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Jihad in France Just Beginning [This is what we are facing]
Gatestone Institute ^ | April 2, 2012 at 4:30 am | by Guy Millière

Posted on 06/24/2012 11:07:16 PM PDT by bd476

Jihad in France Just Beginning

by Guy Millière
April 2, 2012 at 4:30 am

The Obin Report showed a deep infiltration by radical Islam into the vast majority of French schools and a vitriolic hatred for Jews. What the Report showed was so alarming that the text was not initially disclosed.

Nobody dares to say that more than thirty mosques all over the country broadcast incendiary remarks that have « nothing to do with the teachings of Islam, » and that the same remarks are received daily on television by tens of thousands of Muslims in France through the Arabic version of Al Jazeera.

The Congress of the French branch of the Muslim Brotherhood (UOIF) will take place in the city of Le Bourget, near Paris, from April 6-9. Over 100,000 participants are expected.

Six anti-Semitic Islamic preachers who were invited to speak were denied entry into France. Other anti-Semitic Islamic preachers will speak anyway ; they are French, they cannot be expelled. They will not be condemned.

The French government knows that if it condemned them, it might be confronted by riots in many suburbs. Every year, openly anti-Semitic books are on sale at the Congress of the UOIF, among them the fabricated « Protocols of the Elders of Zion. » This year will be no different.

Several radical Islamist organizations openly advocate -- without interference -- jihad on French territory. One of them, Forsane Alizza (Pride Riders), was banned by the French government at the end of February : it had started to form fighters on French soil. Although officially the organization disappeared, its members are still active. Eighteen of them were arrested on March 30 ; they will probably soon be released.

Also, as it is now widely known, on March 19, a man entered a Jewish school, Ozar Hatora, in Toulouse, France, where he killed a rabbi, his two children, then an eight years old little girl by shooting her three times in the head after dragging her by the hair to place her in front of the camera he was carrying. These were the worst anti-Semitic acts committed on French soil since the three-week kidnapping, torture and murder of Ilan Halimi in February 2006.

After the murders in Toulouse, like commentators and so many other people, the police initially followed the trail of the « extreme right. » A mobilization across the country was to be expected. The mobilization started quickly.

It was soon revealed that the killer who had just shot four Jews was the same man who had murdered three French soldiers, including two Muslims, the week before. All the commentators ferociously incriminated the « far right.» Anti-racist associations issued statements denouncing « fascist barbarity raising its ugly head again ».

It then emerged that the man was a French Muslim who had traveled to the mountains of Afghanistan in to train for jihad, Islamic holy war. The police found him, and shot him to death after a rough gunfight.

The mobilization ceased as rapidly as it had begun. Commentators no longer spoke of anti-Semitism. Anti-racist associations became silent.

All attention focused on the killer, Mohamed Merah. He was presented as a « nice young man » by his neighbors, then as a « petty criminal » who inexplicably drifted, and finally as a « lone wolf » without any connection with terrorist movements.

It was gradually revealed that his older brother, Abdelkader, now in prison, had links with Islamists in Belgium and the United Kingdom, and organized networks helping young French Muslims join jihadi organizations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

It appeared that the killer, Mohamed Merah had been imprisoned in Afghanistan for planting bombs in Kandahar, and had been placed on the list of dangerous people to be monitored closely by the security services of the United States.

It also appeared that he was under the supervision of the French Department of the Interior, a circumstance that did not prevent him from obtaining an impressive arsenal, and killing several times without arousing immediate suspicions.

More information will emerge. The French mainstream media will reveal it, with obvious reluctance. Every time journalists speak or write about the case, they constantly point out that Mohamed Merah is « not really a Muslim, » and that no one should forget that Islam is a « religion of peace ».

Anti-racist associations have broken their silence and call for vigilance against « racism » in general, and against the risk of « divisions ».

Nicolas Sarkozy has promised sanctions against French youths who go train in jihadi camps and those who visit websites praising jihad. Consequently, Sarkozy was immediately described by almost all other political leaders as a dangerous man.

Graffiti praising Merah on the wall of a French house:

"You were a valiant Knight of Islam! You fought the s### zionist and
the false muslims. You died guns in hand... I salute you Mohamed
my brother, my friend... Rest in peace !"

The worst anti-Semitic crime committed on French soil for decades is no longer described as an anti-Semitic crime by anyone, except Jews, and even Jews choose their words carefully.

Now the Jewish school that was attacked as well as other Jewish schools in France are receiving threatening emails, according to Agence France-Presse, Jewish cemeteries are being vandalized in Paris and Nice, and graffiti praising Merah has been appearing over the walls of homes.

The assassin has justified his act by invoking the « suffering of Gaza's children, » a suffering described by a growing number of journalists as a « mitigating circumstance ». When Richard Prasquier, president of CRIF (Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France) wanted to say during a newscast that media should cease showing distorted images inciting hatred of Israel, the anchor immediately stopped him, saying, « This is a moment of meditation, not controversy. »

The point that the murderer is a young French Muslim who turned to radical Islam and killed Jewish children only because they were Jewish is no longer evoked. The only risk mentioned constantly on television, in newspapers, and in most political discourse is that fear could push people to « stigmatize Muslims, » who run « the risk of being discriminated against.» « The killer, » said Dalil Boubakeur, rector of the Great Mosque of Paris, « has nothing to do with the teachings of Islam. »

Nobody dares to say that dozens of young French Muslims go every year to jihadi training camps and follow exactly the same course as Mohamed Merah. How many of them are likely to act at one time or another?

Nobody dares to say that more than thirty mosques all over the country broadcast incendiary remarks which, according to Boubakeur, have « nothing to do with the teachings of Islam, » and that the same remarks are received daily on television by tens of thousands of Muslims in France through the Arabic version of Al Jazeera. How many Muslims are being indoctrinated with the same ideas as Mohamed Merah and will start to share his hatred of Jews and the West ?

According to the National Bureau of Vigilance against Anti-Semitism (BNVCA), nearly four hundred physical attacks against Jews occurred in France in 2011 -- more than one a day. Moreover, Sammy Ghozlan, President of BNVCA, states that the number of attacks that have not been the subject of legal complaints is much higher.

All the attacks recorded by BNVCA were committed by Muslims. Not one was due to a member of a far-right movement. French laws forbid publicly declaring who exactly assaults Jews on French soil; those who do risk heavy fines and prosecution.

In 2004, the government commissioned a report, called the Obin Report, on « the Signs and Manifestations of Religious Affiliation in Educational Establishments. » The Obin Report showed a deep infiltration by radical Islam into the vast majority of French schools, and a vitriolic hatred for Jews. What it described was so alarming that the text was not initially disclosed. As nothing was done to protest what the report showed, one can deduce that eight years later, the situation has not improved. Jewish families withdraw their children from public schools to place them in Jewish private schools, where they become potential targets of Islamic extremists. Each year, however, two thousand Jews leave France to settle in Israel, sometimes in Canada or the United States.

Jews in France number five hundred thousand, and that number is decreasing. Muslims total more than six million, and for the most part, they are French citizens who exercise their voting rights.
(Emphasis added)

The question is not whether there will be another anti-Semitic murder in France, but rather, When ? Jihad in France is just beginning.

White House Congratulates Muslim Brotherhood For Winning Egypt’s Presidential Election

06/24/2012 7:43:42 PM PDT · by CaptainKrunch · 21 replies
Weasel Zippers ^ | June 24, 2012 | Zip
Update: Obama Calls Mohamed Morsi To Congratulate Him… Unreal.Via Politico: The White House congratulated Egypt’s president-elect Mohamed Morsi on his victory in that country’s presidential election, calling it a “milestone” in the country’s transition to democracy.“We look forward to working together with President-elect Morsi and the government he forms, on the basis of mutual respect, to advance the many shared interests between Egypt and the United States,” press secretary Jay Carney said in a statement.Keep reading...

‘Repudiate the Muslim Brotherhood’: Allen West

06/24/2012 5:59:17 PM PDT · by mandaladon · 21 replies
The Blaze ^ | 24 Jun 2012 | Madeleine Morgenstern
Congressman Allen West (R-Fla.) on Sunday called for President Barack Obama to immediately cut off all American foreign aid to Egypt and to denounce the results of its presidential election after Muslim Brotherhood-backed candidate Mohammed Morsi’s victory. In a brief post on his Facebook page, West said Sunday’s results were reminiscent of the 1979 Iranian revolution that saw Islamists installed as leaders of the country. “A year ago there were those of us who warned the Obama administration of a Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt,” West wrote. “We were castigated as alarmists and loose cannons. Today our predictions have come...

Egypt: Barack Obama the true leader of the Muslim Brotherhood

06/24/2012 3:40:26 PM PDT · by tje · 53 replies
Rights Monitoring ^ | giu 24th, 2012 | Amina A.
“The U.S. President, Barack Obama, has concealed the true leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and these days it is showing no shame with its undue pressure on the junta to leave it that way to the Muslim Brotherhood.” To speak thus is a liberal parties close to the Egyptian activist who organized the first demonstrations in Egypt believe that they can transform their country into a democracy. The activist, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals, continues the conversation with a group of Western journalists flocked to an impromptu press conference just off Tahrir Square where Salafis are gathering to...

Allen West On Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Victory: "Arab Spring Is Radical Islamic Nightmare"

06/24/2012 12:03:21 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 5 replies
Conservative Nation News ^ | June 24, 2012
A year ago there were those of us who warned the Obama Administration of a Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt. We were castigated as alarmists and loose cannons. Today our predictions have come to reality and the ominous specter reminding us of the Iranian revolution is evident. The Muslim Brotherhood claimed they would not run a presidential candidate. Clearly the Arab Spring is nothing more than a radical Islamic nightmare.

Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi Declared Egypt President, Sparking Fears for Religious Minorities‎

06/24/2012 10:39:22 AM PDT · by Milagros · 12 replies
Christian Post ^ | June 24, 2012 | Daniel Blake
By Daniel Blake , Christian Post Contributor June 24, 2012|11:34 am The Muslim Brotherhood candidate in the Egypt presidential elections, Mohamed Morsi, has been officially declared the winner by election regulators. However, the result has immediately sparked concerns for religious minorities in the country, and whether the Brotherhood will look to build a conservative Islamic state... Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, has allegedly said that the Coptic Christian population should "convert, pay tribute, or leave" the predominantly Muslim country.

Flashback- W.H.: Muslim Brotherhood "Secular," Won't Seek Presidency

06/24/2012 8:47:48 AM PDT · by therightliveswithus · 12 replies
Pundit Press ^ | 6/24/12 | Aurelius
The White House does not want you to remember some facts today. Unfortunately for them, the internet never forgets. In February of last year, the White House was very busy giving the Muslim Brotherhood free PR. This prompted the Telegraph to write an article entitled, "The Muslim Brotherhood gets a PR makeover from the Obama administration." In the piece, Administration officials are quoted as saying that the Muslim Brotherhood is a "largely secular" organisation that "eschewed violence." Today, after winning the Presidency, the M.B. declared that, "Allah willing," their new capital would be in Jerusalem. Something tells me that they...

Muslim Brotherhood's Mursi declared Egypt president

06/24/2012 7:39:16 AM PDT · by John W · 98 replies
BBC ^ | June 24, 2012 | BBC
The Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Mursi has been declared the winner of Egypt's presidential election run-off. He won 51.73% of the vote, beating former PM Ahmed Shafiq, the Higher Presidential Election Commission said. The head of the panel of judges, Farouq Sultan, said it had upheld some of the 466 complaints by the candidates, but that the election result still stood.

The Muslim Brotherhood's Useful Idiots

06/23/2012 5:58:52 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 4 replies ^ | June 23, 2012 | Caroline Glick
You have to hand it to the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. They know how to play power politics. They know how to acquire power. And they know how to use power. Last Friday, the day before voters by most accounts elected the Brotherhood's candidate Mohamed Morsy to serve as Egypt's next president, The Wall Street Journal published a riveting account by Charles Levinson and Matt Bradley of how the Brotherhood outmaneuvered the secular revolutionaries to take control of the country's political space. The Brotherhood kept a very low profile in the mass demonstrations in Tahrir Square in January and...

'Egypt gov't sources: Shafik to be named president' (Muslim Brotherhood loses!!!)

06/23/2012 2:45:44 AM PDT · by Dave346 · 89 replies
Jerusalem Post ^ | 06/22/2012 | JPOST.COM STAFF, REUTERS
Ahmed Shafik, who served as Egyptian prime minister under Hosni Mubarak, will be announced as the winner of the country's presidential runoff election on Sunday evening, Egpytian daily Al-Ahram reported Friday, citing government sources. Al-Ahram quoted a source in the current Egyptian government as saying Shafik will be declared victor with 50.7 percent of the vote. Both Shafik and rival candidate Mohamed Morsy of the Muslim Brotherhood have previously declared themselves the winner of the runoff election. The results of the election were originally scheduled to be announced on Thursday, but the announcement was delayed as Egypt's electoral commission investigated...

“Muslim Brotherhood Woos Palestinian Bloc In Jordan”

06/22/2012 7:33:03 AM PDT · by bayouranger · 5 replies ^ | 21JUN12 | GlobalMB
The Al-Monitor has posted an article titled “Muslim Brotherhood Woos Palestinian Bloc in Jordan” that examines the efforts of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood to court Jordanians of Palestinian origin. The report begins: Sunday, Jun 17, 2012 For over a year, Jordanians of Palestinian origin refused to join the popular movement. However, their reluctance to join the movement is gradually declining as a result of the mutual escalation between the government and its bodies on one side, and the Muslim Brotherhood on the other. The majority of the Muslim Brotherhood members in Jordan have Palestinian origins. Observers and political analysts interviewed...

Muslim Brotherhood warns Egypt's generals (Arab Spring continues)

06/19/2012 1:13:59 PM PDT · by Signalman · 6 replies
Guardian ^ | 6/18/2012 | Jack Shenker
The Muslim Brotherhood has vowed to face down Egypt's ruling generals in a "life or death" struggle over the country's political future, after declaring that its candidate had won the presidential election and would refuse to accept the junta's last-ditch attempts to engineer a constitutional coup. As final ballot results trickled in and unofficial tallies suggested that Mohamed Morsi had secured approximately 52% of the popular vote, the Brotherhood deployed its harshest language yet against the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (Scaf), promising to bring millions of Egyptians back on to the streets if attempts to rebuild the old...

Obama Threatens Opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt with the Withdrawal of All US Aid

06/19/2012 5:11:11 AM PDT · by SJackson · 6 replies
Atlas Shrugs ^ | June 19, 2012
Tuesday, June 19, 2012 Obama Threatens Any Opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt with the Withdrawal of All U.S. Aid Fabruary 2011: Pamela Geller, Front Page Magazine Interview: Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood The Obama administration warned Egypt's military leaders on Monday to speedily hand over power or risk losing billions of dollars in U.S. military and economic aid to the country. It wasn't enough that Obama invited the Muslim Brotherhood to his submission speech in Cairo in June 2009, despite the fact that the group was banned at that time for obvious reasons: they wanted to install a...

Obama Threatens Any Opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt with the Withdrawal of All

06/18/2012 10:16:24 PM PDT · by Nachum · 26 replies
Atlas Shrugs ^ | 6/19/12 | Pamela Geller
The Obama administration warned Egypt's military leaders on Monday to speedily hand over power or risk losing billions of dollars in U.S. military and economic aid to the country. It wasn't enough that Obama invited the Muslim Brotherhood to his submission speech in Cairo in June 2009, despite the fact that the group was banned at that time for obvious reasons: they wanted to install a Sharia government, and the draconian, barbaric code of Sharia in Egypt. It wasn't enough that after he invited the Brotherhood to his speech, he had officials in his administration meeting with this Islamic supremacist...

Obama Regime Alarmed Egyptian Military Undermining Muslim Brotherhood Victory

06/18/2012 5:39:38 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 16 replies
Conservative Nation News/Reuters ^ | June 18, 2012
(Reuters) - The United States expressed alarm that its protégés in the Egyptian army were abusing hopes for democracy by ordering more military rule just as the Muslim Brotherhood was claiming victory in the country's first free presidential election. The Islamists' self-assurance was contested by the other candidate in the run-off race, a former general who was prime minister when Hosni Mubarak was ousted last year by an army anxious to save itself from the revolution in the streets. But there was still no result from the two-day poll, although independent officials privately spoke of a likely win for Islamist...

As Muslim Brotherhood Takes Over Egypt, the New York Times Laments the World's Impact on Obama

06/18/2012 12:09:26 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 2 replies
Rush Limbaugh,com ^ | June 18, 2012 | Rush Limbaugh
BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: There is an article in the New York Times today that essentially makes the same point. It's the world's fault that Obama's having problems. Europe and economics. Syria and other places in the Middle East. Oh, speaking of which! I wasn't gonna do this but I changed my mind. Grab audio sound bite number one. Go back to this. I was not gonna do this, but now it's reared its head. January 31st of 2011. When the Muslim Brotherhood... You know when the Arab spring was going on and the Muslim Brotherhood was wreaking havoc and trying...

Egyptian elected 'fascist Muslim Brotherhood' Mohamed Mursi's FACTSHEET

06/18/2012 9:30:57 AM PDT · by Milagros · 9 replies

Egypt's fascist Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Mursi, growing danger against Women, Christians, Israel... Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Candidate Wants Christians to "convert, pay tribute, or leave." Christian Post, May 31, 2012. Copts back Shafiq as anti-Islamist bulwark," Egyptian Gazette, June 16, 2012. Egypt's presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq has tried to establish his democratic credentials and said his Muslim Brotherhood rival would bring back the "dark ages". Shafiq added the Muslim Brotherhood tried to blackmail the Christian Copts and prevent them from exercising their voting rights. While on Tuesday, his competitor Mohammed Morsi vowed to ensure the full rights of...

Military Guards Egypt Power As Islamists Claim Victory [Muslim Brotherhood Wins Presidency!]

06/17/2012 7:31:42 PM PDT · by Steelfish · 12 replies
MSNBC ^ | June 17, 2012
Military Guards Egypt Power As Islamists Claim Victory As Egyptians waited for the results of the presidential election, the ruling military council issued new rules that made clear the real power remains with the army. The Muslim Brotherhood's party on Monday declared its candidate, Mohammed Morsi, had won the country's first free presidential election, defeating Ahmed Shafik, ousted president Hosni Mubarak's last prime minister. At Shafik's campaign headquarters, Ahmed Sarhan said: "I do not accept this, I will not file wrong numbers." But another campaigner said: "I don't think we will make it." One woman campaigner at Shafik's headquarters was...

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood leaders ordered rocket attack on Israel

06/17/2012 6:38:48 AM PDT · by SJackson · 7 replies
Jihad Watch ^ | 6-17-12
An act of war from an organization that has penetrated deeply into the U.S. Government. "Officials: Hamas ordered Grad attack on Israel at request of Muslim Brotherhood," by Avi Issacharoff and Gili Cohen for Haaretz, June 16 (thanks to David): Israeli security officials say that the rockets that landed on Friday in the area near Ovda and Mitzpeh Ramon, were launched after a request by senior leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. According to these officials, the rockets were launched from the Sinai Peninsula by a Bedouin unit, according to Hamas orders, even though Hamas itself wasn't the initiator...

Cong. Leaders Call for Investigations of Muslim Brotherhood Penetration of the Obama Administration

06/16/2012 8:04:02 AM PDT · by IbJensen · 25 replies
Red State ^ | 14 June 2012 | Staff
Washington, DC, June 14, 2012: Five influential Members of Congress called yesterday for the inspectors general (IGs) of government departments with national security responsibilities to investigate whether their agencies are being subjected to influence operations mounted as part of what the Muslim Brotherhood calls its “civilization jihad.” This initiative holds out hope that a grave, and largely unremarked, threat may thus be recognized and thwarted in time. The authors of letters sent to the IGs for the Departments of State, Justice, Defense and Homeland Security and theOffice of the Director of National Intelligence are: Rep. Michele Bachman, a member of...

Jerusalem to become Egypt’s capital under (Muslim Brotherhood) Mursi’s rule, says Muslim cleric

06/09/2012 12:41:13 AM PDT · by Olog-hai · 18 replies
Al-Arabiya ^ | Thursday, 07 June 2012 | Abeer Tayel
If Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Mursi became president, Egypt’s new capital will no more be Cairo, but the new capital will be Jerusalem, a prominent Egyptian cleric said at a presidential campaign rally, which was aired by an Egyptian private TV channel. “Our capital shall not be Cairo, Mecca or Medina. It shall be Jerusalem with God’s will. Our chants shall be: ‘millions of martyrs will march towards Jerusalem’,” prominent cleric Safwat Hagazy said, according to the video aired by Egypt’s religious Annas TV on Tuesday. The video went viral after being posted on YouTube—accompanied by English subtitles by Memri...

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To: Travis McGee; rcrngroup; Squantos
Why don’t Jews ever want to fight back, every bit as viciously as they are attacked by the muslim pigs?

You mean kidnapping and torturing Muslim students to death? Shooting Muslim children in the head? Blowing up Muslim kindergarten schools? Is that what you mean? If not, what then?

--Israel wil not be the first to introduce the use of nuclear weapons in the Mideast. But in the event of another Holocaust, Israel will pull down the pillars of the Temple of Humanity.

--Israeli nuclear policy, as described by author Sy Hersh, The Samson Option. See also Project Daniel.

But why would the Israelis pursue such a policy?

Shortly after the 1967 Six-Day War, the Soviets placed a Echo-II class submarine [K-172] equipped with nuclear-armed *Sunburn* cruise missiles -variously reported as from three to eight- within range of Israel, with orders to launch in the event of an Israeli atrtack on Damascus. The Russian sub successfully evaded the US Sixth Fleet forces in the area and SOSUS sub detection net and reached its launch position, awaiting the launch signal being monitored by the USS Liberty sunk by the Israelis, who were in communication with President Johnson, who shortly thereafter declined to run for a a second term as president.

And here we are there again....

Mr. Offley also discovered another disturbing item during his interviews with former Soviet Navy officials. During the Six Day War, the Soviet command had dispatched an Echo-II class nuclear sub (K-172) to the Mediterranean. The K-172 commander, Captain Nikolai Shashkov, described his orders as "to be ready to make a rocket strike on the coast of Israel." K-172 was armed with eight SS-N-3 Shaddock cruise missiles each armed with a 300-kiloton nuclear warhead. Upon receipt of a coded signal from Soviet Navy headquarters in Moscow, Shashkov was to surface the K-172 and and fire his eight missiles at Israel. The trigger point, Shashkov explained, was if Israel or its Western allies invaded Syria. In the end, the fatal order never arrived and K-172 ended its patrol and headed home. Captain Shashkov has testified that to his amazement upon returning to port, Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev was on the docking pier to greet the K-172.

41 posted on 06/26/2012 10:52:22 AM PDT by archy (I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous!)
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To: elcid1970

Yep, that’s pretty much all correct. Getting a Jagdschein is a hell of a lot more difficult in Germany than the US. And so is getting a driving license... So, you just have to try harder. ;-)

Unless I’m mistaken a Waffenschein is like a carry license. There’s also a Waffenbesitzkarte, which is a license to own long and short weapons. Much easier to obtain (of age/no criminal convictions/member of a shooting club or guild - Schützenverein, every little village has one).

Sadly the US did not impose something like the 2nd Amendment on Germany after WWII. That IMHO being the real major difference.

Another short comment on your earlier post: It’s not necessarily true that killing someone in self defense will get you prosecuted (ok, only in the UK). If it was justified (even using “excessive force” - Notwehrexzess) you’re not going to jail over it. If you shoot someone in the back who’s running away from you, well, that’ll get you in trouble pretty much everywhere.

42 posted on 06/26/2012 12:08:19 PM PDT by Moltke (Always retaliate first.)
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