Since Mar 26, 1999

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Our moniker nothingnew was my beautiful wifes idea. Any posts or replies without FMCDH, (From My Cold Dead Hands), are by her. Those with FMCDH are by me. Any activism in the Four Corners area...please flag me.FMCDH
I have updated my FMCDH (From My Cold Dead Hands) sign-off with the addition of (BITS).....Blood In The Streets, which I foresee coming soon, due to the enormous increase of the Marxist progressive movement being shoved down the throat of this failing REPUBLIC through the Judicial tyranny of fiat law, the passing of unconstitutional laws by the Legislative and Executive branches of our government and the enormous tax burden placed upon the average American to support unconstitutional programs put forth by Marxist ideology.

I do not advocate revolution. I only think of what I foresee.