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  • Same-Sex Marriage: Hijacking the Civil Rights Legacy

    06/04/2006 1:13:46 PM PDT · 12 of 22
    ExPatInFrance to DBeers

    Homosexuality is not based on religion. There are homosexuals of all religious faiths.

  • Same-Sex Marriage: Hijacking the Civil Rights Legacy

    06/04/2006 12:59:16 PM PDT · 10 of 22
    ExPatInFrance to DBeers
    As th mother of 2 gay adult children I can not agree with any fo the article.

    "What makes a gay activist's aspiration to overturn thousands of years of universally recognized morality and practice a "right"? Why should an institution designed for the reproduction of civil society and the rearing of children in a moral environment"

    For thousands of years there have been homosexual persons. Just because they are in the minority does not mean that they should not have the same rights as heterosexuals.

    What really bothers me is the tone of this article. Very condescending. Especially the words "reproduction of civil society" as if the only "civil" people on the earth are heterosexual. As far as the rearing of children, well would you think that a teacher with a masters degree in special education, teaching children with autism and her partner a physician, like they would not be outstanding at raising and nurturing children?

    You people on this bandwagon need to find more productive things to do with your time then to persecute people who are attracted to their same sex and really just want to be left alone and enjoy a good life together, including raising their children.

    I have been on freerepublic long enough for you to realize that not everybody on this website agrees with this ideology. Not everybody who doesn't agree with you is a "plant" I can't think of the right word, but you know what it is. There are plenty of Log Cabin Republicans. Are you going to throw out Dick Cheney form the Republican Party, his daughter is gay. He doesn't agree with the hetrosexual agenda.

    Heck even Dick Cheny does not agree ith this heterosexual agenda. I have never understood why the heterosexual zealots are so interested in what their neighbors are doing in the privacy of their own homes? I am totally supportive of gays being able to marry and have the exact same rights as heterosexuals. Why not? And it IS a civil rights issue. It is their civil right to have these same freedoms and benefits as heterosexuals.

    It is the same exact thing as the civil rights movement of the 60's, when people of color marched for the same freedoms as white Americans.

    here is the deal, as for statistics, read the surveys young Americans like 90% are supportive of gay rights. This will be the same thing that happened in my parents generation. The older people were racist, racist to the core. Remember George Wallace standing on the steps of the University baring the black students form entering? The younger generation saw the inequity and they changed, for the better.

    The exact same thing is happening right now, just you wait and see, the younger generation fo Americans who have grown up with young people who were never in the closet, and have been friends with them, this younger generation will vote for civil rights for gays and lesbians. It won't be long now. Not long at all. It will happen in my lifetime and I can't wait.

    Before you even begin- I am not at all interested in your bible verses. We have a form of government that has a separation between church and state. Your religion is your religion not mine, religion is not the basis for the laws of this country. If you want to live in a country that bases their laws on religion please go talk to the Afghanistan people and ask them how good it worked for them.

    Civil rights for gays will happen sooner than you think, and you will be surprised that it is not going to affect you one whit. The earth isn't going to come crashing down because a teacher and a doctor decide to marry.
  • Schiavo Autopsy Report to Be Released (Wednesday)

    06/15/2005 12:51:26 AM PDT · 12 of 42
    ExPatInFrance to STARWISE

    Thanks for posting this. From the

    Front Page story about the autopsy report being released today, there was a link where you could order a copy of the autopsy report mailed to you. Terri Died March 31,2005. at,

  • Congratulations Michael, now please, get help

    06/14/2005 3:53:10 PM PDT · 533 of 609
    ExPatInFrance to blueblazes; MizSterious

    Nice chatting with you. I do have to go to bed now it is almost 1am and i have a lot fo work to do on the farm tomorrow.

  • Congratulations Michael, now please, get help

    06/14/2005 3:43:07 PM PDT · 524 of 609
    ExPatInFrance to MizSterious

    You wrote: And don't forget--Jackson used Pelican's services before he got locked up--think he continued to use his firm without Pelicano once he was locked up. Many similarities!

    My Reply: What is Pelican's Services?

  • Congratulations Michael, now please, get help

    06/14/2005 3:41:32 PM PDT · 521 of 609
    ExPatInFrance to blueblazes

    How could you call MJJ Gay? At best he is Bi-Sexual, look he was married to a woman, twice.

  • Congratulations Michael, now please, get help

    06/14/2005 3:32:45 PM PDT · 512 of 609
    ExPatInFrance to blueblazes

    You wrote:If you have actually HEARD these people talking today, I think you would have to be honest and just admit...they ARE morons. Frankly even if they agreed with me, well...I'd be kinder in my verbiage, but these folks are not Mensa candidates. They're a bunch of witless dummies -whether they agree with me or not. A moron is a moron.

    My Reply: Just becasue people do not "perform" well on televison does not mean they are morons. Being on tv can be intimidating. I read their Jury forms over on www.CourtTV well I read some of them. They do not appear to me to be morons. Just average Joe Aericans, called in to do their duty and they did it.

  • Congratulations Michael, now please, get help

    06/14/2005 3:29:06 PM PDT · 506 of 609
    ExPatInFrance to blueblazes

    You wrote: don't agree, alas. I don't think this jury gives a damn. I don't think they care if Jackson was molesting these children or not. I think they'd give him a pass even if he did it right in front of them. I truly don't believe they care. This was an opportunity to stop this man from molesting children, and they let it go. WHy? They just don't care. They'd rather go on TV and try to make some money for themselves. Too much of America has become a nation of crooks , weasels and degenerates.

    My Reply: My oh my you are awfully cynical aren't you? 12 people came to a unanimous decision, surely thay all can't have book deals in the wings can they?

  • Suit Says Missing Smile Cost Job at Sam's Club

    06/14/2005 3:17:42 PM PDT · 72 of 87
    ExPatInFrance to Terriergal

    It has not been fun, nor funny, to make fun of people with disabilities in a very long time. It just takes some people longer than others I guess....

    Glad you didn't lsit them all though, it would have taken you a long time...

  • Suit Says Missing Smile Cost Job at Sam's Club

    06/14/2005 3:03:40 PM PDT · 71 of 87
    ExPatInFrance to Proud_texan

    You wrote: The way I understand Florida's statute 440.185 they (Sam's Club) could not, legally, turn down her claim. The law requires them to report the accident to their carrier 7 days after receiving it. I see no provision that allows the employer to turn it down if the statue is followed.
    There are exceptions such as failing to notify the employer within 30 days of the accident in which case the employer can bar the request. Source is:

    I suspect there's more to this story than one party is telling aka I smell a whopper.

    My Reply: I would not say a whopper, based on the fact that the woman had her job for 10 years. There may be more to it thatn we are aware of. Perhaps she slipped at work, hurt her back but didn't report it right away. Perhaps she continued to have back trouble and reported it beyond the reporting deadline. Could be something like that. But any woman who rides a bike to work and she doesn't seem all that young to me and then secondly takes a bus an hour each way back and forth to work, doesn't seem like a slacker to me. + the fact that the minister at her church asked for help for her, he must have thought she was nice or he would not have done that, plus the woman at church who took her in, she has been living with her for 2 years so the petit woman must be pleasent enough.

    The longivity of all of her activities solidifies in my mind that there came onto the sceen an egomaniac boss who for some reason we don't know about, decided to dump her, after 10 years, albeit not all of those with Sams Club (or was it Walmart?). I have worked for absolute megalomaniac bosses so I know they are out there.

  • Suit Says Missing Smile Cost Job at Sam's Club

    06/14/2005 2:56:30 PM PDT · 69 of 87
    ExPatInFrance to Terriergal

    You Wrote: Of all the rude comments in this thread, you picked that one to jump on?
    You were comment #3. The grumpy one was rude too. That was #2. Happy now? (no dwarf pun intended) That's as far as I got looking for rude comments.

    My Reply: Nicely said :)

  • New search for Natalee, unconfirmed reports that a body has been found

    06/14/2005 1:47:36 PM PDT · 54 of 98
    ExPatInFrance to possumdawg

    Yeah poor Jonbennet Ramsey. I still wonder what happened to her. Who did it. I wonder if when we get to heaven we get all the answers to the unsolved mysteries of the world. Do you think that will happen in heaven?

  • Congratulations Michael, now please, get help

    06/14/2005 1:44:51 PM PDT · 453 of 609
    ExPatInFrance to brownsfan

    You wrote:"The reasonings for their verdict were perfectly understandable, given the behavior of the mother and the lack of evidence that MJ did anything to her kid."

    I didn't follow it that closely, but that's the information I get. Not that MJ is totally innocent, just that there wasn't enough evidence in this one case.

    I'm a rebel, especially when it comes to protecting people from filth like this. I would have voted him guilty not because of the preponderance of evidence, but because of the pattern.

    My Reply: What pattern? The prosecution called 5 people for lack of a better word prior bad behaviour. 3 out of the 5 denied ever being inappropriately touched by MJJ.
    I couldn't have voted to convict either with those conflicts.

    Incidently I watched it live over here in France. It was surreal watching it in France, live what was happening in California.

  • New search for Natalee, unconfirmed reports that a body has been found

    06/14/2005 1:34:24 PM PDT · 43 of 98
    ExPatInFrance to possumdawg

    You wrote: What a sad story..At least the Atlanta Police Department isn't assisting in the investigation.

    My Reply: Could be worse, could be the Boulder Colorado Police Department investigating. If that was the case no one will ever know what happened to the poor girl.

  • Disabled Lawyer Offers Compelling Memoir Of Survival. Terri Dailies June 5

    06/14/2005 1:24:23 PM PDT · 367 of 1,140
    ExPatInFrance to trustandobey

    I have not heard that they have forgiven him. They may not be speaking his name but I don't recall that they have forgiven him. I think in order for them to grant forgivness he would have to repent first, wouldn't he?

  • Disabled Lawyer Offers Compelling Memoir Of Survival. Terri Dailies June 5

    06/14/2005 1:22:11 PM PDT · 366 of 1,140
    ExPatInFrance to Dante3

    That about sums up my opinion as well.
    Jesse is to quick to pull the race card. Talk about seeing life in black and white, that is all Jesse Jackson ever sees.

  • Michael Jackson Moonwalks Through Ten Count Verdict(Jackson To Play Vegas?)

    06/14/2005 1:20:52 PM PDT · 109 of 112
    ExPatInFrance to Sacajaweau

    Not being in the courtroom, I don't think the prosecution made the case either. I doubt if I would have voted to convict. The vast perponderance of the prosecution witnesses were not credible. I still remember Jay leno saying the kid sounded scripted. Kids can be great actors sometimes.

    To deny a person's freedom, to put them in jail, it is up to the state to prove their case. They had tons of opportunity, money and resources and there were not credible witnesses to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that MJ did molest this boy. Celebrat r no celebraty the prosecution did not prove their case. There was no smoking gun.

    And the only "child" pornography was a book given to michael I think by the author. He inscribed it with something like, I know you never had a childhood, yadda, yadda, yadda. If there was kiddie porn around I think the jury might have taken that into account. But there wasn't any. As for adult porn I read here on FR on a different thread that 12% of all website are porn websites, so ther are an awful lot of porn consumers who are not out molesting bosy. So I don't think you can make a correlation between adult porn and pedophilia. It was a weak case and the jury would not convict and deny anyone theri freedom on such a weak case. IMHO.

  • Michael Jackson Moonwalks Through Ten Count Verdict(Jackson To Play Vegas?)

    06/14/2005 1:12:11 PM PDT · 108 of 112
    ExPatInFrance to Paleo Conservative

    You wrote:I wish he would move to France. He could get a house in the same neighborhood as Roman Polansky.

    My Reply: I think he is better suited for California. We get more than enough despots and former dictators, Michael needs to stay home and sleep in his own bed, ALONE!

  • Michael Jackson Moonwalks Through Ten Count Verdict(Jackson To Play Vegas?)

    06/14/2005 1:08:30 PM PDT · 107 of 112
    ExPatInFrance to Humidston

    You wrote:I'm waiting with baited breath to hear how the 23 yr old, 1993 victim's testimony wasn't "believable" by the jury as well. I hear he broke down in tears when told to relive his molestation for the courtroom.

    I guess he wasn't believable either.

    My Reply: I would not give him a lot of credibility after all isn't he the one who got like 20 Million or something? Now ther is a real big incentive to drop crocodile tears.

  • Suit Says Missing Smile Cost Job at Sam's Club

    06/14/2005 1:00:40 PM PDT · 15 of 87
    ExPatInFrance to RushCrush
    I think the lady has a point. Everything in her story made good sense. i mean she road her bicycle to work, then she took a bus. She had her job for 10 years!

    She got hurt at work and Sams Club wouldn't cover her under Workman's Comp?

    The woman appears to be treated unfairly. Believe it or not there are many many people who are intolerant of persons with disabilities. I would say they work looking for an excuse.

    I HOPE she wins, gets her job back and the boss gets fired.