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  • SCOTUS Denies Texas

    12/11/2020 11:10:39 PM PST · 1,697 of 1,888
    mississippi red-neck to jroehl

    is any one reading the whole document it does not seem to make any sense to some of the responses here. The top seems to say that the right for Texas to complain is denied and at the bottom Justice Thomas and Alto are answering granting Texas the right to to file the petition? The date on this thing is feb 20/20 which seems odd .Can some one enlighten ?

  • SCOTUS Denies Texas

    12/11/2020 9:54:27 PM PST · 1,660 of 1,888
    mississippi red-neck to Covenantor
    f this overthrow does go through our President and his family and everyone else including the ignorant ones that they brain washed into helping then will no longer be needed.

    They will finally have what they think they want.

    They will have all the money they need.They have all the Unfree press/media they need . They already have all law they need. They will have all the police agencies,the, FBI, The CIA, The Treasury agents, U.S.Marshall etc. ad nausea, all these come under the Executive Branch. they no longer will need any political parties or elections or politicians or voters.

    Why waste billions getting them elected or bribing them afterwards and besides some one could use them against them as they did President Trump.

    Adolf didn't and eliminated his.

    These always end up with one mad man in the drivers seat .If you look around at the people/ places / money involved This one is going to end for the world government.We have had ample warning where our government was going as did all former world dominant nations.

    World history and each nation's own history has shown them what happens to countries who refuse to learn from history.The only source of true history of man his world and their future together is the Bible.

    As each nation quit using and believing in its teaching and it's Author they ceased being a world power. We quit in the sixties.

    When He downsized the Soviet Union I told some of my work family as we listened to the radio and talked it at lunch I told them I thought we would be next if we didn't change our spiritual direction and return to Him.

    I thought that as had the Soviets the U.S.would be weakened from superpower status so we could not interfere with Israel and that God was setting them up so they would end up being the dominant power in the Middle East after the GoG Magog war.

    I still do think this what is happening based on my years of very heavy Bible study especially Eze.38 & 39 I am just a retired industrial mechanic no preacher, no prophet.

    Pray very hard President Trump, his family and all those who support and protect them . even/especially after the election. He is the only president "we the people" have really elected in many years that stood his ground and probably is the last one the people of this country will ever vote for.

  • What are these poll workers doing in this video?

    11/05/2020 11:02:04 PM PST · 30 of 31
    mississippi red-neck to 21twelve
    What they may be doing to make people think their vote is legal is just changing the presidential vote for Biden and copying the less important ballots for the ones the real voter voted for.

    This would be why the Republicans in the lesser categories such as the Senate and House are in, would be winning in the same states that President Trump is losing in.

    This way they nullify the straight vote pull that most people would be pulling . This way they won't make the rest of the Republicans candidates who who know that they where winning raising hell and filing law suits and protesting with President Trump.

    This could very well be why we are getting these very unusual states where the other Republicans win without any question on state ballot but President Trump the Republican loses the same state, which really doesn't make common sense.

    This is the whole reason for this write in ballot craze.

    This gives both parties their wins and would be the only way that those in the Republican party who want President Trump, out but would not be willing to give up both houses and complete power with out a party war.

    These write in ballots are ideal to allow both parties who are controlled by the money mongers of Washington D.C, the rich and powerful, to share power as usual and still eliminate a particular target candidate they want to and any chance of an honest election by the people of any nation.

  • DOJ Approves Use of Armed Personnel to Investigate Potential Voter Fraud

    11/05/2020 9:42:29 PM PST · 23 of 25
    mississippi red-neck to Golden Eagle

    I am afraid they may be sent
    there to to protect the cheaters.

  • Don’t forget this story: “Republicans Lose Supreme Court Battle Over Pennsylvania Mail-in Ballots as Roberts Sides with Liberals” (Oct 19 2020)

    11/04/2020 7:10:06 PM PST · 28 of 29
    mississippi red-neck to rintintin
    All those that voted dishonestly,taken bribes and bribed others and all who encouraged and supported it not just now, but through the years have finally done something more horrible that they will at this point will ever believe.

    you have finally done what no enemy nation has ever be able to do. You have destroyed this country's chance of ever having another honest free election.

    No matter how rich or poor you are,now you, as well as I, will never have an election we can believe in.The only decent chance you have now is being rich powerful enough. Every election from now on will be decided by money.That is if there will be any more elections.

    This will be decided by the rich people,the big corporations of the world. These type of people pattern their election machines after the Hitlers when they get in power they cancel or delay elections and force the people like our Senators and Representatives and judges to decide between a bullet and resigning.

    The rich and powerful want what they always want. Its more !Its more money or power and less of those unfortunate who need or want any of it.

    The poorer,less fortunate , or minority class working class will no have a peaceful viable chance of freedom to say who and and by what laws how the ultra rich people will rule over who rule over ever area of their lives and lively hood.

    This country has been a champion of freedom since it creation It had and does have its faults but It also had a great and blessed peaceful way of of correction available for all to take part in.

    It had in its grand, honest and free elections a way to change the wrongs and make them right in a peaceable way for all to be part whether poor or rich or minority.

    We let the money and rules be set by the politicians instead of local citizens . I'll be 75 this month may the Good Lord that we have turned our back on, have mercy us all in this country that seems deservedly damned.

    Pro 3:33 The curse of the LORD is in the house of the wicked: but he blesseth the habitation of the just.

  • 'We're Fed Up With It': Trump Signs Executive Order Aimed At Curtailing Social Media Companies

    05/28/2020 8:09:53 PM PDT · 103 of 114
    mississippi red-neck to Liz

    I’m not sure about what going with these companies they are certainly making money. They are also doing some form of broadcasting over public airways by satellite like radio and TV and what happens on those frequencies are very strictly regulated by the FCC ask any ham radio operator or commercial Radio or TV station.If they are are using those frequencies to influence/favor certain political parties and harm others this could be very interesting.

  • Pandemics, Palestinian Incitement and Peace

    04/25/2020 2:32:04 PM PDT · 7 of 8
    mississippi red-neck to SJackson

    Arab business and total hypocrisy as usual since 1948.

  • Pandemics, Palestinian Incitement and Peace

    04/25/2020 2:27:02 PM PDT · 6 of 8
    mississippi red-neck to SJackson

    Arab business and total hypocrisy as usual.

  • Louisville Mayor Bans Churches from Holding Drive-in Easter Services

    04/09/2020 9:44:01 AM PDT · 48 of 62
    mississippi red-neck to Kaslin
    This virus scare seems to me to have become a way for very powerful behind the scenes socialistic one world government forces, to test various governments especially ours so they can see how far advanced and effective their years ofbrainwashing efforts to control the people have progressed.

    They have taken over most schools , all of areas of health, our privacy and the media are no longer a free press .

    Seems now they want to see how far along they have gotten with gotten in controlling the populace by frightening with various crises /scare tactics.

    Global warming scare,storms/ weather and now they take advantage of our yearly out brake of viruses to see how willing we are to give up our freedom of movement and the very important freedom of assembly, by seeing to what degree we are willing to give up our freedom of worship and the the right to work.

    They already have the means in place to know and control the money we already have by putting a brick on our banking, except cash but that's coming.

    Now they seem to be testing see if they can stop us from at least for a good while of getting any more monies to provide the very daily necessities of life,liberty and the persuite happiness.

    Maybe I'm just a conspiracy nut but it seems I have heard in the past some very powerful and bad people say something like "Never let a crises go to waste" and "I am from the government and I am here to help you".

    I have been around a long time and some of these things have a very, very bad smell.

    Also I have been through both parties and I have seen and had my stomach turned at what both of them have done to the good man that we elected to be our President.

    I'm an old man that would like very much to call them what they are to their face and spit in their eye for what the bastards have done to him and to our country.

  • Newsom: 56% Of Californians To Be Infected With COVID-19

    03/24/2020 2:48:05 AM PDT · 131 of 131
    mississippi red-neck to Helicondelta
    The socialist Democrats and those in the Republican party will do anything to stop or damage President Trump's chance of re-election.

    The rich socialists that own the media and the communist countries will help. They know what the President has accomplished with our economy and that is a very strong point for his re-election.

    So they will try try to damage our economy by keeping people at home from work making the government pay them and by trying pass to ridiculous spending bills and if he fights them they will say he doesn't care about the people.

    I am 74 years old and I cannot believe that these sick mindless idiots would turn this country socialist just to remain in power. These lower forms of life ought to be drug out in the streets put in stocks and caned.

    If they do it will almost surly end in a blood bath. If it happens I can only hope that those brain dead politicians will be on somebody's list.

    This whole deal is nothing but the propaganda scare tactics of socialist totalitarians in an election period.

  • New York Times Authors Deceptively Edit Trump’s Advice to Governors on Medical Ventilators

    03/24/2020 1:13:08 AM PDT · 45 of 47
    mississippi red-neck to I want the USA back
    .This whole damn deal I believe was and is just the continued Socialist propaganda attack against our President and our Constitutional government.

    They have the idiots in office and the socialist media press and the help of the Communists Chinese and the idiots in this country who can only think what the yellow media tell them to think.

    They didn't get President Trump with the first try with the lie button but are testing to see if their overthrow machine will work with the scare/panic the sheep button punched with it.

    I have been expecting this for the last twenty years. It coming for sure I was just hoping much later. They have more buttons they can punch if these work.

    The turn in your cash, turn in your guns, turn in these Jews,turn in the Christians, turn in your parents, turn in your, neighbor its never ending.

    The only good thing that happens is when they get the wrong or their right man in power.

    He always remembers to make sure he gets rid of those who put him there so they can't remove him as they did the one before.

    That why they are called useful idiots.

  • Mystery of bound woman found hanged at Coronado mansion goes to court

    02/26/2018 3:23:51 PM PST · 28 of 44
    mississippi red-neck to BenLurkin
    Best defense MONEY can buy!
  • Deputy who didn’t stop Florida shooting thinks he ‘did a good job’

    02/23/2018 5:28:13 AM PST · 216 of 398
    mississippi red-neck to DoughtyOne
    I haven't been on in a while and i guess I should not say any thing but you seem to be stepping hard a on some people saying how stupid they are that they expected the policeman to do something more than he done that they had no right to expect him to place his life in danger that he might get killed.

    You also said if the guy was 30 ft away he wouldn't have much of a chance of hitting him with his handgun.

    Well I should not say anything; but the more you post the harder you come down on people which seems a little off for you and I;ll try to take a little heat off the others.

    To say the officer has no obligation to place himself in a situation where he may get in a gun fight is not really right.

    He knowingly chose a job that was very good chance that it could happen and was certainly one of the risks might have to take.

    This is like those people who sign up for our volunteer military in the past during peace time to see the world dress up like a real soldier and then screaming their heads when a conflict breaks out and bullets start flying saying this ain't fair didn't sign up for this.

    Also you imply that he would be committing suicide to have to go in the building because the guy would have seen him and if he could not get closer than thirty feet he would have little chance of hitting him or doing any good.

    Yes the guy with the rifle most of the time has the advantage over the guy with the handgun but not always.

    If you think that a .45 auto, 357 .44 or.45 revolver are not capable against a man size target at ranges of fifty to a hundred yards with standard iron sights then you haven't done much shooting or been trained around men who can really shoot.

    I mean come on, most clubs and private ranges have the old 100yd gong and some years before these wonderful computer lathes and ugly but light plastic marvels, I have seen guys pull out their little Beretta .25's and Colt 380's auto backup and 2".38's and play Johnnie Come Marching Home in b flat. Lets not forget this officer was a veteran police officer and this was an untrained 19 coward proved by the targets he chose and he didn't expect any one to show up very quickly and with all the running and screaming and him shooting he was focusing on them and this should have able to tell from the shots and yells where he was located and to approached without being surprised.

    I guess what really bothered me was I believe was thinking about his retirement and the money.

    I mean he tried to say he done what he thought was best and I might have given him benefit of the doubt I usually do to most people, especially our policemen my Dad was one for a number of years and my brother and nephew were firemen and retired from them.

    But this guy had no intention to stand by his statement but resigned as quickly as he could after his statement.

    He ran before any thing could be looked into to see if he acted inan appropriate manner.

    If he stayed and it was found that he did not do his job if fired he could lose probably half of his retirement even more if it was a serious breech.

    So he did not even wait to see if he would be even investigated but resigned and locked in his 75% of his eighty thousand a year retirement.

    As Quick as it happened he had to be in process or finished before his speech.

    We seen what happened when a real police approached him with no cover with his weapon in this little monsters face he stuck his nose in the dirt.

    I'm not trying to make this guy the scapegoat but there is a load of that to be wrapped around the FBI and local police who needs to be where they were at the beginning reduced unarmed and behind a desk doing lab and paper work to support the states police organizations.

    Since the 1960's most of what they and the CIA seem to do is spy on Americans for the democrat and republican election committees , refuse to cooperate with each while trying to get the biggest chunk of the budget money and to bust the whistle blowers and cover up the crimes that they expose committed by our politicians.

  • Outback server fired over online rant slamming church for skipping tip

    02/12/2018 12:37:03 AM PST · 139 of 185
    mississippi red-neck to BenLurkin
    I do tip if the waiter gives reasonable good service for the apparent work load.

    The heavier the workload the less unrequested checks I expect. I have a minimum amount of a few dollars I give, then as the price of the meal rises I think and always have thought,10% should be acceptable, though what you give or don't give is your business only. you feel at certain times or situations are inclined to be more generous that fine.

    There is one thing that I strictly do not agree with and that is any gratuity % added to the bill or demanded by management. That is not a tip of my free will nor anybody else. It is part of the bill. It robs the patron of the blessing of giving a extra reward to a good working working individual and lets stingy businesses and people feel less responsibility for paying their people a fair wage.

    If I know before I am waited on that it will be added to my bill I will leave .

    If I see a sign saying do not tip I will also leave or tip anyway . To tip or not to tip and how much is my decision and my privilege not someone else with my money. It also should be done in the proper spirit not to impress anyone or because you feel intimidated.

    We the people have been so brain washed by our communistic, liberal, government, media, big business controlled society, that we have began to think everybody has a right to demand/take or to tell us how to spend what little money they don't already consume when they divide their take in Washington every year.

    We have been slowly but thoroughly programed and inducted into this growing socialist state while we sleep with our eyes wide open to let big brother to male all our decisions for us especially those that affect their... er... our money

    I am 73 and even though it was well under way when I was a teenager in the late 50's those of you would not believe the difference between the 50's and the early sixties and the smothered to death by politicians in this country we live in today.

  • APNewsBreak: (Rand) Paul recovering from 5 broken ribs [VERY SERIOUS]

    11/08/2017 7:47:10 PM PST · 210 of 210
    mississippi red-neck to Enchante
    I'm 71 and have been in a few scrapes in my younger days and was in the military. One of the first things you learn are taht you are taught if in a fight is to keep on your feet.

    If you go down then you come into immediate danger of being seriously injured or killed because your body can be stomped, kicked or both.

    Feet can kill or cripple for life very quickly.

    Most hand to hand combat or deadly street fighting techniques teach to attack bones that break easily and the number one target when your attacker is down, whether you are attacking or defending is the ribs.They break very easily to a kick, stomp or just jumping into a chest . The primary point if you intend to kill is to drive the brittle broken sharp bone and fragments into the lungs.

    i guarantee Senator Paul was kicked, stomped, or hit with with something heavy multiple times,

    The Guy being a Dr. knew exactly what he was doing and intended severe harm.

    Also it must be remembered that he attacked Senator Rand Paul on Paul's property while he had headphones on while mowing and without any warning from ambush from behind him.

    This Guy needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law just like the any other low life street criminal.

    This was a deadly assault with intent to do serious harm.

  • BREAKING: US officials: Special operations forces have captured militant who was instrumental in...

    10/31/2017 6:22:13 PM PDT · 123 of 133
    mississippi red-neck to blueyon
    I thought those people died from the deadly disease of Clintonitis.
  • The Democrats’ Plan to Destroy Trump

    08/08/2017 4:09:54 PM PDT · 15 of 20
    mississippi red-neck to Hojczyk
    It's the same ones since before his election

    It these two established parties

    Doesn't anyone remember that most of the republicans would have rather had Hillary than Trump. There is nothing worse than an outsider getting a seat two these two established parties in the house, senate, or a governorship or President.They cannot stand a threat to their dominance business as usual.

    They just want to continue kicking dirt in our eyes giving us the appearance of choice but to never allow the chance of a real change .

    They have spent over a century of setting up these election laws so that when we get fed up with one we choose the other so we end up swapping back and forth but only a minority percentage each time it is the same two that get swapped.

    You can never get enough of the established core in one election to make a major change, or to disrupt the hold the rich elite have on their payroll of both parties.

    We come close this time by getting an outsider in the big power seat of the president and this is the reason you are seeing this insane panic by both parties.

    They are showing once and for all who for those who will see to the degree they are both sold out to big business and the rich elite by both parties with orders to destroy the outsider no matter if it plainly blows the cover of how completely both parties are controlled and owned by the same people.

    This is the reason in the last fifty years especially, there Has been no real change in government where its insane spending and robbing of the people and the constitutional gutting of our freedoms are concerned.

    Think people!

    Why would a Party like the Republicans fight so hard with their supposed hated enemy the democrats from even before he was elected to destroy their only candidate for the highest office by supporting the likes of the the democratic party's Hillary Clinton, who was clearly both physically and mentally unable to handle the office they were not controlled by the same people?

  • Police 'shocked' by violence as youth riot at small town fair

    07/18/2017 5:30:19 PM PDT · 70 of 111
    mississippi red-neck to jonrick46
    The same thing has been going on here in America and Canada and we can see in advance what is going to happen yet we keep increasing the import of our destruction.

    That makes us even dumber and more deserving of our future than Europe.

  • Tillerson: PA has ‘changed policy,’ will stop paying terrorists’ families

    06/14/2017 11:23:32 PM PDT · 44 of 45
    mississippi red-neck to SJackson

    they will fall back on their lying clause in the Koran.

  • Sen. Dianne Feinstein is right: We need an investigation into Loretta Lynch

    06/14/2017 11:10:14 PM PDT · 20 of 22
    mississippi red-neck to Colo9250
    I'M 71 don't keep falling for the republican and democratic two party smoke like most of us have for years including myself.

    I have through the years supported both till I finally got wise and frustrated at being played for a fool.

    We do not have a two party system.

    We have a system of professional politicians con-artists that are owned and controlled by their party who in turn are controlled by the rich.

    the republicans that you think are weak or scared are doing the same thing they have done for the last four times they have been in power. Nothing! They are bought and payed for just as their brothers to the bone democrats.

    These two parties are filled with green corruption. They are bag men for themselves and the rich and powerful that pump billions of dollars into both of these parties.

    In a once in a million shot we voted in an outsider that the socialistic establishment didn't have their hooks in and they are in a panic.

    These socialists and I'm speaking of both parties and the social controlled media go full blast to destroy them and they have such a powerful brain washing system don't even try to hide it from the weak minded public and I include myself in this mass of people.

    I mean for heaven's sake people, most of those republicans would have rather had Hillary than the president we wanted. Think of that! They have fought and are fighting just as hard against Him and his administration as the democrats and the media and they are the real lower forms of life that turns my stomach.

    They creep around in their back rooms and shadows with their slimy smiles to his face and their hearts full of deceit.

    These socialists parties and media are the ones most responsible for the shootings that took place, buy their constant encouraging of the acceptance of violence against President Trump ,the office he holds and those of the senators and representatives.

    The open acceptance and encouragement,the cheering of the eulogies of his beheading and hanging and killings by the supposed political leaders, actors and News media can only escalate these public tragedies.

    Now it is starting to come to fruition but they make all of our leaders including themselves by the stupid senseless encouragement and acceptance of such acts.

    How many more people are there in this country that are borderline unstable as this 66 year old man?

    How many more useless months of democrats,the Hollywood idiots, the corrupt media hoping to make news by inciting people to violence, spewing hatred, violence and republicans setting on their hands condoning such actions before others take up the sword and more innocent public leaders or bystanders die.