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"I Cannot Hide My Happiness about the Martyrdom

"There are no Palestinians"

10 Questions To Ask About Trump’s Removal Of Troops From Syria

15 contradictions you have to believe to fit in with pop culture

2016 Sandbox

A Black Sheep in the Hamas Family (The son of a Hamas leader has converted to Christianity)


A Look at the End Times

Abp. Viganò Warns Trump About ‘Great Reset’ Plot to ‘Subdue Humanity,’ Destroy Freedom

Arab Refugees, and the "Right of Return"

Bashing God by Dissing Sarah (Fear and loathing on the campaign trail as liberals mask real target)

Behind the Scenes of a ZOT!

Bombers, Bank Accounts, and Bleedout: al-Qa’ida’s Road in and Out of Iraq

C.S. Lewis: The Inner Ring ... On Making Good Men Do Bad Things

Deir Yassin: History of a Lie

Forgive the Terrorists? (It's not our decision to make)


HTML Sandbox 2015

In times of power shortages, FReepers, can you post shortwave radio sites or links here?

Islamic Concept of Al-Taqiyah to infiltrate and destroy kafir countries (Moslem moderation is a lie)

It's possible that 2020's election fraud is way bigger than we thought

Know Your Enemy

Mark Steyn: A War Without Polkas

Mohammed's Koran -- Jesus' New Testament

Myths, Hypotheses and Facts The True Identity of the So-called Palestinians

Prophecy today, Ezekiel 34 and where we are now

Prophecy Today, Ezekiel 35

Prophecy today, Ezekiel 36 today

Prophecy today, Isaiah 14 is happening before us. (long vanity)

Prophecy today, Isaiah 14 is happening before us. (long vanity)

Prophecy today, Zephaniah - Chapter 2 is happening before us

Prophecy today, Zephaniah - Chapter 2 is happening before us

Ramadan 2003 and Muslim Prophecy of the Madhi

Re; Trump Testimony- Never ever talk to cops (or prosecutors) because... (must watch)

Roots of Islamic Terrorism: How Communists Helped Fundamentalists (Islam rides a red horse)

The Communist Roots of Palestinian Terror-How the Soviet Union launched the Palestinian cause:

The Credibility Crisis of America’s Institutions - Greenfield

The First Palestinian State

The Flight from Fact: Palestine in the Hands of Palestinian From Time Immemorial

The Gaza Betrayal (The Media as Masters)

The Kavanaugh hearing and the true danger of Godless Communists

The Reference on Palestinian Refugees

The Surprising Ingredient Grandma Used For Unbeatable Coffee

UN Confirms: WMDs Smuggled Out of Iraq

War With Words (Who's Land is Israel anyway!)

Water Experts Find Earth’s Warming, Rainfall Linked to Sun

what Barack Obama WAS doing while Sarah Palin was mayor of Wasilla, Alaska

Why Israel is the victim, and the Arabs the liars.

Wishing War Away? - It s not as uncommon as we pretend