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Two days after 'Birther' comments leader of AZ GOP says he's quitting ^ | December 19, 2012 | Dennis Welch

Posted on 12/20/2012 8:17:44 AM PST by Seizethecarp

PHOENIX -- A couple of days after breathing new life into the conspiracy theory that Barack Obama is not eligible to be president, the chairman of the Arizona Republican Party says he's not running for another term.

The announcement is a surprise as Tom Morrissey had publicly said he would seek a second two-year term during the GOP's annual organizational meeting next month.

Morrissey said Wednesday it was a tough decision but he is stepping down because of health reasons. On Monday, Morrissey and a pair of other Republicans questioned the authenticity of Obama's certificate, rekindling a long debunked theory.

"I think for somebody in the president's position to not have produced a document that looks more legitimate, I have a problem with that," said Morrissey.

When asked why he wasn't going to run again, Morrissey said he was preparing to undergo surgery for a knee replacement. He said he needed some peace and quiet after the medical procedure.

Morrissey was elected in January 2011. Under his watch, Arizona Republicans watched as they lost a majority of the state's nine congressional seats last month. In addition, the party also lost its super-majority at the state Capitol and failed elect a Republican mayor of Phoenix in 2009.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Foreign Affairs; Politics/Elections; US: Arizona
KEYWORDS: arpaio; naturalborncitizen; obama
Darn. The AZ House delegation now has a Democratic majority, should there be an objection to Barry's electoral vote eligibility on January 6.
1 posted on 12/20/2012 8:17:49 AM PST by Seizethecarp
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To: Seizethecarp

I forget sometimes there are about a dozen Republican officials with some guts at the state level spread around the country. Guess now there will be 11. Even now with the obvious failure of ignoring the birther issue, the GOPe would rather eat their own than question Dear Leader.

2 posted on 12/20/2012 8:26:15 AM PST by kreitzer
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To: Seizethecarp

“long debunked story.”

Amazing. No one, to my knowledge, has even attempted to debunk the demonstrably true claim that the “official” public version of the birth certificate is a multi layered PDF document and not a photocopy of something in Hawaii government records.

3 posted on 12/20/2012 8:30:13 AM PST by Captain Jack Aubrey (There's not a moment to lose.)
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To: Seizethecarp
OK...I'm reading the post and thinking...medical reasons, huh...what...knee replacement? -- after the Chicago Way Thug Machine busted his knee caps??

Lo and behold, not sure if it's satire/irony, but the article says the guy IS having knee surgery. Imagine that!

4 posted on 12/20/2012 8:31:11 AM PST by Jane Long (Philippians 2:11)
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To: Seizethecarp
...rekindling a long debunked theory.

I must'a missed that. When was it "debunked"?

5 posted on 12/20/2012 8:32:02 AM PST by onedoug
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To: Captain Jack Aubrey

Barry, himself, in his book, said his dad was Kenyan. Both parents not US citizen means he’s not a natural born US citizen. Ineligible. It’s not that hard.

6 posted on 12/20/2012 8:34:01 AM PST by PhiloBedo (You gotta roll with the punches and get with what's real.)
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To: onedoug

I was just going to post that same question.

7 posted on 12/20/2012 8:35:36 AM PST by Flycatcher (God speaks to us, through the supernal lightness of birds, in a special type of poetry.)
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To: PhiloBedo

Under immigration law, that is not supported. Nor has ANY us supreme court case since the fed took over immigration processing supported that definitivly.

As the law stands now, one need only be born on US soil. The immigration law needs to be modified or the USSC has to speak up to lock it one way or the other.

This issue is dead for now.

8 posted on 12/20/2012 8:39:24 AM PST by longtermmemmory (VOTE! and
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To: onedoug

“I must’a missed that. When was it “debunked”?”

Big Media says it, so it must be true....

So say all Hussein Heads, and not a few “freepers” here.

9 posted on 12/20/2012 8:40:04 AM PST by treetopsandroofs (Had FDR been GOP, there would have been no World Wars, just "The Great War" and "Roosevelt's Wars".)
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To: Seizethecarp

A knee replacement??? really...I thought maybe he got a stomach virus and fainted and hit his head...I hear that’s going around..

10 posted on 12/20/2012 8:42:55 AM PST by little-e (I'm not a racist, I hate Biden too..)
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To: Seizethecarp

Given the pee-poor performance of Republicans in Arizona the last couple of years, I don’t think this guy will be missed.

11 posted on 12/20/2012 8:49:13 AM PST by Mr Rogers (America is becoming California, and California is becoming Detroit. Detroit is already hell.)
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To: Seizethecarp

I’ve known people with knee replacements who were back at work after a month or so. One was back to a physical job in six weeks after double knee replacements. Sounds more like he got a phone call and wimped out.

12 posted on 12/20/2012 8:53:21 AM PST by bgill (We've passed the point of no return. Welcome to Al Amerika.)
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To: Seizethecarp

“Conspiracy theory...” and “long debunked....”

‘Twould be productive for these journalism majors (not the sharpest knives in the drawer) to take a few elementary photoshop that they can see that the Obamaloon’s two “birth certificates” are so amateurish, that a typical high school geek could find the flaws.

We all know that the MSM follks are slow, but they know that 1) the Obamadork is not bright, not bright at all, 2) he certainly didn’t get into those colleges on talent, and 3) there is a reason he’s spent millions to hide virtually all of his records.

Hmmmm, wonder if...just possibly... the dork is a big fake?

13 posted on 12/20/2012 8:58:40 AM PST by Da Coyote
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To: longtermmemmory
Nor has ANY us supreme court case since the fed took over immigration processing supported that definitivly.

Not True

United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898)
Minor v. Happersett , 88 U.S. 162 (1875)
Shanks v. Dupont, 28 U.S. 3 Pet. 242 242 (1830)

14 posted on 12/20/2012 9:09:19 AM PST by frogjerk (Obama Claus is coming to town!)
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To: frogjerk

states controlled immigration then. It was defacto open boarders.

That is why I stated since the fed has take over immigration.

different laws then vs now.

it is like a us citizen must live in the USA for 10 years to have their children claim automatic us citizenship. That is current law (

The USSC has to establish the creation of this third type of citizen.

15 posted on 12/20/2012 9:18:52 AM PST by longtermmemmory (VOTE! and
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To: PhiloBedo
Barry, himself, in his book, said his dad was Kenyan. Both parents not US citizen means he’s not a natural born US citizen. Ineligible. It’s not that hard.

And we cannot forget that Obama's very own biography maintained by his literary agents for sixteen years flat out stated that he was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii." This discovery completely validated the "birther" rumors yet Obama was never compelled to produce evidence in the question of whether he was lying then or lying now.

16 posted on 12/20/2012 9:37:42 AM PST by Menehune56 ("Let them hate so long as they fear" (Oderint Dum Metuant), Lucius Accius (170 BC - 86 BC))
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To: treetopsandroofs

What I said to my liberal BIL after sending him the pathetic photoshopped BC I downloaded directly from the WH web site, was simple (and still not understood).

I told him I was not implying anything beyond the FACT that the BC presented *by the WH* was obviously photoshopped garbage. Demanding a legit BC is not the same thing as accusing him of being from another planet. Well, it is to a drooling liberal.

What did he say to me? He “suggested” that I was lying about where I got the PDF. When I told him to go there and get his own copy, he refused.

17 posted on 12/20/2012 9:58:32 AM PST by ChildOfThe60s (If you can remember the weren't really there)
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To: Seizethecarp

There is more to this than meets the eye.

He has been on shaky ground ever since the state party convention, where Ron Paulists pulled off a takeover, and his response was weak. This cost him a lot of leadership support.

And he was not kidding about his health. He is planning to get serious surgery on both knees, so all else being equal, resigning may not be such a bad idea.

18 posted on 12/20/2012 10:07:10 AM PST by yefragetuwrabrumuy (Pennies and Nickels will NO LONGER be Minted as of 1/1/13 - Tim Geithner, US Treasury Sect)
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To: ChildOfThe60s

Reminds me of the knee-jerk Hussein Heads telling me that Hussein was OBVIOUSLY referring to roads and bridges when he said “You didn’t build that”.

They cannot allow themselves to process and realize anything that disagrees with what they know to be true without question.

19 posted on 12/20/2012 10:11:40 AM PST by treetopsandroofs (Had FDR been GOP, there would have been no World Wars, just "The Great War" and "Roosevelt's Wars".)
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To: Menehune56
"And we cannot forget that Obama's very own biography maintained by his literary agents for sixteen years flat out stated that he was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii."

The holier-than-thou Hussein Head morons HERE really tick me off the most regarding this.
20 posted on 12/20/2012 10:14:41 AM PST by treetopsandroofs (Had FDR been GOP, there would have been no World Wars, just "The Great War" and "Roosevelt's Wars".)
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To: Seizethecarp

a “conspiracy theory” and “debunked”?

I will never believe that he is eligible until I see a legitimate birth certificate from Hawaii, and a legitimate US birth certificate from his supposed father, to prove he is a natural born citizen.


21 posted on 12/20/2012 10:52:02 AM PST by bobo1 (I)
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To: longtermmemmory

“As the law stands now, one need only be born on US soil.”

The native born U.S. Citizen loses their natural-born citizenship status when a Certificate of Loss of Nationality is issued. Thus, the reason SCOTUS has repeatedly kept a distinction between native born U.S. Citizen, natural-born U.S. Citizen and naturalized U.S. Citizen.

Obama is a native born U.S. Citizen stripped of his natural-born citizenship status when a Certificate of Loss of Nationality was issued to him; only to regain his U.S. Citizenship status through the naturalization process in 1983.

Obama’s natural-born citizenship status was lost forever when his Certificate of Naturalization was finalized 6 months after his 18th birthday.

22 posted on 12/20/2012 11:00:12 AM PST by SvenMagnussen (TINKER, TAILOR, SOLDIER, SPY)
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To: Seizethecarp; tedw; fabian

I would love to hear a politician say...”in: 1990, or 1980 etc, i: smoked dope, had an affair, stole money etc, etc, etc. And now I have been contacted by obama people threatening to expose me if I: don’t resign from public office, don’t stop talking about birther issue etc, etc, etc.
That would be my example of a modern day patriot, hero, etc, etc, etc.

23 posted on 12/20/2012 11:15:13 AM PST by abigail2
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To: abigail2

Yup. I thought Petraeus might do something like that. He knows things. He could tell us much — but he seems to have decided that it is in his best interests to say very little.

24 posted on 12/20/2012 11:24:43 AM PST by ClearCase_guy (Republicans have made themselves useless, toothless, and clueless.)
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To: kreitzer

“Guess now there will be 11...”

Until they get inspired to open their yaps...and get paid a visit..or receeive “the call” in the middle of the night...

25 posted on 12/20/2012 11:30:03 AM PST by mo (If you understand, no explanation is needed. If you don't understand, no explanation is possible.)
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To: longtermmemmory
As the law stands now, one need only be born on US soil. The immigration law needs to be modified or the USSC has to speak up to lock it one way or the other.

That is simply not true. However, it IS how the liberals have interpreted and taught the information to "young skulls full of mush".

Here is a long, but defuinitive explanation of the 'Natural Born Citizen' term:

T.J. McCann, III

This authoring involves no consideration whatsoever of the contentious “birth certificate”, as the contents of that document are entirely irrelevant to the final conclusion. This analysis examines the importance of historic context in considering the terms of qualification for the Office of President of the United States, resolving that Barack Obama is incapable of being a natural born citizen and is thereby forever ineligible to hold that Office, based on established fact.

The positive mandate in Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5, that “No person except a natural born Citizen,… shall be eligible to the Office of President” is neither irrelevant nor antiquated and originates from the core philosophy of the Declaration of Independence, and U.S. Constitution, and is of the very same origin as our “unalienable rights” as American citizens.

“Natural born citizen” is a known, static definition, derived from Natural Law,a term of art outside of any Positive Law, hence the reason it needs no definition within the Constitution. This Natural Law involves a “self-evident” status so fundamental to our “unalienable rights” and freedoms, that it is expressed in the very first sentence of the Declaration of Independence: When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, …

A “natural born citizen” is a “self-evident” status upon birth because that offspring could not possibly be a citizen of, and owe allegiance to, any other country or peoples. Natural Born incorporates all aspects of citizenship heritance at birth, including that conveyed by the soil (jus soli) and that conveyed by both parents ‟blood allegiance” (jus sanguinis).

“Natural Born Citizen”, Not “Citizen” The requirement for President in Article II is not "citizen" nor “citizen at birth”, but rather“ natural born citizen". In Alexander Hamilton's first draft of Article II the requirement was indeed only "citizen" or more accurately citizen at birth ("born citizen"). However they did not go with Hamilton's early draft of Article II.

From the Yale Law Journal [Vol. 97: 881] referencing John Jay’s letter to George Washington leading to the inclusion of “natural born citizen” [8]:On June 18, a little over a month before Jay's letter, Alexander Hamilton submitted a "sketch of a plan of government which 'was meant only to give a more correct view of his ideas, and to suggest the amendments which he should probably propose ... in... future discussion.' "40 Article IX, section 1 of the sketch provided: "No person shall be eligible to the office of President of the United States unless he be now a Citizen of one of the States, or hereafter be born a Citizen of the United States.": "Hamilton's draft, which appears to be an early version of the natural-born citizen clause, contains two distinct ideas: first, that those currently citizens will not be excluded from presidential eligibility, and second, that the President must be born a citizen. What actually transpired over this change in wording , replacing “born a citizen” with“ natural born citizen”, was that the President was no longer to be elected by Congress, but rather by the people, and therefore the office required more stringent safeties regarding the allegiance of the office holder.[12]By selection among the duly qualified and elected Congress, a certain degree of security was established for the office of President. However in transferring the responsibility to the citizens, a more stringent requirement was needed to ensure that any occupant of the Office would have allegiance to Constitutional principle sand American society. Especially given this draft change, it is clearly wrong to equate "natural born citizen" with anyone who is a citizen at birth. Similarly, it is improper to ignore the word "natural" in the phrase "natural born citizen" simply because one has no innate understanding of the meaning of "natural". Again, "natural" in "natural born citizen", in the language of our founding documents and principles, is a “self-evident” status upon birth, owing no allegiance to any other country, and thereby a full participant in this society. Given that the requirements for the Office of President have long been inscribed on parchment, since the founding of this country, it would be unreasonable to assume that the definition of "natural born citizen" was unknown or vague. This same Yale Law Journal article [Vol. 97: 881] recognizes that the only reasonable interpretation of “natural born citizen” would be that held by the founders at the time of ratifying the Constitution, and that this meaning was “clear.”[8]: "Constitutional scholars have traditionally approached the uncertainty surrounding the meaning of the natural-born citizen clause by inquiring into the specific meaningof the term "natural born" at the time of the Constitutional Convention. They conclude that a class of citizens should be considered natural born today only if they ould have been considered natural-born citizens under the law in effect at the time of the framing of the Constitution"(see footnote 8)

8. These writers assume that the phrase "natural born citizen" was a term of art during the preconstitutional period since the phrase is not defined in either the Constitution or the records of the Constitutional Convention. See Gordon, supra note2, at 2 ("The only explanation for the use of this term is the apparent belief of the Framers that its connotation was clear."); These two conclusions together indicate that 'scholars' believe that the one interpretation of "natural born citizen" by the founders from 200+ years ago remains intact, discernable, and the only valid interpretation today.

Natural Born Citizen vs. British “Common Law” Natural Born Subject:
Many reference British Common Law in search for a definitive answer as to the meaning of natural born, and resolve, by that Common Law, the definition of natural born to result from birth on the native soil of a country. Justice Gray does a thorough job of delving into British history in the landmark case of U.S. vs. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898), even going back to Lord Coke and Calvin’s case (1608), some 180 years before this nation’s founding ,and preceding the Ark decision by 290 years.

However, in truth, Lord Coke’s decision in Calvin’s case is as fundamentally alien to these United States’ founding principles as the rest of British Common Law citizenship. Calvin’s case was landmark in its day, and the early modern common-law mind, for being the first to articulate a theoretical basis for territorial birthright citizenship. Calvin’s Case was not only influential in establishing the citizenship right of American colonials, but also was much later argued as the basis common-law rule for U.S. birthright citizenship. Calvin's Case is the earliest, most influential theoretical articulation by an English court of what came to be the common-law rule that a person's status was vested at birth, and based upon place of birth. .[7] However this recognition of British common law also ignores the inherent conflicts with the fundamental tenets of our Constitution, conflicts so profound philosophically that they were causal in the Revolutionary War and War of 1812. In Lord Coke’s decision, the law of the Creator is conflated with the law of England and being lain down via edict to the common man from that divine Crown through the judiciary. Even as described by Justice Gray in Wong Kim Ark, the Coke decision involves feudal concepts of “‘ligealty,’ ‘obedience,’ ‘faith,’ or ‘power’ of the ‘King’”.[11]

This feudal oblige and extension of the dominion of the Crown to ANY territory held by the King, even making “natural born subjects” of those born in America, contributed to British settlers leaving Britain in the first place and ultimately became a primary factor in the "Declaration of Independence", with colonists declaring themselves free of such an involuntary burden of the Crown while having no protection and no representation. In 1765 the British Jurist William Blackstone recognized the mandate of the Crown having changed the inherent meaning of "natural-born Subject", progressively over time, to be anyone born in British territory, regardless of the parents' allegiance or citizenship. Initially a child was born a natural-born subject if born on British soil, even if the child's parents were aliens. However, Blackstone later wrote in his 1765 Commentaries, the following[2]1:To encourage also foreign commerce, it was enacted by statute 25 Edw. III. st. 2. That all children born abroad, provided both their parents were at the time of the birth in allegiance to the king, and the mother had passed the seas by her husband's consent ,might inherit as if born in England: and accordingly it hath been so adjudged in behalf of merchants. But by several more modern statutes these restrictions are still farther taken off: so that all children, born out of the king's ligeance, whose fathers were natural-born subjects, are now natural-born subjects themselves, to all intents and purposes, without any exception; unless their said fathers were attainted, or banished beyond sea, for high treason; or were then in the service of a prince at enmity with Great Britain. This passage indicates that even those not born on British territory are to be thenceforth considered "natural born" because of blood lineage no less, and for the purpose of trade (aswell as the Treasury), showing that this is not a static understanding of "natural born", but one evolved over time and by “executive” mandate of the Crown – hardly any sort of “common law.”

5 What Gray has represented as British “common law” natural born subject, was not static and was the evolution of Crown dictate over time, expressed in statutory law. This statutory definition is far removed from any sort of natural, “self-evident‟ term employed by the United States in its Constitution. Only 30 years prior to Blackstone’s writings, in 1736, British scholar Matthew Bacon recognized the fundamental meaning of "natural-born Subject" to be: "All those are natural-born Subjects whose Parents, at the Time of their Birth, were under the actual Obedience of our King, and whose Place of Birth was within his dominions." (Matthew Bacon, A New Abridgement of the Law, 1736, Vol 1, pg 77)2

Not only does this indicate that the place of birth must be within the "dominion" (British territory) itself, but it also indicates that the parents must be under the “actual obedience” of the King. The emphasis on “actual Obedience” seems to strongly differentiate that from a presumed obedience resulting from mere happenstance of birth within the dominion. Given this, those who had foreign allegiance did not give birth on British soil to British natural born subjects. This is definition by Bacon is the same as our own “Natural Law” Definition today, involving (1) the allegiance (citizenship) of both parents and (2) birth within the U.S. territory (dominion).

In Gray’s majority opinion for Wong Kim Ark, Gray makes two references to natural born citizen which directly conflict with his British common law approach. The first is a reference to Justice Waite’s opinion from Minor vs. Happersett[6], in which Waite refers to a Vattel’s definition of natural born citizen as birth to two citizen parents on country’s soil[10]. In the second, Justice Gray quotes from a pamphlet entitled “Alienigenae of the United States”, by Horace Binney, which used the term "natural born" in connection with a child of a citizen, but not in connection with a child of an alien parent. :The right of citizenship never descends in the legal sense, either by the common law or under the common naturalization acts. It is incident to birth in the country, or it is given personally by statute. The child of an alien, if born in the country, is as much a citizen as the natural born child of a citizen, and by operation of the same principle. (Binney’s statement, as cited by Gray U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark (1898)[11]) While Binney references both children as citizens, only the child born of a citizen is referenced as "natural born".

Justice Gray’s articulation of British Common Law in Wong Kim Ark regarding U.S. citizenship should be considered nothing short of an abomination, because it is truly runs contrary to the very origins and hard-won principles of this country. While Gray’s argument in Wong Kim Ark has had deleterious effect on citizenship, the case did not affect natural born citizen because Gray never pronounced that a natural born citizen was equivalent to a natural born Subject, despite obviously desiring to do so, and Gray never at all undermined 6 the definition provided by Justice Waite from Minor vs. Happersett. While Wong Kim Ark was pronounced a citizen of the United States, Ark was never declared to be a natural born citizen of the United States. George Mason, called the "Father of the Bill of Rights" and considered one of the "Founding Fathers" of the United States, is widely quoted as saying: The common law of England is not the common law of these states. (Debate in Virginia Ratifying Convention, 19 June 1788) More recently Justice Antonin Scalia confirmed the irrelevancy of British Common Law: The common law is gone. The federal courts never applied the common law and even in the state courts it's codified now. (Audio/Video: Justice Scalia speech, Nov 22, 2008)

Citizen vs. Subject:
Those who argue that meaning of “natural born citizen” can be resolved by looking to British common law “natural born Subject” ignore the vast difference between Citizen and Subject. AMichigan Law Review article considers the profound difference between Citizen and Subject[9]: So far we have assumed that the conventional meaning of “natural born citizen” for those learned in the law in the eighteenth century was equivalent to the meaning of “natural born subject” in nineteenth century English law. But is this assumption correct? Does the substitution of the term “citizen” for “subject” alter the meaning of the phrase? And if those learned in the law did recognize a difference, what implications does that have for the meaning of the natural born citizen clause? The distinction between citizens and subjects is reflected in Chief Justice John Jay’s opinion in Chisholm v. Georgia, the first great constitutional case decided after the ratification of the Constitution of 1789: “[A]t the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the people; and they are truly the sovereigns of the country, but they are sovereigns without subjects. . . .”

Justice James Wilson confirmed Jay’s articulation of the opposition between subjects and citizens.

The term “citizen” reflects the notion that individual citizens are the soil, and via “blood” heritance from the parents. While both British common law “natural born subject” and American “natural born citizen” might be said to involve “birthright” citizenship, the former involves an unequal obligation to the Crown and the latter involves natural, self-evident recognition of at-birth conditions of the citizen, with that citizen being sovereign, and a full member of American society having no allegiance to any other society.

Supreme Court Opinion:
While there are deviations from the Natural Law definition of “natural born”, these deviations have generally been asserted on the state rather than federal level and part of court “obiter dicta” , offered without any supporting legal argument. Both British common law and American statutory history involve such assertions, yet these do not change the fundamental meaning of “natural born”, as it is exerting statutory definition on a term outside of Positive Law, when it is resolved by natural, self-evident means.

Not surprisingly the first 100+ years of this country’s history are spanned by Supreme Court opinions clearly indicating the definition of natural born citizen, and repeatedly indicating the same reference consulted by our founders as they authored the Constitution in Carpenter's Hall, that reference being Emmerich de Vattel's "Law of Nations".

1814 The Venus, 12 U.S. (8 Cranch) 253, 289 (1814) (Marshall, C.J., concurring) (cites Vattel’s definition of natural born citizens);

1830 Shanks vs. Dupont, 28 U.S. 242, 245 (1830) (same definition without citing Vattel);

1875 Minor vs. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162, 167-68 (1875) (same definition without citing Vattel);

1879 Ex parte Reynolds, 1879, 5 Dill., 394, 402 (same definition and cites Vattel);

1890 United States vs. Ward, 42 F.320 (C.C.S.D. Cal. 1890) (same definition and cites Vattel);

1898 U.S. vs. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898) (same definition and C.J, Fuller’s dissent confirming Vattel’s definition of a “natural born Citizen” );

1899 Keith vs. U.S., 8 Okla . 446; 58 P. 507 (Okla. 1899) (common law rule that the offspring of free persons followed the condition of the father was applied to determine the citizenship status of a child);

26 posted on 12/20/2012 11:30:30 AM PST by DustyMoment (Congress - another name for anti-American criminals!!)
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To: yefragetuwrabrumuy

Referring to Obama’s LFBC, he couldn’t bring himself to call it a forgery.

Radio interview:

27 posted on 12/20/2012 12:08:30 PM PST by JohnnyP
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To: longtermmemmory
As the law stands now, one need only be born on US soil.

And we know that Barry was born on US soil because.......?

28 posted on 12/20/2012 1:01:31 PM PST by NurdlyPeon (New tag line in progress.)
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To: longtermmemmory
As the law stands now, one need only be born on US soil. The immigration law needs to be modified or the USSC has to speak up to lock it one way or the other.

There's no law, current or otherwsie, that makes anyone a natural-born citizen solely on the criteria of being born on U.S. soil. The SCOTUS affirmed that NBC is found OUTSIDE of the Constitution, hence, outside of statutory law. They made a positive declaration that it is defined as birth in the country to citizen parents and they made a NEGATIVE declaration that the 14th amendment does NOT define natural-born citiznship. Second, even if what you wanted to believe was true, the court defined the subject clause of the 14th amendment to require that the parents of the child in question must have permanent residence and domicil in the U.S. Obama fails to meet these conditions because his father was a foreign national who never became nor intended to become a U.S. citizen, and NEITHER of his parents had permanent residence and domicil in the U.S. when Obama was born. i

29 posted on 12/20/2012 9:07:59 PM PST by edge919
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To: onedoug
I must'a missed that. When was it "debunked"?

A long time ago, MSNBC broadcast that the claims were all bogus. Got it?!?

Now sit down and STFU onedoug!!!

Crissy said that he was NBC. (National Broadcasting Corp.) Do you doubt me?

30 posted on 12/20/2012 9:50:00 PM PST by houeto (
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To: SvenMagnussen
Obama is a native born U.S. Citizen


31 posted on 12/20/2012 10:00:54 PM PST by ROCKLOBSTER (Celebrate "Republicans Freed the Slaves" Month)
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To: houeto

Yes ‘m massa. Don’t whip me massa.

32 posted on 12/21/2012 8:07:44 AM PST by onedoug
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To: onedoug
Yes ‘m massa. Don’t whip me massa.

That's exactly what they're wanting to hear from us. Doesn't it just make you sick that we can't get to the bottom of anything? BC, F&F, Libya...nothing.

And to think that he hasn't even started his second term yet. I'm just sick. Dire times onedoug.

33 posted on 12/21/2012 10:33:10 AM PST by houeto (
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