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  • RANGERAIRBORNE has passed away

    03/26/2004 1:39:56 PM PST · 1 of 345
  • Martha Stewart guilty on all counts

    03/05/2004 2:14:27 PM PST · 25 of 131
    RANGERAIRBORNE to TheConservator

    When this case was bought, I had a fair amount of sympathy dfor old Martha- attacked by an ambirious prosecutor for her publicirity value to huis career.
    Then, I remmembered that Marth Atewart was one of BJ Clinton's big supporters, and she loves to give her money to the Democrats. Let her spend a few years in "White-Collar" Prison, whwrere she will be able to play "trading cells" qith a bunch of her Democrat buddies.
    Also on the plus-side, she now has a LOT less money to donate to the Kerry campaign.
    Of course, I believe strongly that ALL members of the Party of jailbirds, pornographers,drug dealers,abortionists, sexual deviants, Hollywood morons and anti-American bastards should be in prison.
  • Is Cheney the Next Target? The Vietnam War war could turn to the vice president.

    02/27/2004 9:56:16 AM PST · 65 of 65
    RANGERAIRBORNE to templar
    The ORIGINAL version of this story was pretty much as I related it. Later, it became important to Cleland and the Democrats to obfuscate the facts- they are aided by the natural sympathy tht we all have for someone who was injured so severely-as well as the complicity of the Democrat-controlled media. there have been at least half-a -dozen new and improved versions of this grenade story since Cleland was elected to the Senate.
    Tracking them all down and disproving them is likely to be very difficult now- the Democrats are almost as good at rewriting history as Winston Smith was in 1984.
    As for me, I regard the latest version as a fairy tale, pure and simple, designed to help Kerry with his milking of the Vietnam War for political gain.
  • China-Taiwan arms race quickens

    02/24/2004 11:51:54 AM PST · 5 of 11
    RANGERAIRBORNE to Bulldog1967
    I cannot argue with any of your points. Weakness is weakness, no matter which Party is displaying it. And it ALWAYS nvites attack.
    Oh well, we're due for another World War anyway...
  • Is Cheney the Next Target? The Vietnam War war could turn to the vice president.

    02/24/2004 10:09:34 AM PST · 48 of 65
    RANGERAIRBORNE to templar
    No, I think that this phony story about a mysterious "other soldier" who dropped a grenade is bullcrap. The original and undoubtedly true story is that this unskilled junior officer had a grenade hooked to his LBG by the ring, and it simply came off- and he was too slow to recognize the danger to retrieve it and get rid of it safely. (I have had to scramble after trainees for grenades- it takes a certain amount of situational awareness, not to mention quickness to tretrieve this situation).
    All of these later fairy tales are to cover-up for his own incometence- which could easily have killed several other men.
  • Is Cheney the Next Target? The Vietnam War war could turn to the vice president.

    02/24/2004 9:52:09 AM PST · 45 of 65
    RANGERAIRBORNE to Williams
    Actually, there were several reasons for Truman not seeking re-election- the first being that his Party was convinced he could not win. Somwthing about firing our finest General in the middle of a war , seizing the steel industry in violation of lots of laws, and corruption within his Administration, when Truman had made his bones in the Senate by fighting wartime defense contractor corruption via the so-called "Truman Commission.
    He remains my favorite Democrat, but for his and George Marshall's efforts in post-war Europe, rather than any domestic agenda or Korean War action, where he deferred to the feckless United Nations.

    But saying that someone is MY "favorite Democrat" is sort of like me going out into the dog yard and nominating" my favorite dog turd!"

    I hate and despise Democrats, in case that is not clear.
  • Is Cheney the Next Target? The Vietnam War war could turn to the vice president.

    02/24/2004 9:06:25 AM PST · 32 of 65
    RANGERAIRBORNE to Williams
    "Uh, Harry Truman didn't seek reelection because he couldn't end (the Korean War"

    I seem to recall that Ike said "I will go to Korea", and that was pretty much rhe end of Truman's hopes for re-election. , my point was that the Korean War was, like practically all Democrat-started wars, completely avoidable. Roosevelt, then Truman, flatly refused to include the Korean Peninsula in our zone of protection in the Pacific, which emboldened the Russians to support the NK Communists in their attempt to sieze the South. It would have taken so little to prevent this war- but the Democrats, as usual, were too cowardly to even try.
  • China-Taiwan arms race quickens

    02/24/2004 8:55:52 AM PST · 2 of 11
    RANGERAIRBORNE to Tailgunner Joe
    Want to see war with China over Taiwan, as well as as a devastating renewal of the Korean War- with nuclear weapons- Just elect a Democrat President. It's a guarantee- Democrats exude an air of weakness that invites attack- then they find some convenient Republican to blame.

    This country will NOT survive a Kerry Administration- start stocking up on canned goods and ammunition if it looks like this moron gigolo is winning this Fall!
  • Is Cheney the Next Target? The Vietnam War war could turn to the vice president.

    02/24/2004 8:44:56 AM PST · 16 of 65
    RANGERAIRBORNE to jwalsh07
    By all means, scumsucking Democrats- let's refight VietNam. I suspect that America will win this time around...

    Democrats are good at STARTING wars- but, with the exception of Harry Truman, not so good at FINISHING them- oops- I just remembered that it was Roosevelt's and Truman's weakness on Korea that started THAT war, and it took Eisenhower to stop it.
    A lot of Special Forces veterans practically worship JFK because of his support for the beret, unconventional warfare, etc.
    I am not one of those. JFK was a skirt-chasing sissy who should never have been in the Senate, let alone President. I am so damned tired of hearing Vietnam called Nixon's War that I may have to take my trusty Louisville Slugger to the next Democrat who does that in my presence. It's just the "BIG LIE" favored by Commies and Democrats (but I repeat myself).
  • Cleland's Time At The Front

    02/23/2004 12:46:40 PM PST · 67 of 124
    What does it take to immunize those of us who do not "buy" the official Democrat Party versions of Kerry's and Cleland's service records?
    Is a RVCM enough? Or a VSM? Or do we need to have the MOH to make us "qualified" to have an opinion on this forum?

    No, I don't think so- after all, practically NONE of the Democrats who are running down George Bushes NG service have ever worn a uniform (excrept perhaps one supplied by a fast-food outfit).
  • Cleland's Time At The Front

    02/23/2004 12:31:26 PM PST · 63 of 124
    Cleland served and did his duty. Don't attack his service record. If you are in a combat area one minute or one year, you are where any number of things can kill or maim you.

    Absolutely true- and these careless acts can also kill or maim others. The Military, following the example of companies which engage in dangerous activities (oil drilling, aviation, heavy construction, etc etc, now have professional Safety Officers and written procedures to try and avoid some of these pointless and stupid accidents. (Yes, I know that the Navy and Air Force took the lead in this many years ago- but I could still find you dozens of really awful accidents in both services, especially concerning ammunition-handling).
    GOOGLE up the "Port Chicago Disaster", or the explosion of the "Mount Hood", for example. Or the LEXINGTON, or on and on and on. Equal time for the Air Force? How about the crash of the B-58 that was run into by a chase plane? Ironically, there for enhanced safety...

    The Army was (VERY) late to institute formal safety programs- as I said elsewhere , I saw hundreds of accidental deaths, which were generally considered a "cost of doing business".

  • Cleland's Time At The Front

    02/23/2004 12:09:26 PM PST · 52 of 124
    That is the way I heard this story as well- it was a fairly common (although stupid and unsafe practice) for young troops, especially those without an Infantry MOS, to hook grenades to webgear by the ring. Subsequent movement, snagging on objects in vehicles or aircraft, etc could cause a disaster.eXPERIENCED NCO'S PREVENTED MANY OF THESE. Note that Cleland was a Signal Corps officer, whose Infantry skills probably did not extend beyond the ability to clean his .45. iT IS SO LIKE A DEMOCRAT TO TRY TO SHIFT THE BLAME TO SOME UNKNOWN LOW-RANKING SOLDIER -BUT IN THIS CASE IT IS OBVIOUSLY NONSENSE.

    Accidental death and injury during this war was far more common than almost anyone can imagine. I have a theory that more men died from accidents, including training accidents, during the official ten years of the Vietnam War, than were killed or wounded in combat. (my own Special Forces class lost nine killed and 3 permanently disabled in TRAINING ACCIDENTS! And these were experienced soldiers, most with at least a tour in the combat zone. i PERSONALLY HAVE SEEN hundreds OF ACCIDENTAL DEATHS, INCLUDING AIRCRAFT ACCIDENTS, ARTILLERY ACCIDENTS, MISHANDLING OF WEAPONS, DROWNINGS DURING WATER-CROSSING OPERATIONS, ETC ETC.
    Am I saying that accidental deaths are less tragic than dying by stepping on a mine, etc? No, I'm not. I AM saying that this Cleland story has been PURPOSELY muddied up by himself and his worthless Democrat Party (which STArted THIS WAR, REMEMBER...) IN ORDER TO GET HIM ELECTED IN gEORGIA, ONE OF THE sTATES WHERE A MILITARY RECORD IS A POSITIVE THING, EVEN NOW. (aSK A FEW PEOPLE WHO FOLLOW POLITICS HOW cLELAND WAS QOUNDED, AND YOU WILL HEAR THAT IT WAS A COMBAT INJURY FROM PRACTICALLY ALL. aHH, THE POWER OF MYTH...
  • Mideast Islamists slam headscarf ban

    02/11/2004 10:14:00 AM PST · 6 of 10
    I suspect that the French are going to regret allowing millions (about 5 million, I believe)largely uneducated and unemployable Muslims into France- and then piling them up in high-rises surrounding many of their main cities...
    I wonder if the coming attack on Paris or Toulouse (or -fill in the blank_____) will change their attitude towards the War on Terrorists???
  • 'Concealed carry' bewilders enforcers

    01/10/2004 10:53:32 AM PST · 27 of 47
    Hmmm... I believe that the Anchorage Police Department is even now recruiting for trained Police Officers in Ohio (so they can avoid the cost of training them here). BUT, if this is the level of "smarts" we can expect to see, perhaps these folks should tay where they are.

    When I am coNtacted by a LEO while carrying my legal pistol, I don't want there to be confusion about whether Big Momma State has REALLY sAiD it was "OK". (Actually, our law is improved now- I no longer need the CCW to carry, although I still have it, mainly because it speeds up gun=buying (instant bacground check). Boy, hese guys better get a quick attitude adjustment if they come to work up here- dragging your feet to oppose laws the political leaders in the Department disapprove of is done up here, too, but the citizens reaLLY DON'T APPRECIATE IT.

  • Hillary to Troops: Support for War Fading

    11/30/2003 8:58:42 AM PST · 1,582 of 2,008
    RANGERAIRBORNE to Iconoclast2
    Good point. But the alternative to having her run now is to have her around, sabotaging the Administration until 2008. Let's just let her run, and see what happens.
  • Home-field advantage:Should homeschool kids be able to participate in public-school activities?

    11/30/2003 7:59:05 AM PST · 62 of 90
    "Absolutely no!, why represent a school on a sports team, when the athelete does'nt even attend the school????,"

    Hmmm- you DO know that is "athlete", not "ATHELETE", "does'nt" you? Are is yoou a Publik Skool Teechur?

  • Home-field advantage:Should homeschool kids be able to participate in public-school activities?

    11/30/2003 7:53:23 AM PST · 61 of 90
    RANGERAIRBORNE to Conservateacher
    Public school teachers are drawn from the botton quintile of the lowest-achieving college generation we have ever seen in this country.

    You can't blame them for wanting to keep the kidss trapped in these miserable moron-factories- without their "teaching" jobs,most of them would be doing other things- things involving fries and special sauce, most likely.

    Rhink I exaggerate? Go to your local High School and (if you can avoid being mugged in the hallways) ask a random selection of "students" a few basic questions about American History, Math, Science, or anything else you think they should know to be a citizen of a free Republic.

    Rhe results will astound you. These kids know NOTHING at all. Their textbooks are crap, with large print, lots of color, and many pictures- suitable for bedtime reading for two-year-olds-(I expect DISNEY to take over all textbook publishing any day now. and they spend more time playing video games than they do on schoolwork. If they are athletes, they (as a rule) don't DO any schoolwork.

    When you recover from your shock and dismay, try the same questions on a few randomly-delected homeschoolers.

    We are heading for the situation outlined in Kornbluth's story "THE MARCHING MORONS", where 10% of the population provides the brainpower to keep the other 90% supplied with their welfare goodies and make-work jobs. Except that a LOT of that 10% will be immigrants, especially Asian immigrants, who take school seriously. Homeschoolers will be well-represented in the ruling class, though. See what I mean?

  • Home-field advantage:Should homeschool kids be able to participate in public-school activities?

    11/29/2003 7:13:04 PM PST · 3 of 90
    RANGERAIRBORNE to RaceBannon
    Absolutely, yes. At least so long as the homeschoolers parents have to pay property taxes to support the public achools, even though they are smart enough not to want to send their kids to them!
  • Bush trip cloaked in lies and secrecy

    11/29/2003 12:00:28 PM PST · 67 of 141
    RANGERAIRBORNE to HapaxLegamenon
    Real satire is the hardest thing there is to pull of- that is why there are so few satirists in the world making a living.

    You need to hang onto your day job...

  • Bush trip cloaked in lies and secrecy

    11/29/2003 11:26:08 AM PST · 6 of 141
    RANGERAIRBORNE to HapaxLegamenon
    Who is this jerkoff, and why should anyone care what he writes?

    Go suck an egg.