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Gangland Violence Comes to Dodger Stadium
Pajamas Media ^ | April 12, 2011 | Jack Dunphy

Posted on 04/12/2011 7:36:02 AM PDT by Kaslin

It was L.A.'s gang culture that killed trendy Westwood Village when a 27-year-old was shot in 1988. Will a recent brutal attack kill a legendary L.A. stadium too?

In a big city, most crime victims suffer in obscurity. In Los Angeles last year, police investigated 21,241 violent crimes, including 297 homicides, yet who outside their own circle of family and friends could name even a single one of those victims?

But sometimes a crime occurs in such a manner or in such a place that it comes to gain far wider significance than one victim’s misfortune. In 1964, Kitty Genovese was raped and stabbed to death outside her Bronx apartment. Many of her neighbors heard her screaming, yet no one came to her aid and only a few even went as far as to call the police. Her murder is still cited as being symbolic of large cities where people remain unknown to their neighbors and indifferent to their troubles.

In 1988, Karen Toshima, a 27-year-old graphic artist, was shot to death in Westwood Village, an area of shops, restaurants, and movie theaters adjacent to the UCLA campus. Toshima was walking on the sidewalk with a friend when two groups of rival gang members squared off. One of the gangsters pulled a gun and fired two rounds, missing his intended target but hitting Toshima in the head. She died the next day.

Toshima was one of the 736 people murdered in Los Angeles that year, a time when gang violence was on the rise and no one, it seemed, knew what to do about it. It’s fair to say that her death was a catalyst to the battle against L.A.’s gangs, whose violence had until then been confined to the city’s less upscale neighborhoods.

Will Bryan Stow be the Karen Toshima of 2011?

On March 31, Stow, a 42-year-old man from Santa Cruz, Calif., went to L.A.’s Dodger Stadium to attend the opening-day game between the Dodgers and his favorite team, the San Francisco Giants. Near the end of the game, apparently after assessing the behavior of some of the people in the stands, Stow sent a text message to a relative to say he feared for his safety. A paramedic by trade, Stow is a man we may presume doesn’t frighten easily, and indeed his fears were tragically borne out. After the game, as he and two companions walked through the parking lot in search of a taxi, they were set upon by two men who pushed Stow to the ground before beating and kicking him into a coma.

Unlike Karen Toshima, Stow has, at least for now, survived the attack, though he remains in a coma at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center. But like Toshima, his misfortune at the hands of uncivilized thugs has galvanized the city and shone a spotlight on a problem that has been festering for years.

When Karen Toshima was murdered in 1988, Westwood Village was perhaps the only place in Los Angeles where people from all over the city came into contact with one another. People from the nearby Westside mingled with Angelenos from the San Fernando Valley and from neighborhoods to the south and east as they dined, went to the movies, or simply hung out. Sadly for Toshima, this eclectic mix included gang members from South Central L.A., one of whom brought along a gun he was willing to use on scant provocation.

That bullet didn’t just kill Karen Toshima; it killed Westwood Village. Though gang violence had been on the rise in Los Angeles for years, for most people in the city it remained little more than an abstraction, something that only occurred “down there” and among “those people.” But with Toshima’s murder that violence escaped the rough neighborhoods where it could be easily ignored by the city’s elites. Suddenly even Westwood Village, in the very center of one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the country, was regarded as unsafe. It wasn’t long before the once-thriving Village became, if not quite a ghost town, a place to be avoided. And even now, 23 years later, the vacant storefronts along Westwood Boulevard offer testimony that it has yet to fully recover.

I grew up with the Dodgers. I still have two baseballs autographed by Sandy Koufax, Maury Wills, and every other player on their 1965 World Series-winning team. All through my youth I went to several games a year at Dodger Stadium, and when I was in my 20s I attended every Dodger opening day and an additional ten to twenty games a season. But my attendance has trailed off over the years, and in the last two seasons I attended but one game each. This year I probably won’t attend any.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy baseball as much as I did when I was younger, it’s just that I don’t enjoy the experience of attending the games at Dodger Stadium like I used to. Putting it simply, I have to watch my back all day at work; I don’t like having to do it at the ballpark, especially at the prices the Dodgers charge for tickets.

When you’ve been a cop in Los Angeles for as long as I have, you can hear even a vague account of a crime and fill in the details yourself. If I hear that a robbery has occurred at the bus stop at Century Boulevard and Broadway at seven in the morning, I know beyond almost any doubt that the victim is a Latino and that the suspects are black. And if I hear that someone has had his head bashed in at Dodger Stadium, I am just as certain that the suspects are young Latino gang members. No one who’s been following the decline of civility at Dodger Stadium was surprised to see the police sketches of the men who attacked Stow.

Civic leaders and the Dodger organization have condemned the attack on Stow (though Dodgers owner Frank McCourt was oddly, even callously silent for days after the crime), and a $150,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the two attackers.

All well and good, but in all the public outcry over what happened to Bryan Stow, there has been precious little said or written about the genuine nature of the problem at Dodger Stadium, which is that Latino gang members have staked out large sections of it as their turf. Just as they have done on the streets of some Los Angeles neighborhoods, they have announced that they are here, they are in charge, and they will tolerate others only up to a point. Woe be to any baseball fan who, like Bryan Stow, dares to wear a cap, jersey, or T-shirt signifying an allegiance to the visiting team. True, attacks such as happened to Stow are rare, but taunts, insults, thrown food, and abusive language are appallingly commonplace.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck has announced that there will be a noticeably increased police presence when the Dodgers return for their next home stand beginning April 14. But even as he vowed to make Dodger Stadium safe, Beck couldn’t avoid putting his foot in his mouth. “All of us set the standards,” he told reporters. “And if you allow fans to misbehave incrementally around you when you attend one of these games then you are part of the problem.”

Sure, Chief.

The world envisioned by Beck is one where unruly behavior is checked with a click of the tongue and a wag of the finger. That world hasn’t existed at Dodger Stadium in more than twenty years. Making matters worse is the Dodgers’ policy that prohibits off-duty police officers and others who legally carry concealed weapons from bringing those weapons into the stadium. Cops attending games run the very real risk of encountering someone they’ve arrested or otherwise angered in the past, and I’d rather not have such an encounter while deprived of the means to defend myself. Yes, all fans must pass through metal detectors upon entering the stadium, so the gangsters are presumably unarmed during the game as well, but if while attending a game I run into someone who remembers me as the cop who sent him off for a stretch in prison, I can only hope that when the last out is recorded I get to my car and my gun before he can get to his.

The Dodgers have hired former LAPD chief William Bratton to advise them on security measures, and I’m sure they’ll pay him handsomely for a suggestion they can right get here for free: Put the gangsters in check, and don’t back down when the confrontation occurs, as it surely will.

If Charlie Beck and Frank McCourt are serious about making Dodger Stadium safe for baseball fans, the focus of their efforts will of necessity be on Latino gang members. They will not admit such a politically incorrect thought in public, of course, but they will rely on LAPD officers to stand up to the challenge posed by these gangsters and reclaim the stadium from them even as the hoodlums squeal about being “harassed” and “profiled.” Every police contact in the grandstand and in the parking lot will be recorded on cell phone cameras and presented as evidence that the police are unfairly singling out Latinos, claims that the local media will exuberantly repeat and endorse.

How will Beck and McCourt respond when this happens? If the gangsters win, Dodger Stadium will come to be regarded, like Westwood Village years ago, as a place that isn’t safe. It was L.A.’s gang culture that killed Westwood Village. Will it kill Dodger Stadium too?

TOPICS: Society; Sports
KEYWORDS: california; gangs; latinos; race

1 posted on 04/12/2011 7:36:04 AM PDT by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

The south or the border culture of violence brought to you by the lack of border security.

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To: Kaslin

This is what happens when you glorify ‘gangsta’ culture. I am SO glad I moved away from southern CA in the late 70s.

3 posted on 04/12/2011 7:41:38 AM PDT by tgusa (Investment plan: blued steel, brass, lead, copper)
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To: Kaslin

Like Westwood Village, Deep Ellum in Dallas is also dying. Too many beatings and robberies. I have no desire to bring my wife there on one of our date nights, particularly since Texas will not allow me to conceal carry in a bar.

4 posted on 04/12/2011 8:01:18 AM PDT by scan59 (Markets always regulate better than government can.)
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To: Carley
Don't you know that according to her,

the border is the safest it has ever been

5 posted on 04/12/2011 8:01:41 AM PDT by Kaslin (Acronym for OBAMA: One Big Ass Mistake America)
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To: tgusa
It is a glorification. I've been noticing more of it in art museums, too, which in my opinion is the last place that Cholo crap should exist.

Get this... I've been a member of my local art museum for years. I usually attend several exhibits a year. About 2-3 years ago, the museum got a new curator. About a year after the new curator arrived, (which is approximately how long it takes for the new curator's acquisitions and exhibits to be displayed), I started noticing things were changing. Graffiti hanging in the "postmodern art" wing. An exhibit of Mexican gang culture, starring low-rider cars and explanations of why they wear their pants sagged down around their knees. (As if I cared.) Exhibits featuring current "Latino" artists (and 90% of their work is focused on the LA gang culture.) Mexico has a vast and lively art culture. So much of the work is really beautiful. This sh@t is not. I don't want to look at it.

Just the other day, I learned that the art curator has now told the Cowboy Artists that they need to take their work elsewhere. I am dead serious. An art museum in Phoenix has just told the Cowboy Artists Guild (who put on a huge exhibit every October which is wildly popular) that they are no longer welcome. This will be the end of my membership and they will receive a long letter explaining why I will not renew this year.

6 posted on 04/12/2011 8:05:35 AM PDT by ponygirl
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To: ponygirl

Sorry to say it, but imho California has been lost, at least the major metropolitan areas. SUCH a shame. Were I you, I wouldn’t even do the museum the favor of explaining why you are not renewing your membership. The museum won’t care.

7 posted on 04/12/2011 8:19:02 AM PDT by tgusa (Investment plan: blued steel, brass, lead, copper)
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To: Kaslin

This is the legacy of illegal immigration combined with the “Great Society” from the mid-1960s. Kids raised in fatherless households, combined with an entrenched ethnic group that wants to avoid any contact with authority and avoids assimilation as a result, creates an atmosphere ripe for criminal gangs.

Toss in the liberal chic attitude of blaming everything except the perpetrator, and you’ve got a disaster. Not only for Brian Stow, but for every law abiding citizen who is now held captive by their own fear.

Even Disneyland isn’t immune to this brash attitude. I’ve personally seen large Hispanic groups intimidate and push their way to the front of lines, as the rest of the guests stare in slack-jawed amazement, not quite believing what they’re seeing.

Is nothing sacred? C’mon, Disneyland?!

8 posted on 04/12/2011 8:23:36 AM PDT by Tigerized (
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To: tgusa

Perhaps they will care if I post it to their Facebook page for all to see. Until they delete it.

9 posted on 04/12/2011 8:25:02 AM PDT by ponygirl
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To: Kaslin

Many on the left feel we owe it to the latinos to give California and Arizona land back to them. They feel we owe them that too. Pure bullchit but that is how these morons think. We are getting what we do not deserve....

10 posted on 04/12/2011 8:50:45 AM PDT by oust the louse (We have moved decisively from a Nation of makers to a Nation of takers.)
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To: Kaslin
If Charlie Beck and Frank McCourt are serious about making Dodger Stadium safe for baseball fans, the focus of their efforts will of necessity be on Latino gang members. They will not admit such a politically incorrect thought in public...

They sure won't admit it. During the pre-game show on the Dodgers radio broadcast last night they discussed the attack and blamed it on fans drinking beer. No mention whatsoever of Latino gangs.

11 posted on 04/12/2011 9:22:50 AM PDT by Inyo-Mono (My greatest fear is that when I'm gone my wife will sell my guns for what I told her I paid for them)
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To: Kaslin


12 posted on 04/12/2011 9:24:54 AM PDT by Christian4Bush (Public Service Announcement. As of 4/12/11, 574 days 'til we take out the trash. (November 6 2012))
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To: Tigerized

“Is nothing sacred? C’mon, Disneyland?!”


If Disneyland were to properly target this trash, yes RACIAL PROFILING is what is most efficient, fair and necessary, they would be hammered by every scum trial lawyer and government agency in SoCal.

13 posted on 04/12/2011 9:27:41 AM PDT by EyeGuy (Gimme Shelter)
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To: Carley

Dunphy is right on. I grew up in Northern California, a huge Oakland A’s fan. Fled to Nevada to get away from the “librul paradise”. I used to go back home to catch a few games each year. That stopped about five years ago. Like Dunphy I’m a cop with over 20 years on. I did 7 of those years in our gang unit. I stopped going to A’s games when I witnessed the absolutely appalling behavior of young black and latino and yes even some white males in the stands. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that bringing my son to a game would require a whole lot of explaining on my part.

14 posted on 04/12/2011 9:32:26 AM PDT by Crapgame (What should be taught in our schools? American Exceptionalism, not cultural Marxism...)
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To: ponygirl

Now there’s a good idea!


15 posted on 04/12/2011 9:38:34 AM PDT by tgusa (Investment plan: blued steel, brass, lead, copper)
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To: scan59

I used to go to Deep Ellum a lot in the 90’s. It wasn’t so bad back then. Mostly hipsters. Guess they hang out on Lower Greenville now.

The West End was a bit more family friendly, but I don’t know what it’s like now. I prefer North Dallas, though. Restaurant Row on Beltline in Addison is an ok place to get out.

I live in LA County now. Can’t pack at all. Don’t go out much anyway, so not a big deal, and when I do go out, it’s in a sleepy beach community where the only potential violence is a cat fight between a couple of gay lovers. Nothing I can’t handle.

16 posted on 04/12/2011 9:47:10 AM PDT by Retired Greyhound
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To: Kaslin

The Dodgers belong in Brooklyn.

17 posted on 04/12/2011 9:48:32 AM PDT by dfwgator
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To: Tigerized

I’ve never seen that at Disney, but it is very common at Magic Mountain. You couldn’t pay me to go there.

18 posted on 04/12/2011 9:49:37 AM PDT by Retired Greyhound
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To: ponygirl

What a great idea!

19 posted on 04/12/2011 9:59:36 AM PDT by B4Ranch (Allowing Islam into America is akin to injecting yourself with AIDS to prove how tolerant you are .)
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To: ponygirl; B4Ranch; tgusa

One of the Communist Goals compiled by the KGB over sixty years ago was to replace traditional art with meaningless “symbolism” as displayed by the paintings of Communist Salvador Dali, and shapeless, meaningless sculpture of beams and points, etc., and non-rhyming, vacuous poetry ala Toni Morrison, Bill Clinton’s poet laureate. Of course, all this non-art was widely acclaimed by the Leftist media and bought for millions by the upscale Useful Idiots.

The purpose is to distort and corrupt our cultural history and its strength. What you are seeing now is simply a continuation of that. There is also an element of another Leftist tactic - create chaos and violence in order to engender fear and a public outcry for a larger government presence in our lives. That is also why you are discouraged from protecting yourself but to instead call the police.

20 posted on 04/12/2011 11:27:05 AM PDT by Mind-numbed Robot (Not all that needs to be done needs to be done by the government!)
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To: Mind-numbed Robot

It hurts when I think of how many Americans support communism.

21 posted on 04/12/2011 2:06:15 PM PDT by B4Ranch (Allowing Islam into America is akin to injecting yourself with AIDS to prove how tolerant you are .)
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To: Kaslin
And you guys in Tennessee don't even have a Dodger Stadium. That's probably a good thing.

Nashville and Los Angeles Comparative Crime Ratios per 100,000 People

Latest 2006 Crimes per 100,000 People:

Nashville, TN Los Angeles, CA National
Murder: 14.3 12.4 7
Forcible Rape: 57.06 27.3 32.2
Robbery: 432.4 370 205.8
Aggravated Assault: 1023.5 377.2 336.5
Burglary: 1135.9 524.8 813.2
Larceny Theft: 4142.9 1539.2 2601.7
Vehicle Theft: 538.7 654.4 501.5

22 posted on 04/12/2011 2:14:57 PM PDT by dragnet2 (Diversion and evasion are tools of deceit)
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To: Kaslin

There’s a reason why they call it “Chavez Latrine”. Crappy stadium, crappy fans, crappy neighborhood. It’s why I was an Angels fan (and still am 5 years after leaving CA.)

23 posted on 04/13/2011 4:15:24 AM PDT by OCCASparky (Steely-eyed killer of the deep.)
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To: B4Ranch
It hurts when I think of how many Americans support communism.

I have been talking to two young adults lately who are drinking from the liberal fire hose. They pride themselves in their idealism. When I bring one of their arguments to a dead end with a question they simple adopt a silly grin as if that is an answer. They will never admit they are wrong, only grin as if to say, "OK, you got me."

They think we should get rid of oil and gas altogether and ride bicycles everywhere. The killer question which evokes the grin is, "How will we move freight around the world?" One recently countered with, "With new clean energy and green technology." The killer there was simply, "Like what?" The suggestion that we should wait until the free market comes up with something better than oil and gas before we cut off our supply makes them stutter.

One thought I was nuts when I disagreed that sharks were almost all gone due to commercial and sports fishing. I produced an article from the BBC about a Discovery Channel presentation, one of their favorite channels, which informed that there are over 440 species of sharks and of those only 11 were even threatened. Most of them were of species most of us had never heard of. Only the Great White, which was classified Threatened, not endangered, was one that we are familiar with.

The earthquake in Japan and the damage to the nuclear plant there was another hot issue. They thought any radiation exposure was deadly and that nuclear power should be banned. They had never even heard of Three Mile Island but they "knew" more than was true about Chernobyl. I told them that certain levels of radiation were actually good for you and they scoffed. I took them an article from the New York Times, of all places, to prove my point.

Another example of the evils of man and free enterprise was the "Dead Zones" in the oceans around river outlets. They had seen a Discovery Channel program about the one around the Mississippi River outlet into the Gulf of Mexico. They thought that was the only one in the world and Evil America was the culprit.

Due to the lack of oxygen in that area, a pretty large area that covered parts of Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, there were no fish or crustaceans. The program blamed that on the runoff of fertilizers and pesticides in the floodplain. The truth is that natural runoff, sans fertilizer and pesticides, would do the same thing. After all, there is plenty of phosphorus and nitrogen available in nature without man adding any. Add to that the naturally occurring organic matter, including the poop of birds and animals, domestic and wild, and rotting plant life in the forests, and the stage is set.

The Dead Zone occurs when the material reaches the ocean and feeds the naturally appearing algae in the ocean. When all that dies and falls to the ocean floor, it is very shallow in those areas, the bacteria which eat it use up the oxygen. The true culprit is the lack of circulation in the ocean in those areas, they call them wetlands, and the water is not aerated to oxygenate it. This occurs naturally from the silt build up from the river flow.

When I gave them charts and world maps showing that occurs all over the world, not just at the mouth of the Mississippi but also in the fjords of Scandinavia not around rivers they had no comment, but this time they had a worried, studied look instead of a stupid grin.

I asked them both if they had ever read the Constitution or if they had studied the beginning of this country and the founders. They had not! Yet, they knew all the wild myths about our mistreatment of the Indians and the slaves.

I agree it is frightening how successful the Communist have been.

24 posted on 04/13/2011 4:03:14 PM PDT by Mind-numbed Robot (Not all that needs to be done needs to be done by the government!)
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To: Kaslin

Sigh....another beating at Dodger Stadium

25 posted on 05/21/2012 10:05:55 AM PDT by BookmanTheJanitor
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