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  • General Cowardice

    02/11/2003 10:55:50 PM PST · 50 of 56
    Razz to america-rules
    If Mr. Stone was in Boot camp or on his way to Iraq he would have the time or means to write this?
    Are you boot camp or on your way to Iraq?

    Did you miss the point of whom Mr. Stone was addressing?

  • General Cowardice

    02/11/2003 10:51:20 PM PST · 49 of 56
    Razz to pfflier; Nick Danger; harpseal; HoustonCurmudgeon
    While I agree with the author in respect to those able bodied males who are vociferously begging for a war, I would strongly disagree (to put it mildly) if he applied the same to those who have served in defense of this country and are now ineligible.

    To that group, within which you have all indicated your inclusion, I say "Thank you."

  • General Cowardice

    02/11/2003 10:35:43 PM PST · 47 of 56
    Razz to Hoverbug
    And BTW, the coming war in Iraq is NOT an initiation of hostilities. It is a resumption of the war started by Iraq when it invaded Kuwait, and placed on hold when Saddam agreed to a cease fire agreement. He has violated the agreement, and now the war continues. Kinda like a pause button on the VCR.
    Please explain:
    1. How does attacking a another country, not formally allied to us, constitute initiating force against us?
    2. If I tunnel under your fence and steal your property, have you initiated hostilities or have I?
    3. If the police fabricate photos in order to arrest you after you retaliate for my theft, is that reasonable or just?
    4. If I gave you the gun that you shot me with after I stole your property and framed, would you consider my complaints justifiable?
    And I'm tired of you left wing morons continuing to push that lie!!!!!
    So, by posting an article written by someone else, containing his opinion (which I DO agree with) I have now become a "left wing moron"???


  • General Cowardice

    02/11/2003 10:35:32 PM PST · 46 of 56
    Razz to Hoverbug
    To quote this genius: No human being has the right -- under any circumstances -- to initiate force against another human being, nor to advocate or delegate its initiation.

    Sure am glad I'm not this POS's wife or kid depending on him to protect me from bad guys. "Well my little daughter, I just can't justify initiating any force against this guy who broke into your bedroom. He hasn't actually initiated any force against you yet, has he? Well then, I have to just sit here until he cuts your throat, but by God, I'll let him have it then!"

    Nowhere does he advocate passivity.

    I'm sorry if you cannot differentiate between that and defending against someone else who has already initiated force against you or your family (or your neighbors, etc.)

    Can we assume Mr. Stone hit a nerve?

  • General Cowardice

    02/11/2003 5:57:19 PM PST · 1 of 56
    Well said, Mr. Stone.

    Unlikely to be well received on UN-Free Republic.
    How long before it's pulled???

  • Tales of the Garrison State

    08/03/2002 1:18:42 PM PDT · 11 of 20
    Razz to Weirdad
    Referring us to the Google search engine for your "link to the original article" is not the best form

    It's sort of an intelligence test: I figured someone else would eventually post the correct link, but in the meantime, I thought it might engender a more rational discussion by removing the ad hominum attacks from the mix.

  • Tales of the Garrison State

    08/03/2002 1:29:27 AM PDT · 2 of 20
    Razz to Razz
    Undoubtedly, there will be some in here shortly to shout at me: "This is America now – shut up and get used to it!"
  • Tales of the Garrison State

    08/03/2002 1:27:14 AM PDT · 1 of 20
  • Review: 'Founding Brothers' is a television landmark

    05/28/2002 5:57:28 PM PDT · 84 of 106
    Razz to Restorer
    Lincoln wan't anything close to a saint. OTOH, a saint would not have been able to preserve the Union...

    Too bad he didn't preserve the Constitutional Republic either.

    As for the Axis/Soviet's possible conquest of all of Eurasia, neither would have come into power without the financial backing of the very powers they eventually fought against ... in any case, you're trying to balance a 'might-have-been' against an historical fact.

    It would be equally valid to suppose the Union would have comprised all of present-day Canada West of Quebec, excluding British Columbia, and the Confederacy would have extended all the way to Panama and included Cuba. Who knows how powerful those two countries might have been?

  • Review: 'Founding Brothers' is a television landmark

    05/28/2002 4:50:56 PM PDT · 80 of 106
    Razz to LiberalConspiracy
    Of course, Marx wasn't a 'communist' until 'socialism' got a bad name, so he conveniently appropriated the label without changing his ideology one bit.
  • Review: 'Founding Brothers' is a television landmark

    05/28/2002 4:45:05 PM PDT · 79 of 106
    Razz to Restorer
    I suspect your objection is more to Lincoln's actions during his first term.


    Wasn't Lincoln a Saint? All the (modern0 history books tell us so! Never mind the suspension of habeas corpus, that he shut down any press that criticized his actions, arrested the Maryland Legislature so they couldn't vote on secession, implemented the first income tax in the U.S., implemented the first draft when he couldn't get any more volunteers to fight for his cause, allowed an unConstitutional secession of one section of a State while maintaining that States could not seced, 'freed' the slaves in the South while steadfastedly maintaining slavery in the Union and Union occupied territory, ad nauseum...

    Not that Jefferson Davis was a saint either, but history, like current events, doesn't neatly fall into clearly demarcated black and white (pardon the pun) and all too often 'historians' write for their bias instead of for the Truth.

  • Review: 'Founding Brothers' is a television landmark

    05/28/2002 4:32:52 PM PDT · 78 of 106
    Razz to LiberalConspiracy; Attillathehon; Spirited; Bigg Red; Red Jones; Little Bill; colorado tanker...
    Wow! A real, intelligent discussion! I've begun to think these no longer existed here!

    What a great thread ... since it would take too many posts to reply to individuals, i'm gonna ping you all and just make a few general comments.

    1. I'm REALLY glad I'm not the only one upset about the change from "Founding Fathers" to 'founding brothers.' Strikes me as being WAY to close to 'comrade.'
    2. While ignoring Religion as a factor in the lives and actions of these mean is simply stupid, it also not correct to conclude that they were all religious. Some may have been atheist, IIRC.
    3. It's quite fair to say that they disagreed, sometimes very, very strongly. Some delegates left the Convention over disagreements, the anti-federalists were very opinionated, but not as well organized [and quite correct to a large degree, IMHO, as their fears have largely been borne out over the past 2 centuries. As an aside, just try to find a copy of The Anti-Federalist Papers in print.]
    4. Many of the issues they disagreed on and eventually compromised on, festered on for decades, and were the root causes of the Civil War 80 years later.
    5. Unfortunately, our political lexicon has become far too muddied, as terms no longer have any real meaning; the Founding Fathers were, by definition, liberal, as they definitely wanted some changes. :-) Another point is that the Democrat and Republican parties basically reversed ideology with FDR. I've been ridiculed repeatedly for this comment, but if you find any old textbooks discussing American politics, it's a statement that was taken pretty much for granted in the 50s and 60s.
    6. As far as I've been able to determine, Washington contributed virtually nothing to the Convention.
  • New violators of the DMCA? Reuters,,, dozens of other publications, and us

    05/28/2002 9:32:44 AM PDT · 10 of 10
    Razz to for-q-clinton
    I guess Sony hasn't greased ALL the right palms yet.

    From xtramsn

    Peer-To-Peer Site Surrenders
    28/05/2002 11:27 AM
    Scarlet Pruitt, IDGNet

    It looks like the renegades of the digital age are being mauled by a paper tiger. Kazaa BV, creator of the technology behind the popular Kazaa, Grokster, and early Morpheus peer-to-peer file-sharing programs, told a U.S. district court that it can no longer afford to fight a lawsuit filed by the music and motion picture industries because of the multitude of motions, pleadings, and letters landing on its doorstep.

    "Plaintiffs' tactics appear to be designed not to achieve substantial justice or answer the important question of copyright law presented by this case, but rather to put its opponents out of business by sheer weight of paper," Kazaa's lawyers wrote in a filing recently submitted to the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

    Netherlands-based Kazaa, along with fellow file-swapping services Morpheus and Grokster, have been busy battling a lawsuit from the U.S. music and motion picture industries over copyright infringement charges related to the content swapped over the peer-to-peer networks.

    But while the case was set to go to jury trial October 1, Kazaa said that it can no longer afford to fight the charges.

    "Kazaa has asked plaintiffs for their terms of surrender," the filing states. "Simply put, plaintiffs have run Kazaa out of business."

    The company, which currently consists of two unpaid directors, said that it will accept a default judgment, which could potentially entail millions of dollars in damages.

    The incident marks a setback for peer-to-peer defendants who hoped that Kazaa could potentially legitimise the technology in U.S. courts. Recently a Dutch court ruled that the company was not responsible for copyright infringement done by people using its technology.

    But even while Kazaa receives a paper lashing from the powerful industry groups that have taken it to task, the company has managed to license its technology, called FastTrack, through another venture started by Kazaa founders. The new company, Blastoise, also operating under the name Joltid, recently licensed the technology to Brilliant Digital Media subsidiary Altnet, which launched a search engine on the Kazaa network earlier this week.

    The Kazaa website, brand, logo, and license to the FastTrack technology is no longer a property of Kazaa BV, however, as it was sold to Australia's Sharman Networks earlier this year.

    Still, the company's maneuvering has raised the ire of the entertainment industry groups that are fighting against the infringement of their copyright-protected works.

    "Kazaa BV is running an international shell game," Matt Oppenheim, senior vice president of business and legal affairs at the Recording Industry Association of America said in a statement. "They have restated over and over their legal rights, and now they are running scared from having a court decide the matter because they realise that so much of what they have said in the past is simply not accurate."

    Kazaa got another pillar of defense kicked out from underneath it recently when millions of Morpheus users were blocked from the network in what the company later explained was a denial-of-service attack. One of Kazaa's main defenses all along was that, unlike Napster, it had no central servers and no way to control the network. The shutdown of Morpheus implied, however, that the peer-to-peer networks could be controlled.

    After the shutdown, Morpheus switched to the open-source Gnutella technology, although it is still waging its court battle along with Kazaa and Grokster. But Morpheus is also facing financial troubles due to the suit. Executives from the company confirmed Thursday that they had to let go of their high-powered attorney because he was too costly to retain.

    With the peer-to-peer defendants caught in a cash crunch, it remains to be seen how they fare against the deep-pocketed U.S. entertainment industry, and whether they will ultimately get clawed off the Net by a paper tiger

  • New violators of the DMCA? Reuters,,, dozens of other publications, and us

    05/28/2002 9:09:31 AM PDT · 9 of 10
    Razz to ex con
    It was posted here on FR the day it [hit]the wire.

    Mea culpa. I did a search before posting ... seems as if the search function here isn't quite up to par ...

    Anyway, I haven't posted at FR for awhile because I'm disgusted with what has become the prevailing attitude ... but this is potential dynamite, and closely related to FR's case ... even so, I expected very few comments, which expectation was borne out ...

  • New violators of the DMCA? Reuters,,, dozens of other publications, and us

    05/27/2002 4:43:41 PM PDT · 3 of 10
    Razz to Bogey78O
    Only if it applies to linking to an article that links to an article discussing an article that violates it ... Oh, wait .. as ridiculous as the law is, that might just be construed as a violation ...
  • New violators of the DMCA? Reuters,,, dozens of other publications, and us

    05/27/2002 4:06:03 PM PDT · 1 of 10
    What more can be said?
  • New evidence we all have the same ancestors Cal student's discovery should resolve dispute

    03/30/2002 11:00:55 PM PST · 32 of 42
    Razz to jennyp; medved
    Are you just a little bit obsessed with medved? What are you, the medved police?

    Just because you don't csre to read what he posts doesn't mean there aren't others on this public forum doesn't mean there aren't others who do.

    And don't give me any hogwash about this being Jim Robinson's private property so it isn't public. It's public in the same sense that a privately owned, publically accessible library is, as long as he maintains the current format, and medved's post is informative, interesting, and within the scope of Free Republic.

    There seems to be a disturbing and more frequent trend among some of the posters here, that when they can't refute a post they don't like, they scream for J.R. or the moderator. I was led to believe that this was a conservative forum, yet such tattle-tale behavior is associated with the liberal/socialist left. Makes one wonder...

  • The Passion of Christ from a Medical Point of View (Good Friday Post)

    03/30/2002 1:50:53 PM PST · 27 of 56
    Razz to Saundra Duffy
    "Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit."
  • Attackers carve slur on young lesbian

    03/29/2002 10:33:37 AM PST · 240 of 271
    Razz to Travis McGee

    The difference between location and degree of body piercing.
  • Attackers carve slur on young lesbian

    03/28/2002 11:38:43 PM PST · 193 of 271
    Razz to IsItTimeYet
    If you want to resort to insults, then at least be honest and say fuck you.

    Let's recap. In direct response to Travis question, I said:

    Razz- (post 127)Which of course, is what I found objectionable about the post: the implication that anyone who has a piercing or tattoo is prone to slicing themselves up with a razor. A ridiculous implication if one gives any thought to the matter. More likely a reflection of the poster's own bias against piercings anywhere other than the female ear

    Razz - (post 155) My point is that altair or whatever his name is, was making a sweeping, generalized value judgement simply because this woman's body decorations run counter to his own tastes.

    altair (post 187) Yes, I do have a bias against piercing anywhere other than the female earlobe. So what?

    Only the willingly blind can dismiss the facts. If you want to jump into an argument, you should at least understand what is being discussed. If you don't like the topic, don't post. If Travis didn't want an answer to his question, he shouldn't have asked.

    As for the truthfulness of the woman's story ... well, since there's not a single post I see of anyone who believes her ... but, by all means, I'll let your holiness have the thread, free of my presence.