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  • Bloomberg Destroys Journalism Norms

    11/27/2019 5:48:25 AM PST · by Kaslin · 15 replies ^ | November 27, 2019 | Brent Bozell and Tim Graham
    Billionaire "news" media mogul Michael Bloomberg is running for president. How will his Bloomberg News empire cover this? Bloomberg News posted an article touting how much trouble President Donald Trump is in. It lustily listed all his scandals: "Lawmakers and prosecutors are looking at whether he abused the powers of the presidency, obstructed an investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign, engaged in fraudulent business practices, violated the emoluments clauses of the Constitution and defamed women by saying they lied about alleged sexual assaults." That's how they cover Trump. How will they cover Bloomberg? Get ready. Bloomberg has a...
  • Media bias at its worst: Reuters removes story, instead of correcting it, after realizing...

    11/20/2019 7:21:51 AM PST · by grundle · 14 replies
    wordpress ^ | November 20, 2019 | Dan from Squirrel Hill
    Media bias at its worst: Reuters removes story, instead of correcting it, after realizing they had falsely blamed Trump for something that Obama did Reuters recently reported the following. And please keep in mind that I am quoting the article in its entirety:Story on U.N. study on child detentions withdrawnNovember 18, 2019GENEVA (Reuters) – A Nov. 18 story headlined “U.S. has world’s highest rate of children in detention -U.N. study” is withdrawn. The United Nations issued a statement on Nov. 19 saying the number was not current but was for the year 2015. No replacement story will be issued.Why did Reuters...
  • FedEx CEO challenges New York Times publisher to public debate after tax story

    11/17/2019 7:58:54 PM PST · by yesthatjallen · 13 replies
    The Hill ^ | 11 17 2019 | John Bowden
    FedEx CEO Frederick Smith has challenged the publisher of The New York Times as well as the paper's business editor to a public debate after the Times reported that the company paid $0 in federal taxes in 2018. In a statement Sunday, Smith argued that the Times's report, published earlier in the day, was "distorted and factually incorrect" and ignored the "$6 billion of capital" that FedEx supposedly "invested in the U.S. economy" in 2018. "I hereby challenge A.G. Sulzberger, publisher of the New York Times and the business section editor to a public debate in Washington, DC with me...
  • ABC Chief Political Analyst Tweets Attack at GOP Rep Elise Stefanik

    11/14/2019 4:50:29 AM PST · by MarvinStinson · 85 replies
    freebeacon ^ | NOVEMBER 13, 2019 | Nic Rowan
    ABC chief political analyst Matthew Dowd on Wednesday tweeted, then deleted an attack at Rep. Elise Stefanik (R., N.Y.) after she questioned witnesses during the House impeachment hearing. "Elise stefanik is a perfect example of why just electing someone because they are a woman or a millennial doesn't necessarily get you the leaders we need," Dowd wrote in a now-deleted tweet. Dowd's attack came minutes after Stefanik pointed out during a House Intelligence Committee hearing that although President Donald Trump threatened to remove aid from Ukraine, and asked Ukrainian officials to investigate the Biden family, neither of these things ever...
  • If Trump wins re-election while losing by 5 million votes

    11/05/2019 12:11:29 PM PST · by 11th_VA · 84 replies
    The Week ^ | Nov 5, 2019 | Damon Linker
    ...The New York Times foreshadowed on Monday in an ominous analysis of recent polling data, the 2020 election unfolds differently. Trump wins but without a mandate. On the contrary, he earns something like an anti-mandate... Trump remains quite competitive in the states that put him over the top in the Electoral College last time Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Those are states he would likely carry, as he did last time, by a relatively narrow margin. Meanwhile, Trump's extreme and intense unpopularity among Democrats points to a 2020 vote in which the margin of his loss in "blue" states could...
  • NY Times Journalist Engages in Bizarre, What-If Impeachment Fantasy

    10/29/2019 9:30:08 AM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 30 replies
    Newsbusters ^ | October 29, 2019 | P.J. Gladnick
    While reading the absurd New York Times impeachment porn fantasy by Carl Hulse which was published on Saturday, you have to pinch yourself every few sentences to remind yourself that you are actually reading a bizarre what-if written by the chief Washington correspondent for a major newspaper. What if the Senate votes to convict President Trump after he was impeached by the House, meaning about 20 Republican senators vote with the Democrats. And then, and then just a majority of them could vote to keep him from running for President again?Of course, before you get to the simple majority to...
  • Obama White House photographer says photo of Trump watching deadly strike was STAGED ....

    10/28/2019 6:01:09 AM PDT · by COUNTrecount · 74 replies
    Daily Mail UK ^ | October 28, 2019 | Megan Sheets
    Obama White House photographer says photo of Trump watching deadly strike on ISIS leader Baghdadi was STAGED because time stamp suggests it was taken two hours later Pete Souza expressed suspicion about the photo of Trump in the Situation Room in a tweet on Sunday He noted that the timestamp indicated it was taken at 17.05pm on Saturday - over 90 minutes after the 3.30pm raid reportedly took place Many people shared support for Souza's speculation that the photo was posed The chief official White House photographer for former Presidents Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama has suggested that a snap...
  • Washington Post changes obituary headline to describe Baghdadi as 'austere religious scholar'

    10/27/2019 9:05:21 AM PDT · by LesbianThespianGymnasticMidget · 161 replies
    The Washington Examiner ^ | October 27, 2019 | Madison Dibble
    The Washington Post apparently changed the headline of their obituary of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi from "terrorist-in-chief" to describe him as an austere religious scholar. U.S. forces killed Baghdadi Saturday after a successful raid on a compound in northern Syria. While many celebrated the death of the serial rapist and murderer, the Washington Post left many confused by giving him the title of austere religious scholar at the helm of the Islamic State.
  • Pelosi steps up as Trump abdicates responsibilities

    10/22/2019 12:16:11 PM PDT · by ransomnote · 61 replies ^ | October 22, 2019 | Eugene Robinson Washington Post
    Last weeks viral photograph of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pointing her finger at President Trump and reading him the riot act reflected a larger reality: If Trump wont responsibly lead the nation, Pelosi will. The president has pretty much ceased being president. Trump never really seemed to enjoy the job, except for ceremonial tasks like handing out medals. Id be surprised if he could name every member of his Cabinet, and Id be shocked if he had the foggiest idea of what, say, Secretary Elaine Chao has been up to over at the Department of Transportation. Does anyone imagine that...
  • Editorial: Undoing the great mistake of 2016

    10/22/2019 3:44:37 AM PDT · by Libloather · 29 replies
    As the 2020 election approaches, the United States is deeply and bitterly polarized, shaken by acts of random and not-so-random violence, with wages still rising too slowly, income inequality continuing to increase and the American dream feeling more and more out of reach for too many people. Despite low unemployment and a frothy stock market, voters feel a deep anxiety about the future and a dark anger at the political system. With just a year to go before Election Day, global alliances are fraying as the U.S. turns inward. The culture wars are raging on campus and off. For only...
  • ABC News Broadcasts Fake Syria Bombing Video That's Actually From a Kentucky Military Show in 2017

    10/14/2019 4:32:07 PM PDT · by SpeedyInTexas · 56 replies
    GIZMODO ^ | 10/14/2019 | Matt Novak
    ABC News aired a video on Sunday that host Tom Llamas said depicted a Turkish attack in northern Syria against Kurdish civilians. Turkey is indeed pushing into Syria and slaughtering Kurds along the way, but the video ABC News played last night is from a military gun demonstration in Kentucky that was published to YouTube in 2017. This video, right here, appearing to show Turkeys military bombing Kurd civilians in a Syrian border town, Llamas said on the October 13 broadcast as the video played.
  • Vanity: ABC "News" Airs Fake Footage Claiming Kurd Slaughter

    10/14/2019 5:46:23 AM PDT · by TigerClaws · 34 replies
    ABC airs footage claiming to be Turkey cutting loose on Kurd civilians in a Syrian boarder town. Its a video from a gun show in the US. ABC needs to lose their license, this is beyond irresponsible, its criminal. ABC story: Where it came from: The Knob Creek gun show.
  • The CNN Tapes Are Coming: Project Veritas Teases A Coming CNN Whistleblower

    10/13/2019 5:24:36 PM PDT · by Beave Meister · 21 replies
    Blabber Buzz ^ | 10/13/2019 | Infowars
    Having exposed the disturbing realities inside Facebook, Google, The New York Times, and The State Department; Project Veritas James OKeefe just hinted at what could be his biggest expos yetTeasing what appears to be a real whistleblower and remember, these individuals should be protected, according to Schiff et al. OKeefe just told an audience in Washington DC that our next Project Veritas #BeBrave insider is from within CNN. Furthermore, OKeefe warned one very special individual of what is coming It might be time to recall the worst things youve said to CNN staff in the hallways, Brian Stetler Excitement...
  • Why Pelosi Doesn't Need a Full House Vote for an Impeachment Inquiry, Despite Trump's Demand

    10/04/2019 7:56:42 PM PDT · by where's_the_Outrage? · 80 replies
    Newsweek ^ | Oct 4, 2019 | Ramsey Touchberry
    President Donald Trump confirmed Friday that he intends to send a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) stating that, until the full House votes to authorize the chamber's ongoing impeachment inquiry, the administration will not comply with subpoenas and other demands for witness testimony and documents. Trump and Republicanswho've been daring Pelosi to vote on the matterbelieve that such a move would put vulnerable swing state Democrats in a tough spot and force members to more officially go on the record, as all but a handful of House Democrats support an impeachment inquiry into Trump. The White House has...
  • Heres why Trumps poll numbers are defying the impeachment mess

    10/04/2019 10:07:45 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 63 replies
    CNBC ^ | October 4, 2019 | Jake Novak
    No matter where you turn, the news is filled with embarrassing stuff about President Trump. The CIA whistleblower complaint about his conduct on a call with Ukraines president has turned into a full-court impeachment scandal. But through all of this, Trumps approval rating is at its highest level of the year according to the Hill-HarrisX survey, and the other major polls taken since this Ukraine phone call whistleblower story emerged show few changes from the last surveys taken before the news broke. How is this possible? Anyone still asking that question simply hasnt come to terms with why Donald Trump...
  • Sheldon Adelson ordered to pay damages to Jewish Democratic group

    10/04/2019 4:53:21 AM PDT · by Olog-hai · 5 replies
    Jewish Telegraphic Agency ^ | October 2, 2019 9:44 AM | Marcy Oster
    A federal judge in New York has ordered billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson to pay compensatory damages and legal fees to the National Jewish Democratic Council for using legal sadism to disband the organization. The NJDC now exists in name only as it works to recover its debts from its legal battle with Adelson that began in 2012. [] Adelson had sued the National Jewish Democratic Council in 2012 over an online petition alleging that the major Republican donor allowed prostitution at his casino in Macau. The petition included a hyperlink to an Associated Press article carrying allegations against Adelson....
  • Odd markings, ellipses fuel doubts about the rough transcript of Trumps Ukraine call (huh?)

    10/03/2019 4:41:54 AM PDT · by BurgessKoch · 40 replies
    WaPo ^ | October 3, 2019 | Drew Harwell
    President Trump said Wednesday that his controversial July call with his Ukrainian counterpart was transcribed word-for-word, comma-for-comma, an assertion that fueled growing questions about the nature and completeness of an official memorandum about the call released by the White House last week. This is an exact word-for-word transcript of the conversation, taken by very talented stenographers, Trump said. White House officials previously had portrayed the document as not a verbatim transcription but rather a summary that closely tracked the words the president used in his July 25 call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky. They said it was being released in...
  • FRENZY: Nets Devote 7 Hours To Trump-Ukraine, Only 46 Minutes to Hunter Biden Sweetheart Deal

    10/02/2019 5:50:07 AM PDT · by Enlightened1 · 15 replies
    MRC ^ | 10/01/9 | Geoffrey Dickens
    In just ten days (September 20 through September 30) the broadcast networks overwhelmed their evening and morning shows with more than 7 hours of coverage devoted to a whistleblower’s complaint about President Donald Trump’s phone call with Ukranian president Volodymyr Zelensky and the ensuing calls for impeachment. Only 46 minutes of that coverage referenced Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s sweetheart deal with a Ukranian company. Even when networks mentioned Trump’s concern about Hunter benefiting from his father’s status as Vice President, they were quick to dismiss the allegations with the refrain: “no evidence of any wrongdoing.” See montage video below:On the September 23 edition of ABC’s World News Tonight correspondent Jon...
  • Politico Impeachment Story Goes Full Laughable Drama Queen

    09/30/2019 8:02:46 AM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 10 replies
    Newsbusters ^ | September 30, 2019 | P.J. Gladnick
    In this episode of Politico Magazine Drama Queen Theater, we present the dilemma of Mikie Sherrill, a "centrist" Democrat congresswoman representing New Jersey, and "former Navy helicopter pilot," and "former federal prosecutor," deciding to throw caution to the winds and impeach Donald Trump to repeal the 2016 election. Politico senior staff writer (and wannabe playwright) Michael Kruse penned a piece on Friday with the appropriately melodramatic title of, "It Feels Like a 1776 Kind of Fight."Although he described Sherrill as "characteristically measured" and "unflappable," this is a tale of thick, shaky voices, quivering chins, unsuppressed sniffles, and dampened hankies. Oh,...
  • Scott Pelley Leads 60 Minutes Impeachment Coverage With Lie: (trunc)

    09/30/2019 7:35:31 AM PDT · by libstripper · 29 replies
    Coknservative Treehouse ^ | Sept. 30, 2019 | Sundance
    Full title of article: "Scott Pelley Leads 60 Minutes Impeachment Coverage With Lie: Whistleblower Under Federal Protection" Excerpt: CBS Reporter Scott Pelley led the broadcast of 60-Minutes presentation of the House impeachment of Donald Trump with a stunning claim: + + + Tonight, 60 Minutes has obtained a letter that indicates the government whistleblower who set off the impeachment inquiry of President Trump is under federal protection, because he or she fears for their safety. Except, they encountered one problem. its not true. Scott Pelley made it up.