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OAN Exclusive: Online Movement QANON Exposed as Hoax
One America News ^ | Sept. 5, 2018 | Jack Posobeic

Posted on 09/07/2018 8:36:37 AM PDT by Jack Black

OAN Exclusive: Online Movement QANON Exposed as Hoax

TOPICS: Conspiracy
KEYWORDS: aajackexposedasshill; anon; bwahahahaha; chatlogsreally; dacomrade; fakenews; freeqers; jackasshill; jackblackexposed; jackblackhat; larp; noway; oan; q; qanon; qanonhoax; qislarp; qooks; shillfail; wompwomp; wwg1wga; zjackislyingtoyou
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The following is a copy of analysis I did to find and explore the data provided by Microchip in making his claim. The rest It was originally posted on the Qanon thread.

In general the Q followers reject the claims that Microchip has made, despite the evidence he's provided. Several people refer to it as "debunked", despite them not actually debunking it.

The Freepers on the Qanon thread, who refer to themselves as FreeQs, feel they are under attack and that their threads are the only "safe space" for them on Free Republic to discuss their interest.

I have been posting on the Q threads, as the resident skeptic, for several months now. While most of the activity on the thread consists of the Freeqs trying to interpret the postings by "Q" on 4chan (aka "drops"), often with the "decoding skills" of other anonymous, pseudonymous and alt-media figures such as Neon Revolt, Prayingmedic, DeceptionBytes, XtremeRealityCheck and others I've tried to focus on verifiable facts about the on-going Deep State Coup that is provided from sites like Conservative Treehouse, National Review, The Federalist and records of ongoing trials.

I have been asked (with increasing frequency and vehemence) to stop posing on their threads. I've also been called a troll, a shill, a paid Deep State agent, and worse by a small cadre of 5 or 6 people who run the thread.

On the plus side, I've also received some thank-you notes, many by FeepMail, from Freepers lurking on the threads.

My overall conclusion has been that there is very little sign of a "white hat group" coming to the rescue of Donald Trump, which is the central claim of the Qanons and FreeQs. I do not "Trust Sessions", and I do not "Trust the Plan".

Why is this important? Is there any harm to people believing that Q is really a top-secret-clearance-holding member of Defense Intelligence community with ready access to President Trump?

Well, yes there is. If Microchip's claims are true, and Q is merely a LARP that has grown out of control, then a lot of people, mostly sincere follower types, and being misled. Millions of hours of effort is being poured into "decoding" and analysis of Q threads, and worst of all everyone involved believes that someone else is coming to save Trump and bring revenge on the Deep State Operatives.

Over time the tag line for the recurring Qanon thread on Free Republic has morphed from "Trust the Plan" to "Trust Trump's Plan", and so there is now also this problem: they are claiming that Q speaks for Trump. If in fact Q is, as Microchip claims, currently run by a couple board admins for 4chan and 8chan (both of which JimRob has wisely banned as sources at Free Republic for years), then more and more people will be exposed to the idea that somehow Trump endorses all the conspiracy theories that make up the Q universe. (For instance last week one of the introductory posts was back promoting 9/11 Trutherism).

So, yes, I think the veracity of the Q claims matters, and that begins with the veracity of Q himself, which is what Jack Posobeic and Microchip have tried to reveal.

That's the background on why I created this, and it does occur to me that many Freepers off the Q threads may enjoy this more than the FreeQs.


The Video

Microchip's claims stand or fall based on the evidence he has provided. The evidence on the video consists of discord logs which are shown in the original One American News video that Posobiec made.

There are a lot of crappy hand-held excerpts of the video out there on YouTube now, from which it's impossible to see the Discord logs. So, you need to watch the actual One America News video, which is here:

OAN Exclusive: Online Movement QANON Exposed as Hoax

At about 2:30 seconds you see the video recorded of the Discord app being opened and the messages shown in the log.

If I were claiming I said something a long time ago, and used Free Republic as proof, it would be pretty good proof. If it was in a thread, everything is time stamped. I could just send you the link.

If I was claiming I had proof I had messaged it in Free Republic mail that could be a good proof too, as it's also time-stamped, but a static screen shot of one mail might be able to be faked.

I couldn't send you a link, only the owner can see their FR mail, it wouldn't work for you.

So, the counter-claim of Neon is that he's faked the logs, and various back-and-forth between him and Microchip continues, and ends with Neon demanding "give me access to your Discord logs", which Microchip refuses to do.

Would you give someone access to your Free Republic log in, so that they could go view your old emails? They could easily delete them all in the process, so it's no surprise that Microchip refused that demand. I would reject it, most people would. The rejection can hardly be viewed as some sort of definitive "win" by Neon.

Is the video real?

Well it appears to be real: meaning it's a screen movie capture of someone using an iPhone. They can be seen opening up the Discord app, and scrolling through the logs. If you stop the video you can clearly read enough of the message to see that this the same set that Microchip has provided static shots of.

Microchip then challenges his critics to create a fake discord chat log (which is what they are saying he has done), and they fail.

Microchip responds to the claim of forgery on the thread:

When you try to emulate the Discord app and all icons, colors, text boxes, font, and everything else is off by a long shot. These kids are useless. How does the scroll window have the same size as 4 iPhone heights but maintain the same width? Also, I don't see it working on an iPhone. Good luck, fat nerds, you'll never replicate Discord and neither will I.

The "logs" are just old chat messages. if you have FR chat you have similar logs of all previous conversations, unless you delete them. (Or until the system deletes them.)

What's in the chat message logs?

Context from Q Posts

According to both the Q logs recommended by our hostess, Ransomnote, and, the first posting by Q was on Oct. 28 at 3:44 EST. The logs provided are from Oct. 18, Oct. 22 (two) and Oct. 28. The Oct. 28 log clearly shows that they have begun posting on 4chan.

I tried typing in the three URLs in the last message and they all give 404 errors, which is not surprising as 4chan is famous for archiving and then deleting threads after a while.

What the threads show then is that these two guys are planning, together a large spoof, based on using the Socratic method, with a list of specific theories they have come up with, and calling themselves Q, and a few days later they are posting stuff on 4chan and getting a response that amuses them.

Here are the first few Q posts from 4chan:

Now, this post is interesting. There are two posters in the first Q thread, made by poster ID gb953qGI (lets call him gb) makes the simple declaration that Hillary has been arrested. So, clearly he is claiming to have inside knowledge with this post. Then, the next response comes from someone else, ID< BQ7V3bcW (lets call him BQ) and elaborates on this.

In the OAN video Microchip explains that the Hillary post was some random anon on 4 chan, and it inspired Dreamcatcher to start elaborating on it. That seems like a plausible explanation.

If we assume that Q is an intelligence agent it's more problematical. Both halves of this first Q post claim insider knowledge? Did Q post under two different IDs within an hour and quote himself?

This clearly lines up with the dialog between Microchip and Dreamcatcher, with Dreamcatcher being BQ, and his first post "going a little wild" in makes a bunch of claims, riffing on gb's arrest post, we have these claims:

Those are some pretty wild claims, and outside of Q saying those things *did* happen in later posts, objectively none of BQ's predictions happened. We didn't have a report of Hillary being arrested, we didn't hear about anyone being extradited back to the USA, there were no riots, there were no national guard mobilizations. Almost like someboday made a bunch or wild claims in an extended LARP on 4chan, a board famous for such antics.

It does appear this first Q post is congruent with the story that Microchip is telling.

What about the second post?

This post is by BQ again, and comes 15 minutes after BQ's previous post.

4chan, unlike Free Republic, allows people to post without logging in, you are assigned a new random ID.

As the 4chan postings from Q continue we see a bunch of ID's used:

Post # ID notes
1: gb and BQ
Oct 28
2: BQ
3-5: P3
6-13: Ek
14-33 gr - a flurry of posts on Oct 31
34-44 pG - all on Nov. 1
45-55 zG
56-60 KC
61-66 WB - post 61 first post signed "Q" Nov 2.
67-69 GV
70-72 S4
73=74 AZ
75-88 v3 - alternating ID's, next 4 sets
89-90 cS
91: v3
92-96 cS
97-100 L8 - Nov 5

So, what can we infer from this. In the first 9 days of Q postings there were 100 postings from 15 different IDs. Posts began being signed about 1/2 way through at post 61.

It could be one person, but it could just as easily be two or more people posting. The sequence from #75 to #96 is particularly interesting, that certainly looks like two people v3 and cS alternating posts. Most of these include the terms "Snow White" and "Godfather III" in them.

I don't think we can conclude anything definitively, but it is certainly plausible that there were two or more people posting as Q, getting new anonymous IDs frequently.

Microchip says on the video that he was done with involvement by 2018. Posobiec reports that the new people took over at the time Q moved to 8chan. Pamphlet Anon and BaruchtheScribe are identified as the moderators who took over Q and moved the main posts to 8chan.

Here is a link to the video interview of them on InfoWars, on Dec 12, 2017. (Running time 40 minutes- Rob Dew hosting).

They set up the CBTS board on Reddit. We know a little bit more about who these people are. (Funny: At about minute 7 Pamphlet Anon says hey Nav -er, Barach, what do you think?) They are described as "moderators on 4chan, 8chan and Reddit."

Pamphlet Anon and Baruch the Scribe do not claim to be Q, far from it they consistently talk about Q as "he" and "him". I listened to the entire interview. Pamphlet Anon was determined to be Coleman Rogers, age 31, who runs Patriots’ Soapbox with his wife Christina Urso, 29 (per NBC)

Rogers has publicly denied that he is the author of the “Q” posts, though his last visible Facebook post, published on Aug. 2, hinted that he might someday be associated with the theory.

“Ten bucks says you see my face on national news within a few weeks, saying that I'm ‘the mysterious hacker known as #Qanon,’” Rogers wrote, a reference to a CNN segment that mistakenly referred to the website 4chan as a hacker.

And, that's now happened. (Posobiec announced he had an article debugging Qanon a month before his video wa published, so Pamphlet Anon was possibly aware of that.

Microchip's Latest

Before closing up this thread yesterday, I thought to check Microchip's Gab feed. Here's his latest post:

here's the original Q post that Dreamcatcher and I made on 4chan. we did it from throwaway VPN so can never reuse that same user ID. if current QAnon can jump back onto 4chan and post from this same ID, then it'll prove that he's really Qanon, otherwise, my story stands that I started this. Tell QAnon he has less than 72 hours before I unleash hell on him.

user ID: BQ7V3bcW

he has 72 hours to post on 4chan with that ID.

original two posts:

god bless

So, it will be interesting to see if Q steps up to this challenge.
1 posted on 09/07/2018 8:36:37 AM PDT by Jack Black
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To: Jack Black

I don’t understand how they can definitively tag this a hoax. Anyone can claim this. Microchip? Really?

2 posted on 09/07/2018 8:38:40 AM PDT by Phillyred (Kieran Hussie)
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To: Jack Black


3 posted on 09/07/2018 8:41:45 AM PDT by barbarianbabs
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Comment #4 Removed by Moderator

To: Jack Black

You have too much time on your hands

Probably need to adjust your meds

5 posted on 09/07/2018 8:42:39 AM PDT by Nifster (I see puppy dogs in the clouds)
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To: Jack Black
So, it will be interesting to see if Q steps up to this challenge.

Why should he? Seems like a lot of trouble to go to in order to discredit a 'larp'. If I were Q I'd have a good laugh and promptly forget all about it.

6 posted on 09/07/2018 8:43:30 AM PDT by pgkdan (The Silent Majority STILL Stands With TRUMP! WWG1WGA)
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To: Jack Black

I been saying since day 1 Fake ! oh well !

7 posted on 09/07/2018 8:44:06 AM PDT by ATOMIC_PUNK (;I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research.” Sherlock Holmes)
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To: Phillyred
Microchip did not just claim he started Q, he has provided evidence that he did so. (Q has never provided evidence of who he is, or associated himself with any specific person).

Did you read the Discord chat logs above?

There are only really two possibilities, the logs are fake, or Microchip was the originator of Q, along with Dreamcatcher.

8 posted on 09/07/2018 8:44:11 AM PDT by Jack Black
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To: Jack Black

With 100% certainty I believe this whole Q thing will be exposed for the hoax that it is. I am also 100% certain that there will be no Mea Culpa on the part of believers. They will simply crawl back into the woodwork.

9 posted on 09/07/2018 8:44:20 AM PDT by Artemis Webb (Maxine Waters for House Minority Leader!!)
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To: Jack Black

Dear Jack,

I read this thru the first few pages, I even kept up after I read this “ If Microchip’s claims are true....” when I threw up a little in my mouth.

I kept ready until you mentioned Jack P. I stopped there.

total waste of digital.


10 posted on 09/07/2018 8:44:52 AM PDT by LurkingSince'98 (Ad Majoram Dei Gloriam = FOR THE GREATER GLORY OF GOD)
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To: Jack Black
Rare photo of Q Anon preparing one of his famous "Q Drops" outside the US Capitol.

11 posted on 09/07/2018 8:45:24 AM PDT by Governor Dinwiddie ("Nature, Mr. Allnut, is what we are put in this world to rise above.")
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To: Jack Black

If I have to decipher everything someone says, I ain’t buyin’ it.

12 posted on 09/07/2018 8:45:38 AM PDT by cuban leaf (The US will not survive the obama presidency. The world may not either.)
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To: steve8714

clickbait bullshit

^This Already disproven.

13 posted on 09/07/2018 8:47:16 AM PDT by VTenigma (The Democrat party is the party of the mathematically challenged)
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To: Jack Black
Q is a hoax but yet, Q is still posting, latest being yesterday Sept 6. Why go through all this trouble to discredit a hoax? Seem strange to me. I think a lot of the pundits on the right feel threatended by the fact their gravy train might get disrupted by the free dessimation of information instead having to rely on them.
14 posted on 09/07/2018 8:52:09 AM PDT by hotsteppa
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To: pgkdan; Jack Black

He already did. There’s a Q post of a photo taken back in 2017. It’s an instagram photo I guess.

15 posted on 09/07/2018 8:55:40 AM PDT by RinaseaofDs
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To: Artemis Webb

New Culpable from Q believers? WTF are you talking about. What are Q believers guilty of?

16 posted on 09/07/2018 8:57:28 AM PDT by pgkdan (The Silent Majority STILL Stands With TRUMP! WWG1WGA)
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To: hotsteppa
Microchip says that the Q posts are being done by a couple of admins of 8chan now. And there is a tremendous industry around Q now too. If nothing else a lot of people have huge YouTube viewersihp and blog hits based on their Q postings.

Lots and lots of monitization of Q going on.

17 posted on 09/07/2018 8:58:04 AM PDT by Jack Black
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To: Jack Black

It was always an obvious hoax.

18 posted on 09/07/2018 8:59:57 AM PDT by Truthsearcher
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To: Windflier


19 posted on 09/07/2018 9:00:02 AM PDT by DuncanWaring (The Lord uses the good ones; the bad ones use the Lord.)
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To: hotsteppa

Q posted today.
A link from Reddit.

About this topic actually.
07-Sep-2018 11:02:29 EDT
8ch/qresearch 2919757
Copy link
These people are stupid.
Their attempts will FAIL.

20 posted on 09/07/2018 9:00:05 AM PDT by delchiante
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