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  • Unanimous Supreme Court Decision Favoring Religious Freedom Sparks Backlash From Left

    06/18/2021 4:20:15 AM PDT · 4 of 12
    jazzlite to USA Conservative

    Looks like the Supreme Court respects our Constitution and does not favor Marxism in the United States of America. I am guessing that the majority of true Americans are heaving a sigh of relief after the most disturbing couple of years in our nation since WWII and 9/11. I do believe that some cracks are appearing in the main stream media against the out of the closet Marxists who have had a field day in our major institutions for a long time. Are some of our super rich beginning to feel that they really do not want to lose this country?

  • Identity crisis: how the politics of race will wreck America

    06/17/2021 8:29:39 AM PDT · 16 of 31
    jazzlite to SomeCallMeTim

    I just watched Charles Murray discuss all of this with Tucker Carlson on Fox Nation. The man is a genius and he has some interesting things to say about where we might be headed now that backlashes are beginning to be recognized. The 60% white population along with Latino and many middle class blacks are not going to put up with the persecution and mischaracterization of the white race forever. The American Creed says that each individual is unique and valuable in and of himself or herself in America and is not judged based on a group identity but on his/her own character and ability. The authoritarians want group identity to prevail and rule this country. It is called, “divide and conquer.”

  • Southern Baptists meet amid controversy over leaked letters

    06/14/2021 5:26:11 AM PDT · 8 of 19
    jazzlite to Presbyterian Reporter
    Yes. The liberal Left, now the Marxist Left, have hated the Southern Baptists for many, many years. I wonder whether the Leftist who wrote this article full of venom and lack of true facts about the Southern Baptists understands that all over this nation there are parents who are a part of a growing backlash of Critical Race Theory which is being taught to their innocent children in school. They believe it is Marxism, not unlike what Mao used in China, to indoctrinate their children and to take away our freedoms. This article is part and parcel of all that, in my opinion. Are there diverse opinions in any church organization. Yes, they are made up of people and people often are a problem for one another, but they work it out. I, personally, have never been a member of any church where there was not a small minority of persons, sometimes just one, who did not try to cause problems. Usually, those people were looking for the personal attention and power they could not grab for themselves in the world outside the church. Being in music, I have also seen women, mostly young women, who tried to get close to young pastors. To my knowledge, none complied in my experience, but the chasing was obvious to almost everyone. All you have to know about the constant threat of sexual problems is look to the huge sexual charges existing in the world of politics, media, Hollywood, etc. etc. Carnal humans will sometimes not be able to resist that carnality and, the church is no different. In the end, Christians do not look to the church for their faith, because that is a personal relationship with God, the Creator and, Christ, our Lord. Those who do not believe will never understand the power of the Word of God or the blessing of being able to gather with other Christians, who need one another, regardless of ethnicity, as they try to get through their time on this earth. Jesus had a lot to say about how we should treat the enemies of our faith and it is never to try to hurt them the way they want to hurt us. It is clear for anyone watching what is coming down in this country that judgment day is not that far into the future. In fact, many, including myself, believe that we are closing in on the last days before Christ comes back to take us to our home with Him. I would say to ABC and others who want to use this moment to chastise through their weapon, which is words used to distort truth and reality, that they really should use their time more wisely to take care of their own doorstep.
  • English teacher resigns from NJ prep school over 'culture of conformity and fear'

    06/09/2021 12:24:20 PM PDT · 9 of 15
    jazzlite to Altura Ct.

    I assume that all of the children going to that school are from extremely wealthy families. How very sad for them. If this continues, the human functioning in this world will cease and human beings will become more like animals, seeking their own kind and being hostile unto death towards those who look different. If this cruelty and abuse of the humanity of our children does not cease, all beauty will be gone from the human experience, for it is the beauty of nature and the artistic gifts that individuals have which make life bearable for most of us. Not only that, but the giftedness of scientists to discover more and more about our world will stop, for those who have those gifts hidden inside may not be allowed to develop them if they are the wrong color. All children of all colors, creeds and nationalities should be free to follow their interests in school for that tells them what they are good at and everyone is good at something. All should receive a education of solid truths which have been built over 1000s of years. The real truth of this brief life is that is holds suffering for almost everyone if he/she lives long enough. God bless this courageous lady. She has a loving teacher’s heart and she is brilliant to see through what is happening to those kids and what it will bring to them in the future. Just think, if you love something when you are a kid..a sport, dance, cooking, painting pictures, acting, reading, music, etc., etc., and someone tells you that you cannot do that activity because you are bad and do not deserve to learn that thing because it isn’t fair that someone else does not want to do it. I fear that this nation is hurling towards suicide at breakneck speed. Everyone will live the nightmare when it comes and that includes the very rich who seem to be the authors and perpetrators of all this. I hate to think that the idea of pseudo genocide is lurking in the minds of some of the leaders who are trying to ruin the lives of kids but the realities of past world history tells us that such a danger is ever present in any society if the wrong people gain power. My guess is that we may have more of those now than at any time in our history.

  • Late night comedians make fun of Rand Paul for refusing vaccine (is this supposed to be funny?)

    05/25/2021 8:06:05 AM PDT · 35 of 49
    jazzlite to Lurkinanloomin

    They are absolutely not funny. In fact, we know from the job they do that they seem to be narcissists and jealous ones at that. Dr. Paul is a medical doctor, which requires intelligence way above the cut on late night TV, to even get admitted to medical school, and then, intense training until one is about 30, to actually be able to independently treat people for disease. Go ahead and make fun and bully, boys, because your humor provokes more nausea than laughter. I know American is on the slide downward, but I still believe that most people admire those who actually do work that contributes to the overall good of our people. Dr. Rand Paul is such a person.

  • The deadly threat to America that no one's talking about - Even though it's much closer to home than China, Russia, or Iran

    05/25/2021 7:50:49 AM PDT · 17 of 26
    jazzlite to gitmo

    You are correct. If anything happens to our electric grid and our petroleum energy supply, everything thing else will come to a standstill. Everything runs on energy and those are our energy sources. Without them we have no food, no clean water, no medicines or anything which has to go from one place to another. Millions will die and the rest will wish they were dead. How I long for the days before we were so dependent on computers.

  • Gen. Flynn: COVID Was a PLANNED Conspiracy To Divert Attention and Steal an Election!

    05/24/2021 4:31:30 AM PDT · 32 of 44
    jazzlite to fidelis

    For the 2nd time, I think it was on Friday, Tucker Carlson had the Chinese virologist on who actually said that this virus was developed and released on purpose. She had intimate knowledge of that lab and the virus. Very impressive lady. The truth is often simple if one can get through all the dirt covering it up.

  • Sen. Rand Paul refusing to get vaccinated because he already had COVID-19 and has Natural Immunity

    05/24/2021 4:16:05 AM PDT · 29 of 31
    jazzlite to SeekAndFind

    Senator Paul is the REAL DEAL. His insight into what is happening to us is clear and he is unafraid of the Deep State. In a world of intimidated men, he stands out as unique in the muck and mire of a government trying it’s best to turn to Marxism and the enslavement of the common American. I look up to Senator Paul and I pray for him. He has already paid a price way too high for the job he took representing decent Americans.

  • Tucker Blasting Republicans For Doing Nothing About The Woke Takeover Of The Military

    05/18/2021 8:26:30 AM PDT · 24 of 30
    jazzlite to alstewartfan

    Heroes are hard to find these days, but Tucker Carlson is my Hero, aside from my husband and a few other people I know personally. I have watched him since he was young in the journalism world and always admired his intelligence, logic and just down right honestly and decency. Now, we know he is a courageous human being and national treasure whether people know it or not.

  • Lin Wood: Trump has secret military backchannel to authorize nuclear strikes

    05/13/2021 3:05:35 AM PDT · 73 of 161
    jazzlite to Salamander
    You are right about the silence, Salamander. I see that, too. The liberals around here refuse to discuss what is going on right now. It is almost like they are more frightened than conservatives are, and do not want to be reminded of their stance. Anyone who has the knowledge and wisdom to clearly see the corruption occurring in our major institutions, lead by academia (professors and teachers), who have becoming indoctrination machines for our young ones, is destressed by the revolution we are in right now and wondering who is going to pick up the pieces of our destruction. Satan has to be real, for whomever planned COVID just at the right time for those who hate America to use that disease as a weapon to destroy her economy and energy independence, came up with a perfect plan of destruction. Perhaps only a supernatural being could have pulled that off.
  • Joe Biden to Reporters: ‘I’m Not Supposed to’ Answer Your Questions

    05/13/2021 2:41:08 AM PDT · 7 of 26
    jazzlite to knighthawk

    Frankly, I feel I am watching whomever President Biden’s handlers are exploit an elderly person in a way that is humiliating not only to him, but to his country. If family members used the resources of an elderly relative to benefit themselves, they could be prosecuted. Who ever dreamed that America would become decadent enough to do these things. This will not endure. Other nations may have heads of State that are not liked, but no one has a person who, seemingly, has lost much of his cognitive ability. The big question is, “Who, exactly, is calling the shots for America as we slide more and more into danger and know we are being lied to day in and day out by a media spewing nothing but propaganda all day long. I think people have lost faith in the Biden government because we know he is not in charge of what is happening.

  • Kentucky legislature paves way for Mitch McConnell’s retirement, which cannot come soon enough

    03/09/2021 2:37:43 AM PST · 25 of 37
    jazzlite to SeekAndFind

    Daniel Cameron, Kentucky’s Republican Attorney General, is a rising star. He is young, extremely intelligent, very handsome and African American. Kentuckians love him. He is the kind of candidate who could rise to the Presidency one day. Watch Daniel.

  • Meghan Markle says royal family had ‘concerns’ over son’s skin color

    03/08/2021 4:12:04 AM PST · 40 of 57
    jazzlite to Berlin_Freeper

    For many years of my life, I have totally admired the Queen. Of course, I am of an age that I not only have studied history, but have lived a lot of it. Now, I feel this world and especially the US and Britain are being run by the most admired of the academics and the media, who, in my opinion, spin out fantasy and lies on a daily basis. My background has involved work in sociopathology and personality disordered individuals and that is what I observe every day when I watch the madness going on in this social media crazed world. The common sense which has to prevail if civilization is to continue with any kind of peace or comfort for human beings must be re-established if we are to escape cultural disaster. My heart goes out to the Queen in this latest antic of her grandson (most have read rumors that Charles might not be his father but, so far, no DNA test, so far as anyone knows, which could lay that matter to rest). The children of this Queen are certainly not kids to brag about, except for Prince William, Princess Ann and the youngest son. I would think any decent human being, much less, a child or grandchild, would put off a hit piece on the family tree at a time when one of the most important members, Prince Philip, is in the hospital, suffering the ravages of old age, in the time of COVID where the Queen cannot be by his side. Human decency, from what I read about last night airing of this interview was just kind of absent. Who is there to refute these dramatic statements from this newcomer to the royal family? If I were the Queen, tomorrow, I would begin the process of cutting them loose from royalty and it’s benefits, both monetary and otherwise. They obviously hate the family. They are famous enough to go their own way and make enough money to sustain them in a very nice style. Of course, others will come along and push them from the spotlight, books will be written and some writers might even be clever enough to unveil the truth, but, that could take a generation or two. Megan and Harry will have to begin to show their age for that to occur. I am so disgusted with the whole thing. Pray for the Queen. No one knows what her life has been like. She had no choice but to be thrust thrust into her role when she was very young. God bless her!

  • Gov. Abbott Deploys Texas National Guard, State Troopers to Counter Biden’s ‘Open Border Policies’

    03/07/2021 3:27:45 AM PST · 27 of 41
    jazzlite to E. Pluribus Unum

    There are still men left who have a sperm count and this Governor is one of them.

  • Naomi Wolf Joins Team Reality, And Leftists Lose Their Minds

    03/01/2021 5:43:05 AM PST · 9 of 19
    jazzlite to Kaslin

    It has always been true that when men have lost their manliness (testosterone), and their desire to protect their families, back when families were the norm, that society would then deteriorate to the point where mere survival depends on women stepping into male rolls. In our case today, Naomi is a smart woman, though not of the conservative persuasion in the past, she sees demise of her country if something is not changed and quickly. Women, being the gender who produces the human life and the hormones that desires to nurture it after it comes forth, are the savers of civilization, itself. Look at the dark ages. with so many dead from war, if women hadn’t taken over the task of transmitting civilization to the next generations, we would have died out then. So, Naomi, has set aside petty differences to doing what she can with the power she has to literally try to save this nation. I heard what she said on Tucker. She has it exactly right and I will support her efforts to get the message to the fools doing everything they can to destroy us. I am betting that more and more women are going to join her efforts because we do care about saving everyone because this world will be a bleak body spinning around in space without civilization to enjoy it. Just remember, God works in mysterious ways.

  • Tucker Carlson Shows You How the Media Takes Corruption to Olympian Levels

    02/17/2021 3:19:18 PM PST · 5 of 21
    jazzlite to Kaslin

    For those of you who might not be watching FOXNEWS, Tucker has been better than ever lately, and, Laura, too. Tucker hits the problems we are in with wisdom, logic and courage. America needs him desperately. He is one in a million and I hope folks here will support him because we need FOX and the other media figures who believe in truth and justice. Those who are fixated on climate change do not realize that tyranny is a much greater threat to civilization than our climate. Tucker Carlson, Laura and others on FOX are freedom fighters who do not want to see the majority of people enslaved by just a few who manage to grab all the money and power in this nation.

  • Rand Paul Insists "Great Deal Of Evidence" Of Election Fraud

    01/24/2021 8:54:42 AM PST · 24 of 49
    jazzlite to fruser1

    Rand Paul nearly lost his life at the hands of a vicious person who physically attacked him, evidently, for his values as a conservative. He thinks for himself and will not be threatened or brow beaten into cowering timidly before the currently prevailing political wind of the progressives. This was evident in his conversation with Stephanopoulas. Too many are fearful of going against the most blatant and ridiculous stance of the far left opinion makers, the propaganda “band wagon.” but, not Senator Paul. I admire him so much.


    01/24/2021 5:02:49 AM PST · 6 of 8
    jazzlite to BiglyCommentary

    Thank you all for these familiar and much loved verses, which never grow old. This was a perfect time for me to read them, as my husband and I do what we always do on Sunday morning, which is to listen to Southern Gospel music, mostly old hymns, on Sirius radio, 65. Nothing that goes on in this carnal, closed, earthly system, is a surprise, for it was all foretold and much of it has been lived out, in other cultures over the centuries, in the Torah and in our Christian Bible. We know exactly what human nature without God looks like and we also know that America has been different for over 200 years because our founding was based on the 10 Commandments. Now, it remains to be seen whether the old human nature that wants to enslave and persecute, so some can feel like Gods during their short time on this planet, will prevail. Those of us who are Christian and have found a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, have the security of knowing that only His Spirit can take us from this closed system, ruled by the carnal lusts, when our spirits leave this realm for eternity. Before that, to love the Lord with all our soul and mind and our neighbor as ourselves is the only path to peace and contentment on this earth. It is quite likely that we will be persecuted in the near future, but, as those who came before us, we will endure because the scriptures tell us we will receive faith and strength to endure. I, personally, expect to see another great revival break out all over the world, for, the suffering in 2020 has effected the whole world and people are reminded of how helpless all of us are without hope in someone greater than you and I. All of us will take only one thing with us when we leave here and that is simply, how we treated our fellowman on our journey and did we touch the hand of God.

  • Why the US Hispanic Conservative Movement is Surging — even without Trump

    01/24/2021 4:13:41 AM PST · 9 of 15
    jazzlite to Cecily

    The stories in this article reveal some important truths about our Hispanic people who have been here long enough to figure out what is happening to this country. Basically, most of these people cherish faith, family and the freedom to work. Peace in any nation is maintained as long as the decent are stronger than the indecent or, put another way, as long as the good are stronger than the bad. What has gone on here for the past four years and continues as we now are headed at breakneck speed into socialism, is not what our Southern neighbors moved here for and I am thankful for the folks featured in these articles. They are strong and determined and they give me hope. Not a lot of other places to find that anymore. I believe many of our immigrants, over all, are watching the distorted persecution of Donald Trump and his family. Whether Democrat, Independent or Republican, it cannot be missed, even if one only watches CNN and MSNBC for news. The hatred spewed is itself evidence against rationality. I pray for the haters all the time and that somewhere among them, brave souls will rise up to recognize that a nation which speaks with only one voice will soon go down, for, in such situations, only power and not truth or justice, will prevail. God help the people when that happens.

  • Anyone else disillusioned with politics?

    01/17/2021 4:16:00 AM PST · 48 of 91
    jazzlite to RandFan
    As soon as I read your post, my heart felt so sad for you because I sense you are a young person. Regardless of age, many of us have felt from time to time just as you do. I am old, so I came to a decision about life after some intense questioning in my 20s about what it all meant and was God really real. Going into my 30s and becoming a mother taught me that yes, God is real and He is personal to me. Did reading the Gospels teach me all of that. No. Personal reflection on my life and miracles too obvious to deny taught me that. So, I was all in for Jesus and have never turned back. Did I have pain and sorrow sometimes. Yes, as my young husband and I returned home from active duty with the Army Reserves under President Kennedy, during the Berlin crisis I rocked my 5 month old son and cried in horror as I watched President Kennedy and Premier Nikita Khrushchev debate. Khrushchev banged the table and declared to destroy us from within. Little did we know how close we came to being vaporized by a nuclear bomb from those missiles in Cuba. It took a Russian commander defying orders to launch which we now know saved us. I believe the hand of God was with that man when he made this decision not to destroy America. What do those of us who feel helpless do in the midst of a world where we are bombarded with easily recognizable lies, 24/7, coming through social media and the news media? What is truth and what is opinion and propaganda? We fear we live in a totally pretend world of lies made up to protect the few extremely wealthy among us who are now in control because of money and power, garnered over decades, while we weren't paying attention to laws which were entrenching on our freedoms. So, what do we do? According to one of my favorite authors, Matthew Kelly, we need to ask ourselves four questions: Who am I? What am I here for? What matters most? What matters least? Not one single person born on this earth is without meaning and purpose. We all share the brevity of life and we all grasp at whatever happiness we can find as we pass through this world. All of us are equal in that we are born and we all die. Our success or failure in terms of this world's accomplishments will not change that. However, we are not flesh and blood, we are spiritual beings as well, and our souls will depart for somewhere else when we leave this dimension. The real value for us in this life is to follow the most important commandments of our faith and those are to love the Lord our God with all our soul and mind and our neighbor as ourselves and that includes our enemies. How do we Love Adolf Hitler, Stalin or Mao or those who surround us who seem to want to be them. Well, through prayer and humility and through what Matthew Kelly calls “holy moments,” which are simply day to day kindnesses we can do toward others who cross our path as we work and live. Those who grow old in the Christian faith know that this is not all there is and we know that man without God is likely to be a very self-centered human being who may not have much of a conscience. We know there will always be war and rumors of war. We might have to engage in battle ourselves during those times, but God will never leave us or forsake us. We will have strength for the journey and we know the end of the story for earth and her inhabitants. My advice is to read the Gospels and to read as many Matthew Kelly books as you can. Love that guy!