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  • Bush: Plan has permanent ban for illegals

    06/23/2007 6:09:47 PM PDT · 8 of 102
    wvobiwan to Man50D

    “There will be penalties for those who come out of the shadows.”

    And THAT is the reason why we cannot do anything but DEPORT illegal aliens. From what I’ve seen, the vast majority of them do not want to be American citizens anyway. Why should they step forward to start PAYING TAXES, FINES, and be forced to leave the country to re-register?! Doesn’t ANYONE on Capital Hill have a lick of sense?

    No. Enforce our borders, end birthright citizenship, punish illegal employers, and QUIT JAILING BORDER PATROL AGENTS WHO ARE DOING THEIR JOBS!

  • Travolta's drug rant at killings

    06/23/2007 6:00:22 PM PDT · 33 of 77
    wvobiwan to neverdem

    Scientologists have some things right, but mostly for entirely the wrong reasons.

    Scientology is against phsychotropic drugs because their own brand of brain washing is not effective to those on it. Scientologists prefer to use mental problems as an excuse to recruit and program new members.

    Scientologists hate psychiatrists for the same reason, their insanity does not bear inspection. L. Ron Hubbard was a bona fide lunatic - any shrink could see it in 5 minutes. So I’m sure the anti-psychiatric hysteria was mostly self-serving for Hubbard at first.

  • Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard tops Amazon’s best-selling software list - Ships in October.

    06/15/2007 12:03:20 PM PDT · 3 of 24
    wvobiwan to Swordmaker

    Who cares? By a PC and get over yourself.

  • Immigration Bill Revived

    06/14/2007 11:18:49 PM PDT · 5 of 30
    wvobiwan to A Navy Vet

    ‘Who the hell do we have for a President? ... Kim Jung Il?”

    He’s Ill if he thinks he can get 15 more Republican votes for amnesty.

  • Immigration Bill Revived

    06/14/2007 11:14:42 PM PDT · 2 of 30
    wvobiwan to Baladas


    The Balrog of McCannedy shall be broken upon the mountain!

  • A Conservative Conservationist?

    02/25/2007 12:54:19 PM PST · 5 of 21
    wvobiwan to backbencher

    "The climate change debate is here to stay, and as America warms to the idea of environmental conservation on a grander scale, it's vital that conservatives change the debate before government regulation expands yet again and personal freedom is pushed closer toward extinction."

    So many problems with this statement I don't know where to start.

    "The climate change debate is here to stay" - Not if REAL scientists and conservatives have anything to say about it.

    " American warms to the idea of environmental conservation on a grander scale" We're not 'warming' to it, just the opposite we're seeing it more clearly every day for what they really mean by that - socialism.

    "'s vital that conservatives change the debate..." We're happy with the our side in the debate, but we wish the leftists would quit lying, yes.

    "...before government regulation expands yet again and personal freedom is pushed closer toward extinction." That is what the 'warmers' are attempting, I agree. Conservatives simply will keep telling the truth and resisting all efforts at the stealth-socialsim, 'class' warfare, and anti-national sovereignity agenda of the left.

  • From Giuliani comes a revealing rant

    02/25/2007 12:37:47 PM PST · 20 of 185
    wvobiwan to adm5

    Yeah, that part about the 'deer in the headlights' is a subtle warning that there is moon-battery just under the surface of this writer, well concealed - but it's there.

    Presidents take a little longer to get moving, that's natural. But the Mayor of New York didn't bring down two terrorist regimes in the space of 1 term. Let's be real now. Rudy might be just as strong as President, but W has done a fairly solid job of kicking ass. W could do more, but it's hard carrying around a bunch of whiney defeatocrats and RINOs...

  • From Giuliani comes a revealing rant

    02/25/2007 12:31:33 PM PST · 8 of 185
    wvobiwan to Extremely Extreme Extremist

    I don't consider an intense dislike of the press or other 'baiters' a bad characteristic for a presidential candidate. I'm all for a straight-talking, 'up yours' type of answer when it's deserved. Just the opposite, this makes me want to vote for Rudy all the more.

    But I'm not sure of his stance on illegal immigration yet, and tax cuts...developing.

  • Doug Giles: I’m not Homophobic; I’m Chick-O-Centric

    02/25/2007 11:56:54 AM PST · 30 of 89
    wvobiwan to wagglebee

    My favorite line:

    "I would think that if you are going to be gay you would at least be a man about it."


    I views gays as objects of amusement, on a 'sensitive' day maybe objects of pity. This article is great in a very diplomatic way, I approve. But I admit I'm not so diplomatic after dealing with decades of the gay agenda.

  • Kurds send 3 brigades for surge; Insurgent strikes down 80 percent

    02/19/2007 5:01:49 PM PST · 4 of 41
    wvobiwan to jmc1969

    Smart move, that'll help.

    Still think Bush needs to get publicly tougher with Iran, but I get the feeling that behind the scenes, he is.

    The Iranian fauxtography scandal to me is a good indication that someone is getting inside the mullahs heads...excellent.

  • Local Radio Station Holds Credit Card Shredding Event [Protest Of Bank Of America Decision..]

    02/19/2007 8:28:35 AM PST · 5 of 43
    wvobiwan to GVnana

    For every 100 illegals who gets a card, there will be 90 who never pay the bill. And another thousand who use bogus IDs to scam even more money from BOA.

    I don't see how BOA's stockholders and accountants could ever approve this nonsense. But I think it will be short-lived....

  • Thune endorses McCain; Pork goes flying

    02/19/2007 8:25:31 AM PST · 2 of 12
    wvobiwan to RightSideRedux

    I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Thune since he sent Daschle back to the sticks. But that spot is hardening now with Thune's support of RINO McCain, and Thune's whole-hearted support of the Senatorial gravy train.

    Wise up Thune, or we'll kick you out too.

  • Local Radio Station Holds Credit Card Shredding Event [Protest Of Bank Of America Decision..]

    02/19/2007 8:22:55 AM PST · 2 of 43
    wvobiwan to Sub-Driver

    LOL! Excellent! I'm so incensed about BOA I changed my tagline from Boycotting the NYT (and other leftist rags) to Boycotting BOA.

    Like Joe Kennedy with Chavez, BOA is collaborating with the enemy...

  • Rice to Haaretz: The year is not 1938, Iran is not Nazi Germany

    02/19/2007 7:49:01 AM PST · 6 of 78
    wvobiwan to Muentzer2005

    Iran is so like Nazi Germany it's scary. In fact, it's much more frightening - Hitler didn't have nuclear weapons.

    Condi is a huge disappointment. When she moved to State I thought, GREAT, Condi will straighten out that socialist, PC, hapless, anti-Democracy nest of treasonous vipers. Instead she proved what a lightweight 'caver' she was. Too bad she didn't have Bolton's courage, she could have done her country a great service.

    Instead she become an apparatchik in the appeasement machine. Bye bye Condi.

  • Groups accuse McCain of attempting to censor political speech

    02/19/2007 7:40:43 AM PST · 3 of 22
    wvobiwan to iloveonenewsnow

    More elitism and underhanded attempts to squelch free speach by RINO McCain. What McCain and his cronies would prefer is that all political commentary be limited only to political incumbents, and if they have to, the media.

    Just an attempt to silence the average citizens who hate the corruption, betrayals, and lies coming from our elected 'leaders'.

    You'll never silence me McStain! McCain can betray all his former Hanoi Hilton cell mates by buddying up to Hanoi John Kerry, but we the people will reject him, always.

  • U.N. Anti-Racism Panel Questions Israel

    02/19/2007 7:35:40 AM PST · 6 of 16
    wvobiwan to pitinkie

    There are no valid Islamic religious sites in Jerusalem. Any Mosques were deliberately built over-top existing Jewish or Christian sites, after Muslims took the city by force. Forcing everyone to 'convert or die', as usual. Al Aqsa SHOULD be town down, as it is defiling the historic home of Judeaism and Christianity.

  • Political Candidates' Contributions from ARAB AMERICAN LEADERSHIP COUNCIL PAC - Arab Muslim Lobby

    02/19/2007 7:30:45 AM PST · 2 of 5
    wvobiwan to PRePublic

    Quick! Someone do a cross-reference of these donations with congressmen and senators who voted for the anti-surge legislation.

    I bet we then see both halves of a Islamofacist campaign finance scam...

  • We Are NOT Buying It! (Impeach Bush Barf Alert)

    02/19/2007 7:27:38 AM PST · 12 of 54
    wvobiwan to Dallas59

    Losers. Obviously, there's a few cute deranged chicks involved here, this 'movement' would have absolutely no followers if dudes weren't trying to have sex with them.

  • Welcome to McCain's Flip Flop Express

    02/19/2007 7:21:39 AM PST · 10 of 20
    wvobiwan to wvobiwan

    Not to mention, MCCAIN IS HUGE PROPONENT OF AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS - no Republican will get elected with that plank in his platform.

    Word to the wise Rudy and Mitt...

  • Welcome to McCain's Flip Flop Express

    02/19/2007 7:19:15 AM PST · 8 of 20
    wvobiwan to meg88

    McCain is a RINO of the worst sort. His role in allowing Democrats to squelch Bush's judicial nominations is not forgiveable. His travesty of the "Campaign Finance Reform" is just a tool to remove political commentary from the public realm and make it legal only for incumbents and media. His siding with Hanoi John during the 04 election (and before when with Kerry he was instrumental in stopping the Vietnam POW search and opening Vietnam to US trade) was despicable and ignored Kerry's clear treason. McCain is no conservative, he's a lying, betraying politician of the worst sort.

    He'll NEVER get the conserative vote, Romney or Guiliani will. Don't know why McCain is bothering, Congress has a worse approval rating the GWB, and unlike George, it's well deserved.