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  • Call to lift UN immunity

    06/18/2008 7:08:07 PM PDT · 11 of 22
    joan to canuck_conservative
    I'll bet that was made AFTER his detailed revelations. The Serbs simply read from his books and quotes and noted he was not the typical anti-Serb on a mission, but some who spoke of what was really going on in contrast to the lockstep packaged and approved statements, and invited him to talk and then paid him for his travel and time expenses, and their gratitude too.

    Do you have a date when he received the money? Plenty of others involved in the Balkan war/speeches received money from Albanian, Croat, etc. lobbyists.

  • Call to lift UN immunity

    06/18/2008 5:09:23 PM PDT · 7 of 22
    joan to knighthawk
    Should point out that the Muslim military command ordered their (Muslim) soldiers off their strong defensive positions all around Srebrenica and to gather in the north of the city, from which they all departed on foot towards Muslim-held territory before the Dutch withdrew.

    The Muslim army was vastly larger than the UN Dutch and there had been plans and talk to swap Srebrenica for Serb-held territory which went on and off for years (at least as early as 1993).

    The evacuation was prepared for and the Muslim soldiers withdrawn from defensive positions before there was any fighting for the town.

    Wonder if Serbs can sue for the attacks and killings the Muslims kept committing over the years from this UN safe area?

  • NC couple face murder in death of son tied to tree

    06/17/2008 3:37:38 PM PDT · 78 of 81
    joan to lainie
    The father did tell the 911 dispatcher that his son had no medical problems (so more evidence he was not disabled or ill), but he and the stepmother were silent when asked what the boy had been doing before he stopped breathing:

    911 call released in case of NC teen tied to tree

    MACCLESFIELD, N.C. - Two callers didn't answer a 911 dispatcher's repeated questions about what a 13-year-old boy was doing before he stopped breathing on a tape released Tuesday by investigators, who have said the teen was tied to a tree for two nights.

    "Our little boy stopped breathing," a woman tells the dispatcher. Later she pleads, "Please hurry. Please hurry."

    Brice Brian McMillan, 41, and his wife Sandra Elizabeth McMillan, 36, of Macclesfield are accused of killing their son, Tyler, by tying him to a tree for two nights for punishment. The Edgecombe County Sheriff's Office wouldn't immediately confirm whether they believe the callers are the McMillans but said the recording was related to the case.

    The dispatcher repeatedly asked the woman and later a man what the child was doing before he stopped breathing, but neither respond. The man said the boy did not have any medical problems. Toward the end of the call, neither responded to repeated questions from the dispatcher as they apparently performed CPR on the teen, who later died at a hospital.

    The county sheriff's office has said Brice McMillan told a deputy the teen was tied to a tree and forced to sleep outside last Tuesday because he was being disobedient. The teen was released Wednesday morning, but again tied up that night for bad behavior.

    The boy's stepmother found him the following afternoon near the home in this community about 60 miles east of Raleigh, authorities said.

    The McMillans were both charged Monday with murder and felony child abuse.

  • Vatican will not recognize Kosovo

    06/17/2008 5:26:47 AM PDT · 24 of 26
    joan to kronos77
    But the B92 version of this only says that the Vatican won't recognize it now which means they won't necessarily hold firm to that position. The Vatican has committed too many sins/evil deeds against Serbs to be trusted.
  • NC couple face murder in death of son tied to tree

    06/17/2008 5:23:13 AM PDT · 76 of 81
    joan to lainie
    No. The obituary and statements from his family lists reading as one of his favorite activities, along with fishing with his cousins and other things.

    The following is what someone commenting to the news said, and though you can't automatically believe any poster, what he says seems to fit in with the information given so far. (And if what he says is true it shows why the boy may have been unhappy - he likely missed living with his grandparents who he'd lived with for years, and he had uncles and cousins who he spent a lot of time with, apparently. It also shows there was a home/homes available for them to send him to if they were truly at their wits end - back his grandparents or at one of his uncles' homes. Perhaps they tied him up because he kept wanting/attempted to run back to Florida.)

    By "rruss":

    ...Brice's first wife died to cancer 4 yrs ago and he was so distraught that his parents raised these two until last yr…Tyler was a student of mine in our local homeschool co-op and was definitely a grade or two ahead of his age. After talking to his uncles the other night, I found out Tyler was an avid reader and read many books ahead of his "grade" level. They were registered with the state or they would not have been allowed to participate in our local homeschool support group.

  • NC couple face murder in death of son tied to tree

    06/16/2008 2:49:37 PM PDT · 70 of 81
    joan to lainie
    It appears the older boy was kept isolated and not allowed into family activities/fun. A neighbor saw everyone but the boy out exercising and the mother said about him that "he doesn't get out much.":

    Patricia Shrock, 57, lives a half-mile up the road from the residence and owns Pat's Style Corner in Pinetops. She said the first time she met the couple face-to-face was two months ago, when she was working in her front yard flower garden.

    Shrock said she saw the 7- and 9-year-old children roller-blading with Sandra McMillan that evening, and that Brice McMillan followed behind them, jogging. She said the first conversation with Sandra McMillan lasted around 15-20 minutes.

    "She said, 'I'm so glad to meet you,'" Shrock said, adding that she assured her the children were not being truant from school, that they were home-schooled.

    Shrock also said that McMillan mentioned their other child, but only that "he doesn't get out much."


    Also they had a dog which was allowed to run loose and bother the neighbors which shows they were much easier going towards the dog than the oldest boy:

    Carolyn Pollard, 51, lives across the road from the McMillan residence, and she described the family as "kind of secluded, to themselves." The first time she met them face-to-face was only a month ago, she said, when the couple's golden labrador was loose and "agitating" her dog.

    A week after that incident, Pollard said the McMillans' dog was loose again, but that this time the dog knocked her over while she was carrying a bag of groceries into her house. She said she left the McMillans a "nice" note in their mailbox explaining what had happened to her. After that, she said "(the couple) didn't speak to me anymore, didn't wave to me."


    Roller-blading, jogging, a big hyper dog they let run loose, shunning behavior to a neighbor who nicely mentioned being knocked down by their dog...they certain sound like a family terrorized by the 13-year-old. NOT!

  • NC couple face murder in death of son tied to tree

    06/16/2008 2:13:55 PM PDT · 69 of 81
    joan to lainie
    Did you notice the one side of the tree in the picture for your post #57? Doesn't it look like pieces of the bark has broken/been rubbed off going up from the ground to at least 4 feet? Then also there's all those bales of hay. I was thinking they may have stacked the bales of hay up around him to obscure any view of him from neighbors or others in the vicinity. Perhaps even they gagged him so no one could hear him and they would be bothered by his crying, shouting, pleas for water, etc. "eastforker" doubts they didn't give him water, but if they were giving him water they would probably have noticed his deteriorating condition before it came to the point of no return.

    They would have knew that any neighbor spotting a boy tied to the tree like that - whether in the middle of the night or in the heat of the day - would do something about it - they would go closer to investigate, go speak to his parents or call the police. For sure it wasn't a case of kids playing cowboys and Indians.

    I think the stepmother did not like him at all and turned the father against him.

  • NC couple face murder in death of son tied to tree

    06/14/2008 5:45:47 PM PDT · 45 of 81
    joan to PennsylvaniaMom
    A neighbor says the man claimed to be in construction and he witnessed him building a horse fence. So the father was a physically strong man - much stronger than a 13-year-old boy:

    James Pollard said Brice McMillan told him he was a construction worker. McMillan had worked hard building a horse fence, he said.

    Janice Pollard recalled Brice McMillan asking her about the neighborhood during a visit before they moved in.

    "I told him it was the most peaceful place he'd ever find", she said.

  • NC couple face murder in death of son tied to tree

    06/14/2008 4:52:58 PM PDT · 35 of 81
    joan to eastforker
    "Oh, and I smoke 2 packs a day"

    What does bragging about your smoking have to do with anything? But while you brought it up, how long can you hold your breath if you time yourself?

  • NC couple face murder in death of son tied to tree

    06/14/2008 4:51:39 PM PDT · 34 of 81
    joan to eastforker

    I don’t see any cuts on their faces nor hear about any cuts at all on them or the kids, and if he was wielding a knife then they make reports to the police to at least get it on record. Interviews with his siblings and an investigation will reveal what is really went on. But I’ll bet my intuition will spell out better than yours.

  • NC couple face murder in death of son tied to tree

    06/14/2008 4:36:23 PM PDT · 32 of 81
    joan to eastforker
    "I work in 95 degree heat all day long, in the sun wearing long sleave FRC’s."

    You move around and get circulation. This boy was in fixed position from Wednesday evening/night until around 4:30 p.m. Thursday. He also had bindings all over his body such that it left bruises. I doubt your shirt gives you bruises.

    You are probably long used to working in the heat if you've done it for years and years.

    The theft conviction was in '91 but most often a person is only caught a small percentage of the time and the character of a person is usually formed and doesn't change once they are grown - and she would have been 19 or 20.

    Though we will have to wait and see for the autopsy report. I wonder if they'll give the child's weight but I'll be it is much less - probably almost half - than that 170-pounder you bring up.

  • NC couple face murder in death of son tied to tree

    06/14/2008 4:19:02 PM PDT · 28 of 81
    joan to eastforker
    "little Lionell Tate"

    Lionell Tate was a 170 pounder - not little. Meanwhile a neighbor described this boy as little - and that is probably in observance of his size.

    These parents look good-sized, not cowed parents at their wit's end - and they look tough.

    The woman is a convicted thief meaning she's very sneaky and a law violator.

    The man has had "several" driving offenses (they don't get into details of how serious they are, but he violated driving laws frequently.)

    It's said they only moved from Florida recently - perhaps to escape their bad reputation they were accumulating or suspicions of neighbors there.

    There is no report on any crime record on the kid - no mention of any injuries to the other children or parents. Even they said he was punished for disobedience and I read also of running or trying to run away. No mention of him making threats - though perhaps people like you will give the lawyers a good story to cook up and somehow justify this deadly treatment of the boy.

    Plus the woman's husband died at age 38 in 2002. She could have murdered him for his insurance for all we know - you can't put it past her being a sneaky thief, plus allowing the boy to be tightly bound (he's got bruises and marks from this all on his body) for over 3/4 of a day and with no water.

    I think you are the one barking up the wrong tree and an investigation will show the parents in more and more worse light.

  • NC couple face murder in death of son tied to tree

    06/14/2008 3:31:39 PM PDT · 24 of 81
    joan to DrC
    I'm thinking a blood clot could have killed him if not the dehydration alone. The kid was bound up with plastic and ropes plus police say there are marks on his body showing he was bound with other things as well. The plastic, ropes and other things on his body, as well as the tree limited his ability to sweat and impaired his circulation. Dehydration also thickens the blood.

    They warn people on long airplane flights in cramped positions to be aware of the deadly clots which often start in the legs and move up to a vital organ. They tell people to get up and move around every once in awhile to prevent this.

    Former Vice President Dan Quayle had these clots and they believe it was from his long airline flights.

    As the paramedics arrived around 4:30 p.m. Thursday and he'd been tied to the tree the evening/night before he was in a very fixed position for over 3/4 of a day. And that's assuming they did give him a break on Wednesday. They could be lying.

    I believe and investigation will show he was abused and it's said that he was punished for trying to run away - likely trying to escape the brutal parents.

  • 'Dead' man wakes as transplant surgeons prepare to remove his organs (France)

    06/13/2008 2:15:52 PM PDT · 1 of 44
  • British Man Surprised to Find a Dozen Kosovans -Living In His Attic

    06/13/2008 1:57:44 PM PDT · 2 of 20
    joan to kronos77; Bokababe; serbami68


  • British Man Surprised to Find a Dozen Kosovans -Living In His Attic

    06/13/2008 1:57:00 PM PDT · 1 of 20
    A stunned British man looked in his attic — and found a colony of Kosovans living in the roof.

    The 12 illegal immigrants were sitting on mattresses eating sandwiches.

    Walls had been knocked down between Lee Bradley’s home and two adjoining properties to create a living space for several families, with an electric light dangling from the roof. Bradley, 33, closed the hatch and dialed 911. Police raced to his rented house and scrambled the force helicopter — but by the time they arrived the loft dwellers had gone.

    Bradley, wife Caroline, and their four kids had just moved into the $970-a-month terraced home in West Bromwich, West Midlands.

    “I decided to have a look in the loft space and popped my head through the hatch,” Bradley said. “There was a light dangling from the roof and about a dozen people — men, women, and a baby who started to cry when she saw me. I was scared and shut the hatch straight away.”

    Police believe the fiddlers in the roof got access through an adjoining house that had been sublet.

  • Bosniak Stages Fake Hate Crimes to Get Asylum

    06/04/2008 7:52:21 AM PDT · 12 of 13
    joan to Bokababe
    He was called as a witness but the judges did not let him testify. The trial was a farce. What he says here expresses well what happened at Naser Oric's trial:

    "First of all, the indictment against Naser was entirely ridiculous. He was charged for the things he wasn't guilty of, but not for any of the things he was guilty for."

    Seems to me that the Serbs can draw up indictments and try Naser Oric for his crimes and it not be double jeopardy - since that did not try Naser Oric for his own crimes but those of others. They basically tried him for some prisoner abuse done by other Muslims to the Serb prisoners in Srebrenica. So he received a mild sentence for failure to prevent this abuse, but nothing for the gruesome murder of the Serb judge which was, I believe, the first murder of the war, nor the subsequent murders Naser Oric was involved in, nor the scorched earth campaign he carried out on Serb villages.

    Nor did they allow this author or his uncle, witnesses to Naser Oric's bragging and some of the murder scenes, to testify, nor the western journalists such as John Pomfret of the Washington Post, nor Bill Schiller of the Toronto Star to testify about seeing Naser Oric's show and tell gory videos of his actual crimes at his home in early 1994.

  • Bosniak Stages Fake Hate Crimes to Get Asylum

    06/04/2008 7:39:48 AM PDT · 11 of 13
    joan to Bokababe
    Don't you think that piece deserves its very own post? I think you should post it, or maybe I will.

    Probably the most shocking chapter of the book is the one with Naser Oric's personal admission of the first Serb he killed by his own hands, murder of the Srebrenica Judge Slobodan Ilic.

    "When we took that group captured in Zalazje from [Srebrenica] prison to take them back toward Zalazje, and when the slaying begun, Slobodan Ilic came into my hands. I climbed on his chest. He was bearded and hairy like an animal. He looked at me without saying a word. I took out the bayonet and jabbed it straight into one eye, and then turned it back and forth. He didn't let the single sound out. Then I hit him with the knife in the other eye... I couldn't believe he's not reacting. Frankly, that's when I got scared for the first time, so I cut his throat right after that", Oric described his 'feat' to Mustafic word-for-word during one evening Mustafic visited him.

    Oric's admission is followed by the testimony of Mustafic's uncle Ibrahim, who witnessed the same slaughter.

    "Naser came over and told me to get ready at once and go with the flag in front of Srebrenica prison. I dressed up and went over. When I came in front of the prison, they took out all those captured in Zalazje and ordered me to drive them towards Zalazje. When we reached the depot, they ordered me to stop and park the truck. I moved to a safe distance. But, when I saw their savagery and when the slaying begun, I felt all the blood drain from my head. When Zulfo (Tursunovic) ripped the knife down the chest of the nurse Rada, while asking her where is her radio-station, I couldn't watch any longer. I came back to Srebrenica on foot from the depot, and they drove the truck over afterwards, which I took from Srebrenica to go home to Potocare. The inside was all bloodied up", Mustafic cites the testimony of his uncle.

    The above mentioned medical nurse Rada Milanovic stayed in Srebrenica even after her family moved away. Srebrenica territorial defense headquarters assigned her to medical field group and to a local hospital.

    "The Whole Bridge was Floating in Serbian Blood"

    Mustafic also recounted other crimes against the Serbs from the town of Srebrenica which were more or less well known. He mentioned that, after the assault against the village Jezestica "Kemo from Pale [near Sarajevo] was carrying a severed head around with him, scaring people".

    The murder of the Stjepanovic family is also described. Stjepanovic family members were taken out of their apartment in the Srebrenica Battalion Street by Oric's butchers in July 1992, and taken to nearby Potocare.

    "Andjelija Stjepanovic (74) and her son Mihajlo (50) were among those brutally slain then. One Bosnian Muslim from Potocari described afterwards how the whole bridge where these poor people were slaughtered was literally swimming in blood. The killer of Stjepanovic family is Kemo Mehmedovic from Pale, Naser's loyal follower in atrocities. The executioner today lives in Austria, and there are tons of similar examples from Srebrenica. It is a shame that not one of these monsters in the human form have faced responsibility for their crimes, and their main organizer and the one who ordered them to kill, Naser Oric, is today parading in freedom," commented one of a handful of Bosnian Serb civilians who survived the hell of Srebrenica imprisonment.

    The previously little known details about the torture and murder of the severely ill Krsto Dimitrovski and his wife Velinka, from Srebrenica, were also revealed in Mustafic's book, charging Ejub Golic, former commander of the "Independent Hill Battalion" from the village Glogovo. Golic was freed of charges raised against him for this crime.

    Interesting to note that all these named Srebrenica Muslims who participated in the murders are all alive - living in Bosnia, Austria, etc. Plus the Muslims threatening the author for his revelations are no doubt Srebrenica Muslim men.

    Note that a lot of the described killings of Serbs happened in areas where bodies are found - many still "unidentified" after all these years but claimed as Muslims. I'd say many are Serb civilians and POWs.

  • US man admits to plotting bombings in US, Europe

    06/04/2008 7:30:26 AM PDT · 16 of 26
    joan to Bokababe
    Creepy faces like this were usually the last the imprisoned/captured Serbs saw before they were killed. Horrors!

  • Cops say ex sent thugs on slash job (Albanian national in New York)

    06/01/2008 10:09:38 AM PDT · 2 of 17
    joan to Bokababe

    Another candidate for the America’s Most Wanted show if he manages to keep eluding the police.