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  • Whole Foods CEO John Mackey ‘concerned’ that ‘socialists are taking over’

    08/11/2022 8:40:33 PM PDT · 65 of 65
    TheBigJ to karpov

    Whole Foods Market is owned by Amazon. Mackey has been just a figurehead for past few years, they went full bore with corona nonsense, WFM is listening and owned by the 6 execs at Amazon and their 11 board of directors.

    I’ve been with company over 18 years.

  • Today show host Craig Melvin slams Will Smith for Chris Rock slap and stoking idea that 'men of color can't control anger' - but Whoopi Goldberg DEFENDS him on The View, saying 'sometimes you behave badly'

    03/28/2022 3:31:40 PM PDT · 73 of 83
    TheBigJ to Morgana

    Tupac stated Will Smith was Quincy Jones bitch, hence his rise from Fresh Prince. Then Jada and Will air their dirty laundry with her years of adultery, which she is unrepentant, and Will acts like a cuckolded lil bitch, humiliated for all to see. Now this staged rubbish from hollyweird for their coveted awards shows which have tanked the past few years in ratings. Anyone else physically assaulting a person and screaming would be ushered out of the venue. But these people are scumbags and the took it to the next level.

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 12/23/21 Vol.386, Q Day 1518

    12/29/2021 2:55:35 PM PST · 1,764 of 2,288
    TheBigJ to ransomnote

    Judge orders the court records sealed...

    If there were ongoing related investigations (Podesta/Clintons/etc) this would make sense....

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 11/23/21 Vol.382, Q Day 1488

    11/29/2021 7:56:07 AM PST · 1,636 of 2,300
    TheBigJ to smileyface

    I’ve been on Zelenko Protocol for Rona, fatigued, lack of appetite, slight dry cough, pressure behind eyes I had for days is I have ache in my neck/shoulders, feel weighted down. Still I’ve been taking short walks. Also taking olive leaf extract.

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 08/23/21 Vol.366, Q Day 1396

    08/24/2021 8:50:58 PM PDT · 904 of 2,242
    TheBigJ to TheConservativeParty

    Don’t quit. Religious or medical exemption. But first have the bastards sign an informed consent contract, which they probably won’t. Sets them up later.

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 08/23/21 Vol.366, Q Day 1396

    08/23/2021 9:36:05 PM PDT · 343 of 2,242
    TheBigJ to Steve_Seattle

    Must have missed the Q Proofs. Go research look them up. Or sit back and watch the magic unfold cause what we are witnessing is hardly normalcy.

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 08/14/21 Vol.364, Q Day 1387

    08/17/2021 2:37:32 PM PDT · 1,388 of 2,011
    TheBigJ to ransomnote

    Kayleigh McEnany stating there’s still 10K Americans in the ‘Stan?? This is high crimes bye Pedo Joe

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 05/21/21 Vol.352, Q Day 1302

    05/27/2021 6:17:16 PM PDT · 2,241 of 2,359
    TheBigJ to little jeremiah

    Thank you much!

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 05/21/21 Vol.352, Q Day 1302

    05/27/2021 5:26:55 PM PDT · 2,221 of 2,359
    TheBigJ to ransomnote

    Another important note is many employers are forcing face diaper wearing if not getting the jab, full on nutjob tyrannical fascism.

    I work for Whole Foods Market. It just came down that employees must show jab proof and be registered online in order to no longer wear a face diaper. They also offer $80 incentive to get the poke.

    This being information war, online searches show “oh yes experts agree employers can inquire on vax status, can mandate vax” and likewise OSHA, EEOC, CDC, WHO are political, are violating or ignoring their own standards.

    Nevertheless, cheap headlines with shallow arguments and examples don’t stop the truth that all of this is in violation of established law of HIPAA, privacy, 4th Amendment, OSHA standards and discriminatory.

    Incentives by employers for workers get jab discriminate against those who already had Rona and have antibodies, who are medically disabled not able to get any vaccine.

    The “vaccine” is not a vaccine under legal definition, it is gene therapy, rna reformat, it is not FDA approved, and there are known cures already, HCQ, IVM, Budesonide — all of which nullify company mandating it.

    And forcing face diapers is violation under OSHA of Respiratory Law, been around for years, established precedent, there has to be medical evaluation of individual for masking, must be fitted, right material must be worn, environment must be studied (industrial hygiene for example hospitals have more airflow and oxygen for masking, etc), written respiratory protection plan, etc.

    Once the class action lawsuits come rolling in the companies will drop this like hotcakes, but in the meantime it is appreciated here anyone with connections to non profit orgs for legal counsel in violation of civil rights or any class action lawsuits being formed nationwide, thanks.

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 04/08/21 Vol.345, Q Day 1258

    04/11/2021 7:48:39 PM PDT · 957 of 2,675
    TheBigJ to TrueFact

    I would love to see discussion from you all as to why Trump has 1) gotten the vaccine himself and 2) why does he brag about it and says folks should get it. I pretty much trust Trump and I believe he would not harm Americans.

    IMO the New World Order, Deep State set forth the planned Wuhan virus, a biological attack, with several goals. One of course lock down country, push the mail in voting scam for their Presidential lackey to win by election fraud.

    The bigger agenda was continue to lock down country FOR YEARS to usher in The Great Reset, their 16 year plan, which was paused by Trump winning and not their assumed ace Hitlery. NSA, MIL INTEL Patriots knew biological warfare was one of the NWO/DS many possible moves and knew their plan from it’s surveillance resources.

    Upon the Rona Scare Event, the narrative from the hack media and officials was “we must wait for vaccine until we can return to normal” , which would normally take years, which the NWO/DS would take full advantage of. Trump and the Patriots countered their plot with the speed and development of the vaccine.

    Also, in the spring Trump and Patriots passed the largest relief stimulus in U.S. history bankrupting the Federal Reserve, the Rothschild founded private bank started in 1913 as it’s third incarnation. It was out leveraged and controlled by the U.S. Treasury Department with the Patriots first stages to take U.S. (and the world) off the Central Banking System, to return to gold standard.

    Prior to this occurring, the country was locked down, borders closed, Naval blockades off each coast and in the Caribbean with our Joint Chiefs warning possible terrorist and transnational narco-criminal organizations or rogue countries not to make a move. The Patriots had also swept up MS-13 (many with prior military training from U.S. forces involved in DS Central American drug wars), and Jalisco New Generation Cartel (Project Python) nationwide. So the Patriots exploited the Rona Scare Event by taking down the Fed Reserve and thwarted NWO/DS owned Banking Cartel fail safes by arresting their street muscle. IMO the lock downs and blockades, high alert was not a virus, but to counter any possible mass terrorism event (bombings [radioactive, chemical, explosive]) active shooters, or other related plots, closing concerts, sports stadiums, schools, pubic events to avoid high death tolls.

    Trump was the bait, the NWO/DS are a foreign belligerent force occupying Washington D.C. with our MIL in control of security outside of the Capitol under Devolution, contingency planning for any WMD attack (biological warfare, violation Geneva Conv, Law of War). With President Pedo Joe at the helm the NWO/DS Great Reset agenda is being fast tracked to make up for lost time while Trump was in office. Hence the EO’s and edicts that clearly overstep. In addition, the goal posts have moved, the vaccine “no longer enough” now still have to stay inside hide from crowds and wear double face diapers all day which clearly makes no sense. So the NWO/DS now tries to exploit the vaccine, claiming “rona passport” or “everyone must get vax for herd immunity.” Every move a counter-move

    We are in an Fifth generation asymmetrical INFORMATION WAR. Narratives are twisted, exploited for public control. People have died. I believe the vaccine was promoted to end fear, lockdown, goal achieved, but completely unnecessary for a virus that is over 99% survivable; yet very necessary for the larger picture to thwart the Great Reset which wanted a Global War and DEPOPULATION. Is it possible vaccine could be ill manufactured fast tracked too soon? Yes maybe. In the course of larger events how many people will perish...but at the same time weigh the cost Patriots trying to avoid a Civil War and Global War.

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 03/27/21 Vol.344, Q Day 1247

    03/30/2021 8:32:48 AM PDT · 1,172 of 2,301
    TheBigJ to SheepWhisperer

    So these were the articles that were “reported” over the summer, with Miami Beach mask mandate:

    This Florida city has issued $14,400 in fines to mask violators

    Refusing to wear a mask in Miami Beach will cost you $50

    Both of these articles, and all others related are blatant flat out LIES.

    They claim massive fines collected for those not wearing face diaper, “yet many didn’t pay.”

    They didn’t pay because it never happened.

    I know Miami Beach. Stayed once again over Feb. There were no new personnel of code enforcement on the streets to even attempt to handle the logistics. Haha what a joke. There’s like one code enforcement officer I’ve seen in parked car for a densely populated island of transient ppl.

    There were no police walking the beat.

    No choke points, no funneling crowds to enforce an unconstitutional face diaper mandate.

    It was the same as it ever was, with police resources including county police hampered by rowdy ghetto rats from Atlanta, Baltimore, Chiraq, Philly, LA, etc who came because of cheap fares of hotels/planes and cause ruckus on weekends which is on Ocean Drive and Collins south of 16th. (Hence curfews that started over Spring Break.)

    Nobody was enforcing any mask mandate on the streets. Half the people wore them, the other half did not. If entering businesses you did, but many smaller ones didn’t care. And people in my hotel, we weren’t wearing them half the time.

    The hack media is utterly lying, carrying water from this libtard Miami Beach mayor mandate to wear masks in public, they are trying to influence and instill fear.

  • Rappers' raunchy performance of hit song 'WAP' at Grammys shock viewers: 'Wow this is on network TV'

    03/15/2021 4:27:06 PM PDT · 50 of 89
    TheBigJ to Impala64ssa

    The Deep State Globalists, NWO scum have been pushing their “music” anti-values anti-society rot gut rap BS nonstop and it crested since 2000, no other music allowed to surface and exploited to the masses. Only laughable beats and rhymes with huffing, puffing, pushing a counter culture lifestyle to youth and the masses.

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 02/27/21 Vol.339, Q Day 1219

    03/03/2021 4:34:01 PM PST · 1,167 of 1,331
    TheBigJ to ransomnote

    Tell the asshat clown jesters and fools why they listening to their boy Fauci the garden gnome and not science?

    Show a random controlled trial double face diapers work.

    Already been tried, U.S. Marine Corps under MIL scrutiny and parameters. Didn’t do jack squat against virus:

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 02/27/21 Vol.339, Q Day 1219

    03/02/2021 1:47:24 PM PST · 801 of 1,331
    TheBigJ to Melian


    BREAKING: Mississippi Governor ends mask mandate and social distancing requirements; all businesses can reopen at 100% capacity starting tomorrow

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 02/27/21 Vol.339, Q Day 1219

    03/01/2021 9:06:20 PM PST · 636 of 1,331
    TheBigJ to thecodont; CheshireTheCat

    These are all great comments.

    Many people are too comfortably numb. The military means of taking over communications will be especially heartening. Because the mass media needs a major accounting, they have completely violated their mandate and hold no legitimacy.

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 02/27/21 Vol.339, Q Day 1219

    03/01/2021 2:38:49 PM PST · 524 of 1,331
    TheBigJ to bitt

    Trump put in place Natl Guard, we have full confirmation. So the scenario often poked at “the congress critters set up a wall to protect themselves from American people” often seen needs clarification. Military in control. D.C. under lockdown. And there doesn’t have to be a announced declaration for Insurrection Act to occur.

  • Dr. Fauci warns states like NC it's 'too premature' to pull back on COVID-19 restrictions

    03/01/2021 8:46:43 AM PST · 85 of 106
    TheBigJ to Freedom'sWorthIt

    Garden gnome Fauci tell us more about the double face diapers you claim are common sense, no science backing. And we have random controlled trial with US Marines Corps and it did jack squat. Just like any face diaper, never proven to stop viral transmission.

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 02/27/21 Vol.339, Q Day 1219

    02/28/2021 8:03:52 PM PST · 308 of 1,331
    TheBigJ to TrueFact

    We’re still in exposure phase. Trump showcased the Pedo Joe nightmare and upcoming $6-8/gallon of gas. How bad things would get...

    Or shall we say COULD get...

    Because the current trajectory of the Pedo Joe aka Deep State agenda will lead to civil war. It’s just not going to work. That would be set off by attacks on Constitution factors or economic calamity.

    And there is no political solution regarding corrupted systems and stolen election, compromised courts, etc. There’s no negotiating with commmies and Deep State scum.

    Trump and military obviously know this. Trump cannot touch what is coming, the justice phase. They are trying to avoid civil conflict.

    So this remains the information war, the exposure phase, trying to red pill and get as many people woke as possible. Not the people on the internet, thinking for themselves, but others unaware or uniformed. They want more of the populace on board for what is coming. Hence Trump at speech promoting “we are stronger” and trying to call for leaders to step forward. We will need these when we rebuild America. We may be in for some more pain in regards to gas and food pricing and who knows what else in the short meantime.

    The military is the only way forward for treason, this level of corrupted institutions and to take down the New World Order cabal of sick evil scum. They only get one shot and it has to be done right.

    Because if they fail it will up to Americans to clean up the mess. We get activated. I get first dibs at the cross dressing pedophile Health secretary

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 02/20/21 Vol.337, Q Day 1212

    02/22/2021 10:36:44 AM PST · 765 of 1,598
    TheBigJ to COUNTrecount

    Where’s Barrett’s photographic memory now? Doesn’t grasp basic election fraud, extended voting, states changing rules without legislature? haha what a clown show. This is a rogue court, lawless and without merit. Why D.C. is surrounded by military, a pen of smelly scumbag traitors.

    No political solution. All organs compromised. Military has everything. Will be interesting how they unveil.

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 02/20/21 Vol.337, Q Day 1212

    02/20/2021 8:15:04 PM PST · 185 of 1,598
    TheBigJ to Publius

    The military using game theory and advanced AI NSA stuff surely went through every possible scenario, outcome and it’s just playing out following it’s trajectory of moves, countermoves with the end forced result of freedom over slavery.

    SCOTUS is compromised already with Roberts the POS, two bull dykes and another libtard asshat, let them dilly dally, only showcases their being compromised and that there is no political solution. Military the only way forward.

    There’s no way in hell the military gave Pedo Joe aka Shanghai Sally the nuclear football or our most precious secrets because that would be giving it to the CCP or NWO Globalist scum. They already endured years under Obozo regime, and now we have proof of foreign interference in election and blatant election fraud, not to mention years of treason, sedition, exposed by the military patriot insiders or “Q”. The scumbags know they have been exposed, we know they’ve been exposed, there’s no way they have full power right now or major bad things would be happening. There are contingency plans in place to save the Republic when treason occurs.

    And if that doesn’t work we’ll hunt them down ourselves war of attrition eliminating the top tier and salting the earth.