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To: SatinDoll
Most of all, Santorum voted against NAFTA

Since Santorum voted against NAFTA then Now I will be glad if he wins. Go Santorum!

You cannot seroiusly be for NAFTA can you?

Most of our high tech and manufacturing jobs have been offshored.

Already the U.S. cannot even manufacture thousands of Products that China can. Pretty soon the U.S.A won’t be able to manufacture any product. Don’t believe me then read this article from Forbes which I excerpted at the bottom of this post.

The U.S.A is in serious trouble. We need to do something and limiting the number of China products being imported is the key solution. Do any of you believe the U.S. won’t collapse under this mountain of Obama debt? Can any one answer?

Look 20 years ago, 99% of China people were living as they did 1000 years ago and the U.S. was far above any country in technology and manufacturing. Now China has left the U.S. in the dust in technology and manufacturing. This is what “free” trade with China has done: here is a short example that shows the problem:

Amazon couldn’t’t make a Kindle here if it wanted to

Decades of outsourcing manufacturing have left U.S. industry without the means to invent the next generation of high-tech products that are key to rebuilding its economy, as noted by Gary Pisano and Willy Shih in a classic article, “Restoring American Competitiveness” (Harvard Business Review, July-August 2009)

The U.S. has lost or is on the verge of losing its ability to develop and manufacture a slew of high-tech products. Amazon’s Kindle 2 couldn’t be made in the U.S., even if Amazon wanted to:

* The flex circuit connectors are made in China because the US supplier base migrated to Asia.
* The electrophoretic display is made in Taiwan because the expertise developed from producting flat-panel LCDs migrated to Asia with semiconductor manufacturing.
* The highly polished injection-molded case is made in China because the U.S. supplier base eroded as the manufacture of toys, consumer electronics and computers migrated to China.
* The wireless card is made in South Korea because that country became a center for making mobile phone components and handsets.
* The controller board is made in China because U.S. companies long ago transferred manufacture of printed circuit boards to Asia.
* The Lithium polymer battery is made in China because battery development and manufacturing migrated to China along with the development and manufacture of consumer electronics and notebook computers.

How will the U.S.A defend itself if we don't have the ability to manufacture anything but are dependent on evil communist China who has already destroyed us economically with their economic war against the U.S? We need to be for America first. Say not to trade with other countries and say no to illegals.

116 posted on 02/12/2012 6:06:39 PM PST by Democrat_media (China is destroying all our jobs and manufacturing ability. China makes everything.)
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To: Democrat_media
The last thing we need is a trade war. But Rick has a solution. Import more workers.

January 24, 2011 interview, Sen. Santorum said the United States is in need of more foreign workers. “I do think we need more people coming to this nation who want to be Americans to grow this economy. You want to fix the Social Security problem? Let’s have more workers producing and helping out the situation. For me, I’m willing to allow increased immigration to this country...”

Just what we need. more immigrants. (’open the spigot’- in his words) is what is needed to fix our problems, including our low birthrates. This is what he said. And that they ‘learn English’- and just a guess I but I think I know where these ‘new’ immigrants will be comming from don't you?.

120 posted on 02/12/2012 6:12:36 PM PST by anglian
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To: Democrat_media
This is from a Presidential White Paper at the Club For Growth site.


Free trade is a vital policy necessary for maximizing economic growth. In recent decades, America’s commitment to expanding trade has resulted in lower costs for consumers, job growth, and higher levels of productivity and innovation.

Some of Santorum’s most anti-growth votes have come on trade issues. Before assessing his votes against free trade, it should be noted that he has cast several pro-trade votes, including:

•Voted YES on the Oman Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
•Voted YES on CAFTA
•Voted YES on the Morocco FTA
•Voted YES on the Australia FTA
•Voted YES on the Chile FTA
•Voted YES on the Singapore FTA
•Voted YES to Trade Promotion Authority
•Voted YES to extend normal trade relations with China
But beyond those pro-trade actions, Santorum has some real duds.

In perhaps the most important free trade vote of the last generation, Santorum voted against the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1993, perhaps the most important trade vote cast during his career in Congress. Days before the vote, he said, “NAFTA will produce pockets of winners and losers across the country. Our area is unfortunately one of the losers.” That analysis, while arguably correct with regard to a small number of industries in Pennsylvania, ignores the fact that every single consumer in Pennsylvania benefited tremendously from NAFTA, as well as did many more affected industries.

As a member of the Senate Steel Caucus , Santorum voted for and co-sponsored a bill to slap tariffs on imported steel in 1999.

In 2005, Santorum voted in support of an amendment that would impose a massive, job-killing 27.5% tariff on all Chinese imports if China didn’t readjust their currency upward.

In 1997, Santorum sponsored a proposal that would impose a one-cent tax on imported honey with the proceeds going to the National Honey Board to aid in their research, a special interest giveaway.

124 posted on 02/12/2012 6:15:52 PM PST by SatinDoll (NO FOREIGN NATIONALS AS OUR U.S.A. PRESIDENT)
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