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Juan Williams: Sarah Palin "Can't Stand on the Intellectual Stage With Obama"
HAP ^ | 12/26/10 | hap

Posted on 12/26/2010 9:45:19 AM PST by Talkradio03

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To: Talkradio03

The voters of 2012 may have to deal with the 2 greatest political myths. Palin’s stupidity and Obama’s Genius.

101 posted on 12/26/2010 10:58:46 AM PST by Bringbackthedraft (The candidate they smear and ridicule the most is the one they fear the most.)
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To: Talkradio03
Of course Hussein can stand on the intellectual stage above Palin!

What ever facts Palin mentions, the media will debunk; whatever lies or untruths Hussein mentions will be praised as great knowledge by the same media. Ipso facto... QED...


102 posted on 12/26/2010 11:01:06 AM PST by PIF (They came for me and mine .. now it is your turn..)
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To: Ev Reeman

Get yourself a properly trained German Shepherd (male, I’m sorry ladies) and he will earn his keep. One walked by my side for 12 years in a challenging security environment and no one ever got up the courage to say an unkind word to me in his presence. He slept in a position of honor beside my bed and I still grieve at his being gone now.

103 posted on 12/26/2010 11:01:33 AM PST by jennings2004 (Sarah Palin: "The bright light at the end of a very dark tunnel!")
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To: freekitty; Ev Reeman
They are pulling the same thing they did on Bush. It’s a bunch of BS.

And the same crap they did to Reagan too!

And Ev Reeman is helping them.
104 posted on 12/26/2010 11:01:56 AM PST by SoConPubbie
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To: Ax

Always interesting to study how Jesus interacted with the “lawyers” of his time!

105 posted on 12/26/2010 11:04:24 AM PST by jennings2004 (Sarah Palin: "The bright light at the end of a very dark tunnel!")
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To: Talkradio03
"INTELLECTUAL" - the left's code word for "one of us".

Anyone who has watched Juan more than once knows he's liberal in every way, he's just not as militant as some black commentators.

But insofar as intellectuals go, the left has thrown away that self-anointed title by electing barack obama - perhaps the biggest fraud, and no-talent goon to ever invade Affirmative Action.

That Bennett guy on Sean Hannity's "great great American panel" has stopped me from watching Sean, and Juan, Geraldo, Stossel, (and O'Reilly himself) have stopped me from watching O'Reilly. and I've disengaged the automatic DVR from capturing Beck's gloom and doom hour. I really don't see why the left is so upset at FOX news, as it is drifting leftward faster than Juan can kiss obama's @$$.

I watch Greta once in a while - but only on DVR so I can fast forward - but even she - or the lawyer inside - makes some of her remarks sound leftish.

So, Fox drifts left, obama is neutralizing the net, Sharpton and the FCC are after Rush - and if they can take down Rush, all the other conservative shows will follow. There will be nothing left but the obamedia and the National Enquirer.

We need to start an underground news network - peer to peer dialup to get the daily "Free Republic" like news, or someone needs to start a "Radio Free America" originating out of the FCC's reach.

Now back to obama's "intellect"...the reason that Juan and the liberal see him as intellectual is, no one is allowed to ask him any hard questions. He thinks up what new propaganda to spread, and the obamedia is instructed to ask questions that will allow him to espouse those items. His remarks are always prepared ( by someone) and he just reads them off.

We're not allowed to even see his grade school transcripts, much less college. There is absolutely not proof that he is intellectual, and his words, ideas and actions certainly don't prove it. He is thought of as intellectual because his trained goons in the obamedia say so...and the media is a synonym for "liars".
Coffee Time
106 posted on 12/26/2010 11:04:58 AM PST by FrankR (The Evil Are Powerless If The Good Are Unafraid! - R. Reagan)
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To: Brilliant
Yeah, I think Juan’s statement is completely BS, but on the other hand, I am very worried that this field of candidates we have is not going to be able to beat Obama. Of the bunch we have, it may be Romney who has the best chance, and that’s a Pyrrhic victory, if you ask me.


Flip-flopping Myth "Romney-Care" Romney?

YOu have to be kidding?

He spent how many millions of his own money last time to win in a Primary that had a bunch of lack-luster RINOs in it and he is going to win this time with a bunch of better candidates?

You are kidding, right?
107 posted on 12/26/2010 11:05:04 AM PST by SoConPubbie
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To: Talkradio03

If Obama is such a smart ass, how come we haven ever seen his college transcripts..COME ON Juan, let’s see the big genius’s transcripts so we can see what a masterful genius he really is

108 posted on 12/26/2010 11:06:00 AM PST by Sarah Barracuda
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To: Talkradio03

Obama can’t stand on the “Common Sense” stage with anyone, let alone Sarah Palin.

109 posted on 12/26/2010 11:06:19 AM PST by Rebelbase ( Islam is a mental disorder.)
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To: Talkradio03

It is possible that Obama is smart - but there’s no evidence that it’s true.

110 posted on 12/26/2010 11:06:52 AM PST by Jim Noble (Re-elect Palin 2016)
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To: Ev Reeman

Ryan and Rubio are too young and inexperienced.

DeMint is a dream who couldn’t get elected.

The rest of the ‘good’ options you list are mush on immigration (okay, maybe T-Paw isn’t mush on immigration specifically, but he’s mush generally, to the same effect)—so they would all be presiding over the last Republican/conservative era.

And I haven’t seen anything that suggests she’s not with any of them intellectually. Have you noticed where she started? What she accomplished at the various levels in AK? How she has set the agenda since taking on the national scene? Stupid she’s not.

111 posted on 12/26/2010 11:09:22 AM PST by 9YearLurker
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To: The Comedian
He's an elitist snob with delusions of sufficiency

HAHA! Neat.

112 posted on 12/26/2010 11:10:42 AM PST by magooey (The Mandate of Heaven resides in the hearts of men.)
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To: reasonisfaith

On Christmas Day I watched Mr Smith Goes to Washington. In the scene where Smith sits with his bags at the Lincoln Memorial after having been railroaded by the DC insider machine, Saunders finds him and helps him remember what he’s made of and why he was there.

I was struck by a parallel. The US citizens have a lot in common with Mr. Smith.
Sarah, is our Saunders.

113 posted on 12/26/2010 11:10:48 AM PST by moehoward
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To: Talkradio03

I would think that Juan Williams also thought that George Bush couldn’t stand on the “intellectual stage” with Obama. - By the way, what are Barack Hussein Obama’s I.Q. and college scores anyway? . . . . . . (sound of crickets) . . . . . . (silence) . . . . . . . so, unless Juan has inside information unknown by other mortals, I can’t imagine what he bases his remark on.

114 posted on 12/26/2010 11:11:52 AM PST by Twinkie (THE WRONG SHALL FAIL, THE RIGHT PREVAIL . . . .)
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To: mylife
Opps.. Juan is having a relapse!

A relapse to what, being a lib? He's never pretended to be anything else. Just because Juan admitted to being spooked by Muzzies on planes doesn't mean he ever took a turn to the right.

115 posted on 12/26/2010 11:15:55 AM PST by Mr. Mojo
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To: Talkradio03

I’d like to hear what all the silly Freeper Juan Williams cheerleaders have to say about this.

116 posted on 12/26/2010 11:16:01 AM PST by pgkdan (Protect and Defend America! End the practice of islam on our shores before it's too late!)
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To: SoConPubbie


117 posted on 12/26/2010 11:19:20 AM PST by freekitty (Give me back my conservative vote; then find me a real conservative to vote for)
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To: central_va


I figure he’s at least a triple citizen—Kenyan, British, and Indonesian. Possibly American, although there is zero evidence that he ever reapplied for naturalized citizenship after his parents renounced it in Indonesia.

But as an exchange student no doubt he claimed to be Indonesian.

118 posted on 12/26/2010 11:23:16 AM PST by Cicero (Marcus Tullius)
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To: Soothesayer

You’re right. I don’t like it when folks compare politions with drunk sailors. Drunk sailors stop spending when they run out of there own money...

119 posted on 12/26/2010 11:25:35 AM PST by PilotDave (No, really, you just can't make this stuff up!!!)
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To: SoConPubbie

No, I am not kidding. I’m just reading the polls. Romney may be a flipper, but he’s got more gravitas than any of the other GOP hopefuls. Since Obama is entirely gravitas, that puts him in the best position to challenge Obama. Unless we can come up with a conservative who appeals to more than just the conservative base, we are going to end up with Romney v. Obama. That’s my prediction. I think the conservatives are going to have difficulty making their choice stick in the primary this time because there are a lot of Democrats who’ve switched parties, and they will be voting in our primary. If you don’t believe me, then look at who we nominated in 2008. If the conservatives don’t want Romney, then they are going to have to coalesce behind a conservative consensus candidate, and they are going to need to do it pretty soon.

120 posted on 12/26/2010 11:27:08 AM PST by Brilliant
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