Since Apr 7, 2005

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I am 58 years old, born in Logansport, Indiana. Home of record is El Paso,Tx.
Served in the US Army for 20 years (1965 - 1985). Retired at the rank of Master Sergeant (E-8). Spent three combat tours in Vietnam 1966 - 67 Aco., 2/16th Inf, 1st Inf. Div (Big Red One) (Grunt)), 1967 114th Assault Helicopter Company (Door Gunner), 1969 - 1970 B Co., 1/50th Inf (Mech) (Grunt Platoon Sergeant)).

After retirement moved to Panama where I worked as a DoD police officer for 12 years for the US Navy. Worked my way from police officer to Director of Security (Police Chief). Built and administerd a detention facility for the US Navy during Operation Just Cause, handled over 2,000 detainees, some of them were Dignity Battalions (Noriega's thugs), bank robbers, murderers and rapists as well as his regular troops. After the bases closed I did security work in Qatar and Kuwait for about three years on US Army installations. Was in Kuwait when the Second Gulf War broke out and the Iraqis sent missles towards the American base there for ten straight days and nights. I also worked in Iraq for 14 months as a contractor (shooter and team leader) providing security for people involved in the reconstruction of Iraq mostly on the power lines and restoring Iraqi electricity, had two cars blown up by IEDs and ambushed several times.

Awards and decorations: Silver Star, Bronze Star w/V device, Bronze Star for Meritorious Service, Air Medal (16 awards), Meritorious Service Medal (2 Awards)Vietnamese Gallantry Cross w/bronze star. Also, I have been awarded the Navy Civilian Superior Performance Medal and the Navy Civilian Meritorious Service Medal. Not bragging, just so you will know where I am coming from.

Education: HS - Vermilion, Ohio College: Bachelor of Arts, Columbia College Columbia, MO 1976
I am an old fashion kind of guy. I believe in the oldest law of nature "survival". I believe it is a man's responsibility and obligation to protect his home and family from the savages of the world, wheather it be the common criminal or Muslim barbarians. I beleive in the Christian God although I do not belong to any organized church. I believe that when you fight a war you fight to win and "police actions" are for pussies. My heroes are Audie Murphy and my Grandfather, who chased Pancho Villa down in Mexico with Black Jack Pershing, and was wounded in World War I. I hate it that since the end of World War II liberals and feminist have tried to emasculate the American male. They have failed, the brave men that fought in Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf Wars have proven that the American male can meet and defeat any enemy that comes at them. I don't like the "Nuke em First Crowd," nuclear war is too terrible. However, if we know the enemy are going to use nuclear weapons on this nation, then all bets are off (revenge will be a Mother Fucker).
Since returning from Iraq (after 14 months) I have been enjoying my retirement and my family in Panama. I have a wonderful wife (Mariela), two beautiful kids (Helen and Teddy) and a absolutely great grandson (Juan Carlos (Jon - Jon)). Life is good.