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  • The Next Obama: Meet Kamala Harris, California attorney general, aspiring senator . . . and future president?

    08/21/2020 6:11:15 AM PDT · 9 of 15
    ek_hornbeck to lgjhn23
    Biden is a front....really, a joke. It’s Harris that’s actually running for POTUS.

    If elected, Biden will dodder around for a few months or perhaps a year or two as President in name while Kamala is de facto President. Then his dementia will become so blatant that he'll be forced out of office and Kamala will become the official President. So you're right, this election isn't Trump vs. Biden, it's Trump vs. Harris.

    20 or 30 years ago, Biden would have made a lousy President, but one I could live with - a lower IQ version of Bill Clinton who occasionally said something sensible or at least pretended to agree with Republicans on some issues. Today, he's not only drifted far to the Left, but in his diminished state he won't even be calling the shots - the hate-filled, radically anti-white, anti-male Kamala will be.

  • The Next Obama: Meet Kamala Harris, California attorney general, aspiring senator . . . and future president?

    08/21/2020 6:06:52 AM PDT · 7 of 15
    ek_hornbeck to Brian Griffin
    His politics are awful, but Obama is a nice human being. Harris is full of hatred.

    I wouldn't go so far as you do and call him a nice person, but you're right inasmuch as Obama doesn't have one thousandth of the racial chip on his shoulder that Harris has (she made a name for herself on the debate stage by saying that even Biden was "racist" for not supporting busing). And on top of that racial grudge, Harris has a radical feminist's hatred of men, which seems to be even more instense than Hillary's.

  • The Next Obama: Meet Kamala Harris, California attorney general, aspiring senator . . . and future president?

    08/21/2020 5:09:38 AM PDT · 2 of 15
    ek_hornbeck to karpov

    Liberals keep gushing on what a “historical” choice Kamala Harris is as a black woman Vice Presidential candidate. Since Biden’s team basically limited his search for a VP to black women, Kamala’s “historical” and “unprecedented” achievement was being marginally more qualified than the four or five other black women considered for the job, none of whom had ever been elected to anything above the local or state level.

  • Tucker Carlson says DNC speakers, Biden campaign make up a ‘coalition of the miserable’

    08/21/2020 5:07:10 AM PDT · 8 of 11
    ek_hornbeck to srmanuel; knighthawk
    The DNC had a convention with no mention of policies other than “Orange Man Bad”

    More important than "Orange Man Bad" is "White Man Bad." Hatred of normal, working white males the one thing that unifies the Democrats' freak show of rejects that otherwise have nothing in common: Black Lives Matter racial agitators, La Raza open borders agitators, Muslims, feminists, homosexuals and transsexuals, unemployed and underemployed recent college safe space grads with degrees in ethnic or gender studies, and various other designated victims with a chip on their shoulder against "the man." The Democrats haven't been about much of anything else for decades.

  • Illegal immigrant hailed by Democrats deported under Clinton, - re-arrested under Obama

    08/21/2020 5:01:06 AM PDT · 2 of 5
    ek_hornbeck to gattaca
    Data as of July 2019 showed that ICE under Obama had actually deported more illegal immigrants in his first term than Trump.

    If true, this is one of the few good things to happen under the Obama Presidency.

    I actually despise articles of this type - they accept the liberal premise that deporting illegal immigrants is wrong (or the "separating families is wrong" hysteria), and then try to out-politically correct the Left. That's not a game conservatives should be trying to win at.

  • The Progressive Racism of the Ivy League

    08/20/2020 5:07:04 PM PDT · 8 of 8
    ek_hornbeck to Kaslin
    What if Black Americans dominate America's most richly rewarded sports such as the NBA and NFL, while Asians and whites excel in academic pursuits and on admissions exams at Yale and Harvard?

    As far as the liberal establishment is concerned, if blacks excel in sports relative to whites, it must be because of their intrinsic merit, whereas if whites excel relative to blacks in academics and the sciences, it must be because they're "oppressing" blacks.

    If that were the case, why aren't blacks being "oppressed" out of professional sports as well? And wouldn't you think that "racist whites" would also be keeping Asians out of prestigious science and engineering fields if "racism" were the reason for low academic performance among blacks?

    How do liberals square the circle to reconcile black success in sports and entertainment and Asian success in science and engineering with their all powerful "white racist" view of the social order? Liberal doublethink is a very strange thing.

  • The Origin of Elements (Astronomy Picture of the Day)

    08/15/2020 8:43:11 AM PDT · 31 of 56
    ek_hornbeck to MtnClimber
    Then hopefully it went supernova 641 years ago.

    Just think, when Betelgeuse does go supernova, we'll have two nebulas (nebulae?) to look at in the Orion Constellation: star-forming Orion and "planetary" Betelgeuse.

  • Kamala Harris Veep Pick Clarifies the Stakes This November

    08/15/2020 8:40:31 AM PDT · 9 of 10
    ek_hornbeck to Kaslin
    Take the racial chip on Obama's shoulder, combine it with the gender-based chip on Hillary's, and multiply both by one thousand. That's Kamala Harris in a nutshell.

    Kamala is champing at the bit for her chance at a nationwide campaign of revenge against white people and against men, and a possible "Biden Presidency" will give her plenty of opportunities for both, because whether he nominally stays in office or not, with his diminished state she'll be calling all of the shots.

  • The Real Problem with Joe's Dementia

    08/15/2020 8:36:05 AM PDT · 52 of 104
    ek_hornbeck to Kaslin

    The real problem with Biden’s dementia is that if he’s elected, we’ll be stuck with a President Kamala Harris (whether de facto if he nominally stays in office, or de jure if he resigns), who will be a thousand times worse for this country than Biden could ever be.

  • The Origin of Elements (Astronomy Picture of the Day)

    08/15/2020 8:31:52 AM PDT · 19 of 56
    ek_hornbeck to MtnClimber

    I’m really hoping that Betelgeuse goes supernova during my lifetime so I get to see the process and its aftermath. Or to be more precise, I hope that it has already happened in the last several hundred years - however many light years distance Betelgeuse is from Earth.

  • A White Five-Year-Old Boy Was Executed Outside His Home. It’s Not a Shock Why the Liberal Media is Ignoring It.

    08/15/2020 6:48:16 AM PDT · 53 of 54
    ek_hornbeck to SeekAndFind; dp0622
    Imagine that the scenario were racially reversed: a 25 y/o white man shooting a 5 year old black boy without provocation. Even if the killer were just a mentally ill individual looking for a random person to kill with no racial or personal motive, the media would automatically assume that it was a racially motivated crime and use it as evidence of how black people will never be safe around evil, racist whites.

    We'll have to wait and see until there's more background about this Darius thug (assuming the facts of the case are even shared with us), but given the political climate we're in - with BlackLivesMatter encouraging anti-white hatred and violence and egged on by liberal politicians and media alike - it's more than fair to speculate that Darius had a racial motive and was looking for a random white person to murder. If this is in fact the case, you can bet your house that the mainstream media will do all that it can to make sure that the story is buried.

  • Trump ambassador pick warned Germany against benefits for 'unwanted Muslim invaders'

    08/05/2020 1:42:45 PM PDT · 11 of 14
    ek_hornbeck to montag813

    Exactly - a mere ambassadorship is a waste of Colonel Macgregor’s talents. He could contribute a lot more in a position with actual authority. Unfortunately, I doubt that the Senate would confirm him to a cabinet-level position. Not only would all Democrats oppose him, so would a lot of establishment Republicans.

  • Trump ambassador pick warned Germany against benefits for 'unwanted Muslim invaders'

    08/05/2020 1:39:25 PM PDT · 10 of 14
    ek_hornbeck to Joe Brower
    “Controversial”. Translation: Not in agreement with the Marxist globalist agenda

    It reminds me of how the mass media always use "Far Right" as an epithet to dismiss conservatives and nationalists. You almost never see a Leftist described as "Far Left", nor are his views ever "controversial."

  • Trump ambassador pick warned Germany against benefits for 'unwanted Muslim invaders'

    08/05/2020 12:46:32 PM PDT · 1 of 14
    I hope MacGregor is confirmed, though he belongs in a position of greater influence than ambassador to Germany. He speaks truth to power, and, not surprisingly, the political establishment is having a conniption fit:

    Muslim Immigration in Germany:Macgregor warned that Muslim immigrants enter Germany "with the goal of eventually turning Europe into an Islamic state" and criticized the country for providing welfare benefits to "millions of unwanted Muslim invaders" rather than increasing defense spending

    The US-Mexico Border: Macgregor said that "Mexicans with no education, no skills and the wrong culture" were being driven into the United States by drug cartels..."The only solution is martial law on the border, putting the United States Army in charge of it and closing it off would take about 30, 40,000 troops. We're talking about the regular army. You need robust rules of engagement. That means that you can shoot people as required if your life is in danger."

    Kosovo: "So we intervened against the Orthodox Serbs, Orthodox Christian Serbs in Kosovo and put essentially a Muslim drug mafia in charge of that country and called it a great success story for democracy," said Macgregor.

    All of the above are accurate assessments of the respective situations in Germany, the US-Mexico Border, and Kosovo. Not surprisingly, Macgregor probably hasn't won many friends in Washington's swamp by saying these things.

  • Remington Returns to Bankruptcy Blaming Falling Gun Sales

    07/28/2020 10:34:13 AM PDT · 12 of 85
    ek_hornbeck to Moonman62
    Remington must really stink these days

    Outsourcing production of classic Remington models (700 rifles, 870 shotguns, etc) and the creation of lines of cheaper, lower-quality ripoffs of those models has a lot to do with it.

  • Remington Returns to Bankruptcy Blaming Falling Gun Sales

    07/28/2020 10:32:32 AM PDT · 10 of 85
    ek_hornbeck to PapaBear3625

    Yeah, I know of Remington’s handguns, but they really aren’t and never were anyone’s go-to brand for them, unlike shotguns and rifles.

  • The Conservative Castrati Back Biden

    07/28/2020 10:25:45 AM PDT · 27 of 27
    ek_hornbeck to Impy

    If that’s the case, I do hope that Jeb endorses Biden. The last thing we need is Jorge P setting his eyes on the White House 8 years from now.

  • Remington Returns to Bankruptcy Blaming Falling Gun Sales

    07/28/2020 10:23:37 AM PDT · 1 of 85
    I would have thought that with the uptick in firearm and ammo purchases following the first Covid-19 lockdowns that Remington would have gotten itself out of the red. Then again, the uptick was mostly for handguns, not long arms.
  • Police Tell Business Owners in Seattle 'You're On Your Own'

    07/26/2020 8:02:26 AM PDT · 67 of 116
    ek_hornbeck to JamesP81
    That's exactly right. The cops won't budge to protect people's property from rioters and looters, but they'll rush in to arrest anybody who tries to defend their property with necessary force.

    This reminds me of what happened in Paris about 20 years ago when visiting British football hooligans rioted. The police did nothing about the hooligans who were trashing property and beating by-standers within an inch of their lives, but arrested some poor Parisian shop owner who was fed up and gave one of the visiting chavs the shotgun blast he deserved.

  • The Conservative Castrati Back Biden

    07/26/2020 7:59:11 AM PDT · 2 of 27
    ek_hornbeck to MarvinStinson
    I wonder if Jeb and George W. Bush will endorse Biden as Kasich did, or if they'll just vote for him and keep quiet about it.

    In 2016 they said that they "weren't voting for Trump", their way of giving the finger to the millions of conservatives who held their noses and voted for them and other establishment Republicans in general elections because they were the only viable alternatives to liberal Democrats.