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Classic Handguns of the 20th Century: The Browning HI-Power

Gun control? How about gun elimination?

If Secession Was Illegal - then How Come...?

Of 2×6 Lumber, Propane Tanks Surface On D.C. Streets Ahead Of Jan. 6 Stop The Steal Rally

Snappy Answers To Stupid Antiwar Soundbites

Stairway to Heaven solo, if it was written by Dire Straits

Violent Crime Explosion Forces Minneapolis Residents to Form Militias.....

"'Stunning’ Executive Order Would Politicize Civil Service" - Define Stunning

"E-bomb" may see first combat use in Iraq

"IMMINENT" --- here are the exact words used by President Bush

"It's a Bloodbath": Layoffs Underway at Disney (Feel good story of the day)

"When Devils Walk the Earth"-(A MUST READ article on how to deal with Terrorism)

$7,000/oz Silver and ONE BANK...or maybe TWO!

'1619 Project' Founder Has a Tantrum After NYT Publishes Critical Column

'A dog is for life': Video of woman taking old dog out for a walk on wheelchair warms hearts

'Anti-Hate' Group Leader at Race Conference Says It's Time To 'Kill the White Man'

'Climate' Hoax Is Another Coronavirus Casualty

'Dark Watchers' have been spooking California hikers for centuries. What are they?

'Dinosaur trees': firefighters save endangered Wollemi pines from NSW bushfires

'Hundreds of thousands of ballots are going to have to be discarded'

'If white people were still here, this wouldn’t happen': the majority-Black town flooded with sewage

'Is that the best they could come up with?' NFL fans troll the Redskins as they reveal their new name for 2020 season is 'Washington Football Team'

'Little slice of hell': Colorado home destroyed by ex-tenant who covered it with obscene graffiti and feces and left behind a freezer full of rotting meat hits

'Poop-soaked phone' rescued from national forest toilet

'Puberty is not a medical condition' billboard unveiled in Los Angeles; push for other cities starts

'Shooters want money': Baltimore convict-turned-activist says city should PAY killers not to kill to lower city's murder rate

'The Phenomenon' updates the UFO debate through new Pentagon disclosures

'They can't cover up anymore': Tehran came clean about downed jet because evidence won't let them lie, diplomat says

'They're not going to f**king succeed': Top generals feared Trump would attempt a coup after election, according to new book

'Top-secret' email to Comey, McCabe sent just hours before Trump inaugurated

'Utterly baffling': 76 vets die of Covid at soldiers home

'Very senseless:' Friends remember victims murdered in Georgetown Co. traffic shooting

'We Are Democrats' Video (MUST SEE)

'You let them know they are taking on the US army and you crush them'

(black) Mass. man accused of slaying his (white) girlfriend with a rock on York Beach claims

(RESEARCH THREAD) The Anatomy of This Particular Steal

(White) Girl beaten unconscious in food court of Coastland Center mall in Naples (by black male)

*** Flubros and Flubras ! *** ( A place to see the Butchers Bill for “It’s just the Flu”)

*Rant Warning* Now I know why I feel like I'm driving in a Thirld World Country! Because so many of the other drivers doing totally clueless maneuvers on the ro

.45-70 at Two Miles: The Sandy Hook Tests of 1879

10 pioneer-era apple varieties, thought extinct, found in Pacific Northwest

10 points addressing why you don't "have to have hard evidence" before making voter fraud allegations

10 points addressing why you don't "have to have hard evidence" before making voter fraud allegations

10 Signs That “Things Are Getting Better In America”

10 steps to get a kick-ass Russian accent

10 Things That Never Made Sense About The Brady Bunch

100 women have now graduated US Army Ranger School

1305: William Wallace, Braveheart

15 Common Dynamics Of SHTF Collapses

17 Vintage Recipes From the 1970s We’re Happy Do Not Exist Anymore!

17-Year-old Suspect Charged With Murder After Two Killed at Kenosha Protest (Kyle Rittenhouse)

17-Year-old Suspect Charged With Murder After Two Killed at Kenosha Protest (Kyle Rittenhouse)

18-year-old arrested, 2 others sought after body found in plastic bag on roof of Bronx McDonald's

1881: George Parrott, future footwear

19 Black Families Decide To Build Their Own Safe City, Purchase 97 Acres Of Land In Georgia

190 Universities just launched 600 Free Online Courses. Here’s the full list.

1949-1951 Mercury "Lead Sleds" (old school custom cars)

1971 Flashback: John Kerry admits to NYT he volunteered for Swift Boats to avoid war

2 former Loveland police officers face charges after investigation into Karen Garner arrest

2,476 teenagers - ages 13-19 - dead due lack of distancing. 2 of every 3 were males. Rates highest at ages 16-17. Masks had no known effect.

20 Questions The Left Should Be Asked - But Will Never Answer-We have to do the job the propaganda

2010: Cops furious at ‘don’t-kill’ bill (Vice President Joe Biden ‘scoffed’ at it)

2020 Delaware Senate Candidate Lauren Witzke: If the MAGA crowd doesn’t Hold the Line against the Le

2021’s Top Stories: Actress Apologizes to Kirk Cameron: ‘I Walked with the Flock of Sheep Who Told M

27 New Testament Rules For Living Life Listed All In One Place: Romans 12:9-21

29-year-old man charged with killing Pa. mother of 6 in North Carolina road-rage incident: police

2A Incrementalism vs All or Nothing: Restoring Second Amendment Rights

30 Questions Vaxxers Hope You Won't Ask

4 Feminist Lies That Are Making Women Miserable

40 Reasons For Gun Control

5 Big Things We Learned About Our Elites In 2020

5 ERCOT board members who live outside of Texas resign in aftermath of power outage, winter storm

5 Long-Term Takeaways From Disney’s Big Plans For Future Shows

5 people dead, including 2 children, in South Carolina mass shooting

50 YEARS WITH BIGFOOT: Tennessee Chronicles of Co-Existence (part 1 of 8)

53 years ago tonight ... TET '68 the gift that keeps on giving

57,000 Year-old Wolf Puppy Found Frozen in Yukon Permafrost

7 men arrested for sexual assault of 16-year-old girl in R.I.

75 Years Later, It’s Clear Truman Was Right To Drop The Atomic Bomb

76 years ago, the Allies launched the largest airborne attack ever — here's how it all went wrong.

8 Million Americans Slipped Into Poverty Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, New Study Says

8 takeaways from the government's big UFO report

8-Year-Old Hits 112mph on Second Freeway Drive

9 Numbers That Are Cooler Than Pi—“Beelphegor’s” Prime Number

9 things we learned about aliens in 2021

9,900-Year-Old Skeleton Discovered in Submerged Mexican Cave Has a Distinctive Skull

9-month-old Afghan girl dies after evacuation flight lands in Philadelphia

A bike company offers Black customers reparations in the form of a discount

A Bridge Too Far?

A comparison of official Government reports suggests the Fully Vaccinated are suffering Antibody Dependent Enhancement

A Crystal Ball Read, from the founder of Oath Keepers

A good Brain Teaser from a friend's job application test

A Good Family Friendly Joke.

A guide to using HTML on Free Republic in 5 lines

A Handy Guide To Translating Your Wife's Facial Expressions

a hypothetical scenario for the beginning of a civil war

A life story from Weird Al

a Little Kitten trying to Hunt a Big Cat | HUGE FIGHT (Video)

A Little Tension Breaker: Airline Humor

A Look Back at the Time a Mummified Hunting Dog Was Found Inside a Hollow Tree

A Massive Emergency Cellular Switch Exploded In Nashville, First Net Switch Taken Out, FBI Won’t Let

A Monster Wind Turbine Is Upending an Industry

A Moral Narrative to Foil Our Wokey Tormentors

A Neighbor You Like Probably Voted For Trump

A Personal Letter To Stressed Out Preppers Who Are TIRED Of This Apocalypse

A Real Life Chernobyl Emergency Chatter

A Retired CIA Ops Officer Warns; The Left’s Communist Revolution Doesn’t Care About Elections

A Simple Plan To Address The 'Student Loan Crisis'

A South Africa update and it's not pretty; A country once the 'bread basket of Africa' is Turning into another Venezuela fast


A viral WalkAway video shows that reality wins in the end: An articulate young woman could no longer take the cognitive dissonance between what she was told and

A White Five-Year-Old Boy Was Executed Outside His Home.

A Will to Overthrow the United States

A Zek Remembers Stalin’s Camps

Accused stalker who left candy, food on victim’s doorstep tries to kidnap her, shoots her husband

Actual cost to manufacture American pick-up trucks

Advocacy Gone Wrong—How the Left Hurts the People They Claim to Help


Affidavit: Witnesses provide new details about shooting that wounded 2 during Aurora protest

After 70 years, Pentagon identifies remains of Korean War chaplain who received Medal of Honor

After being suspended from Twitter, Dr. Robert Malone's Interview with Joe Rogan Regarding Covid Policy has been removed from Youtube

Agent Provocateur' Tactics Seen at Jan 6 US Capitol Protest—Interview With Michael Yon

Air Force imagery confirms Columbia wing damaged (with picture)

Al Jaffee turns 100, and Mad magazine salutes its legendary artist with a birthday tribute

Alaska woman visits outhouse, bear takes a bite out of her backside: report

All The People Who Think They Are Better Than You Are Much, Much Worse

Alleged Bigfoot Sighting in Illinois Adds to Legendary Creature’s Big Year

Alleged Hunter Biden Email From Giuliani Appears Forged [or not]

Alligator with a huge knife stuck in its head is spotted swimming around Texas lake

Almost One-Third of US Troops Are Refusing COVID Vaccines, Officials Say

Amateur astronomer Alberto Caballero finds possible source of Wow! signal

America and Much of the Developed World Is on the Fast Track to Food Shortages: “Holodomor”

America is facing 'time-bomb' explosion of millions of 'super pigs' that can reproduce at just three months old, grow up to 400lbs and destroy thousands of squa

America the Illiterate (a liberal gets it mostly right)

AMERICA WARNED: By Yugoslavian woman about "The plot to take down the USA in the next 4 months."

America's Junk Weapons

American Communists Call for a Violent Takeover.. & American People Are Ready [VIDEO]

American Contractor Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Steal Government Equipment from U.S. Military Base in Afghanistan

American Education Is Rotten from Top to Bottom

American Girl blasts fake ad showing ‘Karen’ doll with gun

Ammo Company Addresses Rumors About the Ongoing Ammo Shortage(update)

Amusing texts my friend get from dems. Propaganda

An airplane carrying 44 people vanished in the Yukon in 1950. After 70 years, it has still not been found

An Appreciation Of Robert Crumb

An Election Between Love and Hate

An Evaporating Edifice-The stunning truth about Islam’s origins

An INterview with President Jefferson Davis

An unspoken truth in the Army National Guard Special Forces

Analysis concludes Antifa provoked shooting of Ashli Babbitt at Capitol

Analysis concludes Antifa provoked shooting of Ashli Babbitt at Capitol

Ancient human settlement was obliterated by a COMET that exploded in Earth's atmosphere and sent fragments of molten glass 'hot enough to melt cars' flying to t

Ancient secret of lightning strikes at stone circles revealed

Ann Barnhardt warned us 7 years ago about a "French type Revolution" in the USA... Sadly her predictions are coming true.

Anne Vandersteel interviews Patrick Byrne

Ann’s Plan To End Police Shootings

Anti-gravity propulsion comes ‘out of the closet’

Anti-Tank Mines Destroy M1A1 in Iraq - Photos

Antifa Mapping Images

Antifa Mapping Images

Antifa Mugshots: Several Portland Rioters Released Without Bail (ROFL)

Antifa rioters who targeted Portland cafe 'solidified' his Trump vote, military veteran says (owner is Black Marine and Army vet)

Antifa Shows Up at Pro-Police Rally in Ft. Collins — HUGE MISTAKE

AOC hits Joe Manchin with a stone-cold death stare after moderate Dem opposes 'crazy socialist agenda'

AOC Won't Want the Country to See This Powerful Video of a Cuban Man Walking Into an American Supermarket for the First Time

AR-15s Are Why Leftists Can’t Commit Taliban Atrocities Here

Are the Mystery Drone Swarms Lingering Near Nuclear Missile Silos?


Armed out-of-state bounty hunters, assisted by BPD (Buffalo Police Department) storm the wrong home

Armed stake-out for big cats (in Wales)

Army Problem.

Artist Kent Monkman's painting of partially nude Trudeau with laughing women creates uproar (from left) online

As Police Week Ends, the Big Lie Continues

As Science Frauds Go, Haeckel Beats Piltdown Man

Ashli Babbitt's family's legal team releases statement

Asteroid 2004 FH

Astronomers discover possible 60s-era Moon rocket booster heading back to Earth

Astronomy Picture of the Day - Comet Hale-Bopp Over Val Parola Pass

At Lincoln Memorial, Trump to take public's pandemic queries (Fox News 7pm tonight)

AT&T actress Milana Vayntrub responds to online body shaming: 'You've lost the privilege of looking at it'

Atomic Research, Pearl Harbor and Japanese Internment Eighty Years Ago

Attitude Check Inside the Unorganized Militia (Some profanity)

Attorney General Barr puts former intel bosses on notice

Attorney says man accused of shooting, killing Leander ISD teacher won't be indicted

Aubri Esters, an advocate for safe drug use on the streets, dies at 35

AuntB, member since 1998, needs our help

Aztec Death Whistles Sound like Human Screams and May Have Been Used as Psychological Warfare

Babylon Bee CEO says Christian university disinvited him from speaking in chapel following mob complaints about his stance against BLM

Bad Luck Coming

Ballsy tourist slammed for grabbing tiger by testicles for zoo selfie

Baltimore Mayor landed sweet deal selling her self-published books

Baltimore will no longer prosecute drug possession, prostitution, low-level crimes

Barr’s Plan to Release Interim Durham Report Violates Protocols James Comey Was Supposedly Fired

Battleground: 7 in 10 say US ‘on the edge of civil war’

BBVD "Mr. Pinstripe Suit" (Official Video)

Be Made Whole

Be upbeat! All is not list. Trump will win.

Beating down a woman: Vox Day on martial arts and the myth of the American Amazon

Beautiful Photos and Inspirational Words

Before too long, the woke will eat their own

Bend, Oregon activists block ICE bus, prompting federal agents' response

Bender2 passes!

Best Original Lexophile Jokes

Best place to get ammunition online or retail?

Bezos-Linked Thinktank Official Calls for Michael Anton’s Execution for Exposing Anti-Trump Color Re

Biden aims for most ambitious US effort on climate change

Biden changes his story on Bin Laden raid -- again

Biden Green Screen Fail!

Biden Intelligence Community Breaches Authority to Target the Right


Biden Says High-Speed Rail Will Get Millions of Cars Off the Road. That's Malarkey. This is what happens when you think all of America looks like the Acela corr

Biden Speeds Us Toward Our Next Contested Election

Biden Steps Up Federal Efforts to Combat Domestic Extremism

Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Is Idiotic and Immoral

Biden's Transition Team contacted the ATF to discuss Gun Control

Biden-GM Urge Electric Vehicle Transformation, But Experts Say Climate Case Is Weak

Biden-voting counties equal 70% of America’s economy. What does this mean for the nation’s political

Biden’s Nuclear Foolishness: Following in Obama’s Footsteps

Biden’s Top Labor Supporter Ends Re-Election Bid Following FBI Inquiry

Big Cities’ Overspending Killed Their Resilience Against Pandemic Lockdowns

Bigfoot and One Mans Fight to the Death.

Bigfoot Sighting? WSDOT cameras capture Sasquatch-like creature on Sherman, Snoqualmie Passes

Bigfoot's indelible imprint (No, not Janet Reno...The REAL Bigfoot!)

Bill Binney States that the NSA Has 32 Pages of Communications Between Seth Rich and Julian Assange

Billionaire Ray Dalio Eyes Class Struggle as He Ponders US Tipping Point: "This Situation Could Lead To a Revolution or Civil War"


Black franchisees at McDonald's file new discrimination lawsuit

Black Lives Matter removes page encouraging the 'disruption' of the 'Western nuclear family' during a massive cleanup of their national website

Black Lives Matter reveals a generation of damaged straight, white women

Black Lives Matter statue torn down a day after its Budapest unveiling

Black Man Approaches 5-Year-Old Boy Riding His Bike, Puts a Gun to His Head, Executes Him in Front of His Two Sisters

Black man who was told he'd 'come to the wrong neighborhood' by aggressive Army Drill Sergeant 'is mentally ill and has been committed to a facility'

Black professor insists 'Proud Boys aren't white supremacists' as Trump takes flak

Black Trump Supporter Shot to Death in Milwaukee Hours After Pro-Trump Interview

Blackouts Loom In California As Electricity Prices Are “Absolutely Exploding”

BLM Anti-Police Hate-Fest Comes To Small-Town America

Bodycam video of George Floyd arrest leaked [narrative crumbling]

Boeing tries to defy gravity

BOMBERS AWAY China flies 19 nuke bombers and fighter jets into Taiwan air space

BOMBSHELL news reports of Trump's imminent resignation.

Bonds Rationing and Making Do: Life on the home front during WWII.

Bongino Warns: Civil Unrest Will Make a Comeback If Government Continues to Rob Americans of Freedom

Book Review: Mistress of the Waves

Book Review: The Last Closet: The Dark Side of Avalon

Bookshop Santa Cruz Employees Consider Forming Union

boomers stole from millennials

Boulder gunman shoots up grocery store and 'kills at least six including a cop': Footage captures handcuffed man covered in blood and injured shoppers screaming

Boy found dead in Dallas street was kidnapped while he slept, mom says

Brace for the Backlash

Bracken Sends: Navy SEAL and Army Special Forces Operator discuss Fighting Rifle Setup

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: The ‘Agitator’ Involved in Saturday’s Murder in Denver, Jacob Kelly, Is a Leader

Breaking! Wisconsin GOP Lawmakers Join Federal Lawsuit to Overturn Fraudulent Elections in Swing States WI, PA, GA, MI, and AZ

BREAKING: 'Jump Kick Man' who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse identified as violent career criminal

BREAKING: Chinese Virologist Claims Coronavirus Derived From ‘Zhoushan Bat Virus’…Implicates Fauci

BREAKING: Facebook Scrambles To Hide Colorado Shooter’s Profile When They Discover His Anti-Trump...


BREAKING: THEY GOT CAUGHT! Investigators Have Video of 240 Leftist Operatives in Georgia Dumping Thousands of Ballots from Backpacks into Drop Boxes in Middle o

Breaking: Twitter has censored President Trump by totally removing his tweets for the first time

BREAKING: Whistleblower Drops HARD Evidence, Biden, Obama, Hillary EXECUTED Seal Team 6, Audio Proof

BREAKING: White House Releases Initial Gun Control Executive Actions

BRINGING THEM HOME Inside group of scuba-diving sleuths who have cracked 7 cold cases in 2 months

Brown bear breaks into Alaska Zoo, kills alpaca named Caesar

Brutal New Ad Launched Against Manchin, Featuring DOJ Nominee's Alleged Ties to Cartel Heroin

Cake And Compromise – Illustrated Guide To Gun Control

Calculating The Full Costs Of Electrifying Everything Using Only Wind, Solar And Batteries

California dog reunited with family after being missing for 12 years

California dog reunited with family after being missing for 12 years

California governor asks Warren Buffett to back dam removal ( Klamath River - hydro-electric green energy )

California Lawmakers Want Wealth Tax That Will Follow Taxpayers When They Inevitably Move to Cheaper States

California’s Green Blackouts. If you eliminate fossil fuels, power shortages are inevitable.

Canada: Co-founder of BLM Vancouver says that 'reliability' and 'loyalty' are white supremacist concepts


Candace Owens on feud with Cardi B: ‘I love every second’

Carlos Hathcock Method of Sighting in a Rifle

Carter Page’s FISA-Related FBI ‘Woods File’ Documents Mysteriously ‘Disappeared’

Casey Anthony To Release Movie About Life After Caylee: 'Yes, I Partied Like Nothing Happened'

Cat Breeds and Their Personalities, According to Research

CATASTROPHE: 20% of Human Test Subjects Severely Injured from Gates-Fauci Coronavirus Vaccine by Moderna

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: FBI and DHS Attempt To Recruit Former Green Beret to Infiltrate and Spy on Oath Kee

CDC warns Congress of ‘significant public health consequences’ if schools don’t reopen in the fall

Censored WTC pics

Charles Hurt: Trump Is Feared More Now Than Ever; Washington will never be the same.

Charles Manson Explains Antifa

Chemo, Radiation & Coronavirus

Cheney primary challenger impregnated 14-year-old when he was 18

Chicago salon owner defends her actions after video of fight goes viral

Chile votes itself a one-way ticket to communist hell: Their latest elections bodes ill for its status as Latin America's wealthiest country and biggest success

Chilling coronavirus warning from Aussies inside Italy

China Is Killing Americans with Fentanyl - Deliberately

China is trying to blackmail US legislators: Director of National Intelligence

China officials run for cover as Xi Jinping prepares another brutal purgeRival Youth League sends coded messages to prepare for the coming storm

Chinese entrepreneur sells pensive Donald Trump Buddha statues--it's the Guardian, so prepare to barf on principle.

Christian Church Decides to Meet at Walmart Since Government Wouldn’t Allow Them to Meet at Church

Christians and Guns

Christopher Plummer’s Tortured Relationship With ‘The Sound of Music’

Christopher Sign, Birmingham TV anchor and former Alabama football player, dead in apparent suicide: Known for breaking the story of the 2016 secret tarmac meet

CIA releases UFO ‘Black Vault’ documents early: How to see them online

Citizen Free Press, breaking away from other alt-Drudge sites

Civil War II Weather Report: Spicy Time Coming

Civil War Is Coming. Can We Stop It in Time?

Cleveland Officials Traced COVID Cases Back to the Debate... Before Trump Was On-site

Climate change: Animals shapeshifting to stay cool, study says

Clinton Foundation Sole Beneficiary of Stephen Bing's 500+ Million Dollar Estate?

Clues into [TX] teens' disappearance elusive

CNN: Major conservative groups unify behind state GOP efforts to restrict voting

Coast Guard, MSP looking for pilot who flew underneath Mackinac Bridge

Coffee, green tea may extend life for people with Type 2 diabetes

Colby Covington Beats the Hell Out Of BLM Activist & Calls Out Lebron

College Libs Can't Back Up Their Claims

Colorado to declare racism a public health crisis

Colts to Make ‘Bold Statement’ During Anthem on Sunday

Communicating in an Insurrection: Amateur Radio and You – A GUEST POST BY Nathan Brindle, KC9YTJ

Computer Problem Can't Speed Up Internet

Comrade Ocasio-Cortez has big plans for your dinner plate

Confirmed: The State Department and a Leading Democrat

Congressional testimony on Earth-threatening asteroid deflection technology and mission

Contrary to What Ted Cruz Thinks, Prepubescent Twerking Does Not Make Cuties Illegal

Controversial French Coronavirus expert Didier Raoult faces ethics complaint for spreading false information about the benefits of Hydroxychloroquine

Cop Admits in Suicide Note He's Notorious 'Pockmarked Killer'[Serial killer/Rapist, Ending 35-Year Hunt]

CORONA COUP Chilling theory claims China tricked world into ‘economic suicide’ Covid lockdowns

Cortes: “People can make reasonable decisions for themselves” - Wallace: “No...they...actually they

Cost of Lies

Could 'Second-Guessers' Have Prevented 9/11?

Could General Patton Have Prevented the Cold War?

Couple buys $560,000 dream home, but seller refuses to leave due to coronavirus eviction moratorium loophole

Court Docs Show FBI Can Intercept Encrypted Messages From Deep State-Backed ‘Signal’ App

Cover Stories: Everything you know about the CIA's clandestine work is wrong

Covid cases spiked until January 20 then magically dropped sharply immediately after

COVID19 Files – Scientific Investigation On Mysterious Origin Of Coronavirus

Covid’s Willing Executioners: How have previously normal people become so eager to deal out death

Covington Attorney Lin Wood Announces Intent to Defend Kenosha Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse

Crane Collapses On Fort Lauderdale Home

Credential Inflation: What’s Causing It and What Can We Do About It?

Crews rescue naked woman wedged between 2 buildings in Santa Ana [CA]

Crock Pot Italian Beef Sandwiches are a 5-ingredient crock pot recipe version of the popular hot sandwich recipe. This easy dinner recipe is a crowd-pleaser!

Crows Are Self-Aware and 'Know What They Know,' Just Like Humans

Cruel Joke or Medical Anomaly?

CT man convicted of rape found 40 years later using dead 5-year-old’s identity in Florida

Curious is all...

Curiouser and Curiouser

Cute Experiment Reveals How Your Cat Probably Wants Its Meals Served

D.C. judge stays execution of man convicted of killing 10-year-old

Daguerreotype Photos of Early US Senators by Mathew Brady from the 1840's-1850's

Daily Life and Popular Culture in the 1950s

Dan Bongino needs our prayers

Dan Bongino Show: Ep. 1394 The Left is Terrified of This Question About the 2020 Election

Data Expert Claims His Team Has Identified Enough Fraudulent Ballots in Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin to Overthrow the Election

Day 410 of “15 Days to ‘Flatten the Curve’” – Year 2, Week 6: “The Birth of the Resistance?” Editio

Deadly Force: Is Shooting a Knife Realistic?

dealing with overvolts

Declassified U2 spy plane images reveal bygone Middle Eastern archaeological features

Decoding Cuneiform, One of the Earliest Forms of Writing

Deep State Freaked Out Trump Not Giving Up

Defensive Mountain Lion Shooting by Sheriff’s Deputy with AR15 Rifle

Defunding Police Isn’t Answer, Say Black Mothers of Slain Children

Delaware suspect in Whitmer plot was pardoned last year (By Democrat Governor)

Delusions of Evolution

Democrats’ ‘War Game’ for Election Includes West Coast Secession, Possible Civil War

Demonic Foes: My Twenty-Five Years as a Psychiatrist Investigating Possessions, Diabolic Attacks, and the Paranormal (October 6, 2020 release )

Demonic Foes: My Twenty-Five Years as a Psychiatrist Investigating Possessions, Diabolic Attacks, and the Paranormal (October 6, 2020 release )

DeSantis did not shoot across the bow of Antifa/BLM, he dropped a tactical nuke.

Destroying Our Drug Market Won’t Defeat Free-Riding Socialists

Diabetes Drug Recalled Due To High Levels Of Cancer-Causing Contaminant

Did P Diddy Just Threaten Whites With A Race War If President Trump Gets Re-elected?


Did The FBI Steal Tons Of Civil War Gold?

Did You Know the Freed Slave Kneeling Before Lincoln Was Muhammad Ali’s Great-Great-Great-Grandfathe

Disgraced Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes plans an insanity defense because she was suffering from a 'mental disease' when she 'defrauded investors out of mil

Do not mess with this soldier… (MOH recipient Bellavia, who fought in Fallujah)

Do You Believe in UFOs? An Actual Answer May Be Near

Does ‘Muppets Now’ On Disney Plus Reflect Jim Henson’s Life’s Work?

Dog Ejected During Crash Found Days Later Herding A Group Of Sheep

Dog Ejected During Crash Found Days Later Herding A Group Of Sheep

Dog rescue

Dog walks 62 miles for 2 weeks to get back home

Dog was killed and eaten by 'big cat'

Donald J. Trump Retweeted

Donald Trump Lays Out Evidence of Mail-In Voting Fraud to Reporters

Donald Trump-appointed HHS spokesman says 'buy ammunition' as he claims Democrats are planning armed insurrection after election - and accuses CDC of 'sedition'

Donate to Kyle Rittenhouse's Defense fund

Donations reach more than $31K for mother of 6 killed in Lumberton road rage shooting

Don’t Get Scammed By So-Called STEM Education

Don’t Get Suckered By The Establishment Psy-Op

Don’t manage diabetes—reverse it

Dorothy Schmidt Cole, oldest living Marine, dies at 107

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Why I Am Deleting All Content After 48 Hours

Dr. Simone Gold: Web Hosting Company, Squarespace Shuts Down America’s Frontline Doctors Website

Dress rehearsal for revolution

Dumb question about Looney Tunes

Dutch inventor of the audio cassette tape dies aged 94

Early trauma influences metabolism across generations

Earth almost put on impact alert

Edward Snowden: How Your Cell Phone Spies on You (from Joe Rogan Experience #1368)

Effort to rescue Moroccan boy stuck in well reaches ‘final stages’

Eighteen Illegal Alien solutions that are better than any Amnesty

Electing a President in a Volcanic Culture War

Election Fallout Reveals Battle Between Freedom and Communism

Election Night (Honest) Coverage: Already Getting Threats

Election-fraud liars are scrambling to avoid lawsuits, but they can't retract the damage they've done

Electric Vehicles On Collision Course With Reality

Electric Vehicles Will Drive Us to Serf City

Eliminating accelerated math classes in high school is just the first step on the road to an education disaster

Elizabeth City, N.C., Declares Emergency Before Release Of Bodycam Video Of Shooting

Embarrassing: Former Surgeon General and COVID Expert Confronted on Air about Masks, COVID and Bombs Out (AUDIO)

End Game


Epstein ‘pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell’s sultry never-before-seen pics that were taken for dad’s yacht

Epstein’s alleged secret girlfriend revealed as children’s book author, entrepreneur

Eurovision: Italy wins while UK's James Newman gets nil points

Evangelical pastor quits the church, comes out—and joins OnlyFans {Wacky}

Ever Deeper And Deeper Into "Climate" Fantasy

Ex-cop Stephen Broderick reportedly arrested in killings of wife, daughter, boyfriend [Austin]

Ex-Nixon official G. Gordon Liddy dies at 90

Ex-SUNY football player shot during bodega brawl in Queens

EXC: New Stats Analysis Reveals Potential ‘Stuffing The Tail’ Voter Fraud Scheme Similar to 2008 Su

Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: If America Falls, Where Will You Go?

EXCLUSIVE: Biden Admin Halts Navy Operations, Orders Soldiers to Undergo 'Chilling' Stand-Down Training

EXCLUSIVE: Giuliani Says It’s Reasonable To Worry About Biden’s Allies Potentially Killing People

Exclusive: Special Forces Warned Against Using Pepe the Frog, III%ers, Other ‘Extremist’ Symbols

EXCLUSIVE: US soldier punches a black man to the ground and sits on his chest until police arrive after he lunged at him, 'spat on his car and made disparaging

Expert Breaks Down for AOC Why We Have The Electoral College

Expert Destroys Climate Change Hoax in 3 Minutes

Explosive: New Data From Rigorous Statistical Analysis Points to Voter Fraud in Montgomery County, PA

F-35 Stealth Fighter: Now A Nuclear Bomber?

Facebook Allows Video Of Murder To Stay Posted (Have It Now)

Fake Guns, Fictional Battles, Real Uniforms: Inside the Immersive World of MilSim

Falling into Place

Falling Russian space junk spotted in skies across West Texas

Family Publicly Blames ‘Unvaccinated’ for the Death of ‘Vaccinated’ Woman

Famous Catholic exorcist priest recounts how he met the devil

Famous Investor (Netscape Co-Founder): The Homeschooling Boom Is Just Beginning

Fancy Feast releases cookbook for humans inspired by new cat food lineFree, online cookbook has 12 single-serve recipes for humans to enjoy

Farewell Gayborhood!

Farewell Our Little Songbird


FBI Director Wray Downplays Election Fraud as Discarded Mail-in Votes Cast by Military Marked For Trump Found in Pennsylvania

FBI Raid Reveals Muslim Brotherhood Plot to Destroy America

FBI tells family of Kristin Smart, who vanished 23 years ago, to be prepared for news: report

Fear and the Fight to Remember

Fearless cat invades Coors Field, tries to take over CF from Cody Bellinger

Featherless Blondie may be the world's strangest parrot. And the most beautiful. (Video)

Federal authorities won't say why armed Capitol rioters disappeared from FBI's most wanted list

Feds deny Walz's request for aid to rebuild after riots (disaster area after Biden rally)

Fighter pilot says UFO he chased in 2004 committed 'act of war'

Fighting Words ... It’s a war.

Financial System Has Come to an End – Martin Armstrong

FIRE! Does it again!

First nuclear detonation created ‘impossible’ quasicrystals

FIRST PHOTOS AND VIDEO: Antifa Killer Michael Reinoehl Shot Dead in Washington State

First Steps for Surviving What’s Coming Our Way

First They Came for the NRA

FISC abuse could top Watergate as USA's worst political scandal

Fish fall from the sky during rain in east Texas, city reacts

Fish fall from the sky during rain in east Texas, city reacts

Five Completely Absurd Economic Ideas That Keep Winning Votes For Democrats

Five NATO Spy Planes Converge As U.S. Air Force B-52s Spring Their Biggest Intel Trap Yet

Five people shot in Louisiana incident

Fleischer predicts Democrats will nix filibuster for gun control

Flipping Out! Former US Gymnast McKayla Maroney Embroiled In Bizarre Secret Church

Florida couple kidnapped and tortured man for three days

Florida women facing felony charges after pelting man with containers of glitter, police say

Flynn: Foreign Intelligence Agencies Were Monitoring US Election, Willing to Provide Information to Trump

Folk icon Peter Yarrow accused of raping underage girl in NYC hotel in 1969

For the first time since 1965, the Peanuts holiday specials are not scheduled to air on broadcast TV

Foreign Intelligence Agencies Monitored Election, Providing Information to Trump…

Former CIA Officer Warns Leftist Violence is Going to Get “Very Very Bad” Over the Next 2 Years

Former IDOC officer charged with having sexual contact with inmate.

Former intelligence chief: 'Quite a few more' UFOs detected than public knows (John Ratcliffe, Trump's DNI)

Former JAG Officer Richard Black Warns of a Potential Military Coup

Former Mechanic Creates Entirely New Social Media Platforms After His Wife Was Banned From Facebook for Supporting Trump

Former Special Forces Officer Warns of Color Revolution Tactics Used Against Trump

Former Special Forces Officer Warns Of ‘Color Revolution Tactics’ Used Against Trump

Formula 1 2021 – The defeat of Woke

Forrest Fenn treasure finder steps forward

Founder of Seal Team Six dies aged 81: Richard Marcinko was tasked with setting up special forces unit after 1979 Iran hostage crisis, named it 'six' to fool Ru

Fox News Host, Will Cain’s Must-Read Thread Nails Why Rioters Feel Emboldened To Shoot Officers

Fox News Janice Dean Shreds Cuomo For Saying Nursing Home Scandal ‘Never Happened’

Fox's Bongino, MSNBC's McCaskill trade blows over Trump ride: 'You epic piece of garbage'

FR is run by cliquish Mods and Freepers that hurl insults and falsehoods who FB you if you don't agree.

Free Republic Lost A Great One Yesterday - RIP The Shrew

Free Software Foundation Introduces JShelter Browser Add-on to Restrict JavaScript API

Freeman (aka stand watie, R.I.P.)

FReepathon Halted [but now restarted] due to Platform Migrations; Family Grieving loss of Jim Rob's beloved wife, Sheila Robinson. FREEPERS - Perhaps donate che

Friday News Roundup: Giuliani and Powell Press Conference – Mission Accomplished

Frog / Frogs / Frogself


From Minimum Wage to Maximum Damage

Full Video: Black “Queen” Won’t Let Flight Attendant Get Past Her Because WHITE PRIVILEGE Is OVER

Gadol Adonai

Game of Thrones’ Battle of Winterfell: 2 military experts explain Jon and Dany’s sloppy plan

Gaslighting the Slow Burn

Gaslighting the Slow Burn

Gaslighting the Slow Burn

Gen. Franks Doubts Constitution Will Survive WMD Attack

General Mark Milley Threatens President: “We Do Not Take an Oath to King or Queen, a Tyrant or Dicta

Georgia Dad Is Charged 'After Beating A 20-year-Old Man He Found In His 14-year-Old Daughter's Bedroom

Georgia Fails To Produce Chain Of Custody For 404,000 Absentee Ballots Months After Contested Election - 67.5% of the State's Estimated 600,000 Absentee Vote By

Georgia hand count of votes affirms Biden's narrow victory over Trump

Georgia Secretary Of State Explains Why He’s Just Now Discovering More Than 10,000 Illegal Votes Cas

Georgia Trump Lead Now 1908

Get Smart

Getting Rid of Mice

Girl, 14, Accuses Virginia School Board of Putting Her in Danger by Letting Boys Use Girls Locker Rooms

God chimes in on the Jan 6th "insurrection", the stolen election, and the lies of the media (29 sec video)

Going Out To Eat With Members Of Your Household This Weekend? Don't Forget To Keep Your Mask On In Between Bites.

Good grades barely matter in NYC’s new high school application process

GOOD! FIGHT: President Donald Trump Does Not Plan to Concede Even If Biden and the Media Attempt to Declare Victory, According to Report

GOP Sen. Kevin Cramer Says Ashli Babbitt Was A 'Criminal' And He's 'Grateful' to Cop Who Shot Her

Gov Wolf. ‘We will use the state police to enforce the rules we put into place’

Gov. Cuomo says: Trump ‘better have an army’ to protect him if he comes to NYC

GRAPHIC: Video Shows Officers Shoot Alleged Hostage Taker

Great VoidInexplicable Hole in Lake Defies Nature; Town Welcomes Notoriety

Green Helmet Guy: Abdel Qader ( photo ops in Qana, Lebanon )

Green Nazi Political Vegetarianism

Groups Fight Over Fate of 174 Feral Chihuahuas

Growing evidence of a massive pattern of fraud in the USA

Growing evidence of a massive pattern of fraud in the USA

Gun Control Is Not Dead, Nor Does It Sleep

Gun laws myth the target

Gun Totin Patriot

Guns are white supremacy’s deadliest weapon. We must disarm hate.

Gunshot fired at Mammoth Cave campsite following alleged Bigfoot sighting

H-E-B's North Texas Arrival Adding ‘Salt to the Wound' for Food Desert Neighborhoods

Hackensack Detectives I.D., Arrest Woman Who Assaulted a Liver Transplant Patient Inside Staples

Handmaid's Tale? Leftist handmaidens destroyed the USA

Harrisburg ice cream shop offers sauerkraut flavor for good luck in 2021

Harvard Hates Homeschooling

Has A Time Vortex Been Found?

Hasbro’s latest toy had a lot of parents very worried

Have you had your Second Tower Moment yet?(lefty attack)

Hawaiian $1 billion-a-mile rail boondoggle a warning to Biden ‘Build Back’ plan

HBO quietly removed the coffee cup from Game of Thrones

Help please

Here Are 4 Potential Hotspots Where the Next World War Could Erupt at Any Time

Here comes the Army's first laser battalion

Here is a list of 14+ thousand dead people who voted in Detroit

Here Is How The Pentagon Comes Up With Code Words And Secret Project Nicknames

Here is the latest I know

Here there be Monsters

HERE THEY ARE: The Five Most Obvious Acts of Fraud in the 2020 Election that You Are No Longer Allowed to Discuss

Here's How You Know Democrats Rigged and Stole the 2020 Election

Here’s What Joe Biden Won’t Say About Guns in the Debates

Here’s Why Obama Clearly Ordered The Spying on Trump

Hertz Must Sell Nearly 200,000 Cars by December to Pay Back Creditors

Historians Fear Trump’s Failed Coup Is a ‘Dress Rehearsal’

History: Some Re-assembly Required

Hogan's Heroes FILMING LOCATION,Then and Now! (40 Acres back-lot, Culver City, CA)

Holocaust survivor's daughter in legal battle with historian over claim of lesbian liaison with Nazi guard

Homosexual Groups Admit ‘10%’ Figure Is Wrong

Honey, It’s Time to Vote for Trump

Horowitz: Why are public health 'experts' ignoring proactive ways to neutralize COVID-19 while promoting failed drugs?

HORRIFIC VIDEO RELEASED — Violent arrest of 73 year-old Karen Garner… [CO]

How a $175 COVID-19 Test Led to $2,479 in Charges

How a Canadian Pastor deals with nazis

How A Hardworking Iowa Dad, By Confronting Elizabeth Warren, Exposed A Major Democrat Handicap In 2020

How Cops Can Secretly Track Your PhoneA guide to stingray surveillance technology, which may have been deployed at recent protests.(good!)

How Cops Can Secretly Track Your PhoneA guide to stingray surveillance technology, which may have been deployed at recent protests.(good!)

How do i Upload and post pictures to FR? [Vanity]

How Evil Nurse Ratched Became Little Miss Perfect

How Long Does It Take To Charge An Electric Car? (much longer than 5 minutes)

How PT Boats Helped General MacArthur Escape Capture

How Russians think, and why they do what they do

How smart cats don't let owner play computer game (Video)

How the 'Big Blowup' destroyed the West and changed America forever

How the Nevada Democrat Socialists Ousted the Traditional Democrat Party and Why You Should Pay Attention

How This OLD MAN Ended Up in My First POWERLIFTING Meet!

How to Be an Anticapitalist. Progressive policy makers won’t learn that parasites should never kill

How to Blow up the Left's Terrorist Narrative

How to Buffer the Fallout from America’s Third World Death Spiral

How To Deal With A Carjacker 101

How to drive fossil fuels out of the US economy, quicklyThe US has everything it needs to decarbonize by 2035.

How To Fight Back Against The Marxist Revolution

How to Grow Carrots: 20 Master Gardener Tips

How to handle an ANTIFA Thug in Russia

How to hide from a drone – the subtle art of 'ghosting' in the age of surveillance

How to Lose Your Joy

How to Prepare for a Communist Coup

How To Survive The Coming Socialist Regime

HUGE NEWS: Attorney Matthew DePerno Releases Michigan Elections Forensics Report – 66,194 Unregister

Hundreds Gather At Vigil For 17-Year-Old Madison Sparrow, Allegedly Murdered By Ex-Boyfriend

Hundreds of armed black protesters face off with white farmers as South African town braces for bloodshed over farm murder case that prompted violence last week

Hundreds of armed black protesters face off with white farmers as South African town braces for bloodshed over farm murder case that prompted violence last week

Hunting with Nellie, a Retriever With Limitless Natural Instincts—and Embarrassingly Little Grace

I got an interesting email from Microsoft.


I have a masters degree. I ran CIA and NSA. Trump wants a patriotic commission, 1776 Commission. What does he know about that?

I Knew It Would Be a Disaster, But This?

I literally wrote the book on the UFO-nuclear connection. Why is the government hiding what it knows?

I Lived In Soviet Russia When Bernie Sanders Visited, And He’s A Communist Dupe

I Remember Standing Alone

I talked with a man today, an 80+ year old man.

If All Men are Created Equal, Why Do We Need Grades?

If Deagle is correct, disaster is coming to the USA.


If the Elections are Stolen, the Biden Nightmare Begins

If These US Navy Patents are Made Then We Are in a Star Trek Technology World

If They Win We’re In Danger. Real Danger.

If We Don’t Fight Back Against Corona Fascism, It Will Never End

If You Aren’t Paying Attention To The Latest UFO News, You Really, Really Should Be

If You Go To Hell

If You Think The Riots Are Bad Now, Wait Until America Goes Bankrupt In A Few Years

Igniting Civil War

Igniting Civil War

Ignoring Current Problems, California Comes Up With Illogical Reparations Bill

Illinois ‘goth home’ listing draws gasps, jokes on social media

Image of ambushed deputies released **Graphic Image**

Images Iraqi Freedom: APRIL 14, 2003

In a Navy with Lots of Traditions, a Small, Very Personal One Continues

In America, talk turns to something unspoken for 150 years: Civil war

In dramatic reversal, Wayne County election board Republicans rescind votes certifying results (Admitted they were bullied and rescinded their approval tonight)

In sworn statement, prominent mathematician flags up to 100,000 Pennsylvania ballots

In the Fight

In The KnowFlorida beachgoers call 911 after stumbling upon bizarre sight: 'That would scare the hell out of me'

In the Wake of the Louisville Riots, It’s Time for the Authorities to Consider the Unthinkable

India Deploys Ethnic Tibetan Special Operators Against China: What Next?

Innocent Until Proven Trump Supporter

Inside one man's quest to photograph the elusive 'Iliamna Lake monster'

Intelligence Gathering at Protests, by J.D.

Intelligence Gathering at Protests, by J.D.

Interesting Video about Businesses NOT Returning to NYC

INXS - Suicide Blonde

Iraq WMD Dossier Statement

Is a National Split Inevitable?

Is America headed for civil war? Of course it is....

Is Hollywood prepping us for globalist dystopia?

Is Humblegunner still on FR?

Is it clear enough for you? It’s time to hunker down, or get ready to rumble.

Is it time for a ‘whiff of grapeshot’ to bring the rioters to heel?

Is Joe Biden Okay? Biden Starts the Day Off by Calling a Lid After He’s Seen on Video with a Runny

Is Lordstown Motors for real? Ohio is betting big on the electric truck startup (fraudulent?)

Is Secession Legal?

Is someone really flying around LAX in a jet pack? Trying to solve an aviation mystery

Is The United States Too Big To Save?

Is this bomb making materials?

Is Year Zero (Khmer Rouge/Killing Fields) Coming to America?

Islam’s Sexual Enslavement of White Women-And it's featured in pictures.

It appears to be true and it is painful

It's Not Government's Job to 'Root Out' Misinformation

It's Time To Hate Them Back

Italian Submarine Jantina Found on Eternal Patrol

It’s A Warrior Thing. You Wouldn’t Understand. [David Yeagley died yesterday]

It’s time to update hurricane names

I’ve seen the saucers: Obama weighs in as US interest in UFOs rises

J.K. Rowling Doubles Down On The Truth About Transgenderism: It Hurts Women

J.K. Rowling Returns Kennedy Family Award Following Kerry Kennedy Remarks

Jack Posobiec Sits Down With Revolver and Shares Unprecedented Analysis of Antifa’s Dark Underbelly

James Lindsay: Why The Woke Won’t Debate You

Jane Austen museum launches BLM-inspired 'interrogation' of author's love for drinking tea and wearing cotton due to slave trade links

Japanese police arrest underwear thief suspected of stealing more than 700 bras and panties from laundromats

Japanese town deploys growling "Monster Wolf" robots to scare away wild bears

Jim Robinson and his family need our prayers.


Jim Jordan grills Dr. Fauci unmercifully when he refuses to say protests help spread COVID-19

Joe diGenova: John Huber Investigation of Clinton Foundation is a Farce – Never Even Started

Joe Rogan is leaving Los Angeles and moving to Texas because there's more freedom there

John Cusack: Nearly a Third of Americans Are Nazis

John Kerry on Hunting

John Prine, 73 has died.

John Tyler's grandson died (you read that right)

Joie Henney and Wally the emotional support alligator

Jordan Peterson responds to "REAL communism has never been tried" and murders it with fire

Judge approves $800M Las Vegas shooting settlement...

Just got a call from a "truck driver" from North Carolina trying to buy a pistol I listed - read this!!!

Just voted in MD

Justice Department Closes Emmett Till Investigation Without Charges

Justices Thomas, Alito slam Obergefell same-sex marriage decision as Supreme Court denies Kim Davis case

K-9 bites cow, SC deputy tases K-9, cow kicks deputy

Kavanaugh and the Crux of a Cold Civil War

Kayleigh McEnany calmly dismantles leftwing reporter

Keith Olbermann: ‘Trump’s Supporters Must Be Removed From Society …’

Kenosha Police and US Marshals Arrest 9 Suspects with Gas Cans and Commercial Fireworks Near Washington Rd and 30th Ave, Kenosha

KFC selling its fried chicken-scented firelogs at Walmart

Kids books that did'nt make it

KILLER COCKTAIL ‘Lone wolf’ Nashville bomb suspect Anthony Warner ‘used his credit card to buy explo

KRAKEN RELEASED. 104 page GA suit

Kyle Rittenhouse and The Law of the Pursuer

Kyle Rittenhouse's attorney hits back at Biden twice as hard

Land Reform and Farm Murders in South Africa: The Story of the Boers and the ANC

Large Cat Sightings Continue In Monroe, Sumner Counties(suburban Nashville)

Large explosion, buildings damaged in downtown Nashville (RV exploded?)

Larry Schweikart: – the First Web Warrior Site

Laser induced transmutation on palladium thin films in hydrogen atmosphere

Latest Trump Tweets: PDJT appears to be giving marching orders to beat the Dems at their own dirty ballot game.

Latina Freedom-Fighter Who Was Tortured Until Insane by Racist, Sexist Regime Dies—Did You Hear?

Laugh List

Leaked documents show Baltimore high schoolers perform math, reading at grade school level

Leaked images from inside migrant centers reveal conditions that are as bad as we thought [Project Veritas]

Leaked photo taken by fighter pilot shows UFO…


Lefties at The Nation discover that (non-FBI) feds have been tracing the puppet masters behind Antifa and BLM

Lefties at The Nation discover that (non-FBI) feds have been tracing the puppet masters behind Antifa and BLM

Leftism's Casual Relationship with the Truth Is Intentional

Leftism's Casual Relationship with the Truth Is Intentional

Leftists starting arson attacks on homes of Trump supporters.

Lessons From An Underground Economy (Venezuela Prepper Advice))

Let Seattle stew in its own excrement; The National Guard has better things to do than save Seattle from itself.

Let Seattle stew in its own excrement; The National Guard has better things to do than save Seattle from itself.

Let The Joker Go Wild

Let's Assume Trump Loses. Election Tied Up In Courts. Does Pelosi Take Over Until Resolved?

Letter from a friend (vanity)

Letters from a Broken Heart

Liberal Reporter Documents Minneapolis Devastation And Suggests Why the Media Didn't Really Cover It

Liberals Look in the Mirror and Scream

Liberals, Secession, and “The Other”

Life Under The Green New Deal

Lin Wood, attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse, says he was locked out of Twitter account"I'm going to take Jack Dorsey's ass down," Wood tells Fox News

Live Feed for antifa coordination.

Live feed for Flynn hearing happening now.

Live Stream - Internet is Down? HAM Radio, HamNet

Local Bill of Rights Nullification Power (HCI nut-cake alert)

Long Slide Looms for World Population, With Sweeping Ramifications

Lookie here, the Chief Fire Marshal of Oregon has just been replaced.

Los Angeles is about to get Mad Max rules

Losing the Language, Losing the Argument

Lost world gives glimpse of planet before last Ice Age

LOTR:John Rhys-Davies (Gimli) Interview(MUST READ)Islam Vs. The West

Loudoun County rapist's mother: It was an 'accident' and a real victim wouldn't 'sit there and take it'

Lyle Mays, Evocative Pianist Who Helped Define The Pat Metheny Group, Is Dead at 66

Mac Davis, songwriter, singer, and actor has died.

Majority of Respondents Support Chimeric Animal Research: Survey

Make All Federal Employees Fireable

Make an AR-15 Lower from Beer Cans

Making Americans Your Enemies

Man charged after landing helicopter at Dairy Queen to pick up ice cream cake

Man Climbs Under Moving Big Rig Filled With Wine, Begins Drinking From Tank

Man Makes Sure To Take His Paralyzed Dog For A ‘Walk’ Every Day

Man Sentenced To 4 Years And $12 Million Fine For Setting Police Precinct On Fire

Man shot in arm by Kyle in Kenosha was livestreaming it. Watch the newly discovered video.


Man stabbed repeatedly until dead for not wearing a mask, killer claims self-defense (Seattle)

Man who had his arm partially blown off by Rittenhouse confesses to friendHis only regret was 'hesitating to pull his gun' and 'not killing' 17-year-old

Maoists Burn Kenosha

Mapping Paramilitary and Far-Right Threats to Racial Justice

Marine F-35B And KC-130J Collide And Crash In Southern California (Updated)

Mark Meadows unloads on Paul Ryan in heated floor exchange

Martel: World Prepares for Return of Obama-Era Chaos Under Biden

Marwa Elselehdar: 'I was blamed for blocking the Suez Canal'

Masked bandit linked to 30 burglaries across Los Angeles arrested (he wore white face mask)

Maskless Woman at KFC Hops on Counter, Demands Service

Mass shooting at homecoming party in Greenville, Texas

Mass shootings just one sign of the systemic collapse of western society

Math Is racist and 2+2 = 4 is just a ‘trope’

Mathematical Analysis On Election Data With Videos and Comments Linked.

Mathematical Impossibilities "Should" Blow The Lid Off This Whole Charade

Matt Bracken: Ammunition Is Money as Communists Get Ready To Shoot Back (Video)

Matt Bracken: Tactics to Protect from Antifa at Home and in Car

Matt Bracken: The Anti-Trump Coup Is Here And Its Time To Fight Back!

Matt Bracken: The ANTIFA/BLM War Has Begun

Maximum Facts About the Minimum Wage

Maybe She Had So Much Money She Just Lost Track of It

Mayor Bill de Blasio cancels iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and says it will be reimagined

Mayor De Blasio Tweets He Will Keep New York Under COVID-Unism Forever; "We're not done until we hit zero."

Md. elections officials say video’s allegation of ballot fraud is untrue. But it’s already gone

Medieval Banking- Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries

Meet The Man Who Saved 62,000 People During The Holocaust

Megaship Blocks All Traffic In Suez Canal After Running Aground In Bizarre Incident (no real title)

Memorial thread for 'zot'.

Message In The Stones

Meteorite Clues Point to a Huge, Unknown Object in The Early Solar System

Miami Police Chief: You Either Support Police Or Think ‘Everybody Should Have a Firearm’

Michael BerryIn NY-22 GOP Challenger Leads By 12 Votes Then 55 Ballots Were "Discovered"

Michael Flynn Judge Asks Full D.C. Circuit to Rehear His Case Against Immediate Dismissal of Prosecution

Michael Walsh's 'Last Stands' Explains Why Men Go Down Fighting to the Last Breath

Michigan Rep. Cynthia Johnson, AOC and others are sending a warning and folks better listen

Microsoft announces retirement of Internet Explorer

Mike Lindell Claims 'Real Totals' From 2020 Election Are Trump 80M, Biden Below 68M

Mike Lindell Really Does Have Irrefutable Proof That The Election Was Stolen

Mike Rowe Answers a Fan Letter About COVID-19 — It Probably Wasn’t the Answer They Expectedq

Military Source: “Trump signed the Insurrection Act” – The Masterpiece of Trump Against the Deep St

Minimum Wage

Minneapolis is beginning to reckon with its disastrous Marxist policies

Missing Adult, HELP NEEDED (crime in progress?) [SC]

Missing Hunter Ryan Kennedy’s Body Recovered

Mississippi: Ex-lawmaker killed near home of slain relative

MIT Predicted in 1972 That Society Will Collapse This Century. New Research Shows We're on Schedule

Mob Targets Jewish Family with Anti-Semitic Attack, until 2A Patriot Steps In

Modified guns like the one used in Sun Prairie shooting are unusual but easy to make (barf alert)

Mom Making Thousands on OnlyFans Is 'Praying' for Parent Who Reported Her to Sons' Catholic School

Moment woman MACES a couple picnicking at a California dog park

Monopoly getting 'long overdue' socially conscious makeover, Hasbro says

Moose hunter shoots "bigfoot" to death

More Felony Charges for More Officers from Deadly 2019 Houston No-Knock Raid

More Information, Photos Emerge Of ‘Elite’ Unit Deployed To Portland To Stop ‘Violent Extremists’

Most Farmers in the Great Plains Don’t Grow Fruits and Vegetables. The Pandemic is Changing That.

Motor Musings

Mountain lion confirmed in Dallas area. Rare sighting of big cat in North Texas region

MSNBC Guest Warns Biden: 'Pony Up,' Don't Just 'Appease' White People

Much of the NSA’s most prized intelligence data may be moving to the cloud. (amazon, bezos)

Multiple F/A-18 Pilots Disclose Recent UFOs Encounters, New Radar Tech Key In Detection

My Mom needs help, Free Republic site won’t load on her PC (vanity)

My Neighbors Hunt

My Son’s English Teacher Showed a Transgender Activist’s Video in Class. Here’s What I Did Next.

MyPillow guy tells Steve Bannon that Trump 'will be back in office in August'

Mysterious Network of Tunnels Discovered Near Tintern Abbey [UK]

Mystery of the Eltanin Antenna

Mystery Pine Street cheese flinger apprehended

Mystifying monolith found amid Utah rocks

NASA Is Tracking a Vast, Growing Anomaly in Earth's Magnetic Field

NASA Spots 4 Asteroids Headed For Earth This Weekend

Nathan Bedford Forrest and Racial Reconciliation

National Park Service interns unearthed fossils of a bizarre 220-million-year-old reptile

Naughty Coco gets a little spanking by her cat mommy | Too Funny (Video)

Navy "UFO Patent" Documents Talk Of "Spacetime Modification Weapon," Detail Experimental Testing

Navy confirms, but can't explain strange 'aerial' objects in 3 videos

Navy F/A-18 Pilot Shares New Details About UFO Encounters During Middle East Deployment

Navy F/A-18 Pilot Shares New Details About UFO Encounters During Middle East Deployment

Navy pilot who witnessed Tic Tac 'UFO' [said it] committed an 'act of war' by jamming their radar

Navy Pilots are Seeing UFOs. Are They from Russia, China, or Somewhere Beyond?

Navy pilots describe encounters with UFOs (60 Minutes tonight 2 - videos)

Navy’s 2-Word ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ Video Leaves Viewers Speechless

Need a GOOD old Car mechanic/restorer - Individual if possible in D/FW Area. Any advice?

Need Help For Saving YouTube Songs

Network of Gay Priests: Hated Benedict, Love Francis

Never-Before-Published Letter From US Soldier Sheds New Light On Unstomachable Nazi Horrors in Dachau

Nevermore War... The Pale Horse Comes

New 'Absolutely Shocking' Evidence Presented in the George Floyd Case

New CDC Study Finds Majority of Those Infected with COVID-19 ‘Always’ Wore Masks

New Congresswoman Creates a Furor by Asking About Her Second Amendment Rights

New data indicates America on the verge of civil war, and neither side will back off

New Evidence in Houston No Knock Raid where Couple were Killed

New evidence that the quantum world is even stranger than we thought

New exhibit aims to immerse Texans in a World War I battle (TR)

New Law Will Install Kill Switches In All New Cars


New reading of Mesha Stele could have far-reaching consequences for biblical history

New reports about election manipulation read like a Tom Clancy novel

New Understanding of the Civil War

New video analysis of the incident in Kenosha...

New York Has No Idea Whatsoever How To "Decarbonize" Its Electric Grid

New York Times to Release ‘Nice White Parents’ Series Blaming White Parents for Achievement Gap

Newsmax Host Storms Out Mid-Interview after Guest Insists Election was Stolen

Newsom signs emergency proclamation to free more energy amid heat wave

Newt Gingrich Responds Perfectly When Pressed Over Claim that 2020 Election Was ‘Stolen’

NH mom kicked off American Airlines flight after toddler refuses to wear mask demands apology from airline

Nineteen Eighty-Four (Special Edition)

No Longer in Shadows, Pentagon’s U.F.O. Unit Will Make Some Findings Public

No Longer in Shadows, Pentagon’s U.F.O. Unit Will Make Some Findings Public

No Mystery: Wuhan-19 a Virology WMD to depopulate N. America, Han people are immune

Non-invasive stimulation device to treat tinnitus shows positive results in clinical trials

North Carolina Senate candidate Cal Cunningham caught cheating on wife

Now that it is confirmed Joseph Rosenbaum was one of the people shot...

Now THIS is funny!

NSA surveillance exposed by Snowden ruled unlawful BREAKING!

NSA used Denmark intelligence to help SPY on European leaders, including German chancellor Angela Merkel

NY is hemorrhaging cash — but de Blasio, Cuomo, unions refuse to face reality


NYT: Will electric cars become an environmental catastrophe?

OAN embraces Rumble after experiencing YouTube censorship

Oat Milk, Almond, Dairy or Soy? A Dietitian Breaks Down Your 'Milk' Options

Oath Keepers-Call to Arms, in open letter to President Trump!!! Breaking NOW!!!


Obama Used National Security to Spy on Americans Opposed to Islamic Terrorists - Greenfield

Obese cat called Cinderblock makes half-hearted attempt at an underwater treadmill [tr]

Occupy architect dies

Odd how all of a sudden Trump is COVID positive. Was this an arrow in the quiver?

Officers' body camera video in George Floyd case released to public

Official advice on low-fat diet and cholesterol is wrong, says health charity (UK, 2016)

Officials identify woman killed in Allston elevator accident as a 38-year-old BU lecturer...

Ok all what was the last book you read/listened too?

Okay Freepers I broke my 20 year tradition of voting Write-In for President today.

Oklahoma Passes Law Protecting Drivers Who Unintentionally Kill, Injure Rioters While Fleeing


On Not Accepting Stolen Elections

On The Physical Death of Jesus Christ

On the trail of purple

One killed, 3 injured in Brighton machete attack; suspect in custody

One Marine, One Ship

One Month Later: A Look at the Destruction in Kenosha(pics/video)

One Truth, Many Evidences: 20 Compelling Evidences that God Exists

One-Party Democrat Rule Is Killing California, And It’s Coming For The Country

Op-Ed: Pentagon UFO docs – ‘Hard to explain’ vs the Big Silence

Open Letter To Liberals Favoring Gun Confiscation

OPEN LETTER TO THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA: We are NOT Amateurs and we are going to kick your butts.

Operation LeGend Results in 59 More Arrests, Including Seven More Murder Suspects

Oregon braces for a "mass fatality incident" as wildfires approach Portland

Oregon promotes teacher program that seeks to undo 'racism in mathematics'

Our Obligation to Fight

Our society is in the process of breaking down all around us

Our society is in the process of breaking down all around us

Over 400 Applications – Where the Call to Convention?

Palantir Rising: War in the Garden of Google

Pam Bondi Lays Out Case Against Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Burisma

Pam Kelley, a Kennedy casualty, passes away

Pandemic accelerates with 18.5 percent jump in new U.S. cases

Parachutist plunges through roof and into California house

Parrots in wildlife park moved after swearing at visitors

Part of America Declared War On Me Last Night

Pascal’s Triangle, an interesting number patterns in mathematics.

Passenger in Jeep that ‘sped throughBlack Lives Matter protesters inColorado’

Pastor Michael Youssef: 'Woke' culture creeping into evangelical church is 'deadly' for the Gospel of Christ

Patriot Prayer ‘supporter’ Jay Bishop identified as Portland shooting victim

PBS Went to Georgia One Week Before Election — What They Found Was Shocking,

Pelosi Gives Trump 48 Hours To Accept Stimulus Deal

Pelosi’s Ninja daughter jumps in, brandishing a legal chiv

Pentagon confirms video of six UFOs buzzing warships in 2019 IS real and says it has no idea what they were

Pentagon launches task force to study UFO sightings

Pentagon official leading military extremism crackdown said Trump supporters are extremists

Pentagon prevented immediate response to mob, says Guard chief

Pentagon whistleblower warns of UFO intelligence failure on ‘level of 9/11’

Pentagon’s New UFO Office Worries Some Ufologists

Photo Collage Reveals Who Commits the Mass Shootings in the US Today

Photos – [almost] Naked woman ignores warnings to straddle Wall Street’s ‘charging bull’…

Photos: Did The “Patriot Front” Marchers Wear Point Blank Warrior Shields That Have 2-3 Month

Physicists Are Looking At How We Might Take A Trip Through Time

Pink Shift

Plane Crashes into World Trade Center

Please Pray for my daughter Sara

Please Pray for my daughter Sara

Police department reminds residents to wear pants while checking mailbox

Police Identify Guard Suspected in Fatal Shooting During Denver ‘Patriot Rally’

Police: Father of football player arrested for stabbing two teens at Chesterfield school

Police: Florida woman caused coronavirus scare on Facebook, didn't self-quarantine

Polish Women on Trial for LGBT Blasphemy of Black Madonna Icon

POLITICS NEWSSan Francisco had the 1918 flu under control. And then it lifted the restrictions.

Politifact: In Senate trial, White House Counsel Pat Cipollone was wrong on GOP access to SCIF depositions

Pollak: The Stunning Synergy of The Atlantic’s Anonymous Attack on Trump

Pompeii excavation unearths well-preserved bodies of wealthy man and slave

Port of Portland looking at alternative uses or sale of major assets to further new

Portland "Antifa" Camp site

Portland Rioters Surround Car and Driver Shoots His Way Out



Prepper Ping - Prepper Knowledge Base offer is soon to close/expire 12/25/2020

Prepper Ping - re: Oshkalaboomboom's online "Prepper Knowledge Base" – access key

Prescription For Violence: The Corresponding Rise of Antidepressants, SSRIs & Mass Shootings

President of the Federal Election Commission Drops Bombshell: ‘This election is unconstitutional'

President Trump on death of Justice Ginsburg

Prisoner in NW Iran sentenced to amputation of four fingers for theft

Private web browsers

Professor wants "last cop strangled with the intestines of the last capitalist"

Providence Mayor Signs Order to Pursue ‘Reparations Process’ for Black, Indigenous Groups

Public School Authorities Bully Would-Be Home Educators

Questions for Mike Lindell Election Fraud Symposium

Race Studies conference discusses 'white rage,' 'Becky'

Radical Leftists Treat America's Military as a Social Experiment

Radical Yale psychiatrist hints at demolition of Trump-supporting America Tells story how only bombing of Dresden, Germany, in WWII woke people up from 'spell'

Ramen Noodles Can Be Turned Into Almost Any Food In This Highly-Cursed Cooking Infomercial

Rantz: ‘Broken’ Seattle police officer shares heartbreaking letter

Rapture Reassurance

RCSD:[Richland County Sheriff's Department. S] 3-year-old accidentally shot himself at Columbia apartment complex

Re-barreling the M1903A3 Rifle in .308 Winchester

Real America: Dan W/ Woman who was denied beverage by Starbucks, because she wasn't wearing a mask, Alison Steinberg

Real Socialism

Reasons for Cohabitation: Woman, "Preparation for Marriage". Man: "Sex, when and where you want it."

REBELLION IN BALTIMORE. (This ad will kill the democrats..

Reconstructing the solar system's original architecture

Relinquish the Old Normal for the New Normal At Your Peril

Remains of mystery Somerton man exhumed 70 years after his death

Remains of mystery Somerton man exhumed 70 years after his death

Remember The 33 Sailors Lost Five Years Ago In The Worst Maritime Disaster In Decades

Remembering those martyred by socialism during the Spanish Civil War

Reparations, or Just Revenge and Retribution?

Reparations, or Just Revenge and Retribution?

Report Filed -- weird popup on FR

Report: Amazon Receives Secret $10 Billion NSA Contract

Report: CIA Secretly Read Encrypted Messages of Allies, Enemies During Cold War

Report: In 353 U.S. Counties, 1.8 Million More Voters Registered Than Eligible Citizens

Report: Server Seized In Skytl Raid Shows Trump Actually Got 410 Electoral Votes; Media Panics

Republicans for Biden Show Why Trump Was Necessary

Rescue Sweetest Tiny Kittens Was Born With Some Deformities Who's Super Cute And So Adorable (Video)

Research Shows Deliberate Chinese Propaganda Campaign Forced World Into Lockdown

Researchers At Large Hadron Collider Are Confident To Make Contact With Parallel Universe In Days

Researchers find a single-celled slime mold with no nervous system that remembers food locations

Retired brigadier general says Trump loyalists in military need rooting out.

Retired Green Beret Jeremy Brown: The Republic Has Fallen, Here’s What You Can Do

Retiring police officer gifts his badge to President Trump for his unwavering support of law enforcement throughout his presidency.

REVEALED: Navy fighter jets intercepted eight UFOs and even locked on to one with air-to-air missiles, classified reports show

Revolution 2020

Richard Marcinko: Seal Team Six Founder Dies At 81

Rifle Scope Guide2: Mounting Glass

Robert Barnes outlines historical indicators of Election Fraud

Rock Legend Alice Cooper Reveals He's a Devout Christian Who Prays, Reads Bible Daily

Ron Johnson requests documents from Biden, Archer's attorneys following bombshell Senate report

Ronald Reagan Interview on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson - 01/03/1975

Rosatom releases previously classified documentary video of Tsar Bomba nuke test

Roy Den Hollander ID’d as suspect in shooting at Judge Esther Salas’ home

Rudy Giuliani and K. T. McFarland Reveal the Sinister Reason Why China Claims the Coronavirus Came Out of a Wet Market (Video)

Rudy Giuliani: "He's the friend we've been taking for granted. He's been carrying us..."

Ruined endangered Unesco sites from Palmyra to Jerusalem are virtually rebuilt before your very eyes

Rules of engagement in the insurgency

Rush is Right: WAKE THE HELL UP!!

Russia has several thousand nuclear objects dumped on its Arctic sea floor. Now, the most dangerous will be removed

Russian scientist has Anti-Gravity technology? (My Title)

Ryan Whitaker Shot by Police for having a Gun in Phoenix, AZ – Video

Saddam to be target of Britain's 'E-bomb'

Sailor eyed in possible arson on Navy ship that burned for days

Salvation is a free gift of God! You can have confidence you are saved.

San Francisco, Homeless Encampment. A new plan to turn the whole city into a shelter system might finally be the breaking point for residents.

San Gabriel Valley Man Admits Role in Conspiracy to Kidnap Chinese National Whose Remains Were Buried in Mojave Desert

SAS exploits in Iraq revealed

Satanic Temple Claims Killing Babies in Abortions is a ‘Protected’ Religious Ceremony

Scared Rescue Dog Slowly Falls In Love With Her New Dad (Video)

Schweikart: What to Watch for on Election Night

Scientist Behind The Navy's "UFO Patents" Has Now Filed One For A Compact Fusion Reactor

Scientists put human gene into monkeys to make them smarter, human-like

Scientists Transfer Info Between Atoms (Star Trek Teleportation is REAL!)

Sean Connery dead at 90

Searching for an article - the rise of victims of a single event

Seattle Mayor: Trump Doing ‘Dry Run for Martial Law’ and Is ‘Responsible’ for Riots in City

Seattle police run out of patience with ANTIFA (awesome)…

Secession Discussion (Vanity)


Secret Nasa plans for lunar base and 37 rocket launches to the Moon ‘revealed by leak online’

Secretary Chad Wolf: Twitter’s Censoring Of Factual Information Poses A Threat To National Security

See the 'Star of India,' decades after it was nabbed in a heist [NYC]

Seeing the mind behind the universe

Seeing the mind behind the universe

Seen Any Good Coronavirus T-Shirts?

Sen. Lankford responds to 'unheard of' lack of neutrality from state GOP chairman

Senate Intelligence Committee commissions public report on UFOs

Servicing Paris Hilton's Old Mercedes SLR McLaren Costs As Much As A New Car

Seven Predictions

SEVEN VOTERS Older than the Oldest Human Being Alive Today Voted in Michigan Including One Man Born in 1850

Sex & Sensibility: Amazon’s Nude Take On Tolkien

Shattering Conventional Wisdom About Saddam's WMD's--What top secret Iraqi files disclose.

Shipments of nearly 20,000 fake driver's licenses from China seized at Chicago airport

Shocking moment high school runner leading race is sucker-punched in the head by another athlete who ran onto the track and chased him down

Shocking moment staff member at crematorium interrupts the service to shout at man who moved his chair closer to his mother to comfort her at his father's funer

Shocking moment staff member at crematorium interrupts the service to shout at man who moved his chair closer to his mother to comfort her at his father's funer

Short Jokes!

Should cats be culled to stop extinctions?

Should the British Government be dissolved because they authorized slavery?

Sidney Powell Announces Emergency Filings in Georgia, Michigan, Arizona and Wisconsin


Siege at Ruby Ridge: The Forgotten History of the ATF Shootout That Started a Militia Movement

Sign-Stealing Snowflake… Famous Last Words…

Six Signs an Election’s Been Stolen

Sniper Victim's Mother Pleads For Gun Laws

Snipers, Guns, and Lightsabers (good read)

Socialist Calls Into Hannity Radio Show and Says the Quiet Part Out Loud, “We Don’t Want to Unite wi

Socialists Are Children

Solar Energy Doesn't Need an Atomic Backup

Solar Panels Are Starting to Die. What Will We Do With The Megatons Of Toxic Trash?

Soldier Found Dead at Fort Bragg Was a Green Beret

Some in Weld County asking to secede from Colorado to join Wyoming

Sources believe coronavirus originated in Wuhan lab as part of China's efforts to compete with US

South Africa: Poacher killed by elephant then eaten by lions

South Carolina TV anchor hit man with beer bottle in fight over politics, police say


Spooky Action at a Distance

staff member shouts at man who moved his chair closer to his mother to comfort her

Stages of Genocide, Alinsky Rules for Radicals That is what is happening. Conservatives are Targeted for Elimination

Starbucks Barista Films Toxic ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Drink, Wants ‘More Dead Cops’...

State school standards banish lessons about World War I, II, Holocaust, Civil War

Statement from the President [on signing covid relief bill]

Stolen Mao Zedong calligraphy said to be worth billions torn in half by unwitting Hong Kong buyer

Story behind the Greatest Classic Rock One Hit Wonder of The 1970s (Spirit in the Sky)

Strange Tales of Horror in the Desert

Street Violence as a Political Tool

Street Violence as a Political Tool

Study suggests climate change was killing people 13,000 years agoScientists say battle wounds mean people were fighting over resources

Suggestions to possibly make your FR pages load faster [thread II]

Superbolide changes night into day over Brazil (video)

Survey: Gun Control Support Down Double Digits from Last Year

Suspect in Fatal Portland Shooting Is Reported Killed as Officers Move In

Tapping President Trumps Wires –A Spy Hunters Perspective

Target: Your Gas Car. Bribes haven’t worked, so now Democrats want to mandate electric autos.

Tech Help Please, Win 10 problem or WiFi adapter?

Tech Smart: Here are two fast and easy ways to scan your old slides

Teen Killed By Police After Fight With Dad

Ten Days of Darkness

Ten Reasons Why a Handgun Is Better Than a Woman [Humor, I think :)]

Term II, the gloves come off

Texas A&M Research Project Identifies First COVID-19 Positive Cats In Texas

Texas Opts Not to Fix $16 Billion Power Overcharge

Texas Starts Waking Up To The Issue Of The Full Costs Of "Renewables"

Texas Starts Waking Up To The Issue Of The Full Costs Of "Renewables"

Text of Tony Blair's speech to the US Congress

That time a 60s white woman berated me over social distancing in the checkout line

That Time Is Here

The "Blow Up Your School" Subgenre

The "Long Winter" of 1880/81 | The History Guy

The "Real" Deal About Nuclear, Bio & Chemical Attacks

The 'Second D-Day' allied invasion of the south of France was proclaimed a success but [tr]

The 10 Most Relaxing Songs In The World, According To Science, RankedEmbrace the chill.

The 101 Best Pizzas in America (affirmative action for pizza?)

The 1776 Report

The 45 Tough, Forbidden Questions A Normal Person Would Ask Christine Blasey Ford

The 50 Best Funny Text Messages Ever Sent

The 50 Best Funny Text Messages Ever Sent

The 50 most beautiful cinemas in the worldPlanet Earth’s most heavenly picture palaces and movie ho

The Air Force Secretly Designed, Built, and Flew a Brand-New Fighter Jet

The American Civil War Is Over Judeo-Christian Values

The American Gulag: 'We Know Their Plan' With Matt Bracken

The Antigravity Underground

The Approaching Storm

The Babylon Bee Guide To Christian Slang


The Beginning of the End of Whites in South Africa - White South Africans will be resilient to the end. Their only regret is the speed with which it now comes.

The best British period dramas, from Downton Abbey to Pride and Prejudice: Romance! Gorgeous costumes! Brooding glances! This lot has got it all and more

The Best Chili Ever RecipeA methodical approach to perfecting classic beef chili.

The Betrayal Of Democracy

The Bizarre Mystery Shrieks of Oregon

The blackout agenda

The Capitol Riot Rorschach Test: Was it an insurrection? Or Was It Mostly Like a Tourist Visit?

The Case Against Michael Flynn Peddled by Anti-Trump DOJ Officials Suffered *The* Kill Shot Today

The City is Killing America-America’s real problem are urban problems

The Civil War on America's Horizon

The Coming of Strong Man Populism and the Power of 'No!'

The Coming Storm

The commander's wife

The Coronavirus Hoax

The coronavirus may have been in California before China announced outbreak, study suggests

The Creep Factor

The Curse of Knowledge—and How to Overcome It

The Danger to America is Not Joe Biden, But the Citizenry

The dangerous case of Dr. Bandy Lee

The Day My Son Called Me A ‘Faggot’

The Difficult Way Forward

The Electric Vehicle Scam

The End of a 40-Year Love Affair: Saying Goodbye to Nikon

The Exploding Whale remastered: 50th anniversary of legendary Oregon event-With Dave Barry Redux

The Father of Fake News and the Slander Tactic

The Final Exam

The first map of America’s food supply chain is mind-boggling

The Five Universal Laws of Human Stupidity

The Fossils Still Say No: The Cambrian Explosion

The Founders Wanted You to Own an AR-15

The Godmother of Police Defunding Tried Restorative Justice, But He Kept Raping

The Golden Age of Islam is a Myth

The GREAT genocide of 2030

The Grunion mystery, solved at last

The Heart of the Beast: Fabian Socialism

The Hidden Truth the Left Keeps from Themselves

The Hillsville Massacre of 1912

The Impenetrable Mystery of the Death of Sherlock Holmes’ Biggest Fan

The intelligence coup of the century

The IQ Elites: 15 Hollywood Stars Who Can Easily Outsmart Harvard Graduates

The Israel-Palestine "debate"

The January 6th Committee Releases an Incredibly Odd Statement After Ted Cruz Asks About Riot Inciter Ray Epps

The last living WWII-era German Nazis have shockingly few regrets

The Last of a Hundred Deaths

The Last Pontiac Fiero Ever Built Is Going Up for Sale for the First Time

The Left's Idea of a Happy Future

The Left's Neverland

The LEFT...What we are really up against.

The looming left wing fascist regime

The Madcap Adventures of ‘Buckaroo Banzai’ Biden: losers sometimes compose history

The Mathematics of Countering Tyranny

The Media Is Now Openly Pushing Secession as the Election Nears

The Media Is Now Openly Pushing Secession as the Election Nears

The Medieval Carpentry Techniques Used in Notre Dame Cathedral Rebuild

The Military-Intelligence Complex

The mock revolution of the elites

The Modern Survivalist Livestream (Matt Bracken & Ferfal discuss current news in America)

The Mothman Craze Erupts in Point Pleasant

The Mysterious Body Count of UFOLOGY and the Darker Side of Conspiracy Research

The Mystery Of Tappan Zee: Why Build A Bridge Where The River's Wide?

The Myth And Phony Math of ‘Green’ Jobs

The New Secession Crisis

The New York Times Makes A Stunning Admission About CDC Data On Vaccines

The Nova Scotia shooter case has hallmarks of an undercover operation

The Nuclear Energy Advancements Of The Past Four Years Will Blow Your Mind

The Oklahoma City bombing: Jack Cashill exposes early efforts by Clintons to exploit bombings

The Once-Classified Tale of Juanita Moody

The One Grocery List You Need To Eat Healthy All Week, Nutrition Experts Say

The Only Way Out Of The Death Trap ($5,000 Oz Gold)

The Past is not Past

The Plunge Protection Team

The Promise of Transhumanism appeals to Lost People who want to achieve Eternal Life apart from an Almighty God Who Created Them

The question no one asks about God and Hell

The Ranger School Conspiracy

The Real Lesson of the DC Sniper

The real life Doctor Who who believes he can build a time machine

The Real Problem with Saying 'All Lives Matter'

The Real Reason They’re Pushing Vaccines So Hard is Both Ludicrous and Terrifying

The Republic is Truly Dead

The Revolution that isn’t coming

The Rise of the Insurgent Right

The Rooftop Solar Scam and How to Get Rid of It

The Rooftop Solar Scam and How to Get Rid of It

The Rooftop Solar Scam and How to Get Rid of It

The Saga of the LongKnife

The Sandman Writer Neil Gaiman Explains Why Franchises Like Star Wars And Star Trek Have Lost Significant Portions Of Their Fan Bases

The Satisfaction of Mathematically Efficient Christmas Cookies

The Science Suggests a Wuhan Lab Leak. The Covid-19 pathogen has a genetic footprint that has never been observed in a natural coronavirus.

The Second Amendment - Commentaries

The second American civil war: What it's about: Part II

The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election

The sentence my son’s killer got was an injustice

The Seven Cruelest Types of Torture Ever Devised

The shadow of death on the sky of Iranian cities

The silence of the sister

The Silent Christian Secession

The Sinking of the SS Robert J Walker | WW2 Hell Under the Sea

The slow-motion disaster undermining New York’s economy

The Story of Black Betty by Ram Jam

The Story of Menstruation (1946)

The Story of Menstruation (1946)

The Surprisingly Solid Mathematical Case of the Tin Foil Hat Gun Prepper

The terrifying, real-life story behind the movie, 'The Exorcist'

The terror of AIDS

The Time for Talking with the Left is Long, Long Past

The true feasibility of moving away from fossil fuels: It is very easy to make optimistic forecasts

The Trump Accountability Project [Trump Supporters Are Now Being Targeted]

The UK's Royal Mint makes history with a new coin featuring Britannia as a woman of color

The Ultimate John Kennedy Assassination Theory [Updated]

The Unbelievable True Story Of The Greatest Beer Run In History

The Unsuccessful WWII Plot to Fight the Japanese With Radioactive Foxes

The US Embargo on UFO Topics Finally Ended, But Are We Really Ready for The Truth?!!

The US Military Woman Blamed By China For Starting Coronavirus

The War on Reality

The Wreck of the Schooner "WYOMING", the Largest Wooden Ship in History

The Wuhan Flu, Connecting the dots?

The ‘deadliest’ Marine on Parris Island reveals the secrets to his record-setting shooting

The ‘smartest man in the room’ has joined Sidney Powell’s team

There are Trillions at Stake


There Will Be Blood — Peter Mertens, Former Head of Audi R&D: “We All Did Sleep”

There's a case for Sidney Powell's circumstantial evidence

There's a Reason 90% of Drugs Fail Clinical Trials, And We Can Fix It

There's More to the Story of the 'Elderly' Protester Knocked Down by Buffalo Police Than You're Being Told

There's something happening here

There’s another side to the story of the fired Navy Captain

These 10 essential browser tweaks fix the web’s biggest annoyances

These 7 turning points decided the history of the Church: The most important dates and incidents in Church history which have made us what we are today

These Key Similarities Between Lenin’s Red Terror and America’s Woke Culture Reveal Left’s Blueprint

They Were Not Traitors

Things Haven't Always Been This Way

Things only people from the South know

Think Tank Funded by U.S. And Foreign Governments Calls for Suppression of Breitbart, Fox, Conservative Media

This 30-Second Video of Simone Biles Landing a Triple-Double Flip Is Truly Astounding

This 5-Minute Breathing Exercise Lowers Blood Pressure as Much as Drugs or Exercise

This is NOT a drill: Countdown to mass FAMINE has begun, and people you know will starve and die

This Is the Story of a U.S. Soldier Who Fought World War II in His Tank

This is War

This Self-Taught Baker Makes Unbelievably Realistic Fish Cakes

This Social Security scam is just evil

Thom Stickel (A little elbow grease) passed away yesterday

Thousands Gave Their Lives to Christ at Kanye West’s Latest ‘Sunday Service’ in Baton Rouge

Three Cheers for Texas

Three false claims about the election made in Mike Lindell’s new film (Gagger)

Three teenagers die in crash while fleeing police in Minneapolis

Time for Trump to Lead on the Vax (Saturbray)

Time to Call out the Most Evil Act of Mass Murder Since Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong

Tired of being tracked online? We can help.Add DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials to your browser for free with one download:DuckDuckGo SearchTracker BlockingSite En

TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED THE 1930s, 40s and 50s !!

To Hell With Professional Sports

Toby Keith Sings Duet With Former POW

Toddler severely burned after falling into Yellowstone thermal feature

Tonight's Look Ahead America Discord Salon: Renegade Conservative Artist SABO

Top 10 Infantry Rifles of All Time

Top 10 Reasons To Believe the Wuhan Virology Lab Caused 2019-nCoV

Top 10 Reasons To Believe the Wuhan Virology Lab Caused 2019-nCoV


Tracy Beanz home burned. Total loss

Trapped Spider Flinches When California Woman Taps Phone Screen To Focus

True the Vote Announces They Are Releasing Addresses of ALL Ballot Trafficking Stash Houses (2000 Mules)

Trump at the RubiconHow the Insurrection Act and Militia Act Empower Trump to Cast the Die

Trump Envelopes at Bush Funeral

Trump Resistance Plans ‘Mass Mobilization’ After Election To Shut Down The Country If Biden Doesn’t

Trump says man shoved by Buffalo cops could be ‘ANTIFA provocateur’

Trump Urged To Commute Death Sentence Of Mentally Ill Sex Trafficking Victim

Trump: "I have a lot of enemies. This may be the last time you see me for a while.

Trump: We could deploy 50,000-75,000 federal agents to cities facing increased violence.......

Trumpets Getting Louder, Can You Hear Them Now?

Trump’s lies are hurting the country. Just look at the Coronavirus numbers and the economy

Trump’s Silenced Majority – The Voiceless, Voteless, And Canceled Governed No Longer Consent

Tucker Bomb — Pentagon set to release classified UFO findings

Tucker Carlson: Biden wants to take your guns, but leave criminals with theirs

Turning Point USA launches initiative to redirect money from liberal universities – and it’s working

Turning women into cannon fodder

Turns out wind and solar have a secret friend: Natural gas

Turtle smashes through Savannah driver’s windshield on Truman Parkway [GA]


Twitter suspends Steve Bannon after he suggests beheading Fauci and Wray

Twitter: President J. Trump retweets 4 minute explanatory video from OAN

Two Imperatives That Will Change the Trajectory of Our Country

Two Killed During Riots In Wisconsin As Democrat Governor Refuses Federal Assistance

Two more bodies found in country club golf course shooting that killed Cobb man

Two Uber passengers are killed after driver of another car suspected of street racing slams into the ride-share splitting it in half while leading police on hig

Two-drug combo more effective at lowering blood sugar in diabetes patients

Type 2 diabetes is a reversible condition

U.S. Army showcases new electronic warfare technology

U.S. Army’s XM25 Punisher: The Super Gun That Failed

U.S. attorney general tells Texas to rescind immigrant COVID-19 order

U.S. Field artillery back to learning manual methods after Russian intervention in Ukraine

U.S. Navy controls inventions that claim to change "fabric of reality"

U.S. Senator Cory Booker Tests Positive For COVID

U36 - More Than 5,000 Nautical Miles Under Water

UFO videos are footage of real 'unidentified' objects, US Navy acknowledges

UFOs exist and everyone needs to adjust to that fact

UFOs: The silly season comes early this time

UK Archaeologists REVEAL ‘One of Most Significant Anglo-Saxon Discoveries’ Ever

UK: Pensioner spends 30 years building amazing model of Herod's Temple (photos)

ULTRA-RARE footage of the most famous fighter pilot ever



Unanswered Questions About Denver 'Security Guard' Killer

Undercover agent warns of post-election plans to ‘ignite’ violent revolution that will shock the nat

Understanding and Embracing the Role of the 21st-Century American Dissident

Understanding the Rage

Unidentified Flying Objects

Unless you change these settings, Google is still tracking you

Until Lambs Become Lions

Until Lambs Become Lions

Update — La Guardia Terrorist Freakout caused by super-paranoid Karen…

UPDATE: Suspects Say Ring Leader in Plot to Kidnap Wretched Governor Whitmer Was an Alleged FBI


US DoD push for laser, microwave weapons (in FY2004 planning)

US Forest Service Police Dog Survives Second Stabbing Attack

US prepares to quit strategic Incirlik air base amid increasing Turkish belligerence

US Seizes “Largest Ever” Haul Of Iranian Missiles & Oil: ‘Enough For A Large Military Force’

US Special Forces announce 1st-ever diversity and inclusion officer

Using a VPN? Don't get phished by a pop-up scam saying your subscription has expired!

Using a VPN? Don't get phished by a pop-up scam saying your subscription has expired!

Using sequestered Dominion Equipment, Ware County ran a equal number of Trump votes and Biden votes through the Tabulator and the Tabulator reported a 26% lead

USS Johnston: World's deepest known shipwreck from World War II discovered

Vanity: So, Is the Tony Bobulinski Story Dead?

Vanity: Looking for copy of post I've seen on this forum before

Vanity: NYC Community Education Zoom Council Meeting Descends into SJW Woke Panic

VANITY: The case that Trump needs to make to Americans

Vanity: The Left’s Plan for Revolution Post Trump Re-election

Vehicle “Protest” Encounters: Politics, Legal Jeopardy, Defense


Very Naughty - Read before it's pulled!

VET DROPS BIG BOMB ON KERRY!! Phoenix Program Vietnam Vet Urges Kerry To Come Clean

Veteran Warns Masked Tyrants: “Families Are Starving”, Stop Or A Revolution Is Coming Soon

Victim’s glasses found in car of South Dakota AG who said he hit a deer

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Our Descent Into Collective Madness

Video of emotional Marine saluting his son for the first time goes viral

VIDEO: BLM Rioters going on the rampage in Wisconsin

Video: BLM “Security” Knocks A Man To The Ground, Hits Him And Puts Him In An Elbow Choke

Video: Drunk Driver Jessica Beauvais Says ‘F**k The Police’ Drinks Shots Of Vodka On Facebook Live B

Video: Lt Gen McInerney Claims It Was Delta Forces Who Actually Raided A CIA Server Farm

Video: USPS Worker Placed on UNPAID LEAVE For Blowing Whistle on Backdating of Ballots

VIDEO: Water Cook Your Bacon for INCREDIBLE Results

Videos: The MSM Reports About NYPD Smashing The Windows Of A Vehicle With A Driver Inside

Viral pepper spray video not the first encounter with police involving Army Lt. Caron Nazario!!!

Virginia girl's shocking shooting death leads to arrest of teen suspect

Virginia girl's shocking shooting death leads to arrest of teen suspect

Virus-Panicked Liberal Gun Buyers Are Getting Angry When They Discover Their Own Gun Control Laws

Wait Just a Minute! Some Very Good News May Be Coming

Wanted: Home Stereo for CD with radio, but NOT via Bluetooth!! Is there no other way these days?

WaPo: How angry pilots got the Navy to stop dismissing UFO sightings

Warning: Jan. 6 was not a one-time event

Warning: What's Happening in Las Vegas Will Destroy America

Warren says 'broke college student' donated half of account balance to keep her in 2020 race

Was panicky senator counting for her own election?

Was the Pandemic Caused by a Leaked Bioweapon or a Mishap in the Vaccine Race?

Was this house worth her life? (The best and most complete Rachel Corrie article)

Washington Post settles Nicholas Sandmann defamation lawsuit in Covington Catholic High School controversy

Watch What Some Thought Was a Werewolf Captured on Video in Yellowstone National Park

WATCH: Antifa Allegedly Stabs 4 Trump Supporters in Washington, D.C

WATCH: Bridge Inspector Saves Dog Trapped 120 Feet Above Mississippi River

WATCH: The best is yet to come

We Are Democrats

We Can’t Get Back To Normal If People Think Spreading COVID Equals Murder

We Just Discovered The Easiest Healthy Hack for Oatmeal

We Should Get Our Priorities Straight

We Were Taught How It's Done

Welcome to Bergeron! (Article based on Harrison Bergeron" short story by Kurt Vonnegut)

Welcome to Equiterra: A male-emasculating UtopiaExclusive: Patrice Lewis takes a skeptical view of U.N. group's mythical 'gender equality' city

Well well well, ya’ DON’T say! Metadata in Hillary Clinton’s emails contained a VERY interesting...

Weymouth woman 'threw unexploded WW2 bomb across garden'

We’re altering the climate so severely that we’ll soon face apocalyptic consequences. (Tr)

We’re In for a Very Rude Awakening

We’re Stuck in the Middle of a Grand Illusion

What 25 Year Old Man Shot While Walking His Dog In Philly Had To Say About Trump

What a Friend We Have in Darwin

What can a 15-year-old stripper in Kentucky tell you about China?

What Does Jesus Mean When He Tells Mary Magdalene Not to Cling to Him Because He Has Not Yet Ascended?

What Happened to an America Where You Could Freely Speak Your Mind?

What Happens if the Election Audits Go Trump's Way?

What if Africans had stayed in Africa?Exclusive: Mychal Massie says prominent blacks should be confronted with the question

What if Africans had stayed in Africa?Exclusive: Mychal Massie says prominent blacks should be confronted with the question

What in the red hell is Chiff Choff?

What is the craziest unexplained event you have witnessed?

What is the Great Reset?

What is working now: Covid-19

What Kerry REALLY did on 9/11!!!!

What Might Civil War Be Like? (From 2017 but more relevant than ever)

What Stephen Hawking’s Final Paper Really Means

What the Fake News Media Still Hides About Lee Harvey Oswald

What They Don't Want You To See

What to do about liberal neighbors?

What We Must Believe to Believe Biden Won

What Would a Real Capitol Hill Riot Look Like?

What Would a Realistic Space Battle Look Like?

What you've been asking for: A (fairly) complete list of (some of) the most significant claims of 2020 election miscounts, errors or fraud.

What's behind mysterious booms?

What's Higher Than These? Nothing Is.

When Conservatives Own Themselves

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White farmers blocked a much-needed federal relief program for Black farmers. The saga proved Black farmers won't overcome racism unless they take their economi

White People Are Also Victims Of Racism. I Have Been Multiple Times

White soldier charged with assault for shoving, berating Black man in viral video

White Vigilantes Have Always Had A Friend In Police New data shows that far-right vigilantes, often with support from cops, have threatened protesters nearly 50

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Why are so many Americans suddenly relocating, buying guns and storing up huge quantities of food?

Why are so many Americans suddenly relocating, buying guns and storing up huge quantities of food?

why are so many women liberal/socialist/communist?

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Why Most of America Is Terrible at Making Biscuits (The reason the South can bake them)

Why Most of America Is Terrible at Making Biscuits (The reason the South can bake them)

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Wild Walmart brawl breaks out after shopper apparently spits on employee

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With All Due Respect, It's NOT Settled and We DO Deserve to Know

Woman Abducted by an Abortionist and Sold as a Child Shares How God Saved Her Life

Woman claims a man gave her a car in exchange for sex in Mesa (AZ)

Woman fills out ballots for hours in PA - Nobody stops her

Woman in SoCal, converted to Republican, interviewed at Trump rally says "California is going Red in November". Vid at link.

Woman pleads no contest to aggravated assault charges

Worried about America’s future?

Wuhan Virus Furin Cleavage

Wyman Meinzer, Texas State Photographer

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Your Covid Cribsheet, Updated. Mysteries remain but one thing is known: We will be living with the virus indefinitely.

Your long-time favorite browser "favorites"

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YouTube is Unwatchable

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Zombie chimps from heck

Zombie chimps from heck

Zombie Movies Prepared You for the Pandemic

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[Sharyl Attkisson] A news consumer’s guide to ‘astroturf’ sources

‘A Child’s Voice’ producer John Paul Rice blows whistle on censorship and child sex trafficking

‘Absolutely horrific’: Police believe murder of Lakeland commissioner, husband was random act


‘Beast Of A Snake’ Breaks Record For Largest Burmese Python Captured In Florida (19 Feet)

‘I don’t know why you’re freaking out,’ a 911 dispatcher told a woman minutes before she drowned

‘It was heartbreaking’: Community mourns death of 3-year-old killed in Charlotte drive-by shooting

‘It’s a miracle’: Skydiver survives hitting ground at 80 mph

‘John Brown’ Is Coming

‘Mega comet’ 60 miles wide is about to fly through the solar system

‘Muppet Babies’ Show Pushes Trans-Agenda Onto Children with ‘Gonzorella’

‘My Brother’: Robert Downey Jr. And Others Rally To Defend Chris Pratt

‘No masks allowed’: Parents of immunocompromised infant asked to leave bar for refusing to comply

‘Not Made on This Earth’? UFO is Trending on Search and Social and Here’s Why:

‘Tiny’ Lister, beloved LA character actor, dead at 62 (Deebo)

‘Transitioning’ Procedures Don’t Help Mental Health, Largest Dataset Shows

‘Very Ashamed’: Married Politician Kisses GF’s Newly Enhanced Breast During Livestream, Resigns

‘Weimar America’ Is Not Just A Slogan

‘What Is This All About?’ Donald Trump Shares Joe Biden ‘F**k the Police’ Meme, Video from twitter.

“I Feel Very Confident that Joe Biden Will Be President – Whatever the End Count Is”

“It Should Be that He Is Simply Reinstated, That a New Inauguration Day Is Set” – Sidney Powell

“Mr. President Don’t Worry – You Fought for Us. Now We’ll Fight for You” – Laura Ingraham Opens Show

“Oh, Those Loud Black Girls!”: A Phenomenological Study ofBlack Girls Talking with an Attitude

“Smoking Gun” Proof Of Election Fraud in New Hampshire

“When They Come for You”