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LadyX the summer of 1951 (on the left - age 17) with my best friend, Phyllis, on the beach in Florida, my home state.

The very next summer I was A MEAN, LEAN U.S.MARINE!!

This is Maggie and Phyllis at our 40th high school reunion, at age 58.


LadyX at age 30


LadyX in 1968 as a schoolteacher at Myrtle Beach AFB Base school. (4th from left)



LadyX returning to Parris Island in 2002 - 50 years after entering the U.S. Marine Corps in 1952.
Instructed Women Recruits in Classoom Subjects during the Korean Conflict, the greatest buildup in Corps history.

The replica of the Iwo Jima Monument on the Parade Deck behind me was dedicated in August of '52.
In the Dedication Ceremony were eight full companies participating, with the WM Company "A" leading it.

It was my high honor to be out front with our Company Commander as Guidon Bearer, carrying proudly the American Flag, and with the other seven Guidon Bearers going 'Front & Center' to salute the Reviewing Dignitaries.


<> <> <> SOME FAVORITE SAYINGS <> <> <>

"Our heavenly Father moves us through the difficult places
with a power that strengthens us for all our life's other needs."

"Every experience God gives me, very person He puts in my life,
is the perfect preparation for the future only He can see...
He is at work bringing order to confusion and strength to sickness."

Both are by Corrie ten Boom,
author of the beautiful book, The Hiding Place.

Another, author unknown:

God says:
I am covenanted, committed forever to love you;
to do whatever is best for you.
I will be kind, encouraging and enabling, but I will also be challenging.

At times I will come to comfort you in your affliction.
At other times I will come to afflict you in your comfort.

Whatever I do, it will always be an act of love and an invitation to your growth.

I will be with you to illuminate your darkness, to strengthen your weakness, to fill your emptiness, to heal your brokenness, to cure your sickness, to straighten what may be bent in you, and to revive whatever good things may have died in you.

Remain united to me, accept my love, enjoy the warmth of my friendship, avail yourself of my power, and you will bear much fruit.


~ ~ ~ For He brings light to the darkness ~ ~ ~

- - - - - - - - - - -

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