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Woman who came out of long coma on Fox News at 10 pm Eastern - Greta's show

Posted on 11/05/2003 7:00:56 PM PST by

I just caught a preview for Greta's show.

Woman who came out of long coma on Fox News at 10 pm Eastern - Greta's show.

I suppose they'll connect to Terri's story?

TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Crime/Corruption; Culture/Society; Government; US: Florida
KEYWORDS: foxnews; prolife; terrischiavo
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To: Jorge
I've heard about this happening to normal people in surgery....they could feel and hear everything that was going on but they were paralyzed and couldn't do anything. Scarey!

Almost happened to me about 25 years ago. They gave me the IV anesthetic and started talking about getting the instruments ready. I could hear but not open my eyes or move my arms (one was taped down). I was thinking "I have to kick!". Luckily I could. They said "He's not completely under"and gave me some more.

41 posted on 11/05/2003 10:43:06 PM PST by Wacka
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And just look at this story from ANANOVA:
[Maybe Bryan Adams could come down to Florida and sing for Terri???]

Woman wakes from seven year coma at Bryan Adams concert

A German woman has woken up from a seven year coma after she was taken in a wheelchair to see Bryan Adams in concert.

Christiane Kittel, now 24, was a pupil at her local school in Regensburg, when she fell into a coma.

Doctors diagnosed a lung embolism and, despite emergency surgery to save her life, Christiane never fully recovered - spending the last seven years in a coma.

Her mother, Adelheid Kittel, said: "Bryan Adams was always her biggest hero and she loved his music before she fell into a coma.

"When I heard about the concert in Regensburg I knew straight away that I had to take her there. I decided that Christiane had to hear him.

"Christiane was sitting in her special wheelchair and suddenly she started showing reactions that for seven years we have been dreaming of.

"She opened her eyes and actually watched what was going on, she started to move in the wheelchair, and she was totally fascinated by the music and the singer.

"I will never forget it, I could have hugged the whole world. When we got back to the clinic she was still animated, and three times she called my name, she said Mama."

Her doctor Gerhard Weber confirmed she has suffered no relapses since the recovery. He said: "She is a perfect example of the fact that despite the very worst injuries there is always hope."

Story filed: 10:32 Wednesday 12th March 2003

42 posted on 11/05/2003 10:45:01 PM PST by slym
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Kate Adamson

Wasn't her story wonderful?
43 posted on 11/05/2003 10:56:12 PM PST by Salvation (†With God all things are possible.†)
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Thanks for that link!
44 posted on 11/05/2003 10:59:01 PM PST by Salvation (†With God all things are possible.†)
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To: Salvation
Yes indeed! And look at post 42.
45 posted on 11/05/2003 11:03:12 PM PST by (The Missing Key of the Pro-Life Movement is at
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To: therut
And I'm sorry but when you marry your spouse is your next of kin under law.Conservatives are crapping in their own pampers wanting the GOVERNMENT to decide life and death decisions.

1) This particular "spouse" is living with and has fathered a child by, another woman. 2) Yes, even conservatives want the government to protect the lives of people -- even when it's another family member who's threatening someone's life. ARe you saying that the government has no role to protect children if they're being beaten savagely by their parents, or old people if they're being subjected to elder abuse? Protection of life is one of the few things government is created to do. And that duty doesn't stop merely because the threat to someone's life comes from a spouse or blood relative.

46 posted on 11/05/2003 11:12:30 PM PST by churchillbuff
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To: therut
I agree with you that we conservatives are curiously standing too near the wrong side of the bed in this case. To let the government decide when you can't pull the plug on a spouse, whose condition would otherwise be terminal, also gives the government the power to decide when you must!
However, in this case we aren't being asked to have government decide whether to keep someone on extrordinary life-perserving machinery without which she would expire. We are being asked to have the state, through the courts, authorize the witholding of food as a method of inducing a "natural death"! Well shucks...we all could die that way, naturally. If she were on a heart-lung machine or being otherwise artificially supported I would agree that shutting off the power to allow death to occur does nothing unatural. But I must draw the line at starving people to death because their "mind done gone".
47 posted on 11/05/2003 11:40:35 PM PST by cartoonistx
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From FoxNews Channel - "The O'Reilly Factor" - Wednesday, 05 nov 2003

O'Reilly: The Back of the Book segment tonight, the parents of Terri Schiavo are hoping for a miracle. Their daugter has been in a vegetative state for 13 years, as you know... Ms. Schiavo's husband wants her to die, and so do many in the state of Florida.

But listen to THIS, In 1995, Kate Adamson was in a similar position. She was in a vegetative state after suffering a stroke. For almost 70 days, she was almost TOTALLY unresponsive. Doctors finally PULLED her feeding tube. And for 8 days, she was dying.

Then, Ms. Adamson began responding on her OWN. Doctors quickly put the feeding tube back in, and she recovered. Joining us now from Los Angeles, is Kate Adamson, and her husband Steven Klugman. Ms Adamson has written a book called "Kate's Journey - Triumph Over Adversity".

O'Reilly: So, ahh, in the Schiavo case, Ms. Adamson, you must have VERY strong feelings about that?

Adamson: I do. I have a HUGE perspective about what Terri is going through.

O'Reilly: What would that be?

Adamson: Well especially after having gone thru this myself, and the doctors assuming I was in a vegetative state, ahh when in fact I was TOTALLY aware of what was going on around me.

O'Reilly: Could you hear? Could you hear people, and see...

Adamson: I could hear, and see everything going on around me, and I had NO way to commmunicate with anyone.

O'Reilly: So you were like, paralized in every way, but you could HEAR the words, you KNEW when your husband was in the room when he was there, and all of that?

Adamson: Exactly. I KNEW what I wanted to say, ahh, I was completely PARALIZED. I had NO way of communicating at all.

O'Reilly: This is amazing. Its like an Edgar Allen Poe story...
So when they took the feeding tube out, what went thru your mind?

Adamson: When the feeding tube was turned off for eight days, ahh I was... thought I was going insane. I was screaming out, "Don't you know, I NEED to EAT!".

Adamson: And even though, until that point, I had been having a bagful of Ensure as my nourishment that was going thru the feeding tube, at that point, it sounded pretty good. Ahh, I just wanted something, ahh the fact that I had nothing, the hunger pains overrode EVERY thought I had.

O'Reilly: So you were feeling PAIN? when they removed your tube?

Adamson: Oh, ABSOLUTELY. Absolutely... To say that, ahh, especially when Michael on national TV had mentioned last week, that its a pretty painless thing to have a feeding tube removed... Its the EXACT OPPOSITE. It was SHEER torture, Bill. Sheer torture... and then having it ripped out.

O'Reilly: Its just amazing. Alright, how did you come OUT of this? How did the doctors know to put the tube back in?

Adamson: Well first of all having Stephen as a strong advocate. Ahh, and not only being an attorney, but yelling and screaming and INSISTING... insisting that they do that.

O'Reilly: Alright but, umm so your husband, an attorney, Steven, insisted and you, what did you do? get a court order counselor, to get the tube back into your wife's system?

husband: I threatened to sue the whole world, and I told them their best course was to ahh, try to save her, and maybe they wouldn't get sued. So they FINALLY decided that was the way to-

O'Reilly: Ok, so they finally listened to you after eight days, they put the tube back, and how long then did it take for you to come out of the vegetative state?

Adamson: Well it was a matter of time, and of course when you're in that position, I had no conception of time at all. I wasn't able to start eating food again. I had to start on pureed food, and still had the tube turned ON, because of my weight loss.

husband: There was a good week to two weeks where she was aware, she WAS communicating, and I couldn't get ANYONE to believe me. Just like the [Terri's]family...

O'Reilly: How did you know? ... How did you know?

husband: Because I would... I'd ask her to blink once if she could understand me, and she would.

O'Reilly: Whoa, well thats pretty OBVIOUS, a doctor comes in and you do the demonstration?...

husband: The doctors... well, she would be so WEAK, after blinking once or twice, she couldn't do it again for an hour or more.

O'Reilly: I see...

husband: These people are SO weak...

Adamson: You know Bill, I had to BLINK every ahh, thats how I COMMUNICATED... was blinking.

O'Reilly: But how long did it TAKE you, once they re-inserted the ahh, feeding tube into you, Kate, were you able to convince the doctors you were aware?

Adamson: Well, I couldn't convince the doctors myself, I couldn't speak. I had NO ability... so Stephen had to be my advocate.

O'Reilly: Ok, but how long did it TAKE? Mr. Klugman, how long did it take?

husband: Two to three weeks.

O'Reilly: Ok, So two to three weeks, she came BACK on the feeding, and then she came OUT of the vegetative state?

husband: She was never IN a vegetative state. That was just their...

O'Reilly: Ok, Ok, Ok, but she came.. when did she get COGNIZANT that everybody knew she was funct...

husband: She was... she was probably ALWAYS cognizant. She was in fact OPERATED on at one point, and they treated her as though she was a vegetable, and didn't give her enough anesthetic, and she FELT the entire operation.

O'Reilly: Allright, I'm going to try one MORE time... When did you come OUT of it so that you could SPEAK and all of that? How long was it?

Adamson: Well it wasn't until I was in ACUTE REHAB for the three MONTHS, and during that whole process-

O'Reilly: [interrupting] THREE MONTHS, allright then.

Adamson: In fact, I was on a week to week basis with... in terms of how I was recovering, whether the insurance company would still keep me in there.

O'Reilly: Well, its an AMAZING, AMAZING story, and ahh, nobody can say whether the Schiavo case would BE like- that way... But to hear this, makes everybody think. Thank you, both of you, for coming on the Factor.

Adamson: Thank you! br>
[Transcripted for education and discussion purposes only, not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.]
O'Reilly was SO FRUSTRATED at the end that he DID NOT HEAR Kate's important point... Bill wanted to guage HOW LONG we should continue FEEDING a 'vegetative' patient, and I'm sure he thinks he 'heard' THREE MONTHS. But Bill didn't hear Kate say "ACUTE REHAB for three months".

I am sure Bill is SLIGHTLY more favorable now towards Terri, but Bill would still let Terri die (IMO).

Bill doesn't realize Terri is BEING DENIED ANY THERAPY or REHAB, and Michael and Felos are falsifying her x-rays, records, and occasional tests.

= = = = = = = = = == = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Recent interviews/excerpts:
= = = = = = = = = == = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
"Hannity and Colmes" - Tuesday 10-14-03 --> (Terri's father) Bob Schindler: "MONEY and FOUL PLAY"

"On the Record with Greta" - Friday 10-24-03 --> Forensic Pathologist, Dr. Michael Baden: "Potassium imbalance UNLIKELY - HEALTHY heart - NECK TRAUMA"

"At Large with Geraldo Rivera" Sunday 10-26-03 --> Florida AG Christopher Darden and Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz: "You have eternity to be dead; You only have a limited amount of time to live"

"Hannity and Colmes" - Monday 10-27-03 --> (father) Bob Schindler and (neurologist) Dr. William Hammesfahr: "She absolutely CAN be rehabilitated -clearly NEVER had heart attack -Emergency room: damaged neck"

"On the Record with Greta" - Monday 10-27-03 --> (attorney) Pat Anderson: "BIG FIGHT -attempted STRANGULATION"

"On the Record with Greta" - Tuesday 10-28-03 --> (attorney) Pat Anderson and (brother) Bobby Schindler: "failing marriage -DIVORCE imminent -Potassium explained":

"Hardball with with Chris Matthews" - Wednesday 10-29-03 --> (attorney for ACLJ) Jay Sekulow and (attorney FOR death) Joe Tacopina: "Matthews: I think the human issue here is... her eyes flickering... I think she's ALIVE":

"Larry King Live" - Monday 10-27-03 --> (husband) Michael Schiavo[barf alert]: THEY get money from the right wing ACTIVISTS - "Removing somebody's feeding is very painless. It is a very easy way to die" - [later] King: Would you take one[lie detector test]? - No

"The Abrams Report" - Monday 11-03-03 --> (Commentary) almost entirely pro-husband

"O'Reilly Factor" - Wednesday 11-04-03 --> (former "Vegetative State" patient) Kate Anderson: Being starved to death is EXTREMELY painful "It was SHEER torture!" - took her THREE MONTHS of ACUTE REHAB to snap out
Her website says: We stand behind Terri Schindler!

48 posted on 11/05/2003 11:58:56 PM PST by Future Useless Eater (Freedom_Loving_Engineer)
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To: sweetliberty; EternalVigilance; floriduh voter; tutstar; Canticle_of_Deborah; JulieRNR21; ...
"O'Reilly Factor" - Wednesday 11-05-03 --> (former "Vegetative State" patient) Kate Anderson: Being starved to death is EXTREMELY painful "It was SHEER torture!" - took her THREE MONTHS of ACUTE REHAB to snap out
49 posted on 11/06/2003 12:04:29 AM PST by Future Useless Eater (Freedom_Loving_Engineer)
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To: FL_engineer
...oops, in 2 places I say Kate Anderson

SHOULD BE ... Kate Adamson

50 posted on 11/06/2003 12:06:04 AM PST by Future Useless Eater (Freedom_Loving_Engineer)
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To: FL_engineer
THANK YOU!!! You are great.
51 posted on 11/06/2003 12:13:48 AM PST by (The Missing Key of the Pro-Life Movement is at
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To: FL_engineer
Contact Info: -On the Record with Greta - Greta Van Susteren - At Large with Geraldo Rivera - Hannity & Colmes - Sean Hannity general FoxNews forum - Thank them for having the best Terri Schiavo coverage of any news channel! - The O'Reilly Factor - Bill O'Reilly
(Bill used to parrot CNN with drivel from the husband)
(he's 'possibly' a little more 'pro-Terri' now?-)

52 posted on 11/06/2003 12:19:28 AM PST by Future Useless Eater (Freedom_Loving_Engineer)
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To: FL_engineer; MHGinTN; Coleus; nickcarraway; Mr. Silverback; Canticle_of_Deborah; ...
FL_engineer (The Great!) has transcribed an incredible interview between Bill O'Reilly and Kate Adamson. Kate was in a physical situation similar to Terri Schiavo.

See post 48 Very powerful.
53 posted on 11/06/2003 12:22:57 AM PST by (The Missing Key of the Pro-Life Movement is at
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To: FL_engineer
Amazing story!
54 posted on 11/06/2003 12:48:19 AM PST by Dajjal
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To: FL_engineer
Incredible story...! Now, where are those folks who said nobody ever recovers from what appears to be a vegetative state?
55 posted on 11/06/2003 4:26:35 AM PST by msmagoo
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ANOTHER woman who recovered from what doctors said was PVS:

Disabled Rally Around Terri Schiavo
By Hugo Kugiya

November 6, 2003

Unable to speak and barely able to move, Rus Cooper-Dowda could do little to prevent her death. Only 30, she had developed a serious form of lupus that had left her in what doctors incorrectly thought was a vegetative state.

She knew the doctors and nurses had all but given up on her because she could still hear. She said later that she listened to them describe her prognosis as hopeless.

They said that she would never live a normal life and that if she took a turn for the worse, no extraordinary measures should be attempted to save her life.

Contrary to their expectations, Cooper-Dowda, now 48, survived. Over the years, she recovered some use of her body, earned a graduate degree and gave birth to a son who recently entered college.

Doctors couldn't explain why her condition got so bad 18 years ago, nor why it improved so much, she said. Which is why she thinks Terri Schiavo, the severely brain-damaged St. Petersburg, Fla., woman, should be helped, not left to die.

"People say she'll never fully recover," said Cooper-Dowda, a writer and teacher from Florida. "My feeling is, 'So what?' There is something between death and full recovery, and it's called living with a disability."

She is one of many disabled people who see Schiavo as a cause mirroring their own, even if their medical circumstances differ. (Cooper-Dowda was incapacitated for months, not 13 years like Schiavo.) Individually, they have spoken out. Last week, they took a collective stand.

"This is a real scary prospect for us, because there are lots of disabled people who can't communicate verbally," said Andy Imparato, president of the American Association of People with Disabilities.

Imparato and association board members, with the blessing of other disabled rights groups, released a written statement condemning the court's decision to allow Michael Schiavo to remove his wife's feeding tube. Such action should be confined, the statement said, "to those situations in which an individual's condition is terminal, death is imminent and any continuation or provision of treatment, nutrition and/or hydration would only serve to prolong dying ... "

"No one other than Ms. Schiavo, not even a guardian, has the right to make assumptions about the quality of her life," the statement continued.

While Schiavo's case has been seen largely as an issue of the sanctity of life versus personal choice, of conservative against liberal, of religious values against secular ones, the concerns of disabled people are more nuanced and personal and do not depend so much on politics or ideology.

"To us, it's more complex," Imparato said.

Although doctors disagree on her condition, a state court determined that Schiavo, 39, is in an irreversible and permanent vegetative state. After her husband received permission to remove her feeding tube, her parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, harnessing the momentum of public outcry, convinced lawmakers and the governor to help. In less than 48 hours, the Legislature passed a bill giving Gov. Jeb Bush the authority to order the tube replaced, which he did Oct. 21.

Michael Schiavo is fighting the law in court, charging that it interfered with his wife's right to refuse medical treatment and that it violated the state constitution by passing a law that defied a court order.

While she was incapacitated, Cooper-Dowda tried to communicate by writing in the air with her finger. When she heard doctors discussing the removal of life support, she tried to spell the word "no." She even spelled it backward in hopes they would recognize it as a word. Doctors decided her movement was seizure activity and sedated her. The more she moved, the more she was sedated. Finally, a nurse became curious and put ink on the end of Cooper-Dowda's finger, so she could write the letter Y or N, for yes and no.

"It's still terrifying how close I came to death," Cooper-Dowda said, "because of all the assumptions someone else made about the quality of my life. ... When someone says, 'I wouldn't want to live like that,' it's believing it will never happen to you. When it does, it's not a bad life or a useless life. It's a changed life."

56 posted on 11/06/2003 4:46:36 AM PST by msmagoo
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To: FL_engineer
Unfortunately I had to miss these shows. There have been other cases also of people being in a coma for a long time and then recovering. Terri Wallis was in a coma for 19 years and when he came out of it he thought Reagan was still president.
57 posted on 11/06/2003 5:04:36 AM PST by Dante3
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To: therut
Terri never got the therapy to find out how far she could come back. Her husband refused to let it happen. It is one thing if therapy is attempted and it shows that there is indeed no responsiveness, it is quite another for a patient to show responsiveness but to have had no physical therapy!

Your reaction doesn't show reasoned medical judgment but rather an emotional upset at the thoughts of haveing to endure the travails of a sick family member and then applying that en mass to an entire classification of patient.

You do the thing you set out not to do(apply one recovered coma patient's experience to other coma patients) by mentioning your father!
58 posted on 11/06/2003 5:14:51 AM PST by mdmathis6
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To: Jorge
Many surgeons are using Diprivan drips to keep patients under which if not titrated enough(with or with-out midazolam) could cause them to be semi conscious enough to remember certain details. Diprivan is not a analgeisic and care must be given to supply enough pain reliever(now a days fentanyl) to counter-act the pain. It is amazing that we aren't seeing the post-op effects of anesthesia that we used to, but I fear some "deep" procedures aren't getting the more general forms of anesthesia that the used to(like the anesthetic gases that are also available!
59 posted on 11/06/2003 5:22:57 AM PST by mdmathis6
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To: therut
Terri is not terminally ill. She is disabled.
60 posted on 11/06/2003 6:03:19 AM PST by MarMema (KILLING ISN'T MEDICINE)
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