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I'm a poor example of Christianity and a wretch in dire need of Jesus' Love.

"Social Justice" begins with the Holy Trinity, just like the Sanctity of Marriage for sexual intercourse. I thought that the '"Social Justice" begins with the unborn child' quip might sound witty, but all life can't be summarized via bumper sticker slogan.

Furthermore, I must correct another blog thought mine. Admission into Purgatory, as I reflect upon Salvation, has nothing to do with human endeavors of Charity and/or fact there's not one stinkin' thing a soul wrapped in flesh can do to gain Salvation or even tickets to the cheap seats in Purgatory. Jesus the Christ's suffering and death upon the Cross is the Price of Admission. Purgatory is the purification process before entering the Holy Trinity's Presence. I have absolutely no understanding of God's Justice, much less His Love and Mercy. If I do manage to get some scalped tickets to the cheap seats in Purgatory (by an act of Saintly Intercession, I'm sure, by the Blessed Virgin, Herself), then I'll consider myself the luckiest soul in all Creation.

If you don't believe that Satan exists, then there's a danger that you think that you're a god...then you'll die and actually meet the Truth of Good and the evil one (whom the human reader is neither). It's best to choose who you want to be with now than have to spend eternity with the reality you can't avoid with any real possibility. There's no hedging of your bets in this Truth. It's all or nothing, good or evil. You will die and you will be in either the Hell you've prepared for yourself, or maybe closer to the Salvation that Jesus bought for you with His Blood upon the Cross.

Here's a karate cat for the zot happy folks (rated pg-13 for stylized violence)

Let it be known that I don't misunderestimate Canadians...especially this one:

Recall the so called "scandal" of Bush leaving the military before his end of active service? It's because he accrued leave days and didn't take vacation until the end of his commitment. The military calls it "terminal leave". Just about every serviceman leaving the military knows about it. Why didn't the public have this SCREAMING IN THEIR FACES from the media from the beginning?

There was nothing to educate the rest of the public with what almost every former military man and woman knows. If any of the media ENTERTAINERS had told the public from the beginning, then the entire story would have deflated and disappeared. Instead the freakin' dog and pony show dragged on and on.

Some website quoted me from the FreeRepublic. Is that a good thing?;showrate=1#104

Maybe I look strange because I try to discern good from evil and vice versa using Jesus as Perfection, but that's what everyone is suppose to do. And from the quoted quote, if Libby is found guilty, so be it--he's guilty (and I wouldn't be surprised...UPDATE gov't employees can be convicted! Let's see if all politicians are held accountable under the law...wheeee! Equal justice under the law is fun!). This is an opportunity to route politicized agents. I noticed that the website is, in their words, a "left/progressive/liberal/Democratic" site. Thus, I think that they use merely themselves as a model of perfection. If a "progressive" cannot determine something as elementary as "personhood", then I think the website is a sham that keeps it's members bound to crippling mortal sin and heresy. BTW, I didn't see too many Red White and Blue American flags on that website...why is that?