ADD/ADHD but is an epidemic mistaken as ADD ADHD. There are a high number of kids and adults out there with undiagnosed Sensory Processing Disorders or Central Auditory Processing Disorders. C.A.P.D. for shot.

Im now over 50% hearing loss, I have poor balance, I've had life long poor coordination, and I had a fear of heights. All the above point to Inner Ear or Vestibular disorders. Nobody bothered to look there though. These patients have short attention spans as well. Certain auditory and/or visual situations can trigger cognitive results such as anxiety, depression, agitation, etc. For these patients both child and adult Ritalin and antidepressants both are useless and can make matters worse.

Generally the damage is in the Cerebellar/Vestibular System where the Inner Ear and brain interact. The Inner Ear may also be damaged. This will affect in many cases their hearing, how they process what they hear, and even visual issues.

Big Pharm does not come to play here however because there is no pill that can stop it. Usually the Inner Ear issues are caused by physical issues such as chronic sinus allergies or chronic ear infections. that must be treated to stop further damage though.

I mentioned in my previous posting on this threat at one time I took antidepressants. I was diagnosed 18 years ago with General Anxiety Disorder. My first medication was Xanax 2MG twice a day which worked almost 12 hours a day. Doctors insisted I needed anti depressants. They made me sick, my head hurt, I became agiated etc and it made my problem of every time I heard certain tones or certain visual events start jerking in my upper torso as hit with a bucket of ice water.

Two years into this I found a book written by a man who is both a Neurologist and Psychiatrist who had been researching ADD ADHD and anxiety disorders. BTW as a kid they said I had ADD ADHD.

I read his book. He links most anxiety disorders to undiagnosed Vestibular Disorders. In my case very much so. Only by finding that book was I able to get the proper help I needed.

I was born with some sensory processing damage and sinus allergies over time made that worse. I am one eye functional. Meaning I can use both eyes to see but never at the same time.

The jerking or spasms are actually Myoclonic Seizures I would learn a few more years down the road. These seizures are triggered again by sight and sound. I believe this medical condition has existed for duration of mankind. Even in the 1970's most kids and adults were not bothered by it.

The epidemic is a technology triggered one. TV shows changed as did more intense special effects. Stores became more noisy as PA systems were added as well as places like Lowes etc back up alarms and door alarms. Mickey D's added fryers with high pitch alarms to tell the workers the fries were done. Video games came along, so did high wattage stereo systems. All of it added together I believe is what is triggering the so called ADD ADHD epidemic.

Here is some good news. If a parent suspects their child having ADD ADHD make the Shrink the last stop. Make the doctor the first stop. Make the second stop at an Audiologist trained in doing C.A.P.D. testing. If Audiologist says C.A.P.D. find the cause it is physical in nature. However this is not getting done. There is also no special funding for schools with a CAPD student. The childs classroom environment has to be changed. Move the kid to the head of the class. These kids can read lips faster many times than they can hear and process it.

Any kid for example playing a video game and becomes agitated or behavior changes watching TV including cartoons it could be this.

For my treatment after firing five doctors one finally had seen patients like me before. He took me off all antidepressants and put me on low dose Xanax four times a day. Low dose meaning .5mg four times a day. Not a cure but it controls seizures and Panic Attacks.

65 posted on 01/23/2013 6:24:10 PM PST by cva66snipe (Two Choices left for U.S. One Nation Under GOD or One Nation Under Judgment? Which one say ye?)
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