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Q Anon: (4/10/18) FRiendly Freeper Collaboration ^ | 4/10/2018 | FReepers, vanity

Posted on 04/10/2018 6:09:31 PM PDT by ransomnote

This thread is a friendly collaborative place for FReepers to analyze information and share opinons. FReepers have a wide variety of reasons for investigating Q Anon content; this is not the appropriate place to criticize or badger those who choose to use some of their time in this manner.

I plan to post one thread at a time and ping new drops posted to it. When I post each (new) thread, the prior thread is retired and all new posts occur on the newest thread.

If you are new to Q Anon, the three links below provide overviews to help answer the questions, "Who is Q?" and "Why read Q drops?".

Is Trump Staging a Counter-Coup? [Q explained?]>
Note: The above thread has been locked for disruptive comments, but post #1 includes a strong, concise Who/What/Where overview.

Q Anon: A Freeper's post re the "new Parallel Construct that Trump has created"

First post to “Q” ping list. Please read and let me know if you want off or on it

You can locate Q Anon threads by searching the key words "Q Anon" or "Qanon" using the search window in the upper right of the Free Republic's forum page. The active Q Anon thread will be shown at the top (newest) of the search results.

I stored links to many prior Q Anon threads in my profile page located here:

President John F. Kennedy's excellent speech regarding secret societies, as well as comments about the press, is located at the following link.

A helpful FReeper passed along the following link. It’s to a group that goes live on Youtube when Q drops are released. I’ll put the link to their general Youtube “channel” here. When new Q drops are released, they start a new live stream video which remains active as long as they have new insights or information or guests to share information. You can look for any live stream videos in progress or recordings of their prior videos at the link.

The following link displays President Trump's tweets and Q Anon drops in one table in chronological order:

Q "drops" (i.e., posts) can be read with their original formatting at the following links. The different websites hosting Q drops don't function the same for everyone. I hope you will find a site that works for you:

Q drops (i.e., posts) often use acronyms. A few FReepers have begun to organize acronym into helpful reference materials. Here is Swordmaker's list of acronyms for your reference:

SkyPilot has been collecting Q Anon information into one interesting, detailed, "story of Q" post which I'll place here:

For those who would like to find out what people on Twitter are Tweeting about Q Anon
Click to read what Tweeters are saying about Q Anon

I think the following video provides a "big picture" view of why "the storm" is necessary.
This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected

For those who want a little uplifting video which outlines the big picture that we are now striving for, here's a video from 2016 in which candidate Donald Trump outlines what he wants for Americans and America and his promises if elected.
This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected

If you'd like to communicate your support for President Trump's efforts to "red-pill" Americans, you may want to use the link Hoosiermama posted which provides you with and email page - you can send the president an email. Here's the link: Email support for President Trump

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Well, I have had that happen. However, I do a screen preview, and adjust it in the box below the preview and keep previewing till it gets better.

Did you try that?

2,141 posted on 04/12/2018 10:18:46 PM PDT by greeneyes
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To: Cats Pajamas

2,142 posted on 04/12/2018 10:20:35 PM PDT by NIKK (Trust The Plan.)
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To: greeneyes

It only popped up after I started reading.

2,143 posted on 04/12/2018 10:20:58 PM PDT by NIKK (Trust The Plan.)
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You are talking to one of the least tech savy people on the planet. I don’t have a clue. However, let’s hope their need for symbolism will be their downfall.

2,144 posted on 04/12/2018 10:21:04 PM PDT by greeneyes
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To: greeneyes
In case you missed it, New Q Thread.
2,145 posted on 04/12/2018 10:22:34 PM PDT by AZLiberty ("If we believe in absurdities, we commit atrocities." -- Voltaire)
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Take a shower - run your virus elimination program.

2,146 posted on 04/12/2018 10:23:00 PM PDT by greeneyes
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To: greeneyes

I’ll try to explain. I typed in Owl structure and this picture of an owl wing popped up It was only the bone structure. I thought ok. So I clicked on the owl wing and information on the barn owl came up. I went back and again clicked on the picture of the bone structure and this site telling about an owl like structure has been developed to fly over most any type of land. There is an algorithm developed to take measurements of all terrain by using this owl like structure. Owl are known to fly quietly and be very mobile. According to the article.

2,147 posted on 04/12/2018 10:29:32 PM PDT by NIKK (Trust The Plan.)
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To: greeneyes

Are we going to the new thread?

2,148 posted on 04/12/2018 10:31:23 PM PDT by NIKK (Trust The Plan.)
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To: greeneyes

The South side of Chicago
Is the baddest part of town
Yeah, good luck with that
It will be interesting to watch though

2,149 posted on 04/12/2018 11:16:20 PM PDT by Keyhopper (Rockin' like a HurriQane)
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To: bitt

Sounds logical. I think DARPA programs are from DOD, though and I’m not sure how they interface with NSA.

2,150 posted on 04/12/2018 11:57:40 PM PDT by greeneyes
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EXPERIMENT TO SEE IF PARAGRAPHS CAN BE MADE Abstract We describe a method of morphometric characterisation of landform from digital elevation models (DEMs).

The method is implemented first by classifying every location into morphometric classes based on the mathematical shape of a locally fitted quadratic surface and its positional relationship with the analysis window.

Single‐scale fuzzy terrain indices of peakness, pitness, passness, ridgeness, and valleyness are then calculated based on the distance of the analysis location from the ideal cases. These can then be combined into multi‐scale terrain indices to summarise terrain information across different operational scales.

The algorithm has four characteristics: (1) the ideal cases of different geomorphometric features are simply and clearly defined;

(2) the output is spatially continuous to reflect the inherent fuzziness of geomorphometric features;

(3) the output is easily combined into a multi‐scale index across a range of operational scales; and (4) the standard general morphometric parameters are quantified as the first and second order derivatives of the quadratic surface.

An additional benefit of the quadratic surface is the derivation of the R 2 goodness of fit statistic, which allows an assessment of both the reliability of the results and the complexity of the terrain.

An application of the method using a test DEM indicates that the single&; and multi;scale terrain indices perform well when characterising the different geomorphometric features. Barn Owl

2,151 posted on 04/13/2018 12:41:42 AM PDT by greeneyes
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To: greeneyes; NIKK
Yes, it does work. Do your print pre view. Insert paragraphs where you want them in the box below the preview. Follow paragraph with the sympbol

, when finished, hit preview again to see if it looks right. then post.

2,152 posted on 04/13/2018 12:44:15 AM PDT by greeneyes
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To: AZLiberty

Sorry working my way down the thread and replying directly from the thread. So yes I MISSED IT. Thx.

2,153 posted on 04/13/2018 12:47:30 AM PDT by greeneyes
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To: bitt
Couple thoughts. The source code behind FB, Google and Twitter shares some functions, generally enabling network connection via a "http" or "https" port; and they also differ in user interface and the types of data stored.

They are all similar in that each has "an algorithm" that determines what to show the user - for google and facebook, think "what order." What is at the top of the page? Also, for all of them, think "what is omitted?" It is possible and pretty easy to prevent google from crawling a website, and 8chan does that. FR does not, and I often use google to find old posts of mine -- cboldt transmogrify

Twitter's practice of shadowbanning content is an example of this. It;s similar to the barriers to entry to mass media, and how the media is able to parrot a uniform set of messages to the public, to manipulate the public as those in control see fit.

In cooperation with "Follow the money," see "It's all about control."

2,154 posted on 04/13/2018 2:26:37 AM PDT by Cboldt
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To: Jane Long

Down She Goes…..

Think this pertains to HRC. Not sure how, yet.

2,155 posted on 04/13/2018 3:01:58 AM PDT by smileyface (Things looking up in RED PA! I love President Trump!)
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To: greeneyes

I have also been studying and querying about all of this for fifty years. I had snail mail correspondence with several individuals quoted and referenced in books published in the 1960s in order to verify their purported statements. I was one of the most prolific users of Ready Reference and when I was at university, I spent a lot of free time in the reference section on this very convoluted set of topics.

I worked as a researcher/writer with a group of scientists in the late 90s on an article explaining occult practices to physicians who could not wrap their logical minds around such concepts even when they were encountering the results in their pediatric patients. It got me doxxed (a term not then in vogue) and kicked off a forum critical of a popular occult-based pedagogy. It turned out that the leaders of that forum were actually not upset with the underlying beliefs, but with the fact that they were not in charge instead of the people within the group’s initiated hierarchy.

I had relatives killed for their religion in Russia and Lithuania PRIOR to the Holocaust, as well as having lost entire family branches in that debacle. All four of my grandparents escaped to the United States between 1913 and 1923.

I’m not only aware of the FBI informant’s testimony about Weather Underground’s plans, I’ve found myself in their cross-hairs several times....those who leave the left are automatic suspects. The high-profile leaders of WU are the tip of the iceberg of those ready to enact a cleansing.

I was aware of Paperclip and MKUltra before the internet. I experienced the frustration of trying to explain both to good folks who just could not accept that such things existed. Sometimes, you only have five minutes to explain things to an individual. Every word becomes important.

Over the years, I have become accustomed to people sidling up to me and whispering: “How did you know all that, then? You were right.”

‘Redpilling’ is essentially a marketing exercise. I have learned what to include and what to ignore. I have learned not to sell past the close.

I said nothing about your postings being *objectionable*. Go to my history. I do not use ad hominem and, in fact, have found your postings to be informative contributions. I also did not put anyone down.

What I did question and continue to object to is the inclusion of the company LifeLock in the LifeLog/FB/CIA continuum. I explained several times why LifeLock is NOT a suspect data-tracking company or an intelligence front. All they are *guilty* of is an unfortunately similar-sounding name.

That’s it. My sole request for discernment is relative to LifeLock and I even responded to that effect to a couple of concerned lurkers who posted about their personal LifeLock memberships.

This area of investigation is filled with internecine warfare, usually based on misunderstandings. It does nothing to forward the investigations and delights the opposition. There are researchers reading this exchange who have experienced far worse than I ever did as a consequence of their endeavors. Every FR post is archived by goog. Including an innocent company in the posts is counterproductive, taints the work and leaves those who do so open to criticism for lack of rigor, which extends to the entire effort.

Hopefully, you will reconsider your request that I ignore your postings and you will take the time to read mine more carefully in the future.

2,156 posted on 04/13/2018 4:02:25 AM PDT by reformedliberal
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To: riri

Wouldn’t a true sociopath turn on the charm? Mimic appropriate responses? Maybe even show anger when feeling cornered?

There is nothing with his guy. The lights are barely on and nobody is home.

Not certain all with that disorder are capable of mimicry. Successful ones, yes.

So, considering that you are correct in evaluating MZ, he’s simply an empty shell/useful tool. He was in it for the $$ and stayed for the fame.

2,157 posted on 04/13/2018 4:17:08 AM PDT by reformedliberal
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To: sockmonkey

EEgleferd ain’t in West Texas, son.

2,158 posted on 04/13/2018 4:54:04 AM PDT by Cletus.D.Yokel (Catastrophic, Anthropogenic Climate Alterations: The acronym explains the science.)
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To: CatQuilt


2,159 posted on 04/13/2018 5:17:46 AM PDT by CatQuilt (Lover of cats =^..^= and quilts)
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To: CatQuilt


2,160 posted on 04/13/2018 5:23:05 AM PDT by CatQuilt (Lover of cats =^..^= and quilts)
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