Manly Warrior
Since Aug 30, 2007

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Christian (I mean reborn believer in the Lord Jesus Christ), heterosexual, married for over 36 years to the same woman (and love her more still), father of three strong young adults (one in the USAF), staunch conservative, pro-small government strict constitutionalist, retired US Army officer, self-employed small business owner, disabled combat veteran, NRA member, NRA certified Rifle &; Pistol Instructor, Former Missouri CCW Instructor, Red meat eating critter hunting land owning taxpayer, natural born citizen of th USA, the best country the world has ever known.... Many folks don’t like me for these traditional American ideals and firmly outspoken opinions on today’s issues. While I am not always right on a matter, I am teachable and know that life is a test. I do not plan on failing it.