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  • Rod Dreher Does What Twitter Will Not

    11/30/2022 11:47:21 AM PST · 7 of 11
    gw-ington to gw-ington
    As I've been claiming for years on this board, it's obvious that Twitter is one of the many Democrat Party Cabal (DPC) members that was heavily interfering in the 2020 Stolen Election.

    The Twitter CEO Elon Musk just tweeted today that it's an "obvious reality" that Twitter "has interfered in elections." Well, he's a couple of years late to the party in finally admitting that obvious fact about Twitter but ... Better Late Than Never.

    It's just so obvious that the senile Sleepy Joe puppet Manchurian Candidate couldn't possibly have "defeated" the hugely successful & hugely popular President Trump with Sleepy Joe hiding in his basement throughout his so-called Presidential "campaign." Yet, Sleepy Joe and Democrats/RINOs still comically claim Sleepy Joe is "the most popular President in American history," having "won over 81 Million votes(!)," in "the fairest and most secure election ever!" LOL. Stolen Election.

  • Rod Dreher Does What Twitter Will Not

    11/30/2022 10:53:14 AM PST · 6 of 11
    gw-ington to Yashcheritsiy
    I've been saying for years on this forum that there's a Democrat Party Cabal (DPC). The DPC is comprised of Democrats, George Soros, the violent Black Lives Matter/Antifa thug mob riot organization, RINOs, all major U.S. companies & CEOs (companies indoctrinating new employees with DEI), big-city Democrat mayors, far-left "Woke" Academia, extreme-left anti-Trump Big Social Media (Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.), Democrat U.S. pResident, state liberal AGs, the Democrat House, anti-Trump Big Tech (including Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft), the Democrat Senate, anti-Trump MSM, all pro sports leagues (who excitedly promoted violent BLM throughout 2020), Deep State, etc.

    The DPC stole the 2020 Election. But our Republican so-called "leaders" are so unprepared and so dumb that they go on CNN and complain that "The election was corrupted and Trump won." So the far-left CNN reporter asks the Republican leader: "How exactly was the 2020 election corrupted? Are you claiming the vote count was manipulated? Or that Democrats tampered with the voting machines? Where's your evidence?" The Republican "leader" always responds: "Um, uh, well, uh, we maybe need to someday possibly look into certain aspects of the 2020 election to, um, consider the (blah-blah-blah) ..." Far-left CNN reporter: "Ok, so you have zero evidence of any voting booth tampering?" Republican leader: "Uh, um, well, not right now." Far-left CNN host: "Ok, so you agree it was a fair and secure election. Thank you!"

    I've never made any claim that specific voting machines were manipulated in 2020. Or that a certain state's vote count was corrupted by so-and-so. Instead, what I've always said is the DPC determined years before 2020 that a U.S. President Trump cannot be tolerated. So, the DPC decided it would do whatever it took to eject President Trump from the Oval Office in 2020 and that's what it did.

    The DPC groups conspired with each other to remove President Trump, regardless of the will of the people. 2020 was a non-stop DPC anti-Trump onslaught 24/7/365, the likes of which no person could withstand. And yet the hugely successful & hugely popular President Trump still got fairly close to winning. It's really easy to steal a U.S. election when your cabal owns Big Social Media, the MSM, Academia, all pro sports leagues (constantly promoting violent BLM), Corporate America (also enthusiastically promoting violent BLM on their websites), and the violent Black Lives Matter/Antifa wild thug mob riot organization wildly rioting and looting throughout the 2020 election year. Did the year-long, nationwide violent rioting (which the entire MSM constantly aired 24/7), during a pandemic, and also during a recession, make the sitting President Trump look good or bad to American voters?

    Add up all that stuff and you have the DPC's 2020 Stolen Election. To show that's the case, you don't have to provide anyone with any specific evidence such as in the state of such-and-such, voting machine #5A-359CC92010 had X number of Trump votes illegally switched to Biden votes. Sure, that stuff may have happened but the Election Steal was all those DPC members relentlessly bashing the hugely successful & hugely popular President Trump 24/7/365 throughout 2020, constantly suppressing any negative stories about Sleepy Joe (as he obliviously slept in his basement), having Presidential Debate moderators team up with Sleepy Joe against President Trump, etc., etc.

    And that's how you steal an election against any incumbent President, no matter how successful & popular.

  • Twitter rolls back COVID misinformation policy

    11/29/2022 11:37:56 AM PST · 6 of 7
    gw-ington to Oldeconomybuyer
    The Washington Post published a new article in which it says that Apple's alleged threat against Twitter's Musk is in addition to all the major advertisers putting intense pressure on Twitter and Musk, as well as vast amounts of Twitter staff departing the company, and intensifying government regulatory scrutiny of Twitter and Musk, all because Musk is "pushing a 'free speech' agenda.' "

    How DARE Musk push a "free speech agenda!" This is America! Free speech has no place in America! Isn't that right, Washington Post? ROFLMAO!

    The mindless far-left Washington Post just unwittingly spelled out the obvious fact that Apple, all major U.S. advertisers, the overwhelming majority of Twitter's pre-Musk employees, and the Sleepy Joe "Administration" are extreme, far-left, anti-"free speech" communists.

    Yet American voters continue enthusiastically and mindlessly voting for Democrat/RINO politicians at alarming rates. Sheesh.

  • [Catholic Caucus] Pope Francis just said he won’t comment on unborn children as ‘persons’

    11/29/2022 11:26:50 AM PST · 8 of 21
    gw-ington to gw-ington

    At least the Woke protester guy can afford an expensive, brand-new green coat. (Likely funded by George Soros.)

  • [Catholic Caucus] Pope Francis just said he won’t comment on unborn children as ‘persons’

    11/29/2022 11:24:22 AM PST · 7 of 21
    gw-ington to Sacajaweau
    Friggin’ unbelievable

    Doesn't surprise me in the least. I find it very believable. Practically the entire civilized world has been barrelling down the "Woke" highway for many years.

    "You mean you won't give me my Safe Space? NOOOOOOO!!! ........"

  • Fox Business: 13 States Reportedly Wage Regulatory War on Vanguard Group Over Its Woke ESG Obsession

    11/29/2022 11:11:47 AM PST · 5 of 7
    gw-ington to JV3MRC
    Sounds like they're referring to the pervasive woke Corporate America. Here's a fun little game: Try to find even one Corporate America Vice President of DEI (or Executive Vice President of Diversity) who isn't black. Good luck.

    Corporate America pretends it's not racist. In fact, Corporate America is constantly bragging that it's relentlessly fighting supposed "institutional racism" and supposed "structural racism" at every turn by intensely pushing its DEI agenda and brain-washing all new employees with mindless DEI platitudes. So basically, Corporate America is saying: "Corporate America is extremely, institutionally and structurally racist, and we are extremely against our institutional and stuctural racism." (That's exactly how all Corporate America clueless CEOs think.) For those who still don't know, DEI stands for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

    It's clearly true that Corporate America continues enthusiastically promoting racism in its everyday activities. How so? Here's just one of many examples: Every major U.S. corporation has a Vice President of DEI. That executive position could alternatively be called VP for Diversity. And in every single case, at every corporation, the VP for DEI is black. The two required criteria for any Vice President of DEI position is: (1) a college degree (preferably in critical race theory or gender studies); and (2) being black. Comically, Corporate America believes nobody other than a black person can possibly comprehend and enforce DEI. Just as comically, Corporate America also thinks DEI is not ridiculously asinine (which it is). Yet all companies in America still laughably claim they're not racist. So, if you can find even just one non-black Vice President of DEI at any corporation in the United States, you win the Freeper Prize. Good luck because you'll need it ...

  • Mike Pence 1on1: Extended Interview on His Plans for 2024 and more

    11/29/2022 10:41:08 AM PST · 16 of 37
    gw-ington to Alter Kaker
    RINO Pence, just another typical RINO/Democrat. I have difficulty distinguishing Democrats from RINOs. At least Democrats say they're Democrats, so I actually have more respect for Democrats than I do for RINOs. Not a lot more respect for them but more respect than for RINOs. And that's not saying much. But seriously, I think of RINOs as Democrats. That's why I always refer to "Democrat/RINO." No real difference between them.

    Although Republicans will soon have a slight "edge" in the House, the White House and House Democrats will have little or no problem pressuring and persuading enough House RINOs to vote along with House Democrats, thus easily continuing to pass more and more of the Sleepy Joe handlers' far-left agenda programs for the next two years.

  • The Same Old, Same Old Deja Vu

    11/22/2022 2:07:18 PM PST · 2 of 7
    gw-ington to lasereye
    Instead, it will further investigate Donald Trump's possession of presidential records that were hauled off from Mar-a-Lago, as well as his purported role in the January 6 "insurrection."

    That's yet another phase of the Democrat/RINO Uniparty's endless investigations of the hugely successful & hugely popular President Trump 24/7/365 ..........

    As the article title said, same-o, same-o ......

  • Poll: Donald Trump Holds 30-Point Lead over 2024 GOP Primary Field

    11/22/2022 2:02:42 PM PST · 24 of 64
    gw-ington to ChicagoConservative27
    Mike Pence - 8%
    Liz Cheney - 3%
    Nikki Haley - 3%

    Wow. 14% RINO voters right there.

    Why aren't there ever any DINOs? People who call themselves Democrats but actually think and act like Republicans and conservatives. Not even one DINO? WTF?

    Incompetent Republican Party so-called "leaders" need to do a better job explaining Republican policies to American voters. Otherwise, it's just going to be one election disaster after another ......... we're already 2 for 2 in terms of election disasters in 2020 and 2022 ....... should we go 3 for 3 in 2024? Based on 2020 and 2022 results, senile Sleepy Joe "Basement" Biden actually still thinks he's "the most popular President in American history," having supposedly "won more than 81 Million votes!"

  • Barr warns Trump ‘will burn the whole house down,’ calls for new GOP leader

    11/22/2022 1:19:19 PM PST · 68 of 108
    gw-ington to ChicagoConservative27
    Barr [in 2022] warns Trump ‘will burn the whole house down,' ...

    Democrats/RINOs during the 2016 Election year & 2020 Stolen Election year similarly warned: Trump will burn the whole house down!

    (Actual result: President Trump helped bring about a powerful, rapidly growing U.S. economy with all of Democrats' various "identity politics" groups doing much better in terms of jobs, income and savings, U.S. once again taken seriously abroad, border wall successfully built, military strengthened, low inflation, strong financial markets, low mortgage & auto loan rates, finally got tough with Communist China leaders, no wars, lots of other great stuff, etc.)

    All those Democrat/RINO scare tactics and dire warnings about President Trump were just typical Democrat/RINO blatant lies and BS, as always.

    In fact, the senile Sleepy Joe handlers' "Administration" has obviously been burning the whole house down for the past 2 years: Stubborn high 8% inflation, continuously rising mortgage & auto loan rates, ever-escalating violent crime throughout the nation, wildly spreading Cancel Culture, rapidly ballooning national debt, "57 Varieties" of Genders, endless supply-chain issues, expansion of "safe spaces" for Democrat/RINO snowflake "identity-politics groups," wildly increasing government spending (Democrats want to spend even more to pay off college loans for useless degrees in DEI, critical race theory, and gender studies), illegal immigrants pouring across Sleepy Joe's wide-open borders, non-top 24/7 bashing of the hugely successful and hugely popular President Trump, never-ending Ukraine/Russia War (with Sleepy Joe handlers forcing Americans to unwillingly pay more and more of their hard-earned tax money to fund it), and lots of other terribly destructive stuff, etc.

    Talk about burning the whole house down .........

  • Wife of Special Counsel in Trump Probe Contributed to Campaigns of Joe Biden, Rashida Tlaib

    11/22/2022 4:56:09 AM PST · 8 of 11
    gw-ington to Libloather
    Wife of Special Counsel in Trump Probe Contributed to Campaigns of Joe Biden, Rashida Tlaib

    Joe Biden & Rashida Tlaib! Nice! Many, many tens of millions of American voters are going to absolutely love that, just like they did during the 2020 Election steal and the 2022 Midterms' huge "Red Tidal Wave" (LOL).

    The senile Sleepy Joe puppet Manchurian Candidate is a lock for reelection in 2024. They're pretending he's conflicted as to whether he should run again in 2024 (it all depends on what "Dr. Jill" thinks he should do), but there's no doubt that senile Sleepy Joe wants a second term. So everyone keeps pretending he's not sure whether to run again which keeps all the pressure off him (other than him continuing to hear that same question from reporters). But his handlers just tell him to chuckle when they ask that question and blame "Dr. Jill" for your indecision. Works every time.

    Reporter: "President Biden, given that Democrats did much better than expected in the midterms and given that only 25% of Americans want you to run again in 2024, what's your response?" Sleepy Joe (chuckles): "Just watch me."

    Reporter: "President Biden, given the current state of the economy, what will you do differently in your next two years as President?" Sleepy Joe (chuckles): "Nothing."

    And why should Sleepy Joe do anything different than continuing to stumble his way through his handlers' teleprompter speeches? Democrats still own the White House and Senate, and Republicans barely have a slight House edge, so it will be a piece of cake for the White House and House Democrats to easily persuade more than enough House RINOs to vote along with House Democrats to continue passing Sleepy Joe's handlers' far-left agenda for the next two years.

  • White Stripes Rocker Jack White Rips Elon Musk: Restored ‘Fascist’ Trump’s Twitter Account to Avoid Paying ‘Fair Share’ in Taxes

    11/22/2022 4:36:43 AM PST · 23 of 56
    gw-ington to GrandJediMasterYoda
    Jack White (the White Stripes rock star) to Tesla CEO Elon Musk: "This is straight up you trying to help a fascist have a platform so you can eventually get your tax breaks." "How many more billions do you need that you have to risk democracy itself to obtain it?"

    I've always been so impressed by Jack White because he always thinks for himself and just comes right out and says what he believes, regardless of what anyone thinks about him and his totally unique opinions. He's a real badass rocker! So, I'm slightly surprised that literally everything Jack White says precisely follows and exactly mimics the Democrat/RINO Uniparty script to a 'T': "They're a 'Risk to Democracy Itself!' Fascists!"

    That's precisely what every Democrat/RINO politician has been saying about all Republicans, Trump, conservatives, and MAGA for the past two years. The senile Sleepy Joe puppet Manchurian Candidate has been repeatedly and mindlessly reading those exact words from his handlers' teleprompter speeches for the past two years.

    So yeah, big congrats to the totally badass rocker, Jack White, for having such a badass, rock 'n roll, unique take on what's happening in the world.

    Mindless lemmings ......

  • King Charles urged to remove Prince Harry and Meghan's titles over 'insult' to monarchy

    11/22/2022 4:21:49 AM PST · 20 of 56
    gw-ington to blueplum
    The Duke & Duchess of Sussex - Harry & Meghan - definitely will continue constantly calling the Royal Family "structurally racist," "racist," and "institutionally racist." The cherry on top is the Sussexes collect huge fees and income and awards from many different sources for doing so. Even better, there's literally nothing the Royal Family can ever do about it. The Duke of Sussex, Harry, and The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, will permanently keep their royal titles no matter how many times they call Harry's father, King Charles III, "racist" and the Royal Family that he leads "institutionally racist." And the beauty of the situation is that the Sussexes don't even have to provide any evidence whatsoever for their constant claims of "racism" against the Royal Family.

    The Royal Family is so screwed.

  • The ‘basement strategy’ is working for Democrats

    11/20/2022 11:42:42 AM PST · 15 of 20
    gw-ington to ChicagoConservative27
    The ‘basement strategy’ is working for Democrats

    The Democrat/RINO "basement strategy" has brilliantly worked for:

    1. U.S. "pResident" - the senile Sleepy Joe puppet Manchurian Candidate.
    2. Lerch-like, black-hoodie-wearing U.S. Senator-elect John Fetterman who's unfortunately incapable of processing human speech.
    3. Arizona Governor-elect Katie Hobbs.
    4. ... (surely many more Democrats/RINOs to come) ...

    Easily stole the 2020 Election using their senile Sleepy Joe puppet Manchurian Candidate, by hiding him in his basement for his entire Presidential "campaign," allowing him to only rarely emerge from his basement to mindlessly stumble his way through his handlers' teleprompter speech in almost-empty parking lots.

    Sleepy Joe's handlers: "Don't worry, Sleepy Joe, continue snoozing in your basement ... we'll take care of everything for you. Just think about it, Sleepy Joe: When we finally awaken you from your deep slumber 11 months from now, you'll be 'pResident of the United States!' How, you ask? Again, Sleepy Joe, ask us no questions (and we'll tell you no lies), just do what we tell you to do and you'll be pResident, trust us! Joe? Joe? Are you still awake? ... (z-z-z-z-z-z-z ...) ..."

  • “People Are Scared – Morale Is in the Toilet” – MSNBC Insiders Fearful as Ratings Continue to Collapse at Fake News Giant

    11/19/2022 11:27:47 AM PST · 11 of 63
    gw-ington to dynachrome
    ... MSNBC ... "Morale at the left-leaning network ..."


    Um, I prefer to describe MSNBC as an extreme, anti-Republican, anti-conservative, anti-MAGA, pro-violent BLM/Antifa, anti-Trump, far-left socialist/fascist/communist MSM network. I think my description is slightly closer to the actual truth.

  • Hogan blasts Trump, GOP leadership: ‘Excuses, lies and toxic politics will not win elections’

    11/19/2022 11:16:24 AM PST · 32 of 61
    gw-ington to ChicagoConservative27
    Hogan blasts Trump, GOP leadership: ‘Excuses, lies and toxic politics will not win elections’

    RINO Hogan got it half right: The GOP's so-called "leadership" is definitely to blame. But the hugely successful & hugely popular President Trump has been, is, and will be good for the Republican Party.

    So, RINO Hogan, your final numeric grade in Politics & Common Sense 101 is 50 which equates to a miserable flunking grade of 'F'. (But don't worry, you can repeat Politics & Common Sense 101 in the spring semester. Good luck because you're clearly going to need it.)

  • It’s Costing Peanuts for the US to Defeat Russia

    11/19/2022 11:07:31 AM PST · 59 of 113
    gw-ington to G Larry
    Yep, Leave a dying Putin with only his NUCLEAR WEAPONS to strike out.....

    I was just going to say the same thing but you beat me to it. The senile Sleepy Joe puppet's handlers want to turn Ukraine/Russia into World War III (to divert attention away from Sleepy Joe's disastrous so-called "Administration"). The senile Sleepy Joe puppet Manchurian Candidate is obviously not "Brilliant" ("2 Words - Made In America!"). Is there any country in the world NOT laughing at the U.S. during the past two years? I can't think of even one. Even North Korea's Kim Jong-un has to be pissing himself laughing at that video: "2 Words - Made In America! ... HA-HA-HA-HA!!!! ......"

    As President Trump correctly said to Sleepy Joe during their debate: "Did you [just] use the word 'smart?' So you said you went to Delaware State but you forgot the name of your college. You didn't go to Delaware State. You graduated the lowest or almost the lowest in your class. Don't ever use the word 'smart' with me. Don't ever use that word. Because you know what, there's nothing 'smart' about you, Joe. Forty-seven years [in the Senate] and you've done nothing. Let me just tell you something Joe ..." [Suddenly, the extremely anti-Trump Fox RINO debate moderator, Chris Wallace, abruptly silenced President Trump to save Wallace's favorite Sleepy Joe puppet.] RINO Wallace repeatedly interrupted and shut down President Trump. RINO Wallace also frequently stepped in to save his Sleepy Joe puppet each and every time he began saying nonsensical things or was incoherently mumbling (or both).

    During their 2020 Election Steal, Democrat/RINO debate moderators helped their senile Sleepy Joe puppet and, in 2022, Democrat/RINO debate producers helped their Lerch-like, black-hoodie-wearing Democrat, Fetterman, who's incapable of processing human speech. In both debates, those clearly unqualified Democrat politicians were "saved" by the Democrat/RINO debate producers and moderators, time and time again. In Democrat Fetterman's U.S. Senate debate, the debate producers even put giant closed-caption video screens over the heads of the moderators so Fetterman could understand what the moderators and his opponent were saying to him. Even after everything they've been through for the past two years, Democrat/RINO voters throughout the nation continue excitedly voting for the terribly disastrous policies of Democrat/RINO politicians ......

  • Elon Musk Update: Insiders Stunned After Twitter Eliminates 4,400 of its 5,500 Contractors with No Notice

    11/13/2022 12:54:41 PM PST · 14 of 53
    gw-ington to Macho MAGA Man
    I read a report that something like 99% of (pre-CEO Elon Musk) Twitter employees donated to Democrat politicians and causes. Surely, all those Twitter censors were always totally even-handed and completely unbiased in censoring tweets, blocking, suspending, and permanently banning Twitter users, burying political stories, etc.

    I just cannot believe that the 99% of (pre-CEO Elon Musk) Twitter censors were ever biased in their Twitter censorship activities for even one second.


  • RON JOHNSON says Senate Republicans ‘need a different governing model’ amid GOP ‘dysfunction’

    11/13/2022 12:46:55 PM PST · 23 of 33
    gw-ington to RandFan
    RON JOHNSON says Senate Republicans ‘need a different governing model’ amid GOP ‘dysfunction’

    Ya think? ROFLMAO! Apparently, the Democrat/RINO Uniparty's super-easy 2020 Stolen Election was not enough to convince Republican "leaders."

    Not even stealing the 2020 Election with their senile Sleepy Joe puppet Manchurian Candidate (who hid in his basement during his Presidential "campaign," only rarely emerging to stumble through his handlers' teleprompter speeches in almost-empty parking lots) was enough to persuade Republican "leaders."

    That was in 2020. And in 2022, the Democrat/RINO Uniparty easily putting a Lerch-like, black-hoodie-wearing, extreme-far-left Democrat politician (who can't even process human speech) into the U.S. Senate was also not enough to convince the Republican Party that it needs to some soul-searching. Don't worry, I guarantee we Republicans will have a Presidential candidate who will easily win back the Presidency in 2024 in yet another huge Republican "Red Tidal Wave" of overwhelming support, resulting in Republicans winning back the Executive & Legislative branches of government. No problem. Easy-peasy. I'll keep my rose-colored glasses on because of all the Democrat/RINO Uniparty victory glare ....... even the senile Sleepy Joe is back to smirking again, allegedly "thinking" to himself: "I've got another new Mandate from the American voters! This pResidenting stuff is much easier than I thought, even for an 80-something! ..."

  • Pelosi Says Biden Should Run in 2024 – ‘He Has Been a Great President’

    11/13/2022 12:31:27 PM PST · 5 of 29
    gw-ington to ChicagoConservative27
    Pelosi Says Biden Should Run in 2024 – ‘He Has Been a Great President’

    The senile Sleepy Joe puppet Manchurian Candidate "has been a Great President" as much as Pelosi "has been a Great Speaker of the House."