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  • Max Holland - The Zapruder Film Reconsidered

    12/06/2021 10:19:38 AM PST · 105 of 105
    Susquehanna Patriot to mfish13

    Thank you for your explanations.

    Your question about there were any “aural witnesses” to Hickey firing his gun is a good one and shoul be answered. I can’t quickly go through the book to see how this specifically was addressed. There were many witnesses who said how noisy(echo-chamber) and chaotic it was in the plaza. On a related matter, I want to say that Menninger wrote that no one testified/reported ever seeing end of barrel flash from Hickey’s gun. That does not mean the gun was not fired. Donahue explained not seeing a barrel flash was based on the type of gun and the time of day (lighting) that it would not necessarily be observed if the AR15 were fired.

    With regards to AR15, I am not a person one would go to for these kinds of things to describe differences and similarities between AR15 and M14. It looks like an AR15 to me. Menninger’s book went through a lot of checking and re-checking before it was published. I would be surprised that this type of error would not have been noticed. A misstatement of key fact like that would discredit the entire book, and converts “gun expert” Donahue into “nut job”. Donahue had a well respected reputation, including a level head.

    There is a lot of other stuff (evidence) that was collected and is missing. Explanations for missing evidence by the givernment is given as “gee, it’s missing, ho hum”. E.g. JFK’s brain with metal fragments that were seen on xrays is reported as missing, at least as early as 1968. The AR15 bullet composition is described in the book is nearly 100% copper, where as the Carcano rifle bullet was 90% copper, 8% zinc. Also the Secret Service refused to confirm the “open secret” that Hickey’s gun seen in public and photographed was an AR15 because “their policy” not to disclose what guns agents carry except for one type of sidearm that everyone knew they carried. “Awww gee fellas, can’t test the composition of the fragments in JFK’s brain to see if it belonged to the AR15 which we won’t admit that we had in the car behind JFK in 1963.”

    Despite these givernment roadblocks, inaccuracies and omissions in the Warren Commission’s final report, Donahue makes a compelling case that can’t be ignored. If givernment declassification of JFK assassination documents shows that Donahue was on the right path about who killed JFK, then one can understand why the the givernment will not fully declassify until all who were alive in 1963 are dead and gone plus 25 years.

    Just my opinion, but when I read about Donahue’s investigation, his makes the most sense and disproves a lot of other theories and beliefs. Seems only the givernment can refute his findings but they don’t, and they won’t. Then givernment people wonder why citizens don’t trust them.

  • Demonizing Kyle Rittenhouse

    12/06/2021 4:45:11 AM PST · 10 of 15
    Susquehanna Patriot to JonPreston; knarf

    Some would say keep beating the left and its propaganda media over the head with it at all times to neutralize them publicly as well as keep reminding the average person how wrong and evil these people are.

    Leftist Newscaster: Donald Trump incited a riot on Jan 6 and should be put in jail.

    American Guest: There you go again. Remember when you and your station lied about Kyle Rittenhouse attacking innocent peaceful protestors who were weren’t protestors and were actually trying to kill him? Seems you refused to change your ways greatly harms our great country when you use deliberate misinformation....

  • Max Holland - The Zapruder Film Reconsidered

    12/06/2021 4:23:14 AM PST · 103 of 105
    Susquehanna Patriot to mfish13

    Your comment #92 was completely rebutted by my citation from Menninger that there were many witnesses (see my comment #93) who saw agent Hickey armed standing in the follow car while the car was in Dealey Plaza.

    Without citation, you now allege his gun was an M 14, not an AR 15 which is reported in Menninger’s book with pictures. Don’t intend to be mean or grind an ax with you, I’ll take Menninger’s book as correctly reported and consider your comment as inaccurate, factually wrong.

  • Max Holland - The Zapruder Film Reconsidered

    12/06/2021 3:59:48 AM PST · 101 of 105
    Susquehanna Patriot to Beowulf9

    Ok, whatever on the supposition.

    Fragments were found in JFK’s head.

  • Alec Baldwin deletes Twitter account following tell-all interview about fatal 'Rust' shooting

    12/05/2021 4:43:14 PM PST · 10 of 32
    Susquehanna Patriot to conservative98

    Surprised Twitter did not do it for him ... since they are so policy concerned about having only the truth (as Twitter defines it) on their platform. Does this mean Twitter believes Ballswind?

  • NBC News’ Week-Long Rainforest Report Starts Dec. 5

    12/05/2021 4:40:24 PM PST · 12 of 14
    Susquehanna Patriot to MinorityRepublican

    Not sure how aware you are ... but the cobalt that is essential to lithium battery technology for EV ... major mining is out of central Africa. Known warring factions and human rights abuses (e.g. look up Dodd -Frank, conflict minerals). Also note that China is a major conduit of these metals from central Africa since politically correct western nations have abandoned (stopped exploiting) these nations.
    But they are okay with China exploiting them. So if you want it cobalt for lithium for EV, you might be buying from China ... if they let you.

    Bottom line ... the environmental push for EV is complicit with human rights abuses in Africa, and in China. It also raises US economic and national security concerns with China controlling major African source of cobalt. Dilemma for left - environment vs human rights abuses; China control vs US national interest. Also China is committed to all EV - I believe by 2030 or 2035. (Sound familiar?) so will they fulfill their commitments first?

  • Max Holland - The Zapruder Film Reconsidered

    12/05/2021 4:15:00 PM PST · 97 of 105
    Susquehanna Patriot to Fester Chugabrew

    The book also covers the “aural evidence”. The book covers the trajectory angles too.

    Your amateur thoughts approach professional level compared to my amateur thoughts.

  • Max Holland - The Zapruder Film Reconsidered

    12/05/2021 4:10:07 PM PST · 96 of 105
    Susquehanna Patriot to Beowulf9; Fester Chugabrew

    I am not a gun, ballistics or trajectory expert. The book I cited goes through a lot more scenarios than the single question that you are asking. For example, can the same manufactured bullet cause two completely different injuries when shot from the same gun? Could Oswald have fired two different bullets from the same gun that caused two different injuries? And so on. It is very thorough analysis.

    The Warren Commission concluded:
    (1) Oswald acted alone;
    (2) Oswald fired 3 shots from the 6th floor of the library / book depository where he worked (3 spent shells found at the depository came from the same lot of full metal-jacketed 6.5 mm ammunition made by East Alton, Illinois-based Western Cartridge Co.);
    (3) One shot missed;
    (4) One shot hit JFK in the neck;
    (5) One shot struck JFK in the head.
    (6) Jack Ruby acted impulsively when he killed Ruby driven by temporary insanity.

    Donahue concluded in part:
    (7) there were two different bullets that hit JFK;
    (8) bullets were fired from different guns;
    (9) the guns were at different locations in the plaza area;
    (A) bullet that went through JFK’s neck came from Oswald’s gun; (the 6.5 mm bullet fired from Oswald’s gun was found at the hospital after it dropped from Connelly’s thigh);
    (B) the head shot bullet came from Secret Service gun accidentally triggered by Agent Hickey.

    This book would make a great Christmas present and interesting reading for many here. It will probably answer all your questions you have, and others you haven’t thought yet about asking. Read it with an open mind, see if it makes sense to you. Note that Donahue wanted to believe the Warren Commission findings. He even hesitated to out Agent Hickey. It changed the way I see this event. To date, no one (especially the givernment) has factually refuted Donahue to date. His ballistics and trajectory analysis is quite strong, and refutes the record. We’ll all be dead and gone before Donahue gets some type of recognition. Hell, people are still studying Ane Lincoln’s assassination.

  • Max Holland - The Zapruder Film Reconsidered

    12/05/2021 11:42:04 AM PST · 93 of 105
    Susquehanna Patriot to mfish13

    You stated ... “[B]ut no one testified he was standing while in Dealey Plaza, and the photo is outside Dealey Plaza, as listed in the 6th Floor Museum.”

    Here is what Menninger wrote about that .....

    “In its narrative of the assassination,the Warren Commission did mention in passing that ‘Special Agent George W. Hickey Jr, in the rear seat of the Presidential follow-up car, picked up and cocked an automatic rifle as he heard the last shot... At this point the cars were speeding through the underpass and had left the scene of the shooting but Hickey kept the automatic weapon ready as the car raced to the hospital.’ “
    “Donahue spotted several inaccuracies and omissions in this [Commission’s]statement.

    First, Hickey had picked up the gun before - not after - the last shot, according to both Glen Bennett, the agent who sat beside him, and S.M. Holland, the railroader who had watched the motorcade from atop the triple overpass.

    “Similarly, the Warren Commission’s statement that Hickey did not pick up the gun until the motorcade was speeding through the underpass was contradicted by no fewer than eight eyewitnesses... plus [5 named] agents had all reported Hickey had the gun in hand at or just after the time of the shots, well before the cars disappeared into the underpass.

    “Similarly the Warren report further asserted that Hickey had cocked the gun after he had picked it up. But [Secret Service Agent] Roy Kellerman had testified that the AR-15 was on the floor of the car and “ready to go”, i.e. loaded and cocked.”

    See Menninger book, Copyright 1992, p220

  • Max Holland - The Zapruder Film Reconsidered

    12/05/2021 8:38:12 AM PST · 90 of 105
    Susquehanna Patriot to mfish13

    No problem, you’ve read the Menninger book, and formed your opinion. I respect our differences of opinion here.

    As far as your additional description of the picture ... does not disprove Donahue’s analysis even if it was taken where and when you described it as being taken. - SS agent, armed, in SS detail car that was directly behind the JFK limo when it was in Dealey Plaza. Agent able to stand in car.

  • Max Holland - The Zapruder Film Reconsidered

    12/05/2021 8:21:22 AM PST · 88 of 105
    Susquehanna Patriot to Freedom4US

    You are exactly right.

  • Max Holland - The Zapruder Film Reconsidered

    12/05/2021 8:14:57 AM PST · 87 of 105
    Susquehanna Patriot to mfish13

    Whether the SS agent remained standing or sat down after the shot does not negate whether the fatal shot occurred. But the SS agent had to be standing for that shot to be made.

    Look at the picture another posted on #63. That person standing with the gun in the car behind is identified as SS agent Hickey. I believe that is an AP photo copy. Seeing the agent in the foreground crawling on the back of the trunk of the POTUS limo makes it appear the Oswald and the SS Agent’s shots already occurred.

    As far as witnesses, that is a legitimate question. But even with no witnesses or conflicting witness testimony, it would also be legitimate to ask whether the SS gun ever inspected to show a shot was or was never fired?

    Donahue analyzed the ballistics and the trajectories. I have to tell you, it is quite a compelling analysis. The publisher had health skepticism. It did not have to publish the book and claims a history of not publishing wild-ass JFK conspiracy theory books. COnsider the publisher’s comment on page 247:

    “Up until now, the report of the Herings of the House Select Committee has been the most detailed, careful, authoritative study available of the ballistics issues involved in the assassination of [JFK]. It is significant to us that Donahue’s technical analysis proved more trustworthy than the [Committee’s].”

    You are free to “not buy it” the SS agent fired [accidentally] the fatal shot. My opinion is that you are shortchanging yourself by not reading about Donahue’s analysis who has considered more evidence, done calculations than all of us on this thread added together.

    And he had no ax to grind or conspiracy theory to promote. He was dismissed by many others who the publisher came to realize ... others who dismissed him “on the basis of palpable nonfacts (p 252). [If] we cannot attest to [the certainty of Donahue’s analysis] it may be because of a natural reluctance to concede that such bad luck [by being accidentally killed by one’s own security detail], so unlikely and chaotic an accident, can prevail in this world. But to disbelieve solely because it was a long shot is its own species of irrationality.” (p 254)

  • Dear Justice Sotomayor: If You Want SCOTUS to Stay Out of Religious Debates, Overturn Roe v. Wade

    12/05/2021 7:26:03 AM PST · 18 of 30
    Susquehanna Patriot to ClearCase_guy

    Would Sotomayer be insulted if someone said to her that one wished the justice’s mother aborted her as early as the moment of conception instead of having her sit on the Supreme Court? If she is intellectually honest, she would be insulted because it compels her to acknowledge when life begins. For without conception, she would never have been born.

    Since the Constitution protects life, liberty and pursuit of happiness without due process, that conceived life is entitled to federal constitutional due process protection - even the states cannot deny due process for the unborn under the 10th Amendment.

  • Dear Justice Sotomayor: If You Want SCOTUS to Stay Out of Religious Debates, Overturn Roe v. Wade

    12/05/2021 7:04:43 AM PST · 16 of 30
    Susquehanna Patriot to Kaslin

    Sotomayer apparently does not want to reconsider whether Blackmum’s opinion remains true - “When those trained in the respective disciplines of medicine, philosophy, and theology are unable to arrive at any consensus [on when life begins], the judiciary, at this point in the development of man’s knowledge, is not in a position to speculate as to the answer.”

    It seems that the science since then is well beyond consensus and that the judiciary does not have to speculate anymore. If life begins at conception, and the Constitution protects life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, then we are at the next step. Sotomayer needs to answer the legal question why that life would not be entitled to any or even limited Constitutional due process protection? An if entitled to due process protection, what would it look like? Ahhhh ... now the Court has been exposed to be out of its jurisdiction .... it cannot legislate. It would require a Constitutional amendment.

    Some will say that the states are empowered to decide whether abortion would be permitted under the 10th Amendment. I would argue that since the US Supreme Court has extended federal constitutional protection via the 14th Amendment, the states would not be able to fashion their own abortion laws without guaranteeing due process to the unborn that could survive federal constitutional requirements. Roe may be the most devastating court decision ever for at least 62 million reasons.

    Sotomayer here is either not bright, not honest, or both.

  • Max Holland - The Zapruder Film Reconsidered

    12/05/2021 6:03:09 AM PST · 78 of 105
    Susquehanna Patriot to Fester Chugabrew

    Not only was his research lengthy, it was very thorough. He even showed errors in other experts’ analysis.

    Boiled down - the type of bullet Oswald shot was not capable of causing the massive head wound that blew his head apart. The bullet that went through the neck area was consistent with Oswald’s bullet. Donahue explains why a different type of bullet shot from behind did this, contrary to the popular accepted explanation that a shot from the front blew out the back of the skull.

    Find a copy of the book, you’ll be glad you did.

  • Max Holland - The Zapruder Film Reconsidered

    12/05/2021 5:11:07 AM PST · 75 of 105
    Susquehanna Patriot to Fester Chugabrew; LukeL; CommerceComet

    While the thread has probably run it’s course, I want to correct a couple of errors in my prior posts in case some others come back to it in the future.

    The book I cited (and highly recommend) is titled “Mortal Error - The Shot That Killed JFK” by Bonar Menninger and published by St Marten’s Press. I incorrectly went from memory and said the title was Fatal Error. I found my copy late last night.

    Also, the book is written about a man named Howard Donahue, who spent 25 years investigating the assassination. Donahue was very knowledgeable about firearms and ballistics. Menninger is the author not the expert.

    Donahue was not pursuing a political agenda. The publisher note of nearly 20 pages explains that they did not want to be caught up in yet another wild conspiratorial paranoia. But in the end, while there is still the possibility Donahue may be in error, his analysis is compelling & has withstood many challenges. The federal givernment was (and I guess still is) effectively non-responsive to provide data, testimony, etc to show errors in Donahue’s analysis. In summary, there has been nothing put forth by anyone, including going head to head with the Warren Commission report that discredits Donahue’s conclusions.

    I did not search to see if Menninger is still alive. But it is Donahue who is deceased.

    The SS agent whose gun is said to have fired the gun is named Hickey. They reached out to him prior to publication, but he did not respond. Publisher did not hold his silence against him as he had no duty to respond. Hickey is deceased.

    In conclusion, this book is very logical and compelling. It basically renders many of the other popular 2nd gunman theories as unsupported by the evidence at the scene. (The book does not deal with whether Oswald was part of bigger conspiracy to murder JFK). I’ll end here with this excerpt from the book, p248:

    “For those who wonder what [Oswald] might have had in mind when he declared that he was just a “patsy”, Donahue’s theory allows an answer that does not entail the likes of a New Orleans conspiracy: Oswald, thinking to himself to be a lone gunman, nevertheless sees [JFK] killed by a shot he knows he did not fire. But he is the only one arrested. He does not know how they did it, but he is convinced, wrongly, that somehow he has been used.”

  • Max Holland - The Zapruder Film Reconsidered

    12/04/2021 7:15:25 PM PST · 56 of 105
    Susquehanna Patriot to VTenigma

    You are correct ... what a wild story on Nov 22, 1963.

  • Max Holland - The Zapruder Film Reconsidered

    12/04/2021 6:31:15 PM PST · 35 of 105
    Susquehanna Patriot to CommerceComet

    My understanding is that the bullets ended up in the front seat area. Without evidence of ricochet, could not come from front/face side shot.

  • Max Holland - The Zapruder Film Reconsidered

    12/04/2021 6:18:14 PM PST · 29 of 105
    Susquehanna Patriot to stockpirate

    Did you read the Menninger book? If “yes” what were its flaws?

  • Max Holland - The Zapruder Film Reconsidered

    12/04/2021 6:10:19 PM PST · 26 of 105
    Susquehanna Patriot to frank ballenger

    “...the Nix film is nearly as important as the Zapruder film”

    Film from a different angle, never released? While I hate to promote my own comments, .... it [Nix film] may substantiate the Menninger analysis. See my comments 14 and 20 in this thread.