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Natural Born Texan

Paternal GGGrands immigrated through Galveston Texas in late 1840s from Germany.

Maternal GGGGrandfather (Pollitt) immigrated to the state of Nacogdoches, Mexico, in 1820s and became a Mexican citizen. He was appointed as Anunciamundo of the area that later became Tyler Texas. After Texas became a Republic in 1836, he rejected his Mexican citizenship and swore allegience to the Republic. After Texas joined the USA, his son (or nephew) was later paid a paltry sum for land that would become the downtown area of the new Smith County seat; Tyler Texas.

Born in Dallas,’42, and raised in Oak Cliff.

Cold War US Navy Vet and served in Catapult Division on aircraft carrier.

Retired after over 35 years in mgt. at major defense contractor.