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"Evils of Africa Derive from Wrong Choices. It is Time to Change", says President of Caritas Africa

"HARVEST" - Planned Parenthood's Custom Abortions for Better Baby Parts

"The American Blood Is Best, and We Will Taste It Soon”

"The True Rapture" (Sermon on 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18)

'Lyme disease is a ticking time bomb': Leading expert explains how life-wrecking illness is spreadin

10 Handmade Christmas Gifts From Monks and Nuns

10 Reasons the UAE Terrorist Group List Rises Above the Rest

15 Reasons We Should Want Hillary Clinton In The White House

23 Conservative Leaders Warn Boehner Not to Punish GOP Dissenters

A Catholic Physician’s Perspective on Repealing Obamacare (includes stats)

A Christian Understanding Of Homosexuality, Part I

A Funeral Sermon Designed to Teach on the Last Things and Inspire Prayer

A Gay Atheist Speaks a Timely Word to the Church

A Grief Observed

A Guide to Holy Confession (Orthodox/Catholic Caucus)

A new dogma has turned beliefs that once seemed common sense into hate crimes. [tr]

A New Holy League for Catholic Men {Catholic Caucus}

A Non-Catholic German Warns Against Protestantization of Catholicism

A Thinking Mom's Message for Jimmy Kimmel

A Warning from the Lord to Priests and a Request for Prayers

Ability, not diversity, is key in Trump’s color-blind Cabinet

Admonish the Sinner – A Reflection on the First Spiritual Work of Mercy

Against the dictatorship of church ladies

Alabama Chief Justice Roy S. Moore Memorandum to Alabama Probate Judges

Ambushed Arizona Trooper Saved by Armed Passing Motorist Who Shot Attacker Dead

Americans mock Obama portrait with side-splitting memes

And Death Is Gain: A Reflection on the Proper Christian Sense of Death

Apologetics 101: Is "Once Saved, Always Saved" in the Bible?

Archbishop Says Catholic Voters Share Blame With Politicians for Radical Abortion Laws

Archbishop: Strong Words On Manchester Victims

As colorectal cancer gets more aggressive, treatment with grape seed extract is even more effective

Astounding final tally of the Obama family’s taxpayer-funded travel is raising questions

“FIRST DEMOCRATIC DEBATE HIGHLIGHTS: 2015” —- A Bad Lip Reading of the First Democratic Debate

Barack Obama Plans to Destroy the United States of America

Before There Was an Everywhere, I AM

Birth Control and Homosexuality: Unintended Consequences



Bookmarklets - Get around paywalls, Fancy text for FB, Legal hacking tricks made easy!

Boosting amino acid derivative may be a treatment for schizophrenia (betaine)

BREAKING VIDEO=> LaVoy Finicum FBI Murder Footage – With His Hands Up

Brit scientists develop genetically modified virus kills cancer

Broccoli Can Possibly Help Fight Schizophrenia, Study Suggests

Broccoli sprout compound may restore brain chemistry imbalance linked to schizophrenia (glutathione)

Cambridge Company Says Live Bacteria Spray Will Keep You Clean

Can't afford an apartment in Los Angeles? Rent an RV

Candace Owen CPAC speach

Cardinal Sarah: Priests ‘Demean’ Gay People by not Calling Them to Chastity

Cath Cauc:Cardinal-Those who practice homosexuality, contraception,adultery can't receive Communion

Catholic Caucus - 40 English martyrs you may not know

Catholic Caucus: The Biblical Roots of the Liturgy

Cdl. Sarah: Some People ‘Exploit the Word of God’ to Promote Multiculturalism, Immigration

Charlie Daniels' Open Letter to Congress: 'You've Betrayed Your Country'

Charlie Daniels' Open Letter to Congress: 'You've Betrayed Your Country'

Chesterton on Christmas

Clinton Charity Fraud Biggest Scandal in US History – Kevin Shippon: 03/11/2018 by Greg Hunter

Colorado Doctor Finds Way To Treat Common Vertigo

Comey Was Prepared To Exonerate Clinton LONG BEFORE FBI Investigation Was Over

Comfort Catholicism Has to Go; It is Time to Prepare for Persecution

Companies conservatives can buy from

Contraception Destroys the Individual, Family and Nation - Popular Russian Priest (Smirnov)

Contributions from Celebrities to Obama, Barack (D)

Costly Truth – A Homily for the 20th Sunday of the Year

Culture Watch: The Cohabitation Trap

Curcumin improves memory and mood, new study says

Cyber-Shopping: 10 Great Christmas Gifts made by Monks and Nuns

Day by Day -- Saints for All, Saint Joseph, Husband of Mary, 03-19-17

Dear Hollywood: Stop Gaying All the Things, Especially Straight Characters…

Democrats Make Exception for John Conyers

Did Noah Really Live to Be 950?

Divorce agreement:

Do Average Democrats Know Far Left Loons Are Leading Them?

Do You Desire Heaven? Really?


Drinking alcohol more important than exercise for living past 90, study says

Drug shows promise against vision-robbing disease in seniors

El Rushbo's Detailed Debate Review

Enter Sandmann

Evangelist Alveda King: Oh, Omarosa

EVIDENCE: Supreme Court Justice John Roberts Was ‘Hacked’ By Obama Official

Ex-Muslims to Pope: Islam Not a Religion of Peace

Exclusive: Bannon apologizes

Explosive New Tapes on Hillary and Libya Proves Incompetence of Secretary of State

Facts On Healthcare

Feminists, Fools, Flakes and Freeze Dried Hippies: The Women’s March of Folly

First Irish monastery established in Meath since Henry VIII banned them - Silverstream Priory

Five Hard Truths That Will Set You Free

Five Steps to Better Mental Health - A Homily for the Third Sunday of Advent

For pity’s sake Hollywood, spare me your virtue-signalling nonsense at the Oscar (tr)

Former Secret Service Agent: ‘Everything With The Clintons Is Manufactured’

FREE Roku Channels Launcher App

Frenchman develops pills to make flatulence smell of roses

Full monologue: Donald Trump roasts Hillary Clinton at Al Smith charity dinner (must see!Wow!)

Full text of Donald Trump’s speech in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Funeral Foibles – Problems in the Celebration of Catholic Funerals

Ginger compounds may be effective in treating asthma symptoms, study suggests

GPs 'bribed' to NOT send patients for cancer tests: NHS pays millions for rationing hip ops…[UK]

Greed: A Meditation on an Underreported Sin

Handy Chart: More conservative, Ted Cruz or Rand Paul?

Harvey Weinstein Proves Why the Left Really Hates Trump

Here's the poop on your pool water

High levels of estrogen in the womb linked to autism

Hillary Clinton, Pride of Radcliffe [devastating critique]

Hillary's Email Presser Body Language: I’ve Seen Crystal Meth Tweakers Exhibit Fewer Tics

How Democrats Suppressed the #MeToo Movement in the Party - Greenfield

How Did Sodomy Become “Pride”?

How do you post an image?

How The Ethanol Mandate Is Killing The American Prairie

How to Survive a Job You Hate

How to Understand Dry and Difficult Prayer

I don't know Christine Ford, but I do know what Democrat operations look like. (great read)

I don't know Christine Ford, but I do know what Democrat operations look like. (great read)

In denial to the bitter end

Is Islam a Sodomy Cult that Desires to Bring the World into a Sodomized Pagan Empire?

It Took a Freshman GOP Congresswoman To Pull The Mask From FBI Director Comey…

It Was All a Lie! Here’s the Truth About Illegal Aliens and Crime Stats

It’s Time to Scrap Black History Month

Jackie Mason: Grammys A Competition ‘About Who Hates Trump More’

Jesus, Who Loves You, Warned Frequently About Hell

Jordan Peterson is Driving His Critics to Desperate Attacks

Leaked emails show Clinton’s team should read a catechism [Democrat anti-Catholicism]

Leeches and Maggots to the Rescue

Letting Go of Our Obsession with Having the Perfect Body

Liberal Struggle Against Reality (Walter Williams)

List of Obamacare Taxes Repealed

Lots of questions go unanswered in Oregon; reminders of Bruingate in NC


Machining makes the world go round

Man-Made Drought: A Guide To California's Water Wars

Marching for Life and Acknowledging Those Who Have Died

Mass offerings

Media Narrative Chart (for reporting violent crime)

Medicare Won’t Pay Fees for Services Next Year

Milo Yiannopoulos: The Leading Catholic Guilt Evangelist

Missouri's 'Walking Priest' Starts New Religious Community Featured

Moose-killing ticks thrive in shorter winters due to climate change

MSNBC's O'Donnell: Catholicism Was Once 'The Most Murderous Force on the Face of the Earth'

New Polish PM Sees Return to Christian Roots as Only Way to Stop Europe’s Decline

Obama readying USA for Islamic takeover?

Obama readying USA for Islamic takeover?

Obama the Tyrant

Obama's Mad Dash to the Finish Line (The Destruction of the USA)

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids may play opposite roles in childhood asthma

On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs

On The Hidden Mercy of the Tilma of Guadalupe

On the Mockery of Satan

On the Paradoxical Beauty of Dying

One Priest’s Concern About Recent Remarks by the Pope

Operation You Go Girl!

Our brains appear uniquely tuned for musical pitch

Our Lady of Good Success (a prophecy that is materializing) [Catholic Caucus]

Our Lady’s Miracle on the Mountain

Passion of the Christ actor: We must be ‘warriors’ ready to risk our lives for the Gospel

Passiontide Chronology: Walking with the Lord on Monday of Holy Week

Please, God, Stop Chelsea Clinton from Whatever She Is Doing

Poll shows support for Obama's tax plan (Inching toward Plank #3 of Communist Manifesto)

Pondering the Approaching Feast of the Word Made Flesh

Popular Heartburn Drugs Could Lead to Kidney Damage Without Warning: Study

Poverty Causes Crime?

Praying for the Living and the Dead – A Spiritual Work of Mercy

Praying for Those Who Have Died Is a Work of Mercy

President Trump's speech in Warsaw was a smash hit

Priest tells pro-abort Catholic Tim Kaine: “Don’t show up in my communion line.”

Pro-Life Group Releases List of Products, Cosmetics and Vaccines Made Using Cells From Aborted...

Prosecutors Were Shocked To Learn Just How Badly Obama Had Lied To Them

Protestants & Contraception

Pulse survivor says he is no longer gay, has found Christ


Purgatory is Based on a Promise of Jesus

Read Trump's remarks at Gridiron dinner

Recovering Reverence for the Lord [Catholic Caucus]

Researchers compare cost effectiveness of different types of treatments for rheumatoid arthritis

Revolt Against the American Aristocracy, Who Are You With?

Rex Tillerson Is Confirmed as Secretary of State

Rex Tillerson Is Confirmed as Secretary of State

Rise of the Zeta Males

Russian Cathedral That Was Turned Into Museum Of Atheism Is To Be A Church Again

Sacred Music. An Appeal To Restore Hearing To the Deaf

Scientists Discover First ‘Virological Penicillin’(Honeysuckle)

Secularists Erase Christianity from European History

Seven things that stayed the same when I converted from Protestant to Catholic

Shroud, New Study: There Is Blood of a Man Tortured and Killed

Spontaneous protest erupts after man beaten to death by group of juveniles

St. Joseph Teaches Us How to Live Out Advent

State Dep’t Asks UAE Why It Labelled CAIR a Terrorist Group

Stop Bashing! Because Here’s A List Of Obama’s Accomplishments Haters! *Barf Alert*

Study: Government’s [Unconstitutional] Control of Land Is Hurting Oil Production, Job Growth

Supporters of Oregon occupier honor LaVoy Finicum at funeral

Sweden: From ABBA to Allah

Take heed Hillary; all tyrants fall and you will too

Taylor Swift and the Politics of Groupthink

Team discovers that a derivative of vitamin B3 prevents liver cancer in mice

Ted Cruz: Constitutional Remedies to a Lawless Supreme Court

Thanks to Pope Francis I'm No Longer a 'Neo-Catholic'

THE BEATLES' 35 Greatest Guitar Techniques

The Bible, the Reformation, and G.K. Chesterton

The Clearest (No Spin) Summary of FBI Report on Hillary Clinton Email

The Day Gun Free Zone Signs Came Down in Tennessee

The Democrats: Out of Touch, Out of Ideas, Out of their Minds

The Eucharist: More Beautiful Than All Creation (Catholic Caucus)

The exercise that predicts your DEATH: Struggling with 'sitting-rising test' ...

The First Anti-American President

The Frog Slime Cure for Flu

The Gift of Sorrow for Sin – A Meditation on the Mass for the Gift of Tears

The godless Marxist/fascist/globalist conquest of America is in full swing, Trump stands alone

The Hidden Hand Behind Bad Catholic Music

The impact of Alfie Evans

The List:Obama's Three Hundred and Fifteenth Week in Office

The March to Nowhere

The Millennial Plan of Action to Take Trump Down

The Mystery of Life and Death

The Party Is Over In Puerto Rico

The Powerful 30 Day Prayer to St. Joseph [Prayer]

The President Meets the Pope

The Pressure Inside Every Proton is 10x That Inside Neutron Stars

The Red and the Black (and a New Word)! A Short Meditation on a Teaching - Joseph Ratzinger

The Rotten Obama Record -- and Legacy

The Scourge of Abortion: Where Is the Catholic Outrage?

The Shroud of Turin: A Mystery Across the Ages

The Shroud: Not a Painting, Not a Scorch, Not a Photograph

The Story of My Life

The ugly history of the Democrat Party: Part Eighteen

The “Fruits” of Contraception


This foam stops bullets, cosmic rays, x rays and gamma rays.

TN: Governor Haslam Reluctantly Signs Bill Reducing Gun Free Zones

To America On The Eve Of Its Destruction ...

To the doubters: Tommy Robinson, Real People's Hero

Today’s Campaign Update: The Fake News Media’s First 100 Days

Top 10 Shi*holes Nobody Wants to Visit


Trump Delivers A Speech For The Ages

Trump is more religious than people realize -- and better for religious people, too


Trump signals shift from Obama’s focus on multilateralism

Trump's budget aside, NPR and PBS should not get public subsidies

Turmeric Produces ‘Remarkable’ Recovery in Alzheimer’s Patients

Twelve Days of Buttery Christmas. [XdOGS]

U.S. Air Force Academy Symposium Presents Transgender Couple, Marxist, and Sex Guru As Models

UAE designates CAIR a terrorist group

UK terror threat level raised to critical, meaning an attack is imminent, Prime Minister says

US Debt Soars By $100 Billion On Last Day Of 2014, Hits Record $18.14 Trillion

vanity - Places to find Infowars shows and other free speech videos

Vatican’s doctrinal chief: Church hasn’t changed teaching against...

Vertigo: A common problem that left one man teetering for months and months (I just got cured!)

Warning over vegan diets and brain health nutrient deficiency

What Do the Hand Gestures in Icons Mean?

What Ever Happened to the Spiritual Works of Mercy?

What I Wish I’d Known About Catholics (And Why I’m Becoming One Now That I Do)

What I Wish I’d Known About Catholics (And Why I’m Becoming One Now That I Do)

What No One Is Telling You About Iran: Muslims converting to Christianity at an unprecedented pace

What the Dakota Access Pipeline Is Really About

What we can learn about suffering in the story of Joseph, the Patriarch?

What Were Houses Like at the Time of Jesus?

When Black Music Was Conservative

Who Is Jesus Christ? A Homily for the 2nd Sunday of the Year

Who Trump Is Putting in Power ["Trading Cards" for Team Trump]

Why 2017 Will Be a Very Important Year - A Homily for The Solemnity of Mary Mother of God

Why Did the Lord Appear to the Women Before the Apostles?

Why Evangelicals Should Rethink Embrace of Contraception, Part One

Why Heretics Hate Mary and We Should Love Her More

Why I'm Catholic: Ex-London Gangster, John Pridmore, Returns to the Faith

Why the 'death tax' must go

Why The Prosperity Gospel Is The Worst Pyramid Scheme Ever

WikiLeaks Reveals How Billionaire 'Progressives' Run The Democratic Party

Windows 10 is now comfortably the most used OS in the world

Would You Trade Eternal Life For A Ferrari? The False Gospel of Prosperity Theology

Young Christians Spiritually Failing Because Youth Groups Depend Too Much on Emotional High

Your Guide to the Swamp; by Ben Garrison

Your Life is Not About You, As Illustrated in a Biblical Story

[Catholic Caucus] On the Worthy Reception of Holy Communion, Part One

[Catholic Caucus] A Contagion of Barrenness

[Catholic Caucus] Day by Day -- Saints for All, Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska, 10-05-18

[Catholic Caucus] Lenten Series 2015 Spiritual Works of Mercy, Bear Wrongs Patiently

[Catholic Caucus] Marriage Is About What Is Best For Children

[Catholic Caucus] Novena in Honor of Our Lady of the Rosary

[Catholic Caucus] Praying for Those Who Have Died Is a Work of Mercy

[Catholic Caucus] St. Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury, and Martyr (Gueranger)

[Catholic Caucus] Tuesday in Whitsun Week (Gueranger)

‘Clinton quite effective at discrediting herself, doesn’t need Putin’s help’ - ex CIA analyst


‘Gay Marriage’ Ruling: Evil with a Silver Lining

‘Homosexuals Are Psychologically Ill, They Can Never Be In ‘Good Conscience’[tr]

“God Wants Me to Be Happy” – A Reflection on a Deeply Flawed Moral Stance